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Archive-name: Changes/jan-lyn.txt

Archive-author: Karen Shane

Archive-title: Jan and Lynn

     Lynn  finished hooking the last garter to the coffee colored 

nylons  and  admired the sleek look of the sheen on  his  closely 

shaven legs.   He looked at the reflection in the dressing  table 

mirror and couldn't help but smile at the feminine figure peering 

back  at him.   His hair was long,  straight and blond and he had 

skillfully brushed and teased it into a sweeping page  boy.   His 

brows  had  been  perfectly  plucked and added  to  his  striking 

appearance.   Years  of  training in  makeup  application  showed 

through in the beautiful  face that glanced  back at him from the 


     After donning a pretty powder blue lace bra that matched his 

wispy garter belt, Lynn pressed his testicle into his abdomen and 

pulled  his  flacid  male  member  back  between  his  legs.   He 

artfully slid a pair of matching lycra hip huggers into place and 

completed  the  transformation.   Crossing the room to  the  huge 

closet,  Lynn  selected  a  darker blue lace trimmed slip  and  a 

simple  knee length heather knit dress to complete the  ensemble.  

As  he put these garments on,  he couldn't help but reflect  upon 

the first time he had ever worn garments such as these.

     He  had  only been fourteen years old when his parents  were 

killed  in an automobile accident.   After the funeral  he  found 

himself  being  taken in by an aunt and uncle living  in  another 

state.   It really wasn't that bad though because his uncle spent 

most  of  the  time  on the road as a truck driver  and  his  new 

guardians had a daughter a year older than himself.   He recalled 

arriving in late autumn with his little suitcase and memories.  

     Janet  was with her mother when they picked him up from  the 

bus stop.  His aunt quickly introduced the two and then explained 

that  his  uncle was on the road as usual.   The  three  of  them 

returned to his new home and Lynn recalled how striking Janet had 

been on that first meeting.  

     As he unpacked what little he had with him Janet sat quietly 

in a corner of the room while his aunt flittered around the room. 

He  remembered how Janet invited him to accompany her to a school 

halloween costume party and how he hesitantly told her he had  no 

costume  to  wear.   It was his aunt who quickly  suggested  that 

perhaps Janet could fix him up with something suitable.

     Lynn  thought  back how Janet had taken him to her room  and 

showed him the costume she was going to wear.   She was going  to 

attend the party as an 1800's southern debutante and suggested he 

could also go in the same kind of costume.  She had reasoned with 

him  and  explained  that  she had everything to  make  a  second 

costume identical to hers.

     Lynn  was reluctant to accept the offer but he recalled  how 

Janet  busied  herself with selecting various articles  from  her 

drawers and closet.   He thought fondly of how she persuaded  him 

to try on the old gown she had purchased at a Goodwill store.  He 

had  slipped  it  on  over his own clothing  and  remembered  the 

sparkle in Janets eyes as he stood before her.

     Aunt Ruby had to return to work and he recalled how the  two 

of  them  had remained in Janets room the rest of  the  day.   He 

removed  the  gown and Janet coaxed him into trying the  complete 

outfit on so she could determine what else she would need to  do.  

Lynn  smiled  to  himself as memories of the first time  he  wore 

Janets dainty undergarments returned to him.

     Janet had given him an old cotton brassiere, a pair of white 

nylon tricot panties and layers of petticoats to put on.  She had 

instructed  him  to  return to his own room and put on  the  lacy 

attire and then return to her room.  He recalled striping his own 

clothing from his body and standing nude in the room as he pulled 

the panties up his legs.  The sensation of nylon against his body 

created a tingling pleasure and he remembered his first erection.  

Quickly,  as  if  to hide the hard on,  he pulled  the  billowing 

petticoats  into place and adjusted the waist band slightly above 

his  panty  line.   He  put his arms into the bra  and  was  just 

slipping it on when Janet had entered his room.

