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Archive-name: Changes/jake3.txt

Archive-author: Jo Black

Archive-title: My Friend Jake

In which I come to grips with some rather hard subjects.

(Yes, it's a joke)


     Sam led me back toward the bar. I followed defeatedly.

After what I had gone through this evening; just coming here,

and confronting my feminine side which was hidden from even myself. And

then, accepting the situation, and now all that is gone. I am

just humiliated. My red mini, in which I discovered who I was

and what I wanted, was ruined. And worse of all, I was the

focal point of attention and curiosity from all in

attendance. As we approached the bar, I saw Jake balancing

from leg to leg nervously. When we got that far, he looked at

me almost fatherly and said, " I'm so sorry Jo. I didn't mean

for this to happen. I wanted this to be your night. Come,

I'll take you home."

     As I started to nod, Sam cut in. "No, it's alright,

Jake. It was my girl who caused all this. I'll be damned if

I'll let it completely ruin Jo's big night. If that's OK with

you, I mean, Jo."

     Part of me just wanted to say screw it and leave this

dream and return to my past reality. But some perverse side

of me said I'll stay with Sam for a while. Unfortunely, this

perverse side also controlled my power of speech! I guess I

really wanted to stay. Jake gave me one of those shiteatin'

grins of his and said, "Good for you! I'll be around."

     Sam then directed me to a door by the end of the bar

which declared, "Employees Only". He guided me down a short

hallway to a door marked "Manager" and produced a key ring

from his pocket and unlocked the door. I heard him snap on

the lights and he bade me to enter. Yes, I'm sure that I was

the last to realize that Sam was the manager. No wonder that

waitress was pissed off; she was jealous of me, little old

me. Go figure.

              Jake closed the door behind us. He handed me a dry towel and

said, "now you just wait here. I'll go see what I can scare up." He left but

returned rather quickly. In his arms was an old white fluffy robe! " Here", he

offered, " just go into the bathroom and slip out of that wet dress and put

this on. Then, after you've had time to compose yourself, we'll see about

putting you back together."

              I gratefully took the robe and headed into his private bathroom.

I slid out of the dress and after a quick inventory, also discarded my slip.

The drink had started to dry and I was rather sticky. Spying the adjoining

shower, I decided what the hell and undressed and slid into it. I was very

careful to keep the water off my face and hair. Stepping out of what was the

quickest shower I had ever taken, I then patted my now rather smooth and silky

body dry. I noticed some Shower to Shower powder and doused myself liberally

with it. I then put on the bustier and panties. Everything else was unfit. I

sighed, put my foot into my heels, and opened the door. Sam was seated at his

desk. On this desk was a steaming porcelain teapot with matching cups and

saucers. He glanced up and smiled. "I thought that tea might help you relax. I

know it always helps me."

              What a sweet gesture! Only, I have never cared for tea much but

the idea seemed just perfect. I slid into the chair across from the desk. I

took my tea and it was perfect. I immediately felt better. Sam started to tell

me how he had acquired this bar and all. "I had been a loan officer for 8

years at the bank. In this capacity, I was expected to follow up on our

clients. I came in here one noon. It was very quiet and empty. The owner, whom

I had made the loan gave me coffee and showed me the books. It was phenomenal!

In the 2 years in which the bar had operated, he had earned enough to pay off

the loan."

              " We talked for quite a while that day. He was tired of the

business and wanted to retire to Florida with his wife. With my knowledge of

the loan history and having seen the books, I asked him flatly what he wanted

for the place, lock, stock and barrel. He told me, I gasped, and said, OK,

it's a deal. I went down to the bank, got a loan and that was that."

              "It wasn't until that night that I discovered that the clientele

was rather specialized", he laughed. "But there were no other problems with

security or anything, so I held onto it. And I've done well. The only change I

have made was updating the decor and putting the security fence in the back.

It's all increased business."

