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Archive-name: Changes/jimmy.txt


Archive-title: Jimmy

Jimmy stood in front of the old brick building,  located in the middle

of nowhere as far as he was concerned, it was a far cry from the inner

city environment he was used to.  It looked like he had really  fouled

up  this  time.  When the juvinile officer had brought him  home,  his

mother  had  stood at the door refusing to let him in,  she  told  the

officer  that she didn't care what they did with him,  but he was  not

going to live here with her and continue to disrupt her home,  if  and

when he could learn to behave himself she would reconsider, until then

she  didn't want a fire bug in her house,  that last statement was  in

reference to his last prank, he had set the girls locker room on fire,

just  at the end of class time,  all he had in mind was to scare  them

and  of  course to watch when all those budding beauties came  running

out in their towels and wet swimsuits,  boys weren't allowed to  sneak

peaks at the girls swimming class anymore, after they had caught a few

of them jerking off in the upper balconies one time.

 He  had  spent  the  last week in a  juvinile  detention  home  while

arrangements were being made for him to come here.  What here was,  he

wasn't sure,  because no one would tell him,  just that he would learn

to behave, HA that was a laugh, a week of two here and they would want

to  get rid of him too.  Well he decided at least he would be  getting

out  of  the smog and noise of the city,  he could use some  vacation,

looked  like maybe there was enough room around here that there  might

be  some  horses to ride and that was something he hadn't done  for  a

long  time.  As he was standing on the front lawn the JV  officer  had

gone up the stairs and rang the bell. After a few minutes the door was

opened by a very stunning woman,  Jimmy considered her a real fox,  if

there were anymore like her around he could have a real good time. She

smiled at the officer and asked him to come in and to bring his charge

with.  They were lead into a plush,  expensive office and told to make

themselves  comfortable.  She  directed  all of her questions  to  the

officer  and  never  once,  after the first  glance,  paid  the  least

attention to Jimmy.  She talked like he wasn't even there and some  of

the  questions  were rather embarrassing to him,  even though  he  was

secretly  proud of his accomplishments where girls had been  involved,

around  school  he had been know as a stud man,  but even  still,  she

didn't have to act like he didn't exist or that she wasn't interested.

