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Archive-name: Changes/hottina1.txt


Archive-title: Hot Tina

   Randy and I, as roommates, were sort of an odd couple.  Of course, when we 

moved in together, we didn't know this. 

   I answered a classifed ad Randy was running, looking for a roommate.  We 

seemed to hit it off fairly well, and I moved in a week later.  Randy's 

parents were well off, and putting him through pre-med at the University.  I 

had come into town looking for a job, and had gotten an assistant manager's 

job in a local catalog showroom.  We were both fairly private people, and got 

along well because our schedules kept us apart most of the time. 

   My first suspicion that Randy indulged in sex with men came from some 

magazines he forgot to pick up off the couch.  I got up late in the morning 

(working night hours) and usually didn't get up until long after Randy left 

for class.  He evidently had been reading them that morning and lost track of 

time, and forgot to take them into his room.  They were full of men in erotic 

positions, with some photos of men performing sexual acts with each other. 

   I can't say that it bothered me, because I had a secret of my own: Tina.  

Tina was my female alter-ego, who occupied a goodly part of my closet space 

with her dresses, shoes, lingerie, and makeup.  I'd been dressing since I was 

a teenager, and couldn't part with Tina when I'd moved in.  I certainly 

wasn't going to let Randy know that I'd found him out, and I was perfectly 

well prepared to accept it if he wanted to tell me.  Tina, I discovered, 

found the magazine photos somewhat arousing. 

   We discovered each other's secrets by accident one night, when I came in 

from a night out as Tina. The house was dark when I came up the walk, and I 

assumed that Randy was asleep.  I'd spent a wonderful evening at two clubs, 

the Zodiac, and the Sapphire Room.  The former is a she-male dance/show club 

with a clientele largely consisting of gay men, and the latter a hangout for 

the local lesbian crowd.  Both clubs gladly accept the presence of TV's. More 

than one lady at the Sapphire has been surprised when Tina had more to offer 

than she'd first expected. 

   Tina was in a kicky, slutty sort of mood that evening, so I was dressed in 

my favorite short-short red knit chemise, with a black leather belt. I was 

wearing one of my longer blonde wigs. That night I'd chosen to wear stockings 

and garters instead of pantyhose since I was showing a lot of leg (the tops 

of my stockings barely reached the bottom of my dress).  My laciest push-up 

bra held up my 38C inserts.  My feet sported 4" high heels, and I'd worn my 

largest gold hoop earrings. I had my usual party-girl makeup, with frosted 

electric-green eyeshadow, black mascara, tawny blush, and a bright red 

lipstick which matched my dress. My faux glamour-length fingernails sported a 

blood-red coat of nail polish.  I was affecting a short black cigarette 

holder at the time, a clever piece of exotica which never failed to catch the 

attention of those around me. 

   I opened the front door and surprised Randy on the couch with his best 

friend Adam.  They were both naked, Adam on all-fours with Randy's cock deep 

in his ass.  Randy was pumping for all he was worth, a grimace of ecstasy 

contorting his face.  The sound of the door opening surprised him, and he 

looked up to see me standing there.  He stopped with his cock rammed inside 

Adam and stammered, trying to find some explanation for the scene I'd 


   "Don't worry yourself, honey, have a good time,"  I said in my best Tina 

voice, flouncing into an armchair and propping my legs up over the armrests.  

The bottom of my dress rose up over my stocking tops, revealing the straps of 

my garters, and putting the luscious curve of my nylon-sheathed calves into 

sharp relief against the wall.  I took a cigarette, the holder, and my 

lighter out of my handbag, and set about lighting up. "I'll just enjoy myself 

over here while I watch you two make love."  Adam watched me wide-eyed as I 

took an absent-minded puff from my cigarette holder and stared at the two of 

them.  "What are you waiting for, Randy darling?" I demanded.  "I'll be very 

upset if I don't see you come." 

   "I didn't know that you lived with a woman," Adam said to Randy, his eyes 

wide and still riveted to me. 

