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Archive-name: Changes/hnymoon5.txt

Archive-author: Katherine Alicia Harrison

Archive-title: Honeymoon, The - Part 5

In our previous episodes Lisa (formerly Kenny) was examined by her

doctor to receive her new breast implants. She is scheduled to have

the work done within the week as well as some other minor plastic

surgery to enhance her features. A little more than a week after

her surgery she is to be married to John Waterman, soap opera star

and taken on her honeymoon to Hawaii. 

In this episode she receives her implants and takes care of the

last minute details before the wedding.


All week long Lisa had been nervous about the surgery. She had

never stayed in the hospital before let alone had any surgery done.

If it were not for the other work she was having done,(cheeks) she

would of had the implants done as an out-patient. Nicole readied

Lisa to go to the hospital. She wore casual clothes, her new

Jordache jeans, and a new red angora sweater with multi-colored

jeweled studs at the collar. She wore her black lace bra and panty

set and a pair of black lace pantyhose with her black 4" pumps. The

bra fit her well now at a 36A but she would have to wear something

else to support her new C-cup figure after the surgery. Nicole

packed her things for her stay at the hospital and her return trip,

then they left. 

Upon arriving at the hospital they met Dr. Williams and checked


Lisa was taken to her room and given a mild sedative to relax her.

Nicole kissed her on the cheek and let her know that she would be

waiting for her when she got out. 

They set up Lisa with an IV and brought her into the pre-op area.

She saw Dr. Collins, the anesthetist and was assured that

everything was going to be OK. She was given additional anesthetics

in the IV as well as locals. The implants were the new texturized

saline type with the scar resistant poly cover. They had a built

in nipple enhancement to further elevate the areolae and lift the

nipple. The implants were inserted through a small incision beneath

Lisa's arms and were implanted under the muscle tissue. The implant

was small but when put in would give Lisa a full C-cup and would

be quite pronounced on her petite frame.  Dr. Williams was very

methodical with the procedure when it was over it was a full

success. Dr. Williams also performed a procedure to put small

plastic inserts over the cheekbones to further accentuate her

features. This is a relatively new procedure but had been quite

effective in the recent past. Having everything go quite smoothly,

Lisa was taken back to her room where Nicole waited for her to

awaken. As lisa rose from her sleep she was still quite groggy.

"Nicole, are you there?" "I'm here honey, right beside you." "My

head hurts, my face feels funny." Lisa said. "That's the implants

in your cheeks. Dr. Williams said that there would be a little

swelling for about a day or so, then everything would feel fine."

Nicole replied as she gave Lisa a sip of water. Lisa finally

realized how much she had grown and said "I'm going to have a hard

time sleeping on my stomach for now on." as both she and Nicole

both laughed out loud. It hurt to laugh. Lisa and Nicole talked for

a while until Lisa was too tired to keep her eyes open. She fell

asleep and Nicole left for the evening. Lisa dreamed of the events

that happened to date. Usually the dreams were more of a nightmare.

They were always so confusing and usually ended with her waking up

in a cold sweat. Tonight was different. at first the dream started

out as usual, a disjointed series of events where she was both

Kenny and Lisa throughout the dream. Then things started to become

clearer. She started to see herself totally as Lisa. She dreamed

of her wedding and it was wonderful. She dreamed of her wedding

night with John. He was so gentile with her and treated her like

a princess. For the first time since the transformation she was

totally content. 

She awoke early in the morning and gingerly got out of bed. The

sutures under her arms were covered by small gauze bandages. She

had both internal and small external sutures to prevent scaring.

