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Archive-name: Changes/hsmastr1.txt

Archive-author: Matthew E. Harbowy

Archive-title: Her Silent Mastery-1 -- 'Friday Night'

        The new master's body was very gently handled as they moved hir 

from the van to the house. Sie was very silent in hir bondage, 

remembering the rules of hir transformation. Sie was no longer in 

possession of a name or of a gender: these things were to be reassigned 

by hir teacher. Sie was to remain silent until sie was given the proper 

words to speak. Sie was to remain naked except for the straps, belts, 

and garments sie would be given as appropriate to hir training.

        But, there were the memories, as well. Sie remembered hir current 

gender to be female, if only from the straps pressing tightly against 

hir cunt, feeling the moistness under the warm leather. Sie couldn't see 

anything but the broad shoulders of hir bearers, each holding a loop of 

metal attached

to hir secure binding, bearing hir into the house. Was this going to be 

too difficult? Sie knew that the masters would assign hir gender as it 

pleased them, not for hir ease, and that was the hardest part of the 

transformation process.

        Sie had loved being a woman, but what exquisite seduction! That 

sie would be one of the masters, so fluid in their gender. Sie 

remembered the time sie welcomed into hir dominance a man so eager to 

become hir slave, but later to reveal himself as one of the masters. Sie 

discovered this as sie stripped him down, as sie had him bound to the 

wall: the beautiful skin of his small breasts, the look of fear in his 

eyes as sie brought the knife to his neck, his hairless cunt. Sie 

remembered cutting him down, watching him go over to his bag and remove 

the soft flesh of his cock as he bore down upon it, pulling it up into 

himself. The prosthesis alone kept hir enthralled, such that sie 

demanded to learn more.

        And then to find hirself signing the rules, the contract, giving 

up possession of what was hir life, hir gender, for this weekend. A 

transformation, an experience, hir signature giving hir entry among 

them, and so completely, so suddenly. Sie left hir job that night and 

met the four masters, who brought hir to their van. Inside, sie was 

stripped, laid down among the pillows and rugs, on top of hir binding 

restraint which had been designed for hir. It was an abduction, sie was 

being removed from hir entire previous mode of thinking, they were 

stripping away what was unnecessary to hir.

        Sie has been a mistress to slaves before, and sie knew better than 

to be disobedient. Sie was 'a good bottom', too good to ever bottom 

properly. Sie knew what sie demanded when it was hir as mistress, 

topping the slave, sending the slave around in commands and trails which 

they understood only that they were pleasing their mistress. They would 

misstep because they would step outside of total obedience, their will 

would intrude upon their grasp of their command, and they would be 

punished. The sheer joy of the punishment, the bindings, the blows: as 

if to say, here: you are bound to your task and you shall never escape 

it until you are brought every drop of pleasure from it.

        Sie watched the dark sky change to white ceiling as sie entered 

the small house where sie would undergo hir transformation. The four 

masters laid hir upon a series of cushions, and began to unstrap hir. 

And then, they moved back from hir, leaving hir naked upon the bed of 

hir leather encasement and the cushions, and moved out by the foyer 

through which sie was brought into another part of the house.

        And, sie became aware of his stare: a young master, dressed very 

casually in a bright pink t-shirt and jeans, well shaven, with long 

brown hair strewn around his neck and chest. Sie felt his eyes watching 

hir every small motion, watch hir as sie nestled back upon the restraint 

and allowed him to absorb hir appearance. Sie remembered: be silent 

until you are given the words to speak. Sie stared back, reaching hir 

mind outward to him as if to welcome his stare, to let him explore hir 

and understand hir.

        "It is good," he began, "to see you so open to your 

transformation. I cannot sense any fear upon you. Some masters upon this 

first entrance fear the simplicity with which we open. But what you see 

around you here is little more than you should ever need to put a slave 

into bondage. So we shall begin your first lesson.

        "I believe in openness, so I would like to explain to you what you 

should be expecting. Tonight you will not be permitted to speak, but 

after listening to me and having time to meditate upon the story of how 

I've brought all of this together, and time to sleep for tomorrow, you 

should be very clear on the proper tones of speech and familiar with any 

language necessary to communicate the questions and statements you will 

need to finish this transformation.

        "Tomorrow, we will start with your choice of name, and allow you 

to give meaning to that name. Your story, as everything occurring this 

weekend, is recorded for our records.

        "There are then four questions which must be answered for your 

training. First, you need to know the source of your own power as a 

master, and how to keep yourself focused within such power. Second, you 

will be informed about how we effect gender flexibility in our masters. 

Third, we will discuss rules concerning slaves and other people in your 

possession, and how they should be taught to express themselves. 

Finally, we will discuss the nature of our politics, and other issues 

around representing our views and beliefs to the rest of the world.

        "Once we have answered these questions, you will be allowed to 

practice what you have learned. The remainder of the weekend will be 

devoted toward readjusting you to the changes in your situation and 

playing with the boundaries of your new power in a safe space. In many 

ways, what I am suggesting at this point is not so much a new set of 

abilities, but a new way of looking at your established and innate 


        He rose from the couch, grabbed one of the cushions which were 

scattered around the strikingly bare room, and placed it next to hir. 