   I stood up suddenly, cigarette holder clenched between my teeth, and put my 

hands on my hips in a slinky, coy sort of way.  "You want me, don't you?" I 

asked in a breathy Tina voice.  I ran my hands up my body to fondle my faux 

bosom, teasing my "nipples" with long, scarlet-enameled nails. 

   Randy was still motionless, watching my performance with his jaw hanging 

down.  "You'd better get on with the fucking, Randy," I admonished him. "Adam 

wants his butt filled with your hot, sticky cum." 

   I strutted over to the couch, swinging my ass in an exaggerated way. Then I 

just stood there and watched as Randy started moving his cock again in Adam's 

ass.  Adam continued to watch me as Randy's pace increased and he forgot me 

in favor of the pleasure of fucking Adam. The sight of two men fucking on the 

couch was making Tina hot, and I realized with a start that she was taking 

control of the situation.  I was never interested in male-male sex, but with 

Tina in charge it seemed natural to play the vamp. 

   "You really want to do me, don't you Adam?" I asked again.  Adam nodded 

quickly.  It seemed he had forgotten Randy completely.  "Well, no one with a 

cock up his ass can have me, darling,"  I said, removing the cigarette holder 

from between my lusciously-painted lips and placing my mouth just an inch 

away from Adam's.  "It seems to me like you want to be Randy's woman right 

now, and a woman ought to be wearing some lipstick to make herself more 

attractive."  I brought my lips up to Adam's and kissed him firmly, leaving a 

very visible red stain on his mouth.  "There, that looks wonderful on you.  

Your woman is wearing pretty red lipstick now, Randy, and I'm sure she'll 

want you to kiss her when you're done." 

   I stood up, returning the cigarette holder to my mouth, and stood in front 

of them in an exaggerated vamp hands-on-hips posture,  watching the tableau 

before me. Adam rubbed his lips together, the slick feel of feminine paint on 

his lips making him become visibly excited.  His cock, at first shrunken when 

I made my entrance, swelled to respectable proportions as he got more and 

more turned on by the sheen of lipstick on his mouth. 

   Suddenly, Randy came with a satisfied moan, shooting what must have been a 

tremendous wad up Adam's asshole.  He pulled out and sprawled backward on the 

couch, his pole losing its stiffness.  Adam immediately turned over into a 

sitting position, and moved his hands down to his swollen meat.  He began 

masturbating while watching me stand before him.  Within seconds he sprayed 

cum onto his hairless chest and sleek belly. 

   I figured they needed some time to be alone.  "Well, now that you boys are 

satisfied, I'm going to head off to my room."  I picked up my purse and 

flounced toward my room.  I turned at the doorway and pursed my lips in 

Randy's direction.  "See you in the morning, Randy-luv," I said, closing the 

door behind me. 

   Adam said something in a low voice, which through the closed door sounded 

suspiciously like "kiss me." 


   When I got up the next morning I realized that Randy and I were going to 

have to do some talking.  I figured that Tina would have to be the one that 

showed up at breakfast, so after I showered I put on a cute little sundress, 

and some medium-heeled sandals.  It would be Tina's first morning, almost her 

first time in daylight. 

   Although my female vanity demanded the 38C inserts, I settled for the 38B.  

My makeup was simple Saturday-morning:  brown mascara, light pink blush, and 

a glimmer of coral-peach lipstick.  I put on a shorter blonde wig, and 

conservative button earrings.  The fire-engine nail polish stayed, partly as 

a reminder of the night before, but mostly because I liked it. 

   Randy was already at the breakfast table when I entered the kitchen.  He 

watched me cross the room, open the refrigerator, and pour myself a glass of 


   "You look nice," he volunteered, putting down the newspaper. 

   "Nice of you to say so," I said, falling completely into the Tina role. I 

leaned against the countertop, holding my glass. 

   "You really gave Adam and me a start last night." 

   "Sorry, Randy, but you took me by surprise, too.  But it's okay with me 

what you do with him." 

   He surveyed me from tip to toes.  "I don't know what to call you." 