After  a  little  more conversation the officer got up  and  took  his

leave,  Jimmy  was told to stay where he was.   While he  was  sitting

there waiting for her to return, he heard excited young voices and the

sound of feet walking in the hall and up the stairs,  he couldn't tell

who  it  was as the heavy oak door muffled almost all noise,  in  fact

they were probably being quite loud for him to hear at  all.   Finally

She came back in,  carefully closing the door, she came around and sat

in  the leather high backed chair behind the desk and frowned at  him,

not  saying  anything  for the longest time,  Jimmy was  beginning  to

squirm  and fidget,  getting nervous.  Finally her face  cleared,  and

looking directly at him, she very calmly, clearly and firmly, told him

to remove all of his clothes,  Jimmy looked startled for a moment, and

then came to the conclusion that she must have heard about his prowess

and  wanted to see if the stories were true.  He hastily stood up  and

removed his shoes,  socks,  and shirt, then glancing at her, he slowly

began  to  unzip his jeans,  thinking to draw out  the  suspense.  She

started to frown again and told him to hurry up as she didn't have all

day  to get this done,  He decided she must really be hot for him  and

felt himself stiffening in anticipation, soon he was standing there in

all his glory,  his erection proudly standing at attention for her  to

gaze upon.  She got up from the chair and walked towards him,  letting

her  eyes  wander  up and down as she slowly walked  around  him.  She

stopped just behind him and he throbbed with excitement waiting to see

what she would do,  She cleared her throat,  and he heard her  opening

the closet, then she walked back to face him, holding something behind

her back,  she looked down at his throbbing manhood and a slight frown

appeared on her face, Jimmy thought maybe she hadn't seen one this big

before,  he knew that some of the girls that he had bedded,  had had a

hard time taking him all in, HMMM, she said, Something will have to be

done  with that I suppose,  but I don't have time now,  And with that,

she pulled out what she had been hiding behind her back and told  him,

in a voice that would take no argument, that he would put these on and

immediately  or  he would be very sorry.  And in her hands  to  Jimmys

dismay,  he saw that she was holding a pair of pink lacy panties and a

matching  bra  and from the looks of it,  it was not meant for  anyone

with knockers as big as hers.   When he didn't react quick enough, she

grabbed his arm with one hand and with the other reached onto the desk

for  the  riding crop  that was there,  she turned him and gave  him  a

swift slap with it on his bare ass,  the sting of it brought tears  to

his  eyes  and  he could feel it burn,  his so proud  erection  wilted

immediately.  Now!  she  said,  put these on,  it's time to  get  your

behavior  problem taken care of.  Jimmy took the panties and bra  from

her  and slowly began to put them on,  wondering at the same time what

was  going to happen to him now,  maybe he shouldn't have pulled  that

last stunt at school if this is what happens to naughty boys.  She led

him from the room and down the hall to another set of  doors,  holding

his  arm,  she slid the door open and led him inside.  It was a  large

room  with a formal dining table and sitting around the table were  20

girls,  10  on each side and another lady at the head.  The girls  all

looked  up  expectantly and a few of them snickered when they saw  who

was standing there,  this made Jimmy blush, She looked at them sternly

and said,  This is our new student,  I wanted you to see her,  but you

won't be getting to know her for a while as she isn't properly behaved

yet.  One of the girls made bold to say, Well of course she isn't, she

ain't even got any tits, go away til you grow up baby! The lady at the

head of the table quietly reprimanded her by saying,  Hasn't got  any,

Barbara, remember your english. Jimmy turned even redder when what had

been said settled in his mind,  especially when he realized the gender

change  that was used towards him,  at the same time out of the corner

of his eye he noticed a young girl close to him reach up and carefully

touch her own small breasts and give a quiet sigh.  Finish your dinner

girls  and  get ready for bed,  She told them as she once  again  took

Jimmys arm and led him from the room.  She took him down the hall  and

up the wide stairs,  she led him down another long hallway and then up

a  narrower set of stairs at the end.  At the top was a short  hallway

with  4 doors,  two on either side,  she took him to the farthest  one

from  the  landing and opened it.  This is where you will  be  staying

until you are ready to join the others.   She shoved him in and closed

the  door,  he heard a key being turned in the lock.  Slowly he looked

around the room,  growing more and more horrified by what he saw. This

wasn't just any room, this was a girls room, in one corner there was a

set of white and gold dressers with a vanity table between,  it had  a

large three-sided mirror and a gold gilt-legged stool in front. In the

other corner there was a full length oval mirror on a stand and in the

center  of the room was a full size bed with a canopy,  the  bedspread

and  canopy  were in pale pink with tiny rosebuds and the  sides  were

layers  of  white  lace.  Jimmy looked around again and again  at  the

different things before he noticed the wardrobe in the far corner next

to  another  door.  He walked over to the door first to see  where  it

would  lead,  it  opened easily,  it was a bathroom with  mirrors  all

around and a very large bathtub.  Jimmy walked back out and looked  in

the  wardrobe,  it was filled with what looked like little girl  party

dresses,  there was lace and satin and velvet everywhere and a rainbow

of  pastel color.  Jimmys mind began to swim with the implications  of

what he had seen and heard already that day, and also in the fact that

he had had nothing to eat since very early that morning and it must be

getting quite late as it was totally dark outside and it always stayed

lighter, longer in the summer, even if it was just barely past spring.