     Warmly he recalled how she matter of factly crossed the room 

and  assisted  him  with hooking the bra  behind  his  back.   He 

followed her back to her bedroom and stood quietly as she fumbled 

in  one  of her dresser drawers and then produced a pair of  foam 

inserts for the bra.   After inserting the two pads in his cotton 

bra,  Janet picked up the gown and held it over Lynns  head.   He 

wiggled  into  the  dress and was smoothing it in  place  as  she 

zipped up the back.

     Both  teenagers giggled with delight and marveled at what  a 

pretty girl Lynn portrayed.  Janet suggested they both go  to the 

Goodwill store and see if they could find another gown similar to 

hers.   She even persuaded Lynn that it would be a good idea  for 

him  to wear the undergarments he would be wearing when he  tried 

the  gown on.   She convinced him that to get a good fit it would 

be necessary,  and Lynn was already captured by her enthusiasm so 

he agreed to the suggestion.

     Janet  had  helped him out of the gown and was  pulling  the 

petticoats  from his body when she noticed his  obvious  problem. 

She produced a panty girdle from one of her drawers and handed it 

to  him.   Lynn quickly pulled the garment on and accepted a slip 

that Janet held out for him.   She disappeared into her closet as 

he  put  on  the silky garment and then  returned  with  a  black 

pleated skirt and a frilly lace blouse.

     Janet  even  had  a  pair of anklets and  penny  loafers  to 

complete  his outfit and Lynn recalled warmly at how the  clothes 

and shoes fit him so well.   Memories of the trip to the Goodwill 

store  floated back as Lynn thought about how Janet  brushed  his 

hair  into a feminine fashion and then grabbed a couple of  coats 

from her closet.

     They both had boarded the bus for the short trip to town and 

Lynn  was  amazed at how easily he was able to pass for  a  young 

school girl out on an ordinary shopping trip.   They were able to 

find  another  gown and Janet had assured him she could alter  it 

properly before the party.

     He  recalled how they both wandered from store to store  and 

how he delighted in the reflection of the two young girls beaming 

back at him from the windows.   He also thought about how it  had 

gotten  so late and when they returned home Aunt Ruby was already 

home from work.  Somewhat surprised at his  appearance, Aunt Ruby 

accepted  her daughters explanation of the shopping spree for the 

costume  party  and how it was necessary for Lynn to try  on  the 

gown.   He even recalled how Aunt Ruby seemed to appear happy  at 

the two of them becoming such good friends so quickly.

     Lynn  sat at the dressing table in his apartment and let his 

thoughts  float again to Janets expert training.   He  remembered 

how  he  had  made such a hit at the  party.   In  fact,  no  one 

realized he was not a girl.  Janet introduced him to everyone and 

told all of her friends that her cousin would be living and going 

to school there from now on.  The way he was dressed and the name 

his  parents  had given him all seemed to add to the pleasure  he 

had that night. 

     Aunt  Ruby loved the way Lynn and Janet got along  so  well.  

She  had always wanted more children,  especially daughters,  but 

had not been able to have anymore after Janet was born.   She was 

the one that brought the suggestion up to the two when she hinted 

that  Lynn  could be enrolled in the school as a girl  if  he  so 

wished.   Janet  and Lynn thought the idea was fantastic.   Lynns 

name would let him get away with it,  and Janet welcomed the idea 

of having a sister to share everything with.  Lynn remembered how 

he  felt  dressed  in  the period costume and  the  two  of  them 

returned home that night.   Aunt Ruby had waited up for them  and 

they  all sat around the living room talking of the fun they  had 


     When she had suggested the idea,  Lynn recalled how attached 

he  had  become to Janet and how he wanted nothing more  than  to 

please  her.   He readily accepted the idea and the three of them 

quickly put a plan into effect.  Since the next day was saturday, 

Aunt  Ruby  suggested  they all go shopping and  pick  up  things 

necessary for Lynn to make the complete transformation.

     Janet  promised  Lynn that she would provide  everything  he 

needed  for  right  now and the two disappeared upstairs  to  her 

room.   Still in their costumes, Lynn thought about how Janet had 

given him his first nightgown and informed him that if they  were 

really going to fool everyone,  he would have to start living and 

acting full time as a girl.  