   "My name is Tina.  I didn't tell you my name last night, did I?"  I sipped 

the juice slowly, rubbing my left ankle against my smooth right calf.  "I'm 

sorry if my behavior startled you."  The lip print on the top of my glass 

reminded me forcefully that I was standing in front of my roommate in a dress 

and makeup. 

   "Oh, that's all right," he said, putting the paper down on the table. "Adam 

seems really turned on by the lipstick you put on him last night. I think 

he's out trying to buy some right now." 

   "Were you turned on by it, Randy?"  I asked slyly, giving him a shy smile. 

   "Well, I'm really more turned on by you wearing lipstick than by Adam. I've 

always been interested in you, but I didn't think you were reachable. Of 

course, now I'm not so sure..."  He let the comment trail off, leaving me an 


   It was an opening I didn't know how to fill.  I knew it would be natural 

for Tina to be attracted to Randy, but my male persona wasn't sure at all 

what was going on.  "Well, I, I mean, the dressing is just something I do, 

Randy.  I'm not really attracted to men at all--I just like playing a 

feminine role once in awhile." 

   "How feminine?" he asked significantly, standing up. 

   All of a sudden Tina/I was aware of his presence in a way I'd never been 

before.  I felt warmer, suddenly, and vulnerable.  He must have sensed my 

feelings, because he approached me, and I felt a barrier collapsing that I 

wasn't sure I wanted to lose.  Still, as he came closer and closer, I found 

my arms reaching out to him.  "Let's find out," Tina/I said in a husky voice, 

as he moved into my embrace.  My long-nailed fingers laced behind his head, 

pulling his mouth to mine. 

   His lips touched mine in a kiss that was sweeter than any I'd ever had. 

While I'd kissed women who were wearing lipstick, I'd never kissed anyone 

while wearing it myself.  The feeling was erotically sensuous, and female, 

and more than my senses could parse all at once.  He pressed his body into 

mine, and suddenly I was aware of the bulge in his crotch pressing against my 

pubic area.  That sent Tina further away, and brought me back into control. 

   "That's all I can do right now, Randy," I said, releasing his head.  I 

wiped the shimmer of my lipstick off of his luscious mouth, giving him a 

nervous little smile.  "I enjoyed that, but I'm not ready to commit to being 

a woman yet.  I don't know if I will ever be." 

   "That's okay," he said, stepping back a little.  "I guess most of the time 

you spend around people who know what you do, but don't treat you as a 


   "That's true," I replied.  "If they know me at all, they know me as a guy 

in a dress.  They accept it, but they don't think of me as a woman." 

   "I have no problem at all thinking of you as a woman," Randy said, putting 

his hands on my trim waist and pulling us back together.  He lowered his 

mouth to mine again, caressing my soft lips with his own. This time the 

closeness of our bodies was something I wanted;  I felt my breasts pushed 

against him, and wished they were my own instead of just imitations.  

Suddenly Tina was more than just a masquerade.  Tina was fully alive, and 

whatever I was before didn't matter. 

   And then the kiss was over.  Randy released me, leaving me breathless, and 

stepped back to look at me.  "How do you feel now?" he asked. 

   "I like it a lot, Randy, but I can't have sex with you. 

   "Forget about that," he said.  "I don't want you thinking that I just want 

to get into your panties.  We really should just be friends, and I'm sorry 

that I came on to you that way." 

   "Don't worry Randy--the attention is flattering.  I've always wondered what 

it would feel like to be treated as a woman, and you're showing me. I can't 

really get upset over that." 

   "Well then, why don't you get some going-out clothes on, and we'll do the 

town today and tonight?" he asked. 

   "I don't know," I said, taken aback.  "I've never been outside during the 

day for fear someone might recognize me." 

   "Don't worry," he said reassuringly.  "You can get into the car in the 

garage, and nobody will be able to tell that you're anything more than you 

appear.  We'll drive over to Port Belson, where nobody knows us, and have a 

good time." 