He closed the closet and walked over to the bed,  as he sat down on it

he  saw himself reflected in the mirror,  he had completely  forgotten

about what he was wearing,  he reach up and unhooked the bra and threw

it  violently away from him,  he considered removing the panties  too,

but  didn't want to be completely naked.  So he sat there and  avoided

looking at himself.  A short while later he heard the key in the lock,

the  door  swung  open  before he had a chance to stand  up  or  cover

himself,  so  he  sat there with his hands trying to hide  his  prized

anatomy.  She had entered the room,  in her hands was a tray,  and the

aroma  from it set his mouth watering.  Before she said  anything  she

looked  at him and then at the floor where he had thrown the bra.  She

frowned and looked back at him and then down at the tray in her hands,

without a word she turned and left the room,  closing and locking  the

door.  Jimmy  jumped up and ran to the door,  pounding on it with  his

fists,  and calling to her to come back, he was so hungry and the food

had smelled so good,  why had she left, then he saw the bra, slowly he

went and picked it up,  holding it in his hands,  was this why she had

left,  because  he had taken it off.  He went and pounded on the  door

again and yelled for her to come back,  he would even put the bra back

on if only she would.  When no one answered him or came back he walked

back  and  sat on the bed.  Eveything in the house got very quiet  and

eventually  Jimmy  fell  asleep.  The next morning when  he  awoke  he

couldn't remember where he was,  then he did and sat up in the bed, in

the  bed?  Yes and under the covers too,  he also noticed that he  was

wearing a sheer nylon nightie,  a very short one, as he could feel his

bare  bottom rubbing on the satin sheets,  it felt rather good  so  he

layed back down and continued to move his ass, then he rolled over and

the  feel  of  it on his penis was  electrifying,  sending  shocks  of

pleasure up and down his spine, the more he rubbed the better it felt,

and just as he felt himself about to explode,  the covers on him  were

whipped  off  and his bare ass was dealt a stinging slap,  he  quickly

turned  over to find Her standing over him,  behind her was the  other

lady,  holding a tray in her hands,  this was set on the table by  the

bed,  and  then both left.  Jimmy was too hungry to think about  their

strange  behavior,  he just started eating.  When he was done he  felt

drowsy and decided to lay down again,  the sheets felt so good to him,

and  then he remembered what he had been doing when they had come  in,

the more he thought about it the hornier he became and tried to get it

up,  it  wouldn't.  Before  he could do any thing else he fell  asleep

again.  When he finally woke up,  he again remembered how horny he had

been and tried rubbing himself, trying to get off, it just layed there

limp,  and  unresponsive,  he  also realize that it  was  smooth,  too

smooth,  and  he  moved  the covers and  looked  at  himself,  he  was

hairless,  there  wasn't a single hair to be found on his entire body,

he checked, a little worried he started to rub himself again, his cock

still  wouldn't respond,  he was so horny but the more he  tried,  the

more  frustrated he became and the more turned on.  As he layed  there

trying to understand what was wrong, the door opened and She looked in

at  him.  I  wouldn't try to do that anymore girl,  you'll  just  make

yourself frustrated,  It has been too long now on the medicine for you

to even get it up.  She smiled as she walked towards the bed,  Haven't

you noticed any other changes dear?  she asked and she sat on the edge

of the bed and reached over and touched his breast.  His breast? Jimmy

looked down at himself and at the same time reached up and grabbed his

chest,  it was soft and molded easily to his hands, there were nipples

that got hard beneath his palms as he accidently rubbed them,  sending

shivers over him. He looked at her sitting there on the bed smiling at

him,  What..  How long...  He couldn't get the questions out. She just

smiled and got up,  walking towards the door,  she stopped and  looked

back,  School  starts next week,  you may join the girls when you  are

properly dressed.  She turned and left the room closing the door,  but

not  locking  it.  Jimmy paniced and jumping out of bed rushed to  the

door and opened it, running down the hall to the stairs he yelled down

them,  What's  happening to me,  What have you done!  he  stood  there

sobbing,  a  couple  of the girls came to the bottom of the steps  and

looked up,  they started giggling and whispering among themselves  and

started pointing and laughing again,  that was when Jimmy realize that

he  wasn't  dressed and that his very limp cock was hanging  out  from

beneath  the extremly short nightie.  He blushed and cried out and  he

tried to cover himself,  finally turning and fleeing back to his room,

as  the girls made cat calls at him and telling him to bring his  cute

little  buns back so that they could get a better look.  Jimmy slammed

the door and leaned against it,  sobbing and totally embarassed. As he

stood  there  flashes of memory returned,  like bits and pieces  of  a

nightmare. He remembered himself dressed in different colored dresses,

standing in front of the big mirror,  turning and admiring the  pretty

girl there,  of sitting at the vanity and putting on make-up and wigs,

