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Archive-name: Changes/hnymoon6.txt

Archive-author: Katherine Alicia Harrison

Archive-title: Honeymoon, The - Part 6

In our last episodes, Kenny, now Lisa, has begun to live life as

a sexy young lady. Lisa's body has been transformed into that of

a beautiful young woman, with large perfectly formed breasts and

a most feminine body. Her upcoming marriage to John Waterman is

almost upon her and she was almost able to retain her virginity

until the wedding night. In our last episode she succumbed to the 

lust of the moment and in the back of the limo they were taking

from an awards banquet, John and Lisa made wild and passionate

love. We left our couple returning to John's penthouse apartment.

And now the continuation of The Honeymoon.


Lisa and John continued their passionate embrace all the way up the

elevator to John's penthouse. The elevator opened right into his

living room, a beautiful design showplace in stark white. Not

willing to wait to make it into the bedroom, Lisa and John shed

their clothes and continued to make love on the fur throw in front

of John's fireplace and on the other furniture in the living room.

Lisa found the most satisfying sex was when John sat on the

sculpted chair that kept him upright, she sat down on his lap, with

her back to him, taking him all the way inside of her. John could

play with her nipples and kiss and suck on her ear lobes, neck and

shoulders and whisper how much he loved being inside of her. Lisa

could ride John and bear down on the steely rod berried in her

tight ass, bringing the both of them to massive orgasms. After

hours of wild and passionate love-making, Lisa and John finally

made it into John's bedroom and collapsed in each others arms for

the night.

When Lisa awoke in the morning, she was very sore and had a hard

time walking. It was a nice sore though, and she still felt the

warm glow of the night before and the feeling of John inside of

her. She got up and put on her panties, John was still asleep, she

kissed him on the forehead and went into his closet to find

something that she could wear as a coverup. She found a black mesh

football jersey that was very large and would fit her like a dress.

She put it on and noticed how her titties pushed out the fabric and

how her nipples protruded through the mesh. Never had she thought

anything so femininely sexy could be in a football uniform. 

She went into the kitchen and made some coffee for the both of


She decided to fix John breakfast in bed and got some fruit, whole

wheat toast, Juice and Coffee together on a tray and brought it

into John. John was just waking up when Lisa entered the room. They

kissed good morning and John was most pleased with Lisa's efforts,

"I only want to make you a good wife", she said as she laid down

beside him on the bed. John sipped his coffee and played with

Lisa's nipples, protruding through the jersey, Lisa moaning in

delight. John put the tray on the floor and positioned himself on

top of Lisa. He lifted the jersey and started sucking fervently on

her ample breasts. Lisa was cooing with delight. John pulled Lisa's

panties off, lubricated his cock and her bottom, lifted her right

leg over his shoulder and entered her warm tight derriere. Lisa

felt a slight pain at first and then it subsided. John pushed into

Lisa, over and over again and continued to suck her rigid nipples

until they both came again and fell into each others arms.

Lisa thought to herself that she would have to take some more

aerobics classes to be able to both keep up with John's libido and

to be able to bend into the most satisfactory positions to please

the both of them. 

Lisa was able to get herself together and clean herself up. John

had a set of sweats that were too small for him and gave them to

Lisa to wear. Lisa fixed her makeup the best she could and John

took her back to Nicole's apartment. She had a fitting for both

herself and the rest of the bridal party that afternoon and was

going to meet Nicole for lunch at an exclusive French restaurant

for lunch, she said she had something important to talk to her

about. She went upstairs and took a shower. She wrapped herself in

a towel and wrapped up her wet hair as well. 

Today would be a fun day for her and she went for a cheery fun

look. She was going wear her floral print sun dress with the cute

matching short jacket and a full skirt. Nicole had got it for her

at Laura Ashley and it was so feminine. She went for softer tones

in her makeup selection, mostly warm colors. She softened all of

her makeup to get the new matte look. Satisfied with her makeup,

she took the towel of her head and a little extra effort with the

curling iron and the blow dryer and she achieved the style she was

looking for, very demeure, quite French, perfect for the pretty

picture book hat she was going to wear. She wore a white french

lace demi cup bra that had cross straps in the back to accommodate

her dress, matching bikini panties with satin ribbon ties at the

hip and a matching lace garter belt. She selected a pair of white

lace stockings and attached them to the garters, she turned to look

at herself in the mirror and thought how much fun it would be to

model intimate apparel, it turned her on so. 

She put on the sun dress and loved the pretty look it gave her, it

had a drop waist and a fitted bodice with wide straps that crossed

in the back and buttoned to large pink buttons. She zipped up the

dress and noticed it was  a little snug, she needed to loose a

couple of more pounds to be able to be a perfect size 5. She put

on the cute little jacket and stepped into her 4" white lace

covered pumps, similar to the ones that she was going to wear with

her wedding gown. She sat down at her dressing stand. She was going

to wear her pearls today. A short pearl necklace and pearl

earrings. The pearls looked wonderful with the sweetheart neckline

of the dress. She stood up and put on the pretty hat she had

purchased. It was a wide brimmed straw hat in white with pink

ribbons that trailed down the back, a generous spray of Cacherel

and she looked like a scene from a Victorian storybook. She was

just about to go and noticed something missing. She thought of just

the trick. She went into Nicoles dresser and found a pair of

beautiful white lace gloves to wear. They were sheer and most

feminine. She put them on and tied the pretty pink ribbons into

bows at her dainty wrists. Satisfied that she looked the part of

the ingenue, she took her white clutch and put the foundation

garments and everything else she needed into a shopping bag and

headed downstairs. She just about got downstairs when she heard the

doorbell ring. She opened the door and almost fainted. 

