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Archive-name: Changes/intrview.txt


Archive-title: Intake Interview

Attending - Dr. Carasso

Patient - Meeks, Missy

Patient No. - 1018199

Transcribed - 2/5/93

Admitted - 2/4/93.  3:45AM.



     "Hello, my name is Dr. Carasso and I understand that

you've just been brought up from admitting.  I'd..."

     "Listen Doctor, I'm not crazy.  SHE's the crazy one. 

I never wanted to become a woman.  I'm a normal guy, no

matter how things look."

     "Interesting, uh..uh, Miss Meeks.  Would you prefer

I call you that, or perhaps Missy?"

     "Doctor, my name is Markian, not Missy Meeks.  That

was just part of the scam.  If you'll just give me a

chance to explai...Hey!  What's the needle for?"


     "You seem a little excited Missy.  This shot will

help you stay calm, maybe later even a little giddy.  But

it's for your own good."

     "Say, Doc, I'm a bit queasy about shots and...Not so

fast..OWWWHH!  That hurt!"

     "You'll feel better very quickly, young lady.  Tell

me when you begin to feel the calming effect, Dear."

     "Dammit, Doc, please listen to me.  I'm not a girl."

     "We'll get into that in a moment, Missy.  Now, can

you tell me why you are dressed the way you are?  The

Admitting Record says that you were brought here wearing

a black latex leotard that exposed your breasts,

buttocks, and vagina.  Is that the way you like to


     "Doctor, Please!  You've got to LISTEN to..."

     (Patient crying.)

     "Hmm, that seems right from what I can see.  The

strips that pass through between your legs, Missy, they

actually seem designed to pull the vaginal lips apart and

make them appear bigger.  Why do you think that is?"

     "SHE made me wear this.  This is my training


     "Trained?  Amazing!"

(Doctor making notes.)

     "I'm sure you'll tell me all about it.  Let's go on,

shall we, Missy?"

     "Admissions noted black fishnet hose, seamed, and

something called ballet boots.  And it says here that

they have seven inch heels.  I saw them when I came into

the room."

     "I don't know if I've ever seen anything like your

shoes.  Do you feel more attractive wearing them?  Do you

find that they make it difficult for you to walk?"

     "You have to practice, Doc, a lot!  SHE made me

practice all the time.  Upstairs and downstairs.  I had

to walk in these things all day."

     "See, Doc, there's a trick to it.  If you hold your

head really high and take the tiniest steps you can, then

you can stay on your feet."

     "I see....I think, tell me about your collar and

gloves, Missy."

     "I wish you'd stop calling me that!  My name is

Mark and I'm a MAN!"

     "Of course you are!  Just let the sedative do it's

work.  You're much too excited."

     "Well, I do feel calmer, Doctor."

     "Good, let me know how your feelings change while we

have this little chat."

     "Okay, Doc, I mean...I'm just...I don't know,..well,

grateful, you know, that you're willing to listen.  I

just have to make somebody realize that I'm not a girl. 

No matter how things look."

     "So tell me about your collar and gloves."

     "Okay, Doctor Carasso.  These are called dinner

plate mittens.  My hands are spread flat across the big

plate shape and my collar is black latex over leather. 

The spikes are three inches and chromed to match my

leash.  SHE put them on me because she said I was a

little bitch."

     "Who is this `she' you keep mentioning?"

     "Her name is Sheila DeVille.  She calls herself She


     "Oh yes, it says here on the Admitting Record that

she is your aunt, that her sister, Melody, was your

mother, and that since your mother died two years ago -

when you were fourteen - she has been your guardian."

     "Doc, she's not my aunt.  I'm not a sixteen year old

girl.  I look like one, but that's what the whole scam

was about.  Please...Please, Doctor Carasso, will you let

me tell you now all the horrible things she did to me?"

     "Certainly.  Tell me, Missy, in any way that you

find comfortable, everything about yourself."

     (Patient pauses.  Some crying, patient perhaps


     "My real name is Markian Gooley.  I'm a twenty-two

year old man!  And see, Doc,....I'm a con artist.  This

was all a con to get some inheritance money."

     "SHE said it would be easy.  But then she shafted

me.  Sheila's grandfather left a pile of cash and

property to his last generation, just so long as one

daughter in that generation had married and had a child. 

But Melody was a lesbian."

     "Oh, she married a gay guy for cover but she hated

men.  Sheila is just as bad.  She gets her kicks turning

boys into girls.  That's what she did to me."

     "Melody overdosed two years ago and right after that

Granddaddy kicked off.  I knew Sheila from helping her

fence property that she had ripped off from the wimps she

was sissy training."