he reached up and touched his own hair, it was long, much too long, he

wondered  then  how  long he had been there,  days came  to  mind,  of

getting up and eating and talking with the other girls, of ACTING like

a girl himself,  but he couldn't place how many days, then he remember

what She had said this morning, only a week til school started, but he

remembered that school hadn't even let out for the summer when he  had

been  brought  here,   so  it  wasn't  days,  but  months.  Slowly  he

straightened  and moved away from the door,  without thinking he  went

into the bathroom and washed,  coming out,  he went to the dresser and

took out panties and bra and cami, slip and nylons, he put them on and

went to sit at the vanity,  as he reached for the make-up case, he was

startled to realize what he had just been doing, he was dressed like a

girl  and now he was going to put on make-up.  He held the jar in  his

hand,  noticing  then his long well manicured nails,  turning the  jar

over  and over he thought,  trying to remember his life before he came

to this house,  he did remember, he could picture in his mind the very

rough and uncouth boy that had been him,  Had been?  Yes,  he  decided

with a final sigh,  they had trained him well,  already he had dressed

without  thinking about it,  like a girl,  and the clothes did feel so

marvelous against his skin,  his hairless,  smooth,  body.  And to  be

truthful  to  himself  it  did feel very good,  he  also  seemed  more

relaxed, not straining to prove how manly he was, if only he wasn't so

turned on,  that was very frustrating, he felt he should be able to do

something about that, Oh well, and he turned and faced the mirror once

again,  looking  intently he began to apply the make-up.  When he  was

finished,  he went to the wardrobe and picking out a very pretty  pale

green dress with darker green satin ribbons on the bodice and one that

tied around the waist,  he finished dressing. He had just tied the bow

at the waist, when She entered the room. She looked at him standing in

front of the mirror and smiled,  walking over she placed an arm around

his shoulders,  You look lovely today,  Jennie,  are you ready to come

down  for  breakfast?  It's  good that you slept a little  later  this

morning,  you  do remember that there will be a party  tonight,  don't

you?  Jennie?  Yes  that did sound right,  and she liked what  he  was

wearing,  Jennie glowed with pleasure. Smiling shyly, she looked up at

her and said that Yes she was now ready to come down and eat.  Towards

the end of the day,  She came and told the girls that would be allowed

at  the  party,  that it was time to go and change their  clothes  and

freshen  their make-up.  The others were told to go to their rooms for

the night.  Jennie hurried upstairs,  wondering which dress she should

wear for tonight,  she needn't have worried.  As she entered the room,

there laying on the bed was the most beautiful dress that she had ever

seen. It was all satin with bits of lace at the collar and sleeves, it

was short and the loveliest dusky rose color,  laying beside it was  a

white  lacy and very frilly petticoat,  looking at it Jennie   decided

that  there must be at least 6 or 8 layers of ruffly lace to  it,  she

picked  it  up and hugging it to her,  she piroetted around the  room,

laughing,  she must surely be the luckiest girl in the  world.  Jennie

quickly  changed  clothes and was just brushing out her hair when  She

came  into the room.  Hello Jennie,  You look very pretty,  I came  to

bring you the ribbon for your hair,  somehow it got left in the  wrong

room.  She  gently pulled Jennies hair back and tied the ribbon into a

bow in the back, laying her hands on Jennies creamy, smooth shoulders,

she smiled at her in the mirror, Are you ready now dear? This is going

to  be a big night for you.  Jennie smiled and got up.  Yes I'm  ready

now.  Together  they left the room,  they walked down the  stairs  and

down  the long hall to the top of the wide staircase,  You wait  here,

Jennie until I come back for you,  I want to make sure that all of our

guests  are  here  and settled before I  introduce  you.   Jennie  was

getting rather nervous by the time She came back,  She was carrying  a

wine glass in her hand which she handed to Jennie,  Here dear,  I know

you  must be a little nervous,  so I brought you a small drink to calm

you. Jennie drank the wine, it seemed a little too sweet, but then she

hadn't ever tasted very much before as she had always drank  beer,  or

rather  HE had,  she reminded herself,  smiling.  The wine did have  a

relaxing affect on her,  after a few minutes,  She gently took her arm

and led her down the stairs and to the living room. Opening the doors,

they  stood  just inside them for a moment,  Jennie looked around  but

didn't seem to be able to focus properly, something didn't look right,

then  she realized what.  All of the guests were men,  men dressed  in

business  suits,  and  the only females were the few  girls  from  the

school that had been allowed to attend.  Before Jennie had a chance to

panic,  one  of  the men looked up and saw them at the  door,  he  was

older,  maybe  about  50,  his eyes twinkled as the  slowly  appraised

Jennie. Well, he said, aren't you a pretty one. and looking at Her, he

indicated  that he wanted Jennie.  Jennie tried to pull away,  but She

had tightened her grip, whispering fiercely she told Jennie to behave.

