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Archive-name: Changes/hookertv.txt

Archive-author: Regina Smith

Archive-title: Hooker TV

     When Jean,my wife came in the door that Saturday afternoon

from shopping I should have known she was up to something. She

had that devilish look in her eye that usually means a night of

play, but I never knew what to expect. Ever since she found out

about my dressing up and accepted it whole heartedly, life has

been one sexual experience after another. She and I have been

living as two women for about a year now.

     She was carrying a lot of packages when she came in and I

went over to help her carry them in from the car. I was wearing

my usual day wear attire, a denim skirt, flamboyant, and mid

heel shoes, but I still got a toot from a trucker driving past

the house. I still, and always will love the attention I get from


     As I helped her in she said she and I were going to have a

good time tonight. She didn't elaborate and I didn't press the

issue. She has always been careful to keep me out of trouble.

When we got inside she went into the bedroom and got ready to

take a shower and suggested I do the same. We showered together

and she complimented me on my breast that were shaping up nicely

from the hormones I had been taking. After we got out She and I

made love on the floor, no matter how many men I have, I still

like a woman's touch now and then.

     She said she would pick out my lingerie for the night if I

didn't mind and after we had our lingerie on she would show me

what she bought for us to wear.

     She handed me a red and black lace bra with underwires that

would push my smallish breast into a nice cleavage. I was also to

wear a pair of black lace panties and a red and black garter

belt. As I was putting them on she handed me a pair of red silk

hose with a golden seam up the back. I slid them up my smooth

legs. Ouuuuuuuuuuuu, did they ever feel nice and were sexy as all


     Jean put on an equally sexy set of lingerie except her hose

were black. I ask her what we were dressing for, a hookers ball?

     She laughed and said I was close, we were going out and make

enough money to pay for the clothes she had bought, we were going

to be hookers for the night!

     She opened the first box and gave me my skirt and top for

the night. WOW, it was a black leather mini skirt with a zipper

up both sides, and a red silk top that was more transparent that

the hose I had just put on. As I slipped into the blouse, Jean

said my breasts would be very sexy if I didn't wear a bra, but I

decided to wear one just the same. She told me to go put on the

sexiest makeup and perfume I had while she got ready. I did as I

was asked and put on very deep violet shadow dark eyeliner and

black mascara. I put a dark shade of red gloss on my lips and did

my nails in the same color. When I walked out of my room Jean was

standing there in a black mini dress with sequins and a pair of

black patent leather shoes. She handed me a pair just like them

to wear, they had five inch heels and when I put them on and

looked in the mirror, we looked like the two prettiest sluts I

had ever seen. We both agreed that we should have no trouble

making some friends tonight.

     It was about 10:30 when we got out of the car in the porno

district of the city were we live. We each took a different side

of the street and started to strut. I tried to act just like I

had seen the real hookers act and before I got ten feet a man in

his fifties came up and asked me how much for a blow job. Gee, we

hadn't even discussed how much we were going to charge. I told

him 25.00 and he asked me if I was a cop. I asked him the same

thing. We both said no and I walked to his car. I looked across

the street and Jean was standing the with a guy too. She looked

over and gave me a thumbs up sign I giggled and got in to the

tricks car.

     We drove around the corner to a parking garage and he had

his cock out before he turned off the engine. I held my hand out

for the cash and he handed me a twenty and a five. I shoved it

into my purse and went to work. His cock was not all that long

but it was very thick. I kissed and licked the tip for a awhile

and started to lick the sides. He grabbed me by the hair and said

to suck it now, so I did, I took him into my mouth and started to

suck him off. He was real turned and was rubbing his hands up and

down my legs. I told him to be careful cause I was on the rag. He

said to keep sucking and shut up. So I did and soon he was

filling my mouth with thick cum. I swallowed it all and licked

him clean. He told me I was one of the best he had ever had and

gave me an extra five dollars. He drove me back to the corner and

dropped me off. I looked at my watch, the whole thing had taken

less than 15 minutes and I already had $30.00 and the night was

still young. I looked over for Jean and she was also getting out

of a car and smiling over at me she waved some bills in the air.