     "She asked me if I wanted in on the action.  She

would get me ready to pass as `Missy Meeks', the daughter

of Melody and Bruce Meeks.  The after we got the

inheritance money, she would lay a cool Five Mil on me."

     "I wasn't too thrilled about the feminizing part. 

I was always small and everybody picked on me but... but

for Five Million dollars I'd swallow my pride."

     "It took maybe two months to get me ready.  A

surgeon gave me these breasts and he did some surgery on

my cock and balls to give me a temporary pussy.  Looks

pretty authentic, doesn't it?"

     "Yes, Missy, it looks very genuine to me.  Did they

really tell you that the surgery was temporary?"

     "I'd never have agreed if it wasn't reversible,

Doctor...after all, I'm really a man."

     "Where was I?  Oh... uh, right, surgery.  Well, I

was kind of mad at first because they made my tits and

ass so big.  I'm a 40D with 40 inch hips and an 18 inch

waist.  But that's the kind of figure Melody had so I had

to put up with it."

     "We went to Court and Sheila came up with fraudulent

birth records and a certificate.  I testified that I was

Missy Meeks and we were awarded the money.  I thought it

was all over.  Give me my millions, a quick trip to the

surgeon to undo the female stuff, and head for Cancun.

     "I had to sign lots of papers, I don't know what

all.  The lawyers had them all ready and I just signed

them all."

     "I was getting changed out of my court clothes when

Sheila came into my room with two muscular looking women. 

I tried to resist but there were too many of them and

they were too strong."

     "They dressed me just like this and bleached my hair

platinum blonde and put it up in this big bouffant.  I

had to learn to do my make up this way, heavy black eye

make up and frosted white lips."

     "First, they taught me to walk.  I thought my ankles

would break.  I got used to the way I looked and being so

bare all the time.  But it was really hard."

     "They tried to make me suck cock and fuck the

household help.  But I refused.  After all, I know how I

am.  It's girls I like."

     "That's when the isolation tank started.  They would

float me in there for hours.  A tape was played but I

could never remember what it said.  But I knew they were

screwing with my mind."

     "I found it harder to resist.  She Devil, that's

what SHE made me call her now, insisted I smile all the

time.  I began to find it hard to refuse.  She liked to

stop me in the hall and spank me.  I found myself laying

down on her lap to be spanked without any fuss."

     "She Devil started to tease me a lot.  She told me

that she was giving me the right attitude about men for

a sixteen year old girl.  And that once I started fucking

and sucking, I wouldn't be able to stop."

     "One day, she told me to kneel down in front of some

guy.  I never knew who he was.  She told me to take his

cock out of his pants.  I started to cry, but I did it. 

I cried the whole time I sucked his cock and cried some

more after,...after,...."

     (Patient crying as she speaks.)

     "..he came in my mouth,, uh, uh, he came right

in my mouth!  I got him hard again and put his,..."

     (Patient pauses, cries without speaking.)

     "...cock to my pussy.  I couldn't stop sobbing as he

fucked me."

     "She Devil had won.  I had fucked and sucked.  Now,

I wouldn't be able to stop."

     (Patient takes long sigh, cries.)

     "She sent me lots of men now.  I fucked and sucked

all day.  And she made me do it, not in my bedroom, but

in public places like the kitchen or on the front porch."

     "One night, there was a party and she had me led in

on my leash.  The lawyers, even the judge who had heard

my case, were there.  Everybody had been in on it.  I was

the only patsy in the entire scam."

     (Patient cries for about 5 minutes 45 seconds

without speaking.)

     "I tried to run away, but they caught me and tied me

to a metal frame.  That's how I got these piercings."

     "I've been waiting for a chance to talk about them,

Missy.  Is this a good time?"

     "I'm feeling a lot better, Doctor.  I know I'm

crying a lot but I want to talk about it.  They pierced

my nipples and welded these four inch chrome rings shut. 

Then they put four small rings in each pussy lip and one

in my fake clitoris.  My cunt was laced shut with a chain

like you see it now.  I can pee but I can't fuck unless

somebody unlaces me."

     "Then She Devil had me suck the cocks of all her

guests.  They used me all night!  In the morning, she

told me that I was a totally natural girl now - a

bodacious cock-hungry fuck."

     "I had to get out of there.  I know you understand,

Doctor.  You've been so kind to me.  I feel safe with


     "She was destroying me.  I tried to sneak out and I

MADE IT!  It was slow going, but I got off the estate and

near a highway.  That's where I was picked up and brought

here in a black windowless van.

     "So you see, Doctor, I'm a man, a REAL MAN, and I

need your help to get out of this."

     "What a fascinating story!  Tell me, Missy, how do

you feel?"

     "I don't know...sort of silly, fuzzy headed."