   Tina would not be denied this chance at a legitimate outing.  "I'll be 

ready in half-an-hour," I gushed, walking past Randy and heading toward my 

room.  This was ecstasy!  I put on some pantyhose, changed into a denim 

miniskirt and a simply-patterned peach blouse, and replaced my button 

earrings with some thin golden hoops.  Since I was going to be in public, I 

brushed on some pale-green eyeshadow to offset my eyes a little, and put on 

some brown eyeliner.  Of course I had to re-do my lip color, and I almost 

decided to go with the red, but settled for using a bronzed coral (my second 

favorite after red is any glimmery, frosted shade) and putting both it and 

the red lipstick into my purse.  A couple of bangle-bracelets and a light 

denim jacket completed the clothing ensemble, and I couldn't resist adding 

another inch-worth of heel, choosing an open-toed strappy sandal that really 

showed off my legs. The heels demanded the long blonde wig, and so there it 


   I met Randy in the living room.  "Will this do?" I asked, giving a girlish 


   "You look stunning," he replied, "every inch!  Let's get going, so we can 

be there by lunchtime." 

   None of the neighbors gave us a second look as we backed out of the garage 

in Randy's car.  As far as they knew, I was Randy's girlfriend. We stopped 

into a drugstore to get me a pair of sunglasses (not for disguise, but my own 

male-style sunglasses would not do on Tina's face!).  The salesgirl at the 

counter was very helpful, commenting on how well a certain pair or another 

framed my face.  I was at once grateful and amazed that even with the close 

inspection trying on sunglasses demanded, that she seemed perfectly accepting 

of me in feminine guise. If she noticed that Tina wasn't for real, she never 

let on. 

   Flushed with success, I went to the makeup counter, and allowed the 

salesgirl there to sell me two new lipsticks.  This was quite a new thing for 

Tina, since she'd always ordered by mail before.  It was a real kick looking 

at all the different shades, and once again the salesgirl didn't seem to have 

an inkling that she was selling makeup to a man.  I decided on yet another 

luscious red shade for my collection, and dithered between two gorgeous pink 

shades for about five minutes, before deciding on the orchid pink. 

   "Now you see why I have no trouble accepting you as a woman," Randy said as 

we left the store.  "Only a woman would spend five minutes deciding between 

two shades of pink when I couldn't even tell the difference between them." 

   This was at once inspiring and infuriating. 

   Randy stopped to get some gas, and I amused myself by putting on my new red 

lipstick using the passenger-side mirror in his car.  Tina was doing so many 

things she'd seen other women do, and she couldn't get enough! 

   The drive to Port Belson was exhilarating.  We drove with the windows down, 

the breeze from our speed blowing my hair back.  We talked about what we 

might do, how long we'd spend, and more importantly we talked about 

ourselves.  I told him how Tina developed out of me dressing in my mother's 

and sister's clothing when I was young, and how for awhile during my teen 

years I'd dreamed of being an attractive woman.  He told me about his 

discovery that he was sexually attracted to men just as much as to women, and 

of the several older men who'd taught him to make love.  He knew that his 

parents would never accept the fact that he was bisexual with a preference 

for men, and told me that he'd be pleased to have me live at the house as 

Tina full time, especially when his parents visited.  I told him that I'd 

like nothing more than to try living as Tina full time just to see what it 

was like. 

   Growing in the back of my mind was the realization that Tina was not only 

flattered by the male attention (the fact that Randy was attracted to men and 

that technically speaking I was one), but she really wanted Randy.  Her 

attention was captivated by him, and she yearned to re-experience the embrace 

in the kitchen. 

   We ate lunch at a seaside bistro, where I was flattered to receive admiring 

glances from several men.  (Always a TV fantasy, and better than the fantasy 

when had in real life.)  We went to a movie and to dinner, where I spent more 

"real-woman" time, fixing my face in the ladies' lounge, letting the waiter 

light my cigarette, and exchanging meaningful glances over sips of wine with 


   We ate dinner in a restaurant with a jazz club in the back, and Randy got 

me out on the floor for several slow dances.  It felt perfectly natural to be 

in his arms dancing.  Once he looked down at me with a wicked grin and kissed 

the tip of my nose.  I responded with a soft-lipped, romantic kiss on his 

mouth, with just a little tongue for spice.  With that his hands moved lower, 

from my middle back down to my hips, with one finally resting on my ass.  A 

woman on a "first date" might have moved his hand back up.  I didn't. 