              He paused a few moments. Then slowly, he continued, "I never

thought myself gay of bi or anything. I dated a few women but nothing I really

found memorable. Naturally, being in this business, I investigated it some,

but never thought I could proceed. Until tonight. When I saw you at the bar,

with the light behind you, I was grabbed by a giant fist. I just thought you

were perfect. When I was dancing with you, I knew this could be it. You're as

beautiful as any woman, but are not. You are as vulnerable as any woman, but

are not.  What you are is yourself. Even now, sitting there in that old robe,

you are definitively female. Not just the way you look, but the way you're

sitting, the way you are acting. So, if I'm attracted to you, I still don't

know if I am Gay, Bi or straight. All I know is I want you. Let's sort the

rest of this out later."

              I was stunned. He wanted me. I wasn't shocked about being with a

man. No. I was stunned because he wanted me as much as I wanted him! I

stammered through my most current blush, " But.but. . are you sure you want


              He laughed. "Oh, yes, my dear Jo. I've wanted you ever sense you

laid your head in my shoulder while dancing."

              Bingo! That's as long as I've wanted him! But damn, I've never

done this before; what do I do? Literally, I have never envisioned how to

sexually please a man. OK, it never came up when my parents told me about the

birds and the bees. And I don't think now is the time to call dear ol' Dad for

the second lesson. I started to shake nervously.

              Sam must have noticed because he refilled my tea and his hand

lingered across mine. He slowly comforted me. "Hey, I know. I've never done

this before either. My customers have given me, in great graphic detail I

might add, what they prefer. But, I would prefer we were spontaneous. Do what

ever feels good."

              I smiled broadly. "That sounds perfect. But I'm such a mess. For

our first time, I want it to be just right."

              Same said, "Honey, just remember where you are. Let's run down

the hall to the dressing rooms and you can pick out just what you'd like."

              Now that I had decided to "do it", my mind shifted gears. "No,"

I demanded, " If I am going to please a man, the first step is dressing to his

tastes, not mine. YOU go down the hall and find whatever you think is the

sexiest outfit there and bring it to me. While you're gone, I'll redo my

makeup and get ready."

              Sam explained that the door at the back of his office was also

his living quarters. He asked if would prefer to dress there. He had a vanity,

he said, and a small bath off that. I thought that really felt more intimate.

Imagine, I'll ready myself for my man in the boudoir. He would wait

impatiently as I primp and make sure everything is perfect. Then I would make

my grand entrance. I quickly agreed.

              The living quarters were neat and very masculine. All the

furniture was heavy, dark wood. The was a leather couch and matching recliner

in the corner. I spied the door to the bedroom, took a breath and entered. I

just stood there for a moment. The decor was identical to the antechamber.

Heavy, dark woods, but it seemed very comfortable and strangely homey. I

looked around for a bit and then sat on the edge of the bed. And I mean the

very edge. Here I was at the scene of the crime. I would surrender my

virginity here on this bed! I am going to be deflowered! I realized that all

these phrases from Danielle Steele seemed very trite. But, whatever gets you

through the night.

              I heard a knock on the door. Sam had returned. "Are you decent?"

he had asked. No, you idiot, I'm preparing to get screwed by a man! "Yes,

please come in."

              Once in, he deposited the most beautiful nightgown I had ever

seen on the bed. It was minty green with delicate little lace around the hem.

I picked it up and felt it's silky texture. It was like heaven. The front

wasn't cut terribly deep. Rather, it had flows of the green cascading down the

front. The back, however, was severely cut to the waist. The right side had a

long slit up it. It was gorgeous. He had brought matching pumps with what had

to be 5" heels. There was an overnight case also. Sam explained that one of

his "girls" had packed everything I would need. I shooed Sam out of the room.

"I'll call you when I'm ready; not before."