     Janet  had  been  the one to suggested they get  into  their 

pajamas and she would give him his first lesson in make up.  Lynn 

thought  about how he had reluctantly taken the gown off but  had 

left the panties and bra on as he put on the waltz length  tricot 

nightgown  Janet had provided.   He even remembered that was  the 

night  he experienced his first orgasm as he slid the  petticoats 

down  his  panty  covered body.   It had been  electric,  but  he 

recalled how embarrassed he had been when Janet saw the stain.  

     Janet  taught  him how to use a sanitary napkin and  how  to 

adjust the belt around his waist.  She even came up with the idea 

of  tucking  his  member back between his legs and  Lynn  thought 

about how little that had changed from those days.  She had given 

him  some new panties and this time they were much prettier  than 

the plain white nylon tricot ones she had previously provided for 

the costume.   Lynn had the napkin in place and pulled the pastel 

pink panties on.  

     Janet  had him lay on the bed and she plucked  his  eyebrows 

for  the  first  time.   His thoughts came quickly  back  to  the 

present as he heard the telephone ring.  Lynn picked up the phone 

and  heard Janets voice on the other end.   She had called to let 

him  know  she was going to work a couple of hours  overtime  and 

would be home late.    After thanking her for calling he replaced 

the phone and went out into the living room.

     Tucking  his legs under him,  he sat down on the  couch  and 

thought  about  the trip to town so many years ago.   Aunt  Ruby, 

Janet and Lynn had all dressed to the hilt.   Janet had  provided 

the poodle skirt he wore that day, the one that still hung in his 

closet  and provided so many memories.   He remembered how he had 

awaken early and gone to her room.   She too was just getting  up 

and  was  at  her dresser selecting clothing  for  the  day.   He 

thought  about how he stood in the doorway and she had looked  up 

at him.  

     Janet  had smiled so innocently and then beckoned for him to 

come  in.   He had crossed over to the dressing table and  smiled 

as he thought back to how she reached over and placed her hand on 

his groin.   He was still wearing the sanitary belt she had given 

him  the  night  before  and  he  recalled  how  his  penis  grew 

comfortably  erect  in  it as she  slowly  rubbed  the  nightgown 

against his panties.  

     The feeling of Janets hand massaging the sanitary napkin and 

the  confines of the bra he was wearing brought about his  second 

orgasm.   Lynn smiled inwardly at the memories of these feelings.  

He  thought about how he shuddered as the warm liquid  shot  from 

his  penis  and filled the void between his body and the  napkin.  

He remembered how Janet sensed his relief and how she stopped her 

hand  movement as he exploded.   She was smiling at him  when  he 

opened  his eyes and he remembered how her other hand was between 

her own legs.  She too had experienced an orgasm and the two just 

remained motionless for a minute.

     Janet  had  quickly  recomposed herself  and  was  rummaging 

through  her  drawers  when Aunt Ruby  entered  the  room.   Lynn 

thought  about how he felt a little guilty when she had  come  in 

the  room,  but he remembered how she had seemed so excited  with 

the coming events of the day.  She urged the two to dress quickly 

and  they  would be on their way.   She had said something  about 

getting out of the house before his uncle returned and then  left 

the room.

     Janet  provided  Lynn  with  a  pile  of  undergarments  and 

instructed  him to change into whatever he liked and to  put  the 

rest  in his drawer for later use.   Lynn recalled how he carried 

the items back to his room and then stripped from the  nightgown, 

panties and bra.  Janet had provided him with a box of napkins so 

he replaced the soiled one he was wearing.  After tucking himself 

back  properly,  he  selected a pair of full length lace  trimmed 

panties and a pretty embroidered brassiere.  

     With  affection  he thought about how he slowly  pulled  the 

panties  on  and then placed the bra  around  his  chest.   After 

hooking  the clasps,  he slid into a nylon slip and then inserted 

the foam pads in the bra.   He recalled how he returned to Janets 

room  and  she had the poodle skirt and a  fluffy  yellow  angora 

sweater laid out on the bed.  