Slowly he removed his clothing, revealing his hairless, slightly muscled 

chest, his firm, well-shaven legs, and a beautiful cock. He tossed the 

clothing aside and nestled himself into the cushion. Sie stared at each 

motion, feeling the rhythm of his every move. Sie immediately realized 

he was presenting himself before hir, that he was allowing hir to become 

comfortable with every inch of his body.

        And sie immediately wondered how he could ever become female: his 

body bordered on androgynous, but it was so hard for hir to forget the 

sight of his cock, the way his skin sloped downward from his belly to 

the cock in a way which sie never experienced a woman's genitalia. 

        He looked into hir eyes, and knew hir thoughts: sie needed to be 

punished, brought under the spell of hir obedience. He reached out his 

hand and grazed hir cheek with a soft stroke of his finger. Sie watched 

the breathing of his chest, the slow rolling of his navel underneath his 

broad chest.

        "I want you to imagine how I was in those first days of my 

mastery", he said, leading into the description of his origin. "It was 

wondrous, those first few touches of bondage, the feel of being tied to 

my master's bed. He would whip me after I was bound and secured, marking 

long lashes across my back which would burn with the ecstasy of pain and 

release. He would mark me until I broke into sweat and tears, and then 

release my legs and come up behind me. I would feel the cold twinge of 

his condom as he pushed his cock into me, and he would lay upon my 

reddened back, the drops of sweat and the short puffs of his moans cool 

against my heat. What a tremendous release, to abandon myself inside my 

new found bisexuality, to revel in this contact with another man, to 

feel myself filled as only I had filled others previously.

        "We would have big parties in which he would have me sold to 

various groups of people. He would watch as I was ordered to fuck, to be 

fucked, by men, by women. The days spent in his care were blossoming my 

identity within me and before long, I found myself less and less 

attached to the image which I immediately associated upon meeting 

someone, that of their gender. It mattered less when I would mount 

myself upon someone, and I found myself grinding my ass against a 

woman's pubic mound, as if to fuck hir penis. Occasionally I would have 

hir satisfy me by strapping on dildoes of all sizes.

        "But it was not completely fulfilling. At night I would dream of 

my cock slowly shrinking into my body, pulling upward until my testicles 

sucked right into my body. A female friend then came over to me and 

knelt in front of me, slowly licking my brand-new cunt, and I felt my 

legs moisten from my new hole, dripping in a patch below me. And the 

first sensation of blood, thinking that my skin had split inside of me, 

feeling my muscles cramp and then relax as sie stroked me, took care of 

me. But this was not my skin breaking, and I was not being damaged: 

there was only the slow drip of my blood from between my legs and the 

knowledge that this was my first period.

        "That dream tremendously shaped me. I woke up expecting to find my 

penis gone, but there was only the sight of my semi-hard cock withering 

away as the last vestiges of the dream left me. Like a power released in 

me, I felt the desire to take my master in my hands, to fuck him until 

he had come, and to continue fucking him until my own orgasm came 

shaking across my body.

        "He awoke, and saw the look in my eyes, and realized the period of 

his mastery of me was coming to an end. He slowly rolled himself onto 

his back and I threw my leg over him, and pressed myself into the warmth 

of his neck. I whispered in his ear about the dream, and I could feel 

his arousal growing underneath me. Grabbing a condom, I quickly 

maneuvered myself onto his cock, watching the release and acceptance 

flow over him as I let myself be transformed.

        "I was wrapped in the moment. He rested a finger under my soft 

cock and began to massage it, stroking from the base to brush the tip of 

my penis, which slowly began transforming under his touch. He reached up 

and cupped my breast, bending forward to circle my nipple. I rocked back 

and forth on his cock, feeling a surge of change, power and love 

radiating from me. I grabbed his arms and thrust them to the bed, 

clamping myself on top of him, thrusting harder and harder upon his 

body. I felt myself for the first time claim him as if a woman, not as a 

man: I was not his slave riding on top of him, pleasing my master, 

hoping and waiting for my cock to start shooting warm come all over his 

belly. My cock disappeared from my mind as I stared into his eyes, I 

felt as if it had shrunk, I could feel the stroke of his hair upon me as 

if to tease the lips of my cunt, to stroke my clitoris. I felt the 

transformation move out through my body, my sweat in beads across my 

erect nipples, my skin rippling in waves, my back arching.

        "That night, I became a master: I learned the control of my body, 

the control of my mind, more certainly than anyone had ever dominated my 

body or put commands into my mind. I knew for certain that I could not 

top anyone if I hadn't first the strength, the certainty, within myself, 

to know boundary and limit, and to break such boundary and limit with 

the strength of imagination."