              After Sam left, I opened the overnight case. I guess Sam's

"girl" did pack all the essentials. I started to layout the contents on the

vanity. I found several different types of lipstick, mascara, powder and the

such. I found one packet which contained fake fingernails. Now there's

something I've never had. The stockings were the most sheer I had ever seen or

touched. They had a tint of green in them. I just pulled them slowly across my

face and felt my cock stir again. There were panties, the same shade of green

and as sheer as the stockings in the bottom of the case. The matching bra was

strapless, with cleverly placed wires in the soft curves of the cups. She had

even enclosed what I determined could only be fake breasts. They were firm but

had some give to them. In the front, there were even nipples in the

appropriate places. The last item in this Pandora's box was a bottle of

"Passion" with a note wrapped around it. Pulling the note off, I read:

                   You lucky Doll. Most of us have wanted to be the

                   first with Sam. I saw you when you came in. You

                   are just right; pretty but also real. Remember,

                   Sam's a real nice guy. Don't hurt him in any way.

                   But good luck and enjoy.


              The evening keeps getting curiousier and curiousier. This is the

second "girl" that I know envies me. Well, this must be worth pursuing. I

turned my attention first to the makeup. I corrected my slightly disheveled

face. I added some longer fake eyelashes that I found into the case. I then

turned to the task of the fake nails. I read the directions which seemed clear

enough. And, for the first hand, they were. Have you ever attempted to pick

off those little backing sheets with the fake nail. I persevered and finished

them up. I held my hand out and was amazed how they appeared to slenderize.

The long, red nails seemed to flicker like lighting bolts out of my

fingertips. They were energizing. I felt a surge of power throughout body. I

was excited that I could feel such strength from such a feminine thing.

              I then turned by attention to the underlayments. The panties

felt almost like a whisper as caressed by thighs as I pulled them up my legs.

I then adjusted the gaff and all semblance of my gender were gone. The bra was

trickier. I finally snapped it in front and spun it 180 degrees into place. To

my delight, I found the falsies filled the cups perfectly. I looked in the

mirror and was shocked. I was close enough so I could see only my body in the

looking glass. The supple curves blended perfectly with the gossamer like

panties. I slowly slid my long tipped fingers down the sides of mt panties. I

could feel the straining in my gaff. I stopped and took a deep breath. I

needed to wait.

              I slid the garter in place and started the long journey from my

toes to my thighs. As I brought the stockings up the leg, I could feel the

touch of butterflies, flitting at my now engorged crotch. I grabbed the towel

I had laid on the vanity and quickly pulled the minty panties down, undid the

gaff and felt the warm, milky liquid pump into my towel covered hand. It

seemed I would come all night. Finally, the pressure had relieved itself. I

just sat there, feeling a calm running over me. It was drained my physical

tension but I felt an emotional tension that was even stronger. I just wanted

Sam more now.

              I got up and quickly cleaned myself off and repowdered my upper

thighs, cock and balls.  After rearranging myself, I slid into the green

heels.  I had never felt so vulnerable as I did with those shoes on. I could

only take short, mincing steps. I felt that my newly acquired breasts were

pulling over in front. I continued to pace across the room toward the bathroom

and back to the vanity until I felt some type of grace; or at least some type

of balance.  It was time for the crowning touch, the gown.

              I found that my hands were shaking now with anticipation. I

slowly raised the gown toward me and just clutched to my chest. It was so soft

and so incredibly silky. I raised it over my head and let it, ever so slowly,

slither down my now soft, feminine body. It felt the lace at the hem as it

tickled my nose and cheeks. As it made it's descent, I swear I could feel it

hardened my nipples as it passed. Then it flowed across my flat stomach.  And

then, it made contact with my panties and stockings. I was hugged by the silk.

It had completely encased my body. I realized that I hadn't breathed at all as

it fell across by skin.

              I glanced in the mirror and was delighted. There was someone

else here now. My former self was gone. Now, only Jo remained. The vision in

the mirror could only be female. The gown had covered me like melted plastic.