     "That's the sedative.  Let's test it a bit.  Please

stand up."

     (Pause as patient and Dr. Carasso stand.)

     "Now I'm going to attach nipple cuffs on you.  They

go behind your rings and will make your nipples thick,

long, and fat."

     "DOCTOR, PLEASE!!  Do you have to do that?"

     "Certainly, Missy.  We want to see if the sedative

is working, don't we?"

     "Yes, Doctor.  I guess...if you say so."

     "Excellent, see how the cuff is crushing..."


     "your left nipple.  It's..."

     (Patient screams.)

     "...already purple.  When I take them off, you'll be

amazed at how much bigger your nipples are."

     "Now the right nipple."

     "OHGOD...OHGOD...Doctor, unngh..Doctor...Please take

them,...aawrgh..,, TAKE THEM OFF,


     "Perfect!  A matched set.  Soon, your nipples will

be enormous."

     (Patient is panting in pain.)

     "Now, tell me, Missy, how do you feel?"

     "I feel ashamed and freakish.  My nipples look


     "Excellent.  Now, let's fit your tit corset.  One

band around the base of the right breast, one band around

the left....We lace them..."

     "Doctor, do you have to do this?  It hurts so much."

     (Patient grunts from the tight lacing.)

     "Arch your back a little, I want these nice and



     (Doctor tugging - patient grunting - at lacing.)


     "...and voila, look at your titties now!"

     "They're so BIG and ROUND!  I look silly.  Like a

dirty cartoon!"

     "Indeed, you do, Missy, indeed, you do.  Now for

your first injections.  This one will increase your

breast size dramatically.  It shoots a foam into the

breast that serves as a bed for flesh growth.  And this

one will start milk flowing.  And this one will keep you

laughing and smiling all the time."

     "Now, bend over, Missy, so I can stick them in your

big ass."

     (Pause as patient moves.)

     "Yes, Doctor...Owwh, that hurt...

OWWH....OWWWWHHH!..Doctor, please, why are you being so


     "Let's see what we have.  This breast enlarging

process is very dramatic.  Over in less than a minute,

usually.  Here we go.  My, what lovely expansion.  When

you do it this way, with a breast corset, it ensures such

big, round, fat boobs."

     (Pause for about 2 minutes 10 seconds.)

     "Let's measure, shall we?  You were a 40D and you

are now a 50DD, no..a 50EE.  The milk will come later."

     "How do you feel about your massive boobies, Missy? 

Don't you just love them?"

     (Patient's voice is very faint, perhaps in shock.)

     "They're so big.  I can barely keep my balance!  Can

I feel them?"

     "Of course, you can, Missy.  Feel them, fondle them. 

In a little while, when you're posing for pictures, I'm

sure they'll want you to pay lots of attention to your


     "Pictures!  What pictures?"

     "Missy, I'm going to put this ring in your nose. 

Now lean over here and let me pierce you."

     "Yes, Doctor."

     "Steady..steady..a bit more and.."

     (Patient screams.)

     "...we fit the ring.  How does that feel?"

     "The ring is too big!  It's holding my nostrils

open.  And it's too heavy.  I feel like a cow."

     "Just how you should feel, Missy.  Like a sex-slut,

cow-titted, sixteen year old bitch.  It's very important

to know who you are, Missy, to know your special reality. 

Never forget that and you can be happy."

     "I won't forget, Doctor.  The sedative is making me

feel funny.  I can't remember who I am.  Can I go now?"

     "You are Missy Meeks, dear, and you have been very


     "I'm sorry, Doctor.  I promise to try to be good."

     "Missy, this is a wonderful time to think about who

you are.  Who are you?"

     "Missy Meeks, Doctor."

     "And how old are you, Missy?"

     "Sixteen, Doctor."

     "And why are you dressed this way, Missy?"

     "Uh,..uh, I don't know."

     "Because you like the way you look dressed this way. 

You like the way you are hampered and displayed."

     "I like the way I, uh..look, look,"

     "And the most important thing about a girl are her

breasts, Missy.  Boys look at a girl's breasts, and the

bigger they are, the more a girl's breasts get looked at. 

It's normal for everyone to look at your fat tits and

want to fuck you.  To take your nasty nipples and torture

you.  It's what you were born to do."

     "I understand, Doctor."

     "And the most important thing to a girl like you

about a boy is his cock.  Girls cannot resist a boy with

a really big, hard cock.  The sight of an enormous prick

makes a girl like you go out of control.  She just has to

have it.  In her mouth, in her cunt, between her tits, up

her ass!"

     "Thank you for telling me, Doctor.  I just want to

know all about myself.  I can trust you, I know I can.