It seemed we were doing alright.

     When I turned around there were two guys eyeing me up. One

walked over and asked me if I was a cop, I did the same. He

looked at me and said, "you're a tv aren't you?" I told him he

was very observant. He said he and his friends would like to rent

me for a while. I asked him how many friends, and he said two. I

really wasn't into doing a bunch of guys at once so I told him

$500 for and hour. He smiled and said ok, but wamted an hour and

a half. I asked him where, and he pointed out a motor home parked

on the next block. I asked if his friends would mind me being a

tv and he said no, that they were all gay and really wanted a

dude, but couldn't find one suitable. I walked arm in arm with

him and his friend to the next block. I told him for and an extra

hundred I could get a girlfriend to be with us. He said sure. I

looked over to Jean and motioned for her to come over. When she

did I told her what was going on, she loved the idea, and we all

walked to the motor home.

     When we stepped inside there was only one black light on but

I could see that there were five guys in the place plus the two

that were following us. I balked, and the guy said not to worry,

that they would make it up to us in extra cash. I walked in and

immediately two guys grabbed me and pulled me down on the sofa.

The guy who brought us in warned them that I was on the rag and

could only give head. They had their dicks in my face in minutes

and I started to work them over. I looked over and saw jean was

already on the floor on her hands and knees getting fucked and

sucking a guy off at the same time. While I was doing the two

cocks in front of me the dude who bought me came up behind me and

lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties. He slid his cock up

and down the crack of my ass and told his friends "look guys I

found a drag queen and she's all ours."

     With that he rammed his cock into me , luckily I had lubed

my self good prior to leaving home. His cock was all the way in

and his friends were cheering him on. It felt so good. It was

very long too, cause I could feel it in my stomach it seemed. I

was still working on the cocks in front of me while he fucked my

ass. Suddenly one of the cocks in front started to cum and he

pulled out and shot all over my face. The one I was jacking off

put his in my mouth and started to cum too. My did he ever shoot

a lot, I swallowed what I could but some trickled out of my

mouth.. They stepped away and the guy fucking me started to buck

harder and faster. I looked for my wife and saw she was on her

back with a cock in her pussy ,one in her mouth and one in each

hand. She glanced over and winked at me. I went back to fucking

this stud in my ass. Soon he started to cum and he pulled out and

shot cum over my ass cheeks. He put his cock back in and I milked

out the last of his cum with my ass muscles as he rubbed his cum

into my skin like it was some kind of skin cream. After that I

rested for a while and one of the tricks gave me a glass of wine.

I sat back and watched Jean finish off her four friends and we

all laughed as she was soon covered with sperm. I gave her a

drink of my wine and she gave me a sexy wink and she walked to

the toilet to get wiped off.

     When she came back out she was greeted by the site of me on

the floor surrounded by 7 hard cocks I would suck for a while on

one then move to the other. I was jerking off the ones on either

side of the one I was sucking. Jean asked if I needed any help

and I told her yes. She got down next to me back to back and we

started to suck each one off. Before long they each started to

cum. They tried to wait till they were in a mouth but some

couldn't. Cum was flying all over the place I was having fun

trying to catch it all. When they were done, Jean and I cleaned

ourselves up and walked to the door. The guy who propositioned us

to begin with, gave me an envelope and said there was a Phone

number in it and that I should call him sometime. I looked in it

and there was also 7 one hundred dollar bills. I winked and told

him any time and we left.

     I gave two more blow jobs that night and if Jean hadn't got

tired I would have given more, but she was ready, so we walked to

the car and drove home. Jean opened her purse and counted our

take for the night. We made over 900 dollars. I said I couldn't

believe it, and neither could she, I leaned over and gave her a

kiss on the cheek and told her how much I loved her. she told me

the same. We drove home showered and went straight to bed, we

were both too exhausted to do anything else. I think we will be

making more trips to town in the future. It sure is a fun way to

pay for a wardrobe!



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