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Archive-name: Changes/jimmyb.txt

Archive-author: Dee Lorraine

Archive-title: Jimmy's Secret

     When Jimmy Landis was 13 years old, he was a very athletic

little boy - playing football, baseball, and soccer were his

favorite things to do.  But a strange thing happened to him at

this time in his life: he discovered GIRLS!  At first, he would

tease all the girls in his junior high school, just like all the

other boys did.  But slowly, he found that it wasn't so bad being

with girls.  They didn't really have cooties, and they were

actually fun to be with.  He didn't really dislike them, but he

would have to tease them because his parents, very strict and

demanding, believed that boys were athletic and shouldn't play

with girls.  For this Jimmy had slowly began to resent his

parents.  That resentment would grow to hatred in the near future.

     Jimmy would also go to the roller skating rinks on Friday

nights (Teen night) and found that skating with a girl (and

actually holding hands) was arousing to him.  His friends would

make fun of him, until girls would take them by the hand and skate

with them.  Thus Jimmy, like most 13 year olds, found out that

girls were fun to kiss.  One girl in particular was very pretty

and she skated with Jimmy every Friday.  Her name was Debbie

Sarandon.  Debbie had moved into town only one year ago, but she

quickly became a very popular little girl.  Jimmy thought that she

was always dressed prettily, and it was true.  Debbie had closets

full of the frilliest dresses, skirts, blouses, as well as

nighties and other feminine things.  Debbie was also just

beginning to wear pretty pink training bras under the dresses that

she always wore to school.  Debbie was never in jeans, and always

exuded femininity, albeit a little girls femininity.

     Before Jimmy knew it, he was spending more and more time with

Debbie, not only at the skating rink, but he started to spend time

at her house, which was only a short distance from his own.  At

first they only watched T.V. or went on walks together, but as

time progressed, and kissing began to lead to touching, they found

that they were doing things which they found natural.  Jimmy would

touch her small boobies, and she would fondle his penis, but

always through their clothes, and always when Debbie's parents

were in the other room, and they were in Debbie's room with the

door closed.  One time at school, Debbie overheard one of her

girlfriend talking about a 'blow job'.  When Debbie talked to her

friend, she felt that she wanted to do this to Jimmy.  So the next

time they were alone, Jimmy had his hand on her titties, and she

had her hand on his penis, she undid his fly, and pulled down his

underwear and pants, and put his penis in her mouth.  It was

already hard and excited, and it only took her a few minutes to

make him come.  She tried to swallow it, but there was too much

for her little mouth.  After cleaning up with a towel, Jimmy asked

if he could touch her crotch.  Debbie said NO with such authority

that Jimmy thought that he had done something wrong.  Debbie

explained that her parents said she could never let anyone look

'down there', though she promised that she would give him blowjobs


     During the next few weeks, Jimmy found that Debbie wanted to

do 'girl things' with him more and more.  She often would want to

play with dolls, play house, or just bake.  She would make him

wear an apron while baking, and she even made him put on a dress

one time when she said she and her dollies were having an all-girl

tea party.  Whenever he would complain about these things, she

would say 'If you like my blow jobs, you'll do this'.  So, slowly

Jimmy found that playing girlie games wasn't so bad, as long as

his friends didn't find out.  But he still wanted to see under her

panties, so he formed a plan.

     Debbie was a cheerleader, so Jimmy knew that after their

cheerleading practices, the girls would go to the showers to clean

up before going home.  Once a buddy of his showed him where there

was a peephole into the girls' locker room and showers.  After

cheerleading practice, Jimmy went to this peephole and watched as

the 13 and 14 year old cheerleaders stripped and prepared to

shower.  The sight was incredible for such a young boy, and his

penis grew erect immediately.  Then he saw Debbie.  She came in,

and although she removed her cheerleading uniform, she put on her

clean clothes right over her sweaty training bra and white cotton

panties.  She said good-bye to the other girls and walked home.

Jimmy wondered about what she said the other day, and decided that

she must not want even the other girls to see her 'pussy', as the

other boys put it.  Jimmy was so intrigued, that he followed her

home, dodging behind bushes and trees.  He knew that her parents

should be both working, so she should be alone for a few hours.

After she went in the house, he took the spare key from where she

hid it, under the mat, and let himself in.  He was careful to

listen for her and he heard the sound of the shower starting.  So

he crept up the stairs and peeked around.  The bathroom door was

open only a crack, and he could see her moving around in there.