Standing in the doorway was her little Sister and her Mother. Her

Sister had to catch her as she seemed to loose her balance on her

high heals. Her Mother wasn't doing too well either .They sat down

on the couch in the living room and caught their breath. Her mother

started crying and talking incoherently. Her sister, Lori, tried

to calm her down. Lisa didn't feel much like Lisa at that moment,

she felt like Kenny in a dress. Except Kenny had large breasts and

just about the rest of the female anatomy. Lori turned to Lisa and

said, "I got a strange call about a week ago from a woman who said

she was a friend of yours named Nicole. She explained to me in

detail why we haven't heard from you in over a month and what was

happening to you. To say the least I was in shock. It took me five

days to tell Mommy.  She insisted that she see you, mostly in

disbelief. Why have you done this? To yourself, To US?" Lisa didn't

know what to say. She had planned on calling Lori and tell her that

"HE" was going away for a while until "SHE" worked up the courage

to face them both. Lisa swallowed hard and told the story of how

Nicole had helped her fulfill her fantasy and her commitment to be

married and her eventual falling in love with John. Lisa's Mother

always knew that Kenny wanted to be a girl more than he wanted to

be a boy and Lori always suspected that her big brother was not the

"brotherly type" but always acted more like a big sister to her. 

They all sat for a while crying in each others arms. Finally Lisa's

mother said, "Dear, you never had the things you wanted as a child.

I knew that and felt for all of those years, I needed to find a way

to make it up to you. Now I know. I have not one but two beautiful

daughters, I love them both and want them to be forever happy."

Lisa couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her mother was

accepting her as a woman! This was wonderful. Lisa looked at Lori

and she said, "I always wanted a big sister, now I have the best!" 

Lisa was so full of joy , she hugged and kissed her mother and her

sister over and over again. "Lisa dear," her mother said,

"Apparently you were going out, we didn't want to hold you up."

Lisa said that she was having lunch with Nicole and that she wanted

them to join her, she would be so happy. She also said that after

she was going for a fitting for the bridal party and wanted her

mother to be there to give her approval. Lisa then turned to Lori

and said, "Lori, it was my one wish that you both could be with me

on my wedding day. Would you be in the bridal party?" Lori started

crying again and they hugged each other in joy. "This was

wonderful," Lisa thought to herself. Her mother said, "Lets all go

fix ourselves up, we don't want to be late for lunch." Lisa brought

her mother up to Nicoles room to freshen up, while Lori joined her

in her room. "Lisa this is what I missed most of all, being with

my sister at time like now." Lisa kissed Lori on the cheek and

said, "Honey, you'll never have to worry about that again."

They fixed their make up and errant hairs. Lori was amazed by

Lisa's development. "My God, you have bigger tits than I do!" She

said with amazement, laughing at the same time. Lisa blushed with

embarrassment. The neckline of her dress showed quite a bit of

decoletage and the bra she was wearing put everything in its most

prominent position. Satisfied that they had taken care of

everything they headed out for the restaurant. They ended up at La

Cote Basque, one of the finest restaurants in the city. There

Nicole met Lisa's mother and sister. Lisa was still nervous and

was very aware that she was out for the day with her family, for

the first time as a woman. She was glad the Nicole and her mother

hit it off so well. They talked all through lunch and seemed to

have a wonderful time. Lisa was beaming with joy and loved every

minute of it. They finished up lunch and headed over to the bridal


They met Jo Anne and Brittany at the store. Lisa's mother could not

believe that these two gorgeous girls were once boys. Jo Anne was

wearing a beautiful lace blouse with a green suede straight skirt

and matching suede pumps. Brittany was wearing a purple knit

sleeveless mini dress, dark pantyhose and 5" purple pumps. Her hair

was getting longer and was almost down to her bottom.  Stacey and

Ellen, the attendants at the salon hurried the girls into the

fitting room to try on their gowns. This was the final fitting and

everything had to be perfect. Lisa asked Janet, the boutique owner

if she could fit her sister as well as the other girls. Janet said

that they had ordered an additional dress and she thought it might

be her sisters size. The bridesmaids gowns were a beautiful teal

blue satin and lace ensemble. They were worn with a beautiful open

neckline, off-the-shoulder and with large, puffy short sleeves. The

bodice was a drop waist type with billowing tiered skirts that were

worn in a tea length, perfect for an afternoon wedding.

Lisa's dress was a thing of beauty. The illusion neckline was

sequined and gave her a most feminine form. The foundation garment

that she wore fit much easier this time in particular in the bodice

where her new larger breasts amply filled out the garment and gave

her a most sensual look for a blushing bride. The headpiece was a

satin "cap" type and was fitted with a beautiful vail and fluff of

organza that was worn at the back. Her mother cried when she saw

her and her sister all made up for Lisa's wedding day. Lisa thought

to herself, "I couldn't be any happier."

(To be continued)



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