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Archive-name: Changes/hnymoon8.txt

Archive-author: Katherine Alicia Harrison

Archive-title: Honeymoon, The - Part 8

This is the continuing story of the transformation of Kenny into

Lisa, her engagement to the sexy soap opera star John Waterman and

in the last episode, her wedding day. When part 7 concluded, Lisa

was dressed to accompany John to their hotel before they are to

leave on their honeymoon. And now the final episode of 

The Honeymoon.


John escorted Lisa to their awaiting Limo for the ride into midtown

and their night at the Plaza. John had arranged for the "Honeymoon"

suite. When they arrived at the hotel, the bellman took their

things up to the room. Lisa and John stopped downstairs to register

and then made their way upstairs. John did the traditional bit of

carrying Lisa over the threshold, while Lisa giggled at his old

fashioned ways. He put her down at the edge of the bed and they

locked in a passionate embrace. Lisa said to John, "I want to

please you in every way possible." and stepped back from him as he

sat on the bed. She slowly did a extreamly provocative striptease,

removing the tight fitted jacket of her pretty white suit and

slowly lowering the zipper and slipping out of her short tight

skirt. She stood there in front of him looking like a centerfold

from Playboy. She still had the pill box hat with the blusher over

her eyes on. Her beautiful red hair was gathered in a white ribbon

that left a stream of curls cascading down over her exquisite back

and shoulders. Around her neck was a beautiful string of perfectly

matched pearls and large pearl drop earrings graced her petite

lobes. The Victorian corset she was wearing lifted her breasts high

and forward fully exposing her turgid nipples. The corset was

heavily boned and gave her the perfect hourglass figure. Pink

ribbon was weaved throughout the lace frills decorating the sexy

corset. A lace g-string bikini panty covered her feminized crotch

only showing a lace "V" in the front and a pretty lace bow scantily

covering her bottom. The garters of the corset were attached to

sexy white lace stockings that adorned her most curvaceous legs

which were perched high on her white patent pumps. 

Lisa slowly undid the buttons on John's tuxedo shirt and ran her

nails over his masculine chest. She reached down and undid his

pants and released his throbbing member from it's confinement.

Wrapping her feminine hands with their long red nails around the

shaft of his steely cock, she bent down and took the rod to her

painted lips kissing the head and leaving an impression of her ruby

lipstick on its tip. She began to lick the shaft and suck on his

large balls, finally taking his staff into her waiting mouth.

Caught up in the moment, even the last vestiges of her own

masculinity were aroused by the passion as she felt her little cock

grow firm with lust. Sucking fervently on his cock, she brought him

to the brink several times until she felt he was not able to take

it any more. She rose from the bed and stood by the window at the

balcony. It was a warm night and her ultimate fantasy was to make

love under the stars that night. She thought open the doors to the

balcony. A warm breeze was blowing, but it was cool on her skin,

making her nipples stand erect. She stepped up onto the step on the

edge of the balcony, twenty floors above the street, standing as

the very image of feminine sensuality in the moonlight. She gripped

the railing on the piazza as John came up from behind her and

wrapped his arms around her voluptuous body. She wanted him badly,

right then. He positioned himself behind her and entered her love

canal. Her cock grew rigid as he filled her bottom with his

phallus. She let out a high pitched moan as he filled her

completely. The moon was full that evening, John was naked and he

was buried inside of her on the terrace of their suite. Her body

adorned with the most feminine trappings imaginable. He drove the

rigid piston into her repeatedly and finally came in a torrent of

warm ooze. She fell limp in his arms after experiencing three

orgasms herself. (She had never experienced multiple orgasms

before.) She was still quivering with erotic desire, but totally

spent from their fervent love-making. After recovering from their

initial encounter, they made love several more times until dawn. 

They were set to leave on their honeymoon that morning at 9:00. 

Lisa fixed herself up and got ready to go to the airport. She

wanted to be comfortable for their long flight, but knew that she

had to live up to her new image as both model and wife of a sexy

soap star. She had bought a very sexy, while comfortable outfit

that she thought would be perfect. It was an ivory crepe jumpsuit

with diaphanous shear pants and a low cut halter top. Her only

underwear was a very expensive pair of shear-to-the-waist

pantyhose. The crepe was quite shear and clung to her every curve.

The slightest outline of her areolae was able to be seen through

the translucent fabric of her halter. Her turgid nipples were quite

apparent. She wore a wide gold lurex scarf as a belt and wore bold

gold jewelry including dangling gold earrings, a choker necklace

in a primitive style and gold cuff bracelets. The full cut of the

pants hung as a long shear skirt, her sexy legs were quite apparent

to the waist in the sunlight. A pair of cream Charles Jordan pumps

were a perfect match to her outfit, quite trendy with their gold

accents. She tied her hair back in a silk Halston scarf of black,

white and gold and wore dark sunglasses to complete her "starlet"

look. Seated in first class, the newlyweds drew many admiring

glances, and even signed a few autographs before reaching their

destination. Upon checking into their suite at the spectacular

resort John had chosen, Lisa immediately changed into her skimpy

new gold lurex bikini and started working on her tan.

By mid-week she was a golden brown all over. (They happened to find

a nude beach on the island, even though she wouldn't dare to remove

her bikini bottoms, she loved going topless. So did everyone else

who looked at her perfectly formed breasts glistening with tanning

oil in the sun.) Through out her trip, she was always the most

provocative woman wherever she traveled. She wore the shortest

skirts, the shearest blouses, the skimpiest bikinis, the sexiest

dresses. Everything to keep John, as well as every man aroused

every second she was in their presence. After the three weeks of

fun in the sun, she was ready to return back home to pursue her

modeling career, continue her efforts to be all the woman she could

be and live up to all of the wonderful things that being Mrs. John

Waterman would bring her.



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