     Lynn  pulled  the skirt on and then placed the  soft  angora 

sweater  over his head.   The effect was dramatic!   He  couldn't 

believe how sensuous he felt with the sweater clinging in all the 

right  places.   He  even remembered how Janet commented  on  the 

outfit and told him since he looked so good in it,  he could keep 

it as his own.

     He  thought  about how the three of them drove into town  in 

the old Packard and about how they all had such a good time.   He 

recalled  Aunt  Ruby taking him from department stores  to  shoes 

stores and even some specialty lingerie stores.   The thoughts of 

that  day provided warm loving memories and he lingered with them 

a while longer.

     Lynn  traced his memories of that day and thought about  how 

they returned home.   Janet had been so eager and had helped  him 

with  all of the packages.   She would put a few things away  and 

then  find something among the items that she wanted him to model 

for her right away.   He recalled how the two of them enjoyed  so 

much sharing that day.

     He  thought  about  how he had somehow managed  to  complete 

school  without  anyone else ever finding out about  his  secret.  

And about how he joined Janet at the state college and the two of 

them  were  able to share a dorm room.   Thoughts  of  his  first 

semester brought back other memories too.

     He  remembered  how Janet got him the part time job  in  the 

pizza place.  Then he recalled the first blind date she fixed him 

up  with at college.   The two of them were doubling and would be 

going  to  a  drive in.   The memory of the  poodle  skirt  again 

flooded  Lynns' mind.   He recalled how he had finished taking  a 

long hot bath after the last class that day.   Janet had returned 

to the dorm and was drawing a bath for herself when she told Lynn 

about the date.

     He  was excited too.   Although he had met young men  during 

his  last year in high school he did not date because  Janet  had 

gone  off  to college and he didn't feel comfortable without  her 

around.   Now he would get a chance to find out what it was like, 

and she would be close by to offer support if it was needed.

     Lynn  thought  about how he stood in front of  their  shared 

dresser  with  the  towel wrapped around him.   The  memories  of 

selecting  everything and dressing filtered slowly back into  his 

mind.   He thought about how he first threaded a sanitary  napkin 

into  the  belt  and placed that on his  body.   The  routine  of 

tucking himself back was so common it seemed natural.  Since that 

was  to  be a special night,  he recalled how he had sprinkled  a 

fragrant powder on the pad first.  

     He remembered the pastel green panties and matching bra that 

he  had  selected.   He also remembered the  heavy  darker  green 

garter  belt  and  seamed  stockings that  he  wore  that  night.  

Thoughts  cascaded back and he recalled Janet smiling approvingly 

at  him as she stepped from the bathroom.   He had been  admiring 

his  own  appearance in the mirror when she  finished  her  bath.  

Standing in just the panties,  bra,  garter belt and nylons Janet 

dropped the towel from her own body and stepped next to him.

     Lynn  smiled as he remembered how she placed her naked  body 

against his and tightly placed her arms around him.   He recalled 

how he responded and the erection that he got.  He remembered how 

they  embraced and fell upon the bed.   He even thought about how 

Janet suggested they cancel the dates and stay home together, but 

how  she relented when he insisted that he have her with  him  on 

the first time out with a fellow.

     He  let his mind drift back to that night and remembered how 

Janet  picked  out an identical outfit  in  pastel  yellow.   She 

delighted in his gaze as she placed each article on.  Lynn helped 

hook  her  bra  and then they both put on matching  lace  trimmed 

satin slips.  He had worn the poodle skirt that night.  Janet had 

given  it  to him a couple of years ago and he  still  loved  it.  

Patent leather dance shoes and a white pullover sweater completed 

the outfit.

     Lynn was finishing putting on his makeup when the dorm phone 

rang in the hallway.   Janet ran to answer it and Lynn selected a 

pair  of ear rings and a necklace to compliment the  outfit.   He 

had  just clasped the ear rings when Janet popped in the door and 

informed him their dates were down stairs.

