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Archive-name: Changes/hnymoon7.txt

Archive-author: Katherine Alicia Harrison

Archive-title: Honeymoon, The - Part 7

This is the story of Lisa, nee Kenny, who has been transformed

into a beautiful young girl, soon to be a new bride. In our last

episodes, Lisa's transformation has been discovered by her mother

and sister. Shocked at first, they soon learn to accept her new

role as the future Mrs. John Waterman, the wife of the sexy soap

opera star. And now the The Honeymoon.


It was the big day, she was at her mothers house in Scarsdale,

for the first time as a woman.  Lisa was so nervous that she

could hardly see straight. Brittany and Jo Anne had come over to

get ready with her and the house was a whirl of excitement. Lisa

was still in her robe at the make up table when the photographer

showed up. Her mother had her wait in the Living room while the

girls got ready. Jo Anne was extra careful with Lisa's makeup to

make sure that everything was perfect. She wore a warmer cheerful

look in soft pinks and rose. Jo Anne made her lips full and

pouty, perfect for the blushing bride. Brittany, already laced up

in her corset, helped Lisa achieve the near impossible, getting

her little waist down to less than 20", as she had decided at the

last minute to have the dressmaker take her gown in another 2"!

She couldn't wear the original corset she had planned on because

with the additional alterations, the fit was not right. She

decided to go without any additional support for her ample

breasts. The illusion neckline of the bodice would barely cover

her nipples, she would be most enticing. The foundation garment

she ended up with was only a waist cincher, as the cut of her

wedding gown did not allow for anything more. One final tug on

the laces and the hourglass look she was attempting was achieved.

Lisa was a bit breathless, but continued to get ready. She

carefully rolled the delicate lace stockings up her pretty legs.

With a minor amount of adjustment, she straightened the seams and

fastened the tops to her garter tabs from her cincher. And

slipped on a delicate lace bikini to her most feminine crotch.

Her mother had given her a pretty blue garter to wear and she

adjusted it on her leg. Jo Anne was almost finished getting

dressed and started to help Lisa get into her gown. The front and

back of the gown was almost entirely illusion lace. A row of

buttons was all that showed down her back to the top of her

cincher. The bodice was a beautiful sweetheart cut, but most

revealing, with wisps of lace barely covering her breasts for

modesty. The collar came high on her neck and continued in lace,

sequins and pearls in a pattern over her shoulders. The sleeves

were huge puffs of lace and tulle, coming tight at the elbow,

with lace extending to her pretty hands and a loop around her

middle fingers covering the back of her hands with lace. She wore

a full, quite stiff petticoat to give the skirt of the gown the

right look.

Jo Anne buttoned the 40+ pearl buttons down her back, the fit was

perfect. The waist was a drop style and flattered her beautiful

figure. The skirt was a beautiful array of satin and lace,

covered with exquisite patterns of sequins and faux pearls,

billowing out from her most feminine form and forming a train of

over 10' in length behind her. A large Satin bow adorned the back

of the gown and allowed the train to be bustled up underneath it

for dancing later on. Lori gave Lisa a penny to put in her shoe

before she stepped into her beautiful lace covered 4" pumps. Jo

Anne and Lori helped Lisa put on her vail. Her hair was done

early that morning and was a gorgeous array of flowing curls,

resting on her shoulders. Jo Anne pinned the satin cap to her

hair and adjusted the vail perfectly. All the girls were almost

fully dressed, so Lisa's mother had the photographer snap

pictures of them making their final preparations. After some

final touch-ups with makeup, perfume and taking everything that

she would need for later on, they all went down stairs to the

waiting limo to be off for the church. When they arrived, there

was pandemonium. Photographers were everywhere, Lisa had lost

track of the fact that this was a celebrity event. She stepped

out of the car and even in the daylight the flashbulbs startled

her. She made her way into the vestibule of the church and all of

the girls seemed quite excited, Lisa was weak in the knees. How

could all of this be happening. Lisa thought back to when she was

a little boy. She used to play catch with her father in the yard

before he and her mother broke up. He wanted her to be a ball

player. He would never believe that she was now a Wedding Gown

model! The music started and the girls started down the aisle.