   On the drive back I snuggled against Randy, occasionally nibbling on his 

earlobe in the darkness.  I wondered how real women in the same situation 

felt.  Was it love? Lust?  Something completely different? How was it that I 

was reacting this strongly to a man?  Tina was definitely reacting to the 

male attention, and she/I wanted more.  I knew that I wasn't very far away 

from giving myself to him, although I'd never thought of myself as bisexual 

before.  There was a warmth and a need I'd never felt before emanating from 

me, and a feeling of fulfillment that I'd never had in any kind of 

relationship.  I wanted the drive to last forever, both so I could enjoy the 

sensations I was feeling, and so I wouldn't have to answer the difficult 

questions which kept cropping up in my mind. 

   Finally, though, we returned to the house, where Tina had some things on my 

mind that would have been totally foreign that morning.  Fate, however, in 

the form of Adam, had intervened.  Randy had left him a key, and he had used 


   We opened the door, arm in arm, to find Adam arranged on the couch, clad in 

a black bustier, black garter belt and fishnet stockings, 4" black leather 

heels, and lace gloves.  He hadn't bothered to shave off any of his body 

hair.  His ears were adorned with heavy brass hoops, and his makeup was Vegas 

extreme: deep blue eyeshadow framing long false eyelashes, cheeks laden with 

blazing red blush, and bright red lipstick parodying his lips.  Somewhere in 

town he'd managed to locate a red feather boa, which he had arranged to cover 

his non-existent bosom.  His penis sprung erect from within a pair of black-

lace crotchless panties. He wore no wig or any kind of hairpiece--his own 

short, dark hair only worsened the effect.  In short, he was a transvestite's 

worst drag horror nightmare. 

   "Adam, what the hell...?" Randy began, but Adam silenced him with a 

languid, "feminine" gesture while getting to his feet. 

   "I am Adele," he announced, "and I am your woman." 

   "You look ridiculous," Randy said.  "What in the world came over you?" 

   Adam's face dropped, and he looked as if he might start crying any minute.  

He pointed to me, bringing attention to the fake stiletto-styled nails that 

graced his fingertips.  "Last night when she put the lipstick on me, I got 

really turned on.  I thought that you did to, and I figured that you might 

love me more if I was a woman for you.  I hadn't realized before last night 

that I had to compete with her." 

   "I've never gotten to the point of loving you," Randy said apologetically.  

"I never thought of Tina as competition for you before tonight, but you'd 

certainly be more attractive to me if you could look like she does." 

   I wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed or complimented.  I could see tears 

starting to form in Adam's eyes as he looked at me (with Randy's arm still 

around me) and realized what he'd done.  "But I can never look like her!" 

Adam/Adele cried.  "She's a woman!  How can I ever look as good as her?" 

   I disengaged myself from Randy, and walked over to him, taking him into my 

arms in a sisterly hug. 

   "Don't worry, Adele honey, we can get you fixed up.  If this is what you 

want, I can help you get it, but now isn't the right time to start trying.  

Go get cleaned up and come back tomorrow."  I kissed him on his well-rouged 

cheek, and pushed him gently toward the door.  He walked out without saying a 

word, and in a few moments we heard his car pulling off down the street.  I 

walked to the front door and locked the deadbolt. 

   I turned to find Randy standing very close to me.  I put my arms around his 

neck and looked into his eyes. 

   "That was a much better job of handling that than I could have done," he 


   "Thank you very much," I said.  "I don't exactly know what's happened to me 

today.  I feel very much a woman, and I want to thank you for that." 

   "My pleasure," he said, smiling and dropping his arms to my waist. 