     He  recalled  how they were both a little  giddish  as  they 

descended the steps and took their dates arm.   Lynn climbed into 

the back seat of the winged back Ford with John as Janet got into 

the front with her date,  Paul.   Lynn thought about how handsome 

John  had  been and about how comfortable he tried to  make  Lynn 

feel as they drove to the picture show.   He even remembered when 

the  movie finally started how John skillfully put his arm around 


     Lynn  remember  how  Johns fingers traced the  edge  of  his 

nylons and lingered for awhile at the garters.   He thought about 

how passionately John had kissed him and how their tongues darted 

back and forth. He thought about how he felt when Johns hand left 

the  garters  and  started  farther up his thighs  and  then  how 

relieved  he was when John felt the sanitary napkin and  withdrew 

his hand.

     He  recalled how John had murmured a soft apology  and  then 

his  own  boldness  when  he found his  own  hand  against  Johns 

manhood.  Thoughts  of  how he nibbled on Johns ear as he  slowly 

pulled the zipper down drifted through Lynns mind as he  realized 

he was filling his panties with an erection.   He got up from the 

couch and went into the kitchen.

     As  he  did the few dishes remaining in the sink he  thought 

about  how  he had unzipped Johns slacks and then slid  his  hand 

into  the opening.   He recalled the thrill he got as he  wrapped 

his  fingers around Johns throbbing erection.   He thought  about 

how Janet had disappeared beneath the back of the front seat  and 

he remembered how he had boldly began pumping Johns erection.

     He  could  recall the soft moaning coming from  John  as  he 

remembered  how  he stopped and fumbled with the buckle to  Johns 

pants.  The thought of his first experience tumbled back and Lynn 

recalled how he had slid over in the Ford and lowered his head to 

Johns eager tool.   His lips played with the tip of Johns dick as 

he let his hand fondle the sweat soaked balls.   He thought about 

how  John  had become so excited and remembered  how  he  started 

lowering his lips over the huge meat.  

     Lynn  fondly  thought of the experience as he  finished  the 

dishes.   He  remembered how he had begun sliding his lips up and 

down  Johns  shaft  when John exploded in  his  mouth.   He  also 

remembered  how he squeezed his own thighs together and  climaxed 

into  the  sanitary napkin.   A smile came to Lynns  face  as  he 

returned to the couch in the living room.

     As  he absently thumbed through a magazine,  Lynns' thoughts 

drifted back to that date.  The boys had brought them back to the 

dorm  just after the movie ended.   They all had to be in  before 

curfew and Lynn thought about how Janet and he barely made it  to 

their room before the nightly check.

     In  the  dorm  room Janet and Lynn carried on like  any  two 

college  girls.   Both  compared  notes and  Janet  was  somewhat 

surprised  to  hear  of the expert  fashion  Lynn  handled  Johns 

advances.   They  had  both removed their skirts and blouses  and 

were  hanging them in the closet when Janet turned  toward  Lynn.  

As  before,  they  embraced each other and Lynn felt a  sense  of 

electricity  run  through  him as the smooth  nylon  clad  bodies 

wriggled against each other.

     Janets  tongue darted into Lynns mouth as her breast pressed 

firmly  against  his foam padded bra.   Lynn  felt  the  erection 

growing  between  his legs and he pressed his thighs together  to 

contain  it.   Janet must have sensed his urgings and led him  to 

the  bed.   Both  removed their slips and let them  fall  to  the 

floor as they laid down on the bed.

     Janet  placed  her breast at Lynns eager mouth and he  began 

suckling  her through the brassiere as she let her hands drift to 

his  panties.   Skillfully she managed to thread his  firm  penis 

between  the leg band of  his panties and position the rigid cock 

between  both  their  panties.  Ever so slowly they began rocking 

back and forth  causing the  fabric  of the panties to caress the

throbbing member.