It took the exact same line as the body underneath. When I breathed, I could

feel it expand and contract, rise and fall, just like my it wasn't there. It

was almost like a second skin. But this skin was silky and shimmery in the

lights. I posed in the mirror. I put one foot in front of the other, tilted my

chin up a bit, cocked my head to one side with my one hand on my hip, the

other on my thigh. God, I was gorgeous! This one moment was worth all the

hassle tonight. I smiled rather wickedly. I then applied a redder shade of

lipstick, very heavily. My lips glistened as though they were wet from the

rain. Well, the time had come. My lips would be wet, but not from the rain.

              I spun on the ball of my right foot and floated to the door. I

was now complete. This body in this gown was unmistakably in charge. (Helen

Reddy should be so proud). I slowly opened the door and let in sort of creak

open. I waited until it stopped on its own accord and then confidently strode

into the next room and struck my pose. "Sam, I'm ready now."

              Poor Sam was thunderstruck! He just sat in the recliner in

obvious shock. He just stared. Then he slowly got to his feet and walked

toward me, step by step. His eyes never left me. I could feel his gaze as it

jumped from my face to my breasts, from my feet to my crotch. He was hooked.

He muttered, "God, I didn't expect you to be THIS beautiful."

              He had made opened a magnum of champagne and deftly poured each

of us a drink. Still, he never took his eyes off me. The champagne tickled my

nose but warmed me inside. He poured another. I intertwined our arms with the

glasses in it. We drank as lovers drink. He had put unchained melody on the

stereo and we danced again. But this time I lead and Sam had no objection at

all. I led us toward the bedroom. He got the hint and took over. As we entered

the room, he kicked the door closed with one foot, never missing a step. The

music magically ceased as we reached the bed. Sam suddenly wrapped his arms

around me, hugged me tight and kissed me. I felt his breath across my upper

lip. Then I opened my mouth slightly and he slid his tongue in and out,

teasingly. I opened it wider and he forced his tongue in deeper, filling my

mouth. As he probed, I started to unbutton his top button. Understanding my

motion, he released me enough to continue my way down his chest. I unbuttoned

the last button and ran my finger through his coarse chest hair. It was

heaven! His chest was lean and firm, not rock hard (like my cock right now),

but very strong. I pulled the shirt off his arms and threw it on the floor. We

then broke. I gently pushed him back and he sat on the bed. I slowly sank to

my knees. I undid his belt and pulled down the zipper. I could now see the

massive lump in his underwear. Probably for the first time in my life, I found

white, cotton jockey shorts sexy as hell! I reached out, not at all

tentatively and grasped in firmly in my hand.  I pulled and pushed a few times

and got great reaction from him.  I released his manhood and pulled his pants

off. I then slowly crooked a finger into the elastic band and gently started

the long trip down for his jockey shorts.  There. I had exposed his throbbing

cock. It was actually straining at me.  Without hesitation of forethought, I

pulled the shorts off and sunk my head into his crotch.

              I flitted my tongue like a snake at the smooth head. I could

taste salt. The penis seemed to keep getting larger and larger. I slid my

lipsticked mouth over the hood and into the shaft. The lipstick provided a

very good lubricant as i took more and more of the shaft into my mouth. I felt

myself start to gag a little, so I backed out a little and then proceeded.

After a very short time, I had him all the way to the back of my throat. He

tasted wonderful! The salt mixed with the natural skin to create a delicious

dessert. I started to move my head back and forth slightly, then a little

quicker. I could hear him moan a little. I started to go faster and faster,

sliding my tongue all around the cocksickle in my mouth. I felt him stiffen

quickly, and then felt the rush of cum into my mouth. I was able to get my

tongue on it as it shot out and it was creamy and warm and made me warm all

over. Finally, he relaxed. I cleaned up his cock with my tongue and released

him . I slid my tongue across my lips and looked up at him. Only one thing

crossed my mind. In a very sultry and suggestive voice, I stated, You ain't

seen nothin' yet.


 So ends Part three of my great adventure with Jake. PART 4 will available

hopefully later this week. I need to go take a very long, very cold shower


                    Hugs and Kisses,

                         Jo Black



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