She was wearing a hospital robe. She carefully went into the

bathroom. Behind the door was a full length mirror. She closed the

door and took off her robe. She was in awe of what she saw. Her

breasts were perfect. Large round globes that sat high on her

petite torso. Her nipples were large, firm and erect in the

coolness of the bathroom. As Kenny, Lisa could remember seeing

copies of Playboy and centerfolds who had titties not quite as

beautiful as hers. She carefully touched them and noticed how soft

and moldable they were  and how they moved with her. She was

totally intrigued with her new body. At first she didn't notice

that her cheeks were black and blue. Upon further examination she

realized that the small implants had changed the whole contour of

her face. It was now much more angular, she looked much more

feminine in shape, even through the bruises were quite evident. She

went into the closet and took out a pink flannel nitie that Nicole

had packed for her that had a button down front. Dr. Williams told

her that she would have a little discomfort raising her arms for

a day or so. She put on the nitie and a pair of cotton panties and

got back into bed. Until about 8:00 when her breakfast arrived.

Seeing what they served for breakfast, she decided the best way to

stay on her diet was to stay in the hospital. At about 9:30 Nicole

came in and was glad to see Lisa all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

She brought some flowers from John (he had promised not to see her

until the day after when she felt more comfortable about seeing

her.). Nicole had set them up to leave at 11:00, the Nurse came in

to give her medication and right before they Lisa got dressed, Dr.

Williams came in and checked her out. "Everything seems in order

Lisa, the swelling is much lower than I expected."

Nicole made a crack "I don't know about that, it looks like a hell

of a lot of swelling to me." They all had a laugh and said their

goodbyes. Lisa had an appointment in a week to take out the sutures

before the wedding. Nicole helped Lisa into the tank dress that she

brought for her, she couldn't wear a bra until tomorrow. The yellow

ribbed dress was quite tight and quite short. When Lisa saw herself

in the mirror she realized what she really looked like. The tank

was cut low enough to show off her beautiful titties. Her firm

nipples pushed into the tight bodice of the dress. With the dress

Nicole had given her a pair of black french cut panties, sheer

black pantyhose and a wide black belt. She wore her heart necklace

and her gold cuff bracelet and assorted rings. Nicole brushed back

her hair and pulled it into a french braid on which she tied a

large black velvet bow. She brushed her bangs into a wispy carefree

style. Nicole spent alot of time on her eyes and lips. She put a

little powder on her cheeks, for she was still black and blue,

being careful not to go near the microfine sutures near her ears. 

She stepped into her 9 West pumps and went to look at herself in

the mirror. For the first time she couldn't think of herself as

being once a boy, she was all girl! The nurse came in to wheel her

to the front door. "Hospital rules you know", she said. Nicole

grabbed her things and they were off. The nurse wheeled her to the

door by the parking garage and the two girls walked to the car.

Lisa had a little fun flirting with some construction workers

working in the garage. They were totally aroused by the time the

two girls got to the car. Nicole quickly drove off before Lisa got

them into more than they could handle. Lisa was laughing and crying

at the same time. Laughing because of all of the fun she was

having, crying because when she laughed it hurt.  By the time they

got home, Lisa was exhausted. She slept the day away. The next

morning she was feeling much better. Nicole had to go to work that

day and she had the run of the house. She got up and took off her

nitie. She loved how she looked. She washed up, careful not to get

her sutures wet. (Dr. Williams said by the end of the day, she

wouldn't have to worry about them.) She was able to wear one of her

new bra and panty sets. The bra had a demi cup in a floral on black

design, the panties were a thong style bikini, with ties on the

sides. She had picked the set out when she and Nicole spent about

two hours in Victoria's Secret at the mall. She through on a cute

short midriff style pink sweater, a pair of very tight white jeans

and a pair of pink flats. She dabbed on some light makeup, but

always lots of mascara and her gold drop earrings and gold belt.

She brushed back her hair and tied a white bow from a pretty, wide

ribbon she found in Nicoles dresser, around her long tresses.

Contented that she looked better than acceptable, she through some

money and some things she thought she would need in the new large

Fendi bag she had bought and took a walk to the corner stores. She

felt wonderful as she walked. It was a warm day. The sun was

shining and the breeze was blowing. With every step her new bosom

moved freely, even though being supported by her bra. She had lost

considerable amount of weight in the last month almost 15 lbs.

