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Archive-name: Changes/hoteltv.txt

Archive-author: Wendi Robertson

Archive-title: Hotel TV

At the seminar I met Raymond Dumont in the hotel lounge.  Our  conversation

touched on the subject of transvestites--men who enjoy dressing in  women's

clothing.  I couldn't get that thought out of my mind during the night.  It

had  been a long time since I had dressed.  I finally went to  sleep  after

masturbating  while fantasizing that I was dressed beautifully  in  women's

clothing and being screwed by my new friend Raymond Dumont.

The  next  day I went on a shopping spree for women's clothing.   I  rushed

back  to  my hotel room and hurriedly removed all my  delectable  items  of

women's clothing from their packages.  I then stripped off my male clothing

and proceeded to the immense joy of dressing.  I first put on my black size

42B  foundation, full bra.  I instantly had an erection as I  adjusted  the

bra.   I placed the supple silicon bra pads into my bra.  Then I put on  my

matching  black  waist  cincher with garters.  Then  I  sat,  my  throbbing

erection  jutting  out,  and  donned my sheer  nylon  stockings.   Oh,  the

stockings  felt  so  good clinging to my legs.  I  carefully  attached  the

garter  clips  to the stockings.  Then I stood and admired  myself  in  the

mirror.  I took my erection and placed it flat up against my tummy under my

waist  cincher.  Then I grabbed my beautiful black full panty  briefs  with

lace around the waist band and the thigh openings--the type of lacy garment

that says "I want to be screwed so very much!"  I placed my stockinged feet

through  the  panties and brought the delightful garment up  my  nylon-clad

legs until my buttocks and groin were encased in lace and frills.

  Next came my black full slip, also with much lace and frills.  Over my

head  came the slip until it was sexily clinging to my  now-feminine  body.

Then  I  sat  before the vanity and carefully applied makeup  to  my  face:

rouge, eye liner, and ruby red lipstick to my pouting lips.  I then  placed

my pretty pearl choker about my neck and the matching pearl bracelet on  my

right wrist.  I was really taking on the appearance of a sexy wench.

  I took my pretty red pumps out of their box and sat down in the  chair

to put them on.  Once on, I almost swooned at the sight of my feet in  such

sexy  hi heel shoes.  I then snapped into place on my left ankle  the  gold

anklet chain I had purchased.  Then out of the wig box came my blonde, page

boy wig.  I carefully placed it on my head and combed it out.  I now saw  a

totally sexy woman looking back at me from the mirror.  The image I saw was

me  dressed  in  women's clothing and wearing women's  makeup  and  a  sexy

woman's page boy wig.

My  penis  was really throbbing hard by this time.  I  felt  my  balls

through  the silk of my slip and silken panties.  I felt up my legs  to  my

nylon-clad  thighs and buttocks and I said out loud,  "Oh, I'm  so  pretty,

and I'm so horny.  I wish Raymond were here with me."

  From  behind the curtains I heard a voice,  "Darling, I am  here."   I

was  shocked.  Raymond came out from behind the curtain.  He was naked  and

had  an immense erection.  I was mortified and shocked, yet also  thrilled.

Emotional waves swept throughout my body, culminating in sexual feelings in

my groin and effeminate penis.  My voice trembled as I said,  "Oh  Raymond.

I'm  so embarrassed."  He replied,  "I KNEW you were a TV, baby."  I  tried

to run to the bathroom to lock myself in.  It was no use.  Raymond  grabbed

me as I attempted to flee, and he was much stronger than me.  He placed his

arms about my waist and pressed his groin against my slip and panty encased

buttocks.  I could feel his hot, rigid erection against my bum.  Still more

intense  emotional  waves once again swept throughout my body,  once  again

culminating as intense sexual feelings in my groin and effeminate penis.  I

thought  I  was  going to have a spontaneous orgasm.  The  feeling  of  his

powerful  erection pressing against my panty-clad bum was overwhelming!   I

trembled and said,

    "Oh,  Raymond.  This is suppose to be my secret."  His right  hand

reached under my slip and rested against my right knee.  He began to kiss the

back of  my neck as his hand felt up my leg and up my inner thigh.  He found

my throbbing  hard penis and placed his hand on it, saying,  "This proves  you

want to share your little secret with me, darling."

  With  this,  he forced me to the bed and pulled down the  covers.   He

made me get on my knees and bend over.  He placed a couple of pillows under

my tummy to prop me up.  He raised my slip and pulled my panties down until

they  were dangling over my right ankle.  I cried and said,  "What are  you

doing?"  He said, "I'm going to give you exactly what you want, you  sissy,

queer  bitch."  Then, he took some of my vanishing cream and applied it  to

my  anus  and  to his manly penis.  Desire overcame me, and  out  came  the

unbridled  truth,   "Oh, Raymond darling...I do want you so  to  screw  me.

Take  me, my dearest lover!"  He lustfully replied,  "that's more like  it,

my  sweet pussy."  With this I could feel his cockhead pressing against  my

anus.  He commanded, with much lust in his voice,  "Relax, my darling slut,

and  my  cock will enter you much easier."  I relaxed and  could  feel  his

rigid penis slowly fill my anus, until he was fully inside me.

    He was now still, but the filling presence of his rigid cock in my anus

was the  center of my thought and being.  The sexual feelings I now felt in

my groin and effeminate penis radiated to my anus and buttocks.  I felt  again

like  I  was going to spontaneously ejaculate.  I  began  to  involuntarily

squirm  a bit, which caused my rock-hard penis to become free of  my  waist

cincher.   I  whimpered,  "Oh  darling, screw me  and  jack  me  off."   My

masterful  male  lover began a heavenly slow in-and-out  thrusting  of  his

rigid  penis inside my sissy anus.  He reached around my thigh and  grabbed

my  very  rigid  dick.  he began to slowly stroke  me.   I  whimpered,  "Oh

darling.   Do  me, do me.  But, don't stroke my dickette too fast  or  I'll

come  too  quickly  in your masterful hand."  He began to screw  me  a  bit

faster,  and  lustfully  said,  "Oh fuck,  fuck,  slut.   Your

fucking queer pussy is so tight and feels so fucking good.  I love to  fuck

a  queer  dressed in women's clothing!"  The words shot through me  like  a

bullet.   Yes,  I was a queer in women's clothing.   Raymond's  rigid  cock

thrusting  deep  inside my anus, coupled with his stroking  of  my  equally

rigid sissy dickette proved my queerness beyond and question.  I whimpered,

"Oh,  darling!   Yes, I'm queer.  I'm your pretend lady.  And, I  love  and

need your steely rigid cock, my masterful lover!"  My reply excited Raymond

so, that he became an animal sex machine and began to rapidly fuck me.  The

repeated sound of his groin slapping against my ass in combination with the

squeaking  bed  springs drove me into a frenzy.  I though my  dickette  was

about  to  explode in his pumping hand.  Then, I could feel his  cock  grow

even  larger inside my anus, and he began to give me those tell-tale  short

strokes.  I began to moan in a high-pitched, very sissy voice, and he cried

out,  Take it, babe.  Oh, fuck! Fuck! Take my fucking cum, you queer bitch-

bastard!"  My groin was flooded with "that" feeling.  I shot my sissy  load

through  his  pumping  hand onto the bedsheets as  I  felt  him  powerfully

ejaculate deep inside my sissy anus.



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