Just as the reached the man,  Jennie glanced around the room again and

gasped  as she saw what some of the other girls were doing.  Then  she

felt  her  nylon encased legs being rubbed by a large  warm  hand  and

looking  down she saw that the man had one hand on her leg,  moving it

up and down,  as he brought it up he almost but didn't quite touch her

secret place, Jennie saw that at the same time that he was rubbing her

leg,  his other hand was busy rubbing his cock that was stiffening and

enlarging  and  straining to burst out of his  trousers.  Suddenly  he

grabbed  Jennies  arm and pulling her forward and down,  he  made  her

kneel  in front of him,  he brought his hand up and touched her  hair,

letting it gently slide down her cheek to her shoulder,  Jennie gasped

as  his hand started to slide down her arm but instead reached  around

and  grasped her breast,  rubbing his thumb back and forth across  her

nipple,  which  responded to his touch by getting hard and  erect.  He

grinned  at  her and grabbing her with both hands  he  leaned  forward

until his face was inches from her own, she could feel his warm breath

on her skin,  and the faint fumes of brandy,  too.  He looked into her

frightened eyes for a moment,  then coming closer yet,  he pressed his

lips to hers,  darting his tongue against her lips,  she was forced to

open  them,  he immediately took advantage by slipping his tongue into

the recesses of her mouth,  feeling and tasting her sweetness. Jennies

senses  were reeling,  this couldn't be happening to her and  yet  she

didn't  want it to end either,  her whole body was beginning to tingle

with sensations,  she felt weak and breathless, barely able to breath,

just  when she thought she would collapse,  he released her mouth  and

tipped his head back to look at her, her face was flushed and her lips

puffy and full from his kissing,  her breath came out in little gasps,

her eyes were downcast,  he placed his fingers under her chin and with

gentle  pressure  tipped her head up so that he could  look  into  her

eyes.  They were half-closed and dreamy, as he watched, the tip of her

tongue came out to touch her lips,  making them glisten.  He sucked in

his  breath at the erotic sensation that one small gesture caused him,

feeling his manhood rise and throb, he took her hand and brought it to

him, placing it there and letting her feel how excited he was for her.

Her eyes widened,  and she looked at him fearfully,  but he smiled and

that reassured her,  she touched him more firmly, wrapping her fingers

as  far  around as the material would allow,  slowly she  brought  her

other hand up and pushing against him and making him lean back against

the  cushions,  she  unfastened his pants,  and  slowly,  letting  her

fingers  rub,  she  unzipped  them and reaching  inside  withdrew  his

throbbing member, gazing at it in wonder, her tongue again came out to

moisten  her  dry lips,  and with one hand wrapped firmly  around  his

shaft  and  the other cupping his balls,  she lowered  her  head,  and

sighing  at the wonder of it drew him fully into her eager and  hungry


Jennie  woke  up and found herself in her  bed,  she  didn't  remember

getting there,  in fact she remember very little about last night, she

did remember being with a man and how gentle he had been with her, and

she  had  done  some things that before would never have  entered  her

mind.  And  what  was  also strange was that she  no  longer  felt  so

frustrated and horny,  as if last night had been a release for her. As

she layed there in bed,  thinking,  She came in,  carrying a breakfast

tray,  she  brought  it over to the bed and pushing at Jennies hip  to

make  room for her,  she sat down.  Did you enjoy yourself last  night

Jennie?  You  were very pretty and well behaved,  I was very proud  of

you.  She reached up and stroked Jennies hair.  Now my dear it is time

for  you to make a very important decision.  She paused for  a  moment

while  she gathered her thoughts.  You know that what we have done  to

you  was  for your own sake,  it was the only way to teach you  to  be

good.  What's done can be reversed,  as so far,  it has been done with

medication  alone.  However,  and this is to be your decision,  and if

made  a certain way you won't be able to change it.  We  can  continue

with  the medication and with some reconstructive surgery we can  make

you into a real girl to the fullest extent. Do you understand? Now you

don't  have to give an answer right now,  in fact I don't want you to.

For  the  next 6 months you will go home and live  with  your  mother,

Holding up her hand to forestall any questions,  She has known what we

were  going  to  do with you since before Jimmy had  pulled  his  last

stunt.  She  is most anxious to meet her new little girl and to  teach

her all the things that mothers have their girls know.  Now at the end

of  6 months if you decide that you want to live the rest of you  live

as  a  woman you will come back to us and we'll have the surgery  done

and  help  you to adjust as fully as possible.  And to make  things  a

little easier for you as Jennie,  you won't be going back to your  old

neighborhood  or  school,  your mother has taken an apartment  in  the

suburbs.  After  breakfast you may pack all you new clothes and I will

drive  you  home.  Jennie  turned eyes that  sparkled  with  tears  of

happiness to Her, and She had no doubts that in 6 months, Jennie would

be back for a visit.

                                     THE END.


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