Considering as Kenny s/he had only weighed 130 at 5'5", as Lisa at

116, her waist was slim and firm. Couple that with her ample chest

and her cute behind encased in a pair of jeans that looked as if

they were sprayed on, Lisa drew quite a bit of male attention as

she walked down the street. She loved it and took full advantage

of her womanly charms.

She stopped at the corner newsstand and saw Mr. Ventura, he was a

cute old man and loved the ladies. He doted on Lisa, trying to

catch a glimpse of anything that he could. Lisa flirted with him

and teased him, she thought he was so cute. She picked up her

copies of Cosmo, Glamour, Vogue, Brides and even bought a copy of

Playgirl, she felt like a little vixen today, and said goodbye to

Mr. Ventura, she even kissed him on the cheek. He looked very

appreciative. (She was afraid that may have been too much for him!)

As she was leaving the store she saw the cover of the latest Star.

She couldn't believe her eyes. Right on the cover was a picture of

her kissing John at their engagement party. The headline read 


"read more inside." She was petrified. What if they were to find

out she was once Kenny. She had read about Tula, the Bond girl, who

was a Transsexual. She was scarred to death that they would know.

She was shaking as she opened the page about the article. All it

said was that the Star was undertaking an investigative report to

find out more about this new enchantress. She was scarred. She went

back into Mr. Ventura's store and called Nicole at the office.

Nicole assured her that she would be OK. She had pulled together

enough background that could be substantiated that she had nothing

to worry about, she would go over all of it with her before she

went out on her date with John tonight. Lisa felt much better. She

said goodbye to Mr. Ventura again. He complained that he did not

get a kiss. Lisa said OK and he kissed her back. She said "Fresh"

and pushed him back playfully. With that she left the store. Her

final stop before she went back home was the grocery store. She

picked up some yogurt and a six pack of Perrier and went to the


The checkout girl recognized her from her picture on the cover of

the Star. She asked for Lisa's autograph. Lisa was shocked, this

was far beyond what she had thought would be happening to her.

The girl handed her a copy of the star and asked her to autograph

the picture of her and John. She found out the girls name was

Joyce. Lisa wrote in large graceful letters "To Joyce, this is my

first autograph...Best of Luck, Love, Lisa Healy Waterman." She

used her yet-to-be married name and dotted the "i" in Lisa with a

cute little heart, hoping to make the signature look as feminine

as possible. Joyce thanked her profusely and Lisa returned home. 

For most of the day she sat around the house and read her

magazines, watched the soaps, especially John's and fiddled with

her hair. At 3:30 she walked over to Susan's salon to have her

nails and hair done for the evening. Susan and Brittany welcomed 

Lisa and Brittany brought her a glass of white wine. Jo Anne came

over and they all talked. Lisa had asked both Brittany and Jo Anne

to be bridesmaids in her wedding along with Nicole as her Maid of

Honor. Lisa wanted to tell her sister, or rather Kenny's sister

about everything that had happened and so much wanted her to be a

bridesmaid as well. But until now she had been too afraid. She

would like her sister and mother to be at the wedding.

That was going to be most difficult.

All of the girls were going to the boutique for their final

fittings tomorrow. They were gabbing and laughing and having a

wonderful time. Jo Anne did Lisa's nails. She had been coming in

every few days for additional treatments. So she only needed a

couple of coats of color, a deeper red this time and some

additional topcoat and strengthener. Britanny washed Lisa's hair

and talked about her date last weekend with       . He knows about

her and apparently does not object too much. At first he had a hard

time accepting that Brittany was once a boy, but now he seems to 

accept it. After they went out to a movie on Saturday night they

went up to the point and made out for a while. It got hot and heavy

and Brittany ended up giving him a blow-job. She had a hard time

taking him all in at first, but after relaxing her throat he was

able to inch down further. "He's really hung" she said giggling and

whispering. "I want to be able to take him all the way in without

gagging, so i've been practicing on a... banana." Both she and Lisa

giggled at the thought." We are going to the prom together, i'm so

excited. First your wedding, then the prom and after the prom were

all going down to the shore. I can't wait!" 