   "May I have a kiss?" I asked coquettishly. 

   His answer was a kiss that rocked me to my core.  I wasn't expecting 

anything more than what I'd had in the kitchen that morning, but somehow he 

found even more to give me.  His tongue probed my lips, and I opened up to 

him immediately, surrendering to Tina's needs, repressed so long. 

   When the kiss was over, I looked down nervously at the floor, and then, 

steeling my nerve, looked him in the eyes.  "I want you to make love to me," 

I said in a sultry voice that was as much my own as Tina's. 

   He took my hand and led me to his bedroom door.  Once we were inside, I 

shut the door, not because we needed the privacy, but as a symbol of where I 

was going, and that I didn't intend to come back. 


   The next morning I awoke in Randy's bed, feeling tousled, a little grumpy, 

and very womanly.  Our lovemaking had been an adventure for me. Randy took 

complete control, and after laying down on the bed in my bra and panties I 

hadn't had to do another thing but enjoy his delicious ministrations.  Most 

of my memories of the night had a hazy, erotic tone, and I had a most 

unwomanly reaction between my legs while thinking about them. 

   After the first round of lovemaking, we'd talked about Adam, and I'd asked 

Randy what I should do if he showed up in the morning. 

   "It's up to you," he said, running his hand up and down my side.  "I'm not 

the jealous type, if you aren't." 

   Randy had already gone in to school to do some catch-up work and library 

research by the time I'd awakened, so I walked into my bathroom to do my 

usual morning routine.  Instead of the usual male routine, I found myself 

repeating the Tina ritual from the day before.  It seemed more natural 

somehow, and soon I found myself in sundress and sandals standing in front of 

the refrigerator, reading a note from Randy.  It was nothing special, just 

telling me when he expected to be home, but instead of signing it with his 

name he signed it with a little heart.  A thrill ran down my spine, when I 

saw it, and a little fearfully, too, because of what it meant. 

   Half an hour later, as I relaxed on the couch, reading the paper and 

smoking with my cigarette holder, the doorbell rang.  I peered through the 

peephole to see Adam standing there, looking nervous and disheveled. I opened 

the door, and welcomed him in with a hug. 

   "I'm surprised that you'd do that," he said.  "I made a fool of myself last 

night, and I didn't think you'd really want to have me here at all." 

   "Don't be silly," I said.  "I'm glad that you came over, because I was 

getting bored.  We can do all sorts of girl things before Randy gets home." 

   His cheeks reddened at my words.  "I don't know if I want to do girl 

things," he said nervously.  "I felt pretty dumb walking down the sidewalk 

dressed up like that." 

   I took him by the hand and pulled him toward Randy's bedroom.  "Let's get 

you into a bath, and see if we can't do a better job than last night.  I 

think you'll like it once you do it right." 

   He hung back, his eyes darting nervously from side to side.  I turned back 

to him and said, "Look, Adam, I promise that I won't make you look like a 

fool in front of Randy.  I don't want to compete with you for his affections.  

I'm perfectly willing to share him with you, whether you choose to appear as 

a man or as a woman.  And you are welcome to share me, too." 

   His eyes widened.  "Share you?" he asked incredulously.  "But I've never 

done it with a girl before." 

   "Woman," I corrected.  "Well, there's a first time for everything. Let's 

get you into a bath, and shaved." 

   I ran a bubble bath in Randy's tub for Adam to get into.  He insisted that 

I leave the bathroom and go outside the bedroom until he was stripped and 

into the tub. 

   "That's good," I said.  "Now soap up your legs so I can shave them." 

   "You're going to do it?" he asked incredulously. 

   "Yes, it's easier if I do it, because there are places that I can reach 

that you can't easily maneuver a razor into.  Of course, you'll have to stand 


   He looked very nervous when I said that. 

   "For crying out loud, Adam, I've seen a naked man before."  No kidding, I 

thought to myself.  I've BEEN a naked man before. 