     "Just a few more things, dear.  A tattoo artist is

outside and he has plans for you.  Then you have your

first photo session as a bondage and porno model.  This

afternoon, you have your group therapy session, where we

can deal with this fantasy about being a man."

     "Yes, Doctor."

     "Feeling a little giddy, Missy?"

     "Yes, Doctor."

     (Patient's voice has become sing-songish.)

     "Hard to think, to concentrate?"

     (No audible response.)

     "Get used to that.  It's the sedative.  You don't

need to think.  Just do as you're told."

     "Yes, Doctor."

     (Patient's voice has become dreamy.)

     "And over a few months, maybe we can make some


     "Thank you, Doctor.  I'm sorry I've been so bad."

     "You have been very bad, Missy, but we can deal with

that here."

     "Yes, Doctor."

     (Patient giggling.)

     "Just let me unlock your chain and unlace your


     (About 1 minute passes in silence.)

     "There now, go with Nurse Sandra.  She's going to

leave you in the Men's Ward tonight and I want you to

fuck and suck  all the men who admire your tits until

someone lets you out."


     (Patient giggles.)

     "Okay, Doctor.  I'll suck and fuck all the men and

     show them my tits."

     "Listen to your Doctor, Missy, and soon, you will be

     a happy girl."


         Patient turned over to Nurse Sandra.

         Patient RM assignment - Mens Wd.


     Patient - Missy Meeks

     Diagnosis - Nymphomania

     Notes on Discharge

     Dr. Carasso

     Patient was admitted by her aunt, Sheila DeVille, in

a delusional state.  She claimed to be a male who had

been involuntarily subjected to a sex change operation. 

Subject was admitted wearing leather/rubber fetish attire

associated with sadomasochism.

     Subject created substantial disturbance by entering

the Men's Ward repeatedly and engaging in numerous sexual

liaisons.  During her treatment a large number of

pornographic photographs, most centered around the

subject's unusually large breasts, surfaced, and, when

confronted, subject exhibited a neurotic pride in her

breasts, especially as to their remarkable roundness and

oversized nipples.

     Subject was given electro-convulsive therapy, by

electroshock, and chemical intervention (Thorazine,

Placidyl) for a period of the first 48 hours.  At the

same time, subject was exposed to group and individual

therapy to deal with her psychosis.

     Marked improvement was noted after 75 days from

admission.  Subject was adjusted to social conventions of

modesty, obedience, proper role models, and the value of


     Short home visits proved successful and allowed for

a gradual transition.  I signed for a discharge today and

saw her released to the care of her aunt.  Subject was

fully aware of her surroundings, was dressed and behaved

appropriately, and expressed a desire to continue therapy

to avoid further psychosis.

     Note my calendar to speak with Sheila DeVille re

Missy Meeks in 60 days.


     Missy picked up her purse.  I hate this corset. 

It's much too extreme.  My breasts are too high and

sixteen inches is too small a waist.  I'm all out of

proportion.  50EE-16-42.  And I hate this suit.  It's

linen and too tight.  It's wrinkling already.  I wonder

if we'll see any boys on the way home.

     I hope we stop at the beauty salon.  Aunt Sheila

said I could.  She said she was going to make me a

redhead but I like blonde.  But anything is better than

mousey brown.


     "Coming, Aunt Sheila."

     Missy came down the steps, her six inch heels

setting her sexy body ajiggle.  Missy didn't seem to


     "Thank you, Doctor Carasso.  I know that you made me

well and able to go home."

     "It was my pleasure, Missy.  Do you have any plans?"

     "My aunt says she plans on my working as a maid in

her mansion.  I'll have a uniform and everything."

     "It sounds very productive, Missy, and best of luck. 

I hope you feel good about yourself."

     "Oh yes, Doctor Carasso.  I know now that a girl

with breasts as big as mine SHOULD be stared at!  God

made me this way and I have an obligation to let men see

how mammoth and perfect my breasts are."

     "My, Missy, what an adult thing to realize."

     "Yes, Doctor, and I realize that boys will expect me

to appreciate their attention.  After all, if a boy is

willing to spend the money for a movie, he has a right to

stick his cock in me any way he likes.  Or to crush my

nipples and make me squirm.  It's what is expected of a


     "Sounds to me like you are well on your way to

happiness, Missy."

     "I can't wait to get home too, because Aunt Sheila

says that she knows lots of boys who want to meet me."

     Missy let her aunt clip the leash to her nose ring

and followed her to the waiting limousine.

     "Roger, will we see you for dinner on Friday?"

     "Will Missy be serving, Sheila?"

     "But of course, Roger dear."

     "Wouldn't miss it for the world!  After all, I am a

doctor.  I care about my patients."



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