She was getting undressed!  At last, Jimmy would see Debbie's

pussy.  She moved away from the door crack, so Jimmy waited for

her to enter the shower.  When he heard her get in, he crept into

the bathroom, and threw back the shower curtain.  Surprise! he

shouted.  And what a surprise it was!  For there, hanging between

her legs, was Debbie's little cock.  Jimmy fainted away, and

Debbie started to sob.  She quickly covered herself with a robe,

and turned off the shower, waiting for Jimmy to come to.  When

that happened, he was delirious, and hardly articulate.  Debbie

tried to kiss him, but he suddenly became aware that she was a

boy, and that he had always been told that boys didn't kiss other

boys.  He squirmed away, and turned to run, but standing in the

bathroom doorway were Debbie's parents.  Mr. Sarandon grabbed

Jimmy and they took him into Debbie's room for a chat.

     'Jimmy, we know you must be very confused about Debbie' said

Mr. Sarandon.

     'Yes, sir, I am' Jimmy stammered.

     'Well, let me tell you that it is all very simple.  You see,

when Mrs. Sarandon gave birth to Debbie, Debbie wasn't a little

girl, like Mrs. Sarandon and I wanted.  So instead of trying to

have another child and hope for a daughter, we decided that Debbie

would become our daughter.  We took our baby home with us, and

moved within the month.  We raised her as a little girl, and have

even seen special doctors to insure that she will grow like a

little girl.  Debbie has never regretted our decision, have you


     'No, daddy, I haven't' Debbie said 'In fact, I'm so glad to

be a girl.  When I'm older I'll be able to wrap boys around my

little finger and get whatever I want.  It's true that girls are

the dominant sex, though we let boys think that they are.

     'In fact, I like being a girl so much, that I've tried to get

Jimmy to play like a girl, too, just to show him how much better

it is than being a boy.  And Jimmy likes playing like a girl,

don't you Jimmy?'

     To this, Jimmy was flabberghasted.  Debbie said she would

never tell anyone they played like two girls.  And the

most embarassing part was that he truly did like

playing like a girl better than playing like a boy.  Fortunately,

Mrs. Sarandon interrupted.

     'Jimmy, we've known for a long time that you like to play

like a girl.  Don't be embarrassed about it.  Even Mr. Sarandon

likes to get dressed up like a girl and play like one, right


     'That's right, Jimmy.  I have just as many dresses as my wife

and daughter.'

     Jimmy was starting to feel much more comfortable about his

feminine side which he thought was a secret between himself and

Debbie only.  Now, though, he felt like he could tell these people

anything.  And he did.

     'Mr. Sarandon, I like very much to dress up like a little

girl and to play like one, but all my friends and my family would

make fun of me if I did.  I can only do it in the privacy of

Debbie's room, and sometimes I wish that I could do it all of the


     Mr. Sarandon was fully prepared for this.  He already had a

plan forming when Debbie had come to him a few weeks ago and told

her father that Jimmy would some day want to be just like Debbie.

     'Jimmy, you can do this all of the time, if you want to, but

it is going to mean a lot of changes in your life, which I'm not

sure a 13 year old is prepared to make.'

     'Please sir, 'Jimmy said, with growing excitement,' I think I

would give anything to be a girl forever.  But I would want it

only if I could be Debbie's girlfriend.'

     'OK Jimmy.  Here's what I have in mind....'

     Mr. Sarandon proceded to tell Jimmy his plan, and while this

was happening, Mrs. Sarandon and Debbie went to Debbie's room and

began to pick out some of the most feminine and frilly garments

for Jimmy to wear.  They picked out a pair of pink satin panties

with little white bows on the side and over the crotch, a pink

cotton training bra with a pink bow between the cups, a light blue

taffida dress with lots of ruffles, some white knee socks, some

blue flats for his feet, and Mrs. Sarandon provided a pretty

blonde wig which Debbie added a blue ribbon to.

     When these things were gathered, they took them into the

bathroom where Mr. Sarandon had just fininshed explaining

everything to Jimmy.  Jimmy was grinning from ear to ear.

     'Well, Jenny,' Mr. Sarandon said, obviously addressing

Jimmy,' what do you think of the pretty clothes your sister and

mommy have picked out for you?'

     'I can't wait to put on my panties, Daddy, 'Jenny said' and

the dress is so feminine, that I could just squeel'

     So the Sarandon's dressed their new family member in frilly

clothes and had her spend the evening learning about how to act

feminine.  Since there was no school tomorrow, Jenny called home

and asked to spend the night.  Her parents said ok, and Jenny got

into a nightie which Debbie gave her.  Then after Debbie's parents

tucked them into bed, Jenny and Debbie kissed for the first time

as girls.  They spent the night touching each other's penises and

giving blow jobs.

     The next morning a For Sale sign went up in the Sarandon's

front yard, and by that evening, they were packed into the car and

Jenny Sarandon was moving with her new family away from a town

where a boy named Jimmy Landis had grown up and had vanished from

the face of the earth.  Jenny Sarandon was the happiest little

girl alive.



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