        He rose, and kneeled between hir legs. "Close your eyes," he said, 

each word rolling out of his mouth. Sie was rapt in obedience. Sie let 

hir head roll backward, sie let hir body relax upon the pillows and the 

leather, sie closed hir eyes and opened hir mind, let hir thoughts 


        "Listen very carefully to me. I want you to concentrate on your 

image of me. Let your body slowly forget its own feelings." He rested 

his hand gently upon hir cunt: sie was warm beneath his hand. "Let your 

own body pass through my hand. First your stomach and your legs: I want 

you to imagine me slowly pulling you through my hand, let the energy you 

feel racing through each part of your body begin to flow into my hand." 

His hand cupped hir, slowly stroked outward, pulling slightly upon hir 

pubic mound. His thumb grazed hir lips, barely passed over hir clitoris. 

Sie began to let him have hir energy, sie passed into his pull, he felt 

herself wet and draining into the grasp of his hand.

        His hand pulled harder and harder upon hir. "Now, picture my body. 

I want you to remember every detail. Start with my feet: look at my 

toes, the long tendons that wrap my feet, blue veins raised from my 

light brown flesh, my legs, the slight bulge of my knees, the rough 

flesh of my kneecaps. Imagine the round bulge of my thighs, smooth and 

curved, as it folds up into the crack of my ass. Picture my cock, 

nestled gently to across my testicles, the thin hair which surrounds 

them. Look at the bones of my hips beneath my sides, my stomach 

descending from my chest, the slight dip of my pectoris."

        Sie felt as if hir whole cunt began to stretch upward into his 

hand. Sie couldn't be sure, his strokes seemed to wrap the whole area, 

he seemed to be lazily pulling on hir as though hir cock had sprung from 

hir waist. "Picture my chest, look as though into a mirror. Look at your 

tiny nipples, buds upon the bare swelling of your chest, your neck 

sinewed and stretched with strength, your lips small, teeth clenching 

and opening as you look into this new mouth. Your body transformed, 

fluid." He let hir skin go, sie felt hir cock fall down between hir 


        "Now, let yourself travel back down, let your body pull back into 

yourself." Sie felt tears of release begin to well up in hir eyes. Sie 

felt hunger, bare and angry, pulling at every corner of hir body.

        "Open your eyes, and look at me: look at my hand." Sie blinked and 

there was his hand, delicate fingers. Sie saw his intense eyes holding 

hir gaze, sie felt his legs shifting between hers, sie watched him rise 

and raise forward.

        "Show me, in your eyes, your release: and steady yourself." Sie 

felt all hir energy sucking upward from hir cock, back into hir body. 

Sie let it pour forth from hir, the heat burning the edges of hir eyes.

        And he brought his hand down, swiftly and certainly, directly on 

hir cunt. He let his hand slap between hir thighs. Sie began to rock, 

gasp, sie didn't know what sie was feeling between hir legs. Sie could 

feel a cock being struck back and forth, and yet feel a cunt pulse and 

shudder, under the weight of his blows. A scream barely parted hir lips 

as sie began to come, seeing the wet surging of hir upon his hand and 

arm, feel the piercing certainty of him throughout hir body. Hir vision 

became bright and certain: sie could know nothing with him, he was 

draining hir of everything. 

        And, as suddenly as the blows began, they stopped. Hir body laid 

still under his hand resting gently on hir cunt, the stinging quickly 

ebbing into the glow after hir orgasm. His smile seemed to fill his 

face, he stared into hir as if to let all hir tensions pass through hir 


        The young master rose, and the four other masters had come back 

into the room. They had warm cloths, scented in jasmine and rose, and 

they carefully washed every inch of hir body, gently lifting and 

stroking ever inch of hir exhausted body. He flopped backward onto his 

chair, as if drained by the totality of hir energy, as if he had spent 

himself in taking hir through hir training. The four masters then 

carefully bound hir in hir leather casing, taking care to wrap hir very 

gently. They lifted hir and passed through the hall into a small lift, 

which then rose quietly and slowly to the second floor of the house.

        The four then brought hir down a hall into a room. There, they 

laid hir down in the bed, and unstrapped hir. Lifting hir gently out of 

the harness, they surrounded hir with cushions and pillows, caressing 

hir body, and then laying themselves around hir.

        The young master walked into the room. "These four are here to 

keep certain that you sleep well. If you need anything during the night, 

or if you feel any pain from the transformation, they are here to help 

you. Don't hesitate to discuss your feelings, or memories, if these 

should flood to you and hurt you." He looked at hir body, and the 

contented smile on hir face. "I'm sure you won't need them: your 

happiness and release is pouring off you."

        He leaned down next to hir ears. "Sleep well," he whispered, "and 

think about yourself. See yourself as whatever you wish. In the morning 

you will be making many choices, and there will be many questions. We 

will work hard tomorrow, and then you will be ready for everything we 

have to show you."

        The door closed, and sie rested.


(c) April 11, 1993 Matthew E. Harbowy. All rights reserved. The text of 

this document may be freely transmitted and copied provided the 

information which it contains is credited to the author. Comments and 

inquiries should be directed to the author at




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