Lisa could obviously see how excited Brittany was and she was happy

for her. Brittany finished the shampoo and conditioning of Lisa's

hair and Brought her over to Jo Anne's chair for her style and set.

Jo Anne went a little wild with the hairspray. When she was done,

Lisa's hair was wild and dramatic. She looked like a tigress with

a wild mane of fiery red coming off her face. Sandy then did her

make up in very rich earth tones of gold and copper with small

amounts of mauve and violets. She used what Lisa must of thought

was a gallon of mascara and took over 20 minutes on her lips in a

deep red to match her nails. When they were done, Lisa needed to

rush home in order to be ready in time for her date. They said

their goodbyes and she grabbed a cab home. Nicole arrived about the

same time and they had about an hour and a half before John came

to pick her up. They were going to the Television Writers guild

dinner that night. Apparently this was the place to be and be seen.

So Lisa needed to look especially luscious that night. She had

bought an especially sexy outfit at a local boutique that week and

decided to wear it to the dinner. It was sort of a harem girl type

of look and would not go unnoticed. First she put on a pair of the

most luxurious pantyhose she had ever worn. They were very

expensive and were a dark suntan tint with gold flecks all over

them. they were absolutely sheer to the waist, they had to be

considering the rest of the outfit. Over the pantyhose she wore a

very brief pair of black satin bikini panties that just covered her

crotch and covered a very small part of her derriere. They were

seemed and gave a lot of definition to her behind. 

Next Nicole had to help her put on the most complicated pants she

had ever worn. They were black, very sheer, harem pants that tied

with little  bows at the waist and ankles but were slit all the way

up the sides. They were sheer enough that in the right light you

could see all the way through to her panties. Extreamly Sexy!

The pants ties just above her hips and sat very low on her waist.

On top she wore a gold bandeau bikini top in metalized lurex. It

came around her body as a band of gold fabric and was connected at

the front by a gold "V" connector that totally exposed her ample

cleavage. She was so excited that her nipples were rigid and pushed

to project through the thin material. Over the top she wore a short

bolero jacket that was very open in the front. It was a light black

satin with gold brocade and assorted faux jewels and had large

sheer black, puffy sleeves that poofed out at the shoulders.

Nicole then helped with the finishing touches. She let Lisa wear

her diamond and ruby pendant that had many diamond and ruby drops

off a multi layer gold chain. The center ruby hung down into her

cleavage. Nicole fastened a bracelet of small gold coins around

Lisa's left ankle and gave her a gold cuff bracelet for one hand

and several chain bracelets for the other. She took out the largest

cold earrings Lisa had ever seen and attached them to each of

Lisa's dainty earlobes. They hung down to her shoulders and were

encrusted with jewels. To complete the effect, the jacket was so

short, that Lisa's midriff was completely exposed. Nicole decided

to do something fanciful and got out some surgical adhesive that

she had and glued a large faux ruby into Lisa's navel. Nicole

stepped back to admire her work. She forgot the last thing. She

went to her room and brought out the shoes that she bought for Lisa

to wear with this outfit. They were black suede spiked pumps with

5" heals and at strategic points on the pump were flashes of gold

brocade. Lisa stepped into the pumps and found that they were a

perfect fit, but had pointy toes and would take some getting used

to. Lisa walked over to the mirror and saw that she had become a

man's sexual fantasy, a slave girl. She was the sexiest creature

that she had ever seen. Nicole sprayed her all over with lots of

Halston night, her favorite perfume. Lisa just stood and stared at

her reflection in the mirror. The whole time Nicole was telling her

on how she had been covering Lisa's tracks as far back as she

could. She had some stock photos doctored from an older shoot to

look like Lisa. These plus the pictures she was taking tomorrow at

the Brides magazine photo shoot would help start her new portfolio.

She had some school records doctored and had a birth certificate

put together. She even found a high school yearbook that had a girl

about Lisa's age named Lisa Healy who looked alot like Lisa. She

had done some checking and found that the girl was killed with her

family in a small plane crash several years ago. 