Lisa clutched the bouquet of roses that looked so lovely against

her breast. She started out the door of the vestibule into the

church and heard her name called by a man's voice. She looked to

her side and standing there was her FATHER! She almost fainted

when she saw him. He took her arm and whispered in her ear.

"Daddy's little girl is now a beautiful woman!" Lisa couldn't

believe what she was hearing. She walked down the aisle holding

her fathers arm and watched all of the guests watching her. She

was radiant. When she got to the alter her father lifted her vail

and said, "I have a beautiful daughter and I love you very much."

He kissed her cheek and Lisa cried and said, "I love you Daddy, I

will try to make you proud of me." He replied, "I already am,

Just make John a good wife." This must be a dream, because it

couldn't be real. She turned an saw John standing there in his

tux. He looked so increadably handsome. They went through the

cerrimony and it was splendid. The minister came to the vows and

Lisa said a timid "I DO", they locked in a loving embrace and

Lisa became Mrs. John Waterman. They exited to the recessional

and ended up in the courtyard to take what seemed like a million

photographs. Finally they returned to the vestibule entrance to

the church and when the front doors opened it rained rice. They

quickly ran into the limo and were off. Lisa turned to John and

put her lace covered arms around his strong neck and the locked

in a most passionate embrace. They bearly came up for air by the

time they reached the reception. Lisa was ready to say forget the

whole party and let John ravage her body right then and there.

But they had guests to attend to. The reception was a wonderful

time for all. With 300 guests it was hard to see everyone. She

danced with alot of men, who obviously enjoyed being with such a

beautiful girl. Finally she was called to the floor to dance with

her father. She rested her cheek on his broad shoulder as they

played "Daddy's Little Girl". She cried as he told her that he

was glad she was finally happy and knew all along, since he left

her mother, that she would never be happy as a boy. The reception

went on, Lisa got to smusch cake in John's face and they laughed

a lot. She threw her bouquet and Brittany caught it. John got to

take off her garter and had fun lifting her skirt for all to see.

Brittany's boyfriend tried to catch the garter and failed, some

actor friend of John's caught it and had some fun putting it on

Brittany, so much so that we almost all got an eyeful! That would

have stirred quite a commotion, if Brittany had her male plumbing

exposed in public!

It was still early, but they were going to a hotel in town that

evening before leaving for Hawaii in the morning. She went

upstairs into a parlor room at the restaurant and started to get

changed. She took off her gown and changed from her current waist

cincher to a corsellete. She fastened her garters to a pair of

shearer lace seamed stockings and put on a tiny little g-string

panty that had a cute bow in the back complementing her adorable

little derriere. She put on a short robe and Jo Anne cleaned off

her make-up. She redid her cosmetics in more vibrant tones of

pinks and violets. She put on an extra helping of mascara and did

her lips in a deep lush red. She put on her white bow with pearl

drop earrings and her three tiered pearl necklace. She then put

on her beautiful white on white silk and linen suit. The skirt

was tight and short, a good 6" above her knee, with a slit up the

back. The jacket was a low cut double breasted type without

lapels and a wide exaggerated peplum. The shoulders were well

padded and gave her a most stunning look. The jacket was cut so

that her corsellette was slightly exposed, although the demi-cups

of the garment mostly lifted her beautiful breasts to be

displayed flirtatiously. Jo Anne gathered her hair in a matching

bow down the back and positioned an elegant "pill box" hat on her

head with a chic blusher to vail her most feminine eyes. She

stepped into the sexiest shoes she had worn. White patent pumps

with almost 6" heals. They lifted her behind and showed of her

sexy feminine walk. She slipped on a pair of white lace gloves

and grabbed her clutch to complete the outfit. Lisa felt that she

could do anything. She was a beautiful woman with a wonderful

husband, what else could a girl want? They said their goodbyes

and were off to spend their Wedding night together as Man and


(To be continued) 



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