   Forty-five minutes later, a dry and newly-hairless Adam was rolling around 

on Randy's bed, enjoying the sensation of his skin on the sheets. I watched 

him from the bathroom doorway, reliving the first time I'd experienced a 

hairless body. 

   "Like it?" I asked. 

   He flinched when he realized that I was standing there.  I think it still 

made him nervous to be naked in front of me.  "It's very nice," he said, "but 

it will take me some time to get used to it." 

   "That's probably right.  I remember when I first shaved my legs.  It felt 

weird for a couple of days.  But there's something I need you to tell me, 


   "What is that?" he asked, rolling up to sit on the edge of the bed. 

   "Do you want me?"  I asked gently, wanting and fearing the answer. 

   "I don't know," he said.  "I've never really been attracted to women.  I 

think that I'd be hard by now if there was any possibility." 

   I walked to the bed and knelt before him, taking his limp penis in my long-

nailed fingers and massaging it.  "Maybe I can give it some help," I said in 

my sultry voice, forming a fist around his flaccid pole and rubbing it up and 

down.  I sat down in a cross-legged position and concentrated on my work. 

   Two minutes of massaging didn't produce much result.  "I'm sorry," Adam 

said, "but even though it feels good it just doesn't excite me." 

   "Perhaps if I kiss it," I said, Tina's voice sounding foreign in my ears.  

"Wait, I know just the thing." 

   I got up and quickly ran to my bedroom, where I picked up a mirror compact 

and my new red lipstick.  Returning to Randy's bedroom, I stood in front of 

Adam, getting his full attention. 

   "Maybe if you watch me putting on the lipstick you love so much, you'll 

become more interested."  I made a production out of putting on the lipstick, 

exaggerating each motion, and laying a more than liberal coat of red on my 

lips.  Adam's cock rose a little as he watched me give myself a whore's 


   I got back down on my knees, grasping Adam's cock again.  "Now, darling, 

watch me as I put all this beautiful lipstick on your lovely cock." 

   I kissed his penis from one end to the other, festooning it with bright red 

lip prints.  It grew slightly, although nowhere near the size I'd seen it 

before.  "Perhaps if I just went ahead and sucked on it, honey?" I asked, and 

Adam nodded vigorously. 

   I tried to repeat on Adam's cock all the things that Randy had done to mine 

the night before.  There was a surge of growth as my tongue massaged his warm 

pole, and even more as I sucked on it.  I found myself enjoying the feel of 

it in my mouth, the warmth, the softness of the skin, and the friction on my 

lips as I moved my head up and down the length of it.  But I was still 

disappointed that it hadn't reached its full potential. 

   "I'm starting to feel a little insecure," I said, raising my head and 

looking him straight in the face.  He smiled sheepishly, since during my 

ministrations he'd used my lipstick on his own mouth, and then held up the 

compact mirror to show me that fellatio doesn't do a damned thing for a 

girl's lip color.  I stood up, took it and the lipstick from him, and re-

reddened my mouth.  I looked down at him sitting there, and was pleased to 

see that his erection hadn't faded any. 

   "I guess it's time for my secret weapon," I said, noting his surprised and 

inquisitive look. 

   I pulled up my sundress with one hand, and pulled my own cock out of my 

cotton panties with the other.  Adam's eyes got very wide, and his jaw 

dropped.  Suddenly his cock sprang to full, swollen attention, and I wasted 

no time getting back down to it.  "You know how to make a girl very happy," I 

said, engulfing it again. 

   I didn't have much time to start sucking before his wonderful meat began 

pulsing and spewing come into my mouth.  I sucked it down greedily, reserving 

the last few spurts as I moved up to sit beside him on the bed.  I put my 

scarlet-and-semen-smeared lips up to his pretty red ones, and let him taste 

his cum as my tongue probed his mouth.  We fell back onto the bed, our arms 

entangled around each other, as we kissed some more, almost-man and almost-

woman locked together in an embrace that made us one. 

   Adam tried to turn me over.  "Sorry, sweetie, only Randy gets my ass. You 

can share my hot mouth if you like, but my tight little hole belongs to 





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