On friday Nicole was going to take Lisa to get her drivers Licence

and tomorrow after the shoot, she and John were to get their

Marriage Licence. (Dr. Morrison, the endocrinologist was going to

do the blood test.) Nicole felt that she had Lisa's past covered

for almost any eventuality. Lisa, feeling more self assured, did

some final touchups on her makeup as she heard the doorbell ring.

Nicole went down to see John standing there in his tux with a

single red rose and a small gift box for Lisa. Nicole brought John

into the parlor and fixed him a short drink then went upstairs to

get Lisa. She checked Lisa out and assured that everything was

perfect Lisa made her grand entrance down the front stairs. John

looked up and his jaw almost hit the floor. She was radiant, a

total fantasy! John took Lisa's hand when she reached the bottom

step and kissed it gallantly.  She twirled for him so that he could

get a better look. In the light he saw a vision of total beauty.

Her derriere was exposed, save the minimal covering of her satin

bikini's, through the sheer fabric of the pants. Her newly enlarged

breasts were encased in the gold bikini top and her nipples were

standing at attention just for John. He brought her over to the

love seat and kissed her deeply. He said, "You are the woman I have

always dreamed of, I will Love you forever." They embraced and

kissed again. With that John handed Lisa, the rose and the small

box that he had brought. She opened it and gasped when she saw it. 

It was a new larger engagement ring almost 4 carats! He felt the

other one was too small. He slid the smaller one off and put it on

her right index finger. On the left hand he put on the new ring.

Lisa loved it the setting was platinum and beautifully carved. She

kissed John over and over again. John said that they had to go in

order not to be late. Lisa went back upstairs to fix her makeup.

With Nicoles help she got it done quickly and grabbed the black

satin clutch that she had transferred all of her essentials to and

went to leave. It was a warm night so even as scantily clad as she

was, she didn't need a jacket. John whisked her off in the stretch

limo to the dinner. When they arrived the paparazzi were

everywhere. John helped Lisa from the car and almost 100 flashes

went off at once. The crowd cheered Lisa and you could hear alot

of conversation from the crowd about how she looked.

They went into the dinner and had a wonderful time. Everyone at

their table were most complementary about Lisa and she was the talk

of the evening as far as her fashion statement. She and John danced

almost every dance the band played. After a while, John started to

poop out and asked Lisa to sit one out. Lisa was having such a good

time that she put on her little girl pout and said "Come on honey,

just a couple of more." John tried one more and then left Lisa out

on the dance floor with his co-star Bill Lyon. They danced two or

three dances before they sat down. Lisa knew how much she turned

on Bill thinking to herself,"he must be hung like a horse", since

he pressed his body against hers and she felt his huge member 

grinding into her. Lisa went around to the other tables and said

Hello to the people that they had met at their engagement party. 