     As  Lynn neared the point of climaxing Janet  stretched  the 

leg  band  of her own panties and guided his throbbing cock  deep 

within  herself.   Both feverishly pressed against the other  and 

continued to pump as Lynn came closer to the edge.  They climaxed 

together  and lay spent in that position.   Lynn recalled how  he 

drifted to sleep with Janet on top of him.  

     He even remembered how when he woke, Janet was standing next 

to  the  dresser  positioning  a  hard  latex  cock  to  a   belt 

contraption.   He  watched fascinated as she strapped it  to  her 

groin  and turned back towards the bed.   Lynn thought fondly  of 

how  she  slowly knelt on the side of the bed and urged him  with 

her hands to roll over.  

     He  dropped  the magazine on the coffee  table  and  thought 

about  how  she  had slowly rolled his panties down  and  how  he 

turned  his  head  to watch her rub vasoline  on  the  artificial 

attachment.   Lynn realized he was getting excited as he recalled 

how  Janet slowly pressed the tip of the dildo to his  anus.   He 

thought  about  how  she  applied a  gentle  pressure  until  his 

quivering opening allowed the soft toy to enter him.

     Lynn  recalled how Janet slowly started moving in and out of 

him until she had managed to insert the full length of the  dildo 

in  him.   He  thought  about how he had become  so  excited  and 

enjoyed the pleasure the two of them had shared.  He thought back 

to that night and remembered Janets increasing tempo and how they 

both climaxed again.  

     Well,  that was quite a few years ago he thought to himself.  

Both he and Janet managed to graduate from college and both found 

jobs  as secretaries in a large legal firm.   Lynn thought  about 

that  first  job and how it provided a means for them to  set  up 

such  a nice apartment in town together.   He also thought  about 

how  he  had  gone back to school a few years later  and  got  an 

advanced degree in computer programming.

     That  was when he met Frank.   Lynn thought fondly of  Frank 

and how he was the first one besides Aunt Ruby and Janet to share 

Lynns'  secret.   He  and Frank had been in a couple  of  classes 

together  when  Frank finally worked up the courage to  ask  Lynn 

out.   Lynn  had  accepted  right away and had rushed  home  from 

classes that day to tell Janet all about it.

     He  recalled  how he shared everything with her and  how  he 

told Janet that Frank was a pre-med student.  Janet shared Lynns' 

happiness  and even loaned Lynn a pretty new blouse to wear  that 

night.   Lynn was so happy and pretty when Frank showed up at the 


     They had gone out to dinner and then to a movie.   Frank had 

been a perfect gentlemen and was escorting Lynn home.   They were 

parked  out front of the apartment Lynn and Janet shared when  he 

found  himself telling everything to Frank.   Lynn  thought  back 

about how calmly Frank took the whole thing.  After Lynn had told 

him  everything,  Frank  asked  when  they  could  go  out  again 


     Lynn  thought  about how they started dating  regular  after 

that  and  then  how  Frank  had  started  providing  the  female 

hormones.   Lynn  remembered  when  he first started  taking  the 

hormones and how they had such a dramatic effect on his body.  He 

found  that within six months he no longer needed the  foam  pads 

and  was able to fill out his bras naturally.   And,  he recalled 

how his body took on a softer, gentler shape.

     Frank  had been good to him,  Lynn thought.   It was just  a 

shame he had to accept an internship so far away.   Lynn  thought 

about  how they would get together occasionally when Frank had  a 

break  or was able to take time off from the job.   He smiled  to 

himself  with  that  thought and realized  he'd  better  get  the 

housework done before Janet came home.

     Since it was his day off,  Lynn knew he was expected to take 

care of certain chores.   Just like he knew Janet was responsible 

for  specific tasks on her days off.   Lynn got up from the couch 

and  busied  himself with cleaning the  apartment.   Occasionally 

pleasant  thoughts  filtered through his mind and  Lynn  realized 

what  a very lucky person he was.   He had almost  everything  he 

wanted and could live as a beautiful woman.   Yes, I certainly am 

lucky he thought.

      (to be continued -- if there are enough requests.)



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