When the night was over, they returned to the limo for the ride

home. In the limo they passionately embraced, kissing each other

deeply, tongues darting into each others mouths. John couldn't take

it anymore. He had to have her and couldn't wait for the wedding

night. "Lisa I must make love to you, here and NOW!" Lisa could

hold back no longer as well. John reached behind and undid the

clasp on her top. It fell away exposing her luscious breasts. Her

nipples as hard as bullets. He began sucking them lustfully. Lisa

reached down and removed Johns cummerbund and opened his pants. She

reached in and was able to pull down his shorts, in front of her,

for the first time, was a huge cock for her to relish as a woman

in the heat of passion. She maneuvered her self and grasped the

large male organ with her petite hand. It was a strange sensation

for her to see her own hand, with lavishly painted nails and

exquisite jewels, clutching the pulsing rod. As she stroked, she

knew that John was feeling pleasure from her touch. They both

wanted more. Lisa bent over and began to lick the end of John's

throbbing cock. A small amount of ooze came from the tip. It tasted

salty to Lisa, not all that difficult for her to take. Easing

herself down, she slowly began to take more and more of the huge

shaft into her mouth. She sucked on the cock and slowly got to the

point where the tip was reaching the back of her throat. She

stopped momentarily, afraid that she would gag. Gaining her

composure she continued to take more and more of the monstrous

organ into her body. She could actually feel this hard cock moving

down into her throat. John was very patient with her pausing to

keep her from gagging. He stroked her hair and rubbed her cheeks

and brow encouraging her all of the way. Finally she got almost the

whole thing buried into her throat. Slowly she moved up and down

the almost 10" of steel hard manhood, swallowing to lubricate her

throat to accept the cocks mass. John's pulse began to rise, as he

held Lisa's head and guided it with his own pulsations. Pretty soon

they had both lost all abandon. John was gripping Lisa's head and

stuffing the full length deep into Lisa's throat. Lisa held her

composure and took all that John gave her, Lisa could feel John's

body begin to surge as she gripped his tight ass and he jammed

himself deep into her mouth. She felt the warmth of the hot fluid

squirt down inside of her, as she started to gag from the volume,

John pulled out a bit and deposited the balance of his load into

her mouth. It was too much for her to handle and some of the hot

cum streamed out of her mouth. She swallowed what she could and

caught her breath. The cum she could not swallow she had caught in

her hand and after pausing for a brief moment, promptly licked the

balance from her fingers and swallowed it all. John kissed Lisa all

over, saying over and over again that he had never had a sexual

experience quite like that one. He hugged her close to her body and

gave her a drink of vodka from the bar in the back of the limo.

Apparently John had informed the driver to drive around for a

while, because they were no where near home. John reached down and

untied the bows at Lisa's ankles and waist and the delicate fabric

of her pants fell away. He helped her out of her panties and

pantyhose and even removed the device that was concealing her

former maleness. The hormone treatments had shrunk her little cock

and balls so much that the almost disappeared beneath her. Right

now she wished that they had totally gone away and she had a nice

warm pussy in their place. John was most gentile with her and

caressed her body. He kissed her all over and maneuvered himself

so that he was kissing and caressing her cute little bottom. He

reached down and gently spread Lisa's asscheeks and started darting

his tongue in and around her tight little hole. Lisa's body began

to respond to his probing and they both moved to the pulse of their

lovemaking. Satisfied that he had lubricated her orifice

sufficiently, he positioned himself behind her and moved Lisa to

her knees elevating her awaiting derriere to accept his tool. He

rubbed the head of his cock over her tight puckered hole and slowly

pushed the head of his cock into Lisa's awaiting opening. At first

the pain was intense. Lisa yelped as the cock head entered her

stretched orifice. John held himself as steadily as he could, with

the exception of the bumps in the road, until Lisa's sphincter

eased and he could continue. Lisa bore the pain hoping as John

entered further the discomfort would ease. Slowly but surely Lisa

opened up and John entered deeper and deeper onto her body until

finally he was all the way in. Lisa could feel Johns balls resting

on her backside. She could not believe that all of that man was

buried inside of her. John began to pump his hardness into her body

and Lisa responded to his thrusts. Here she was being made love to,

as an incredibly sexy woman, by a man most women would die for.

John pumped and pumped and pushed deeply into Lisa's awaiting body.

She moved with him feeling her blood rise from within her. He

reached around and played with her nipples and he pumped into her

body. John moved faster and faster until his body tensed. Lisa

could feel every movement of his twitching cock inside of her and

it drove her wild. She clenched her teeth and threw back her head

and her wild mane of red hair trying to continue pumping Johns

pulsing cock into her body. With that John exploded into her

filling her behind with more of his warm ooze. Lisa came as well,

only a few drops came from the little remnants of her cock, but

Lisa's body continued to shiver from several orgasms until John

pulled out of her bottom. Having not waited for the wedding night,

John instructed the driver to take them back to his apartment. They

fixed each other up in order to make it up the elevator to John's

penthouse, where they wasted no time getting back to where they

left off.

(To be continued.) 



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