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Archive-name: Changes/hnymoon4.txt

Archive-author: Katherine Alicia Harrison

Archive-title: Honeymoon, The - Part 4

In our last episode, Lisa (nee Kenny) and Nicole were about to go

out for Girls night out on the town. Its only a few weeks until

Lisa is to be wed to John Waterman, the sexy soap opera star.

Nicole intends to let Lisa have one great time using her newly

found feminine wiles. And now The Honeymoon Pt. 4


Nicole handed Lisa a small purse and they headed out to the waiting

cab. The cabby to them to a club called Obsessions. Nicole knew

the owner, Carlo, who greeted them at the door. "Good evening Niki,

how are you, I haven't seen you for so long." He kissed her on the

cheek and looked at Lisa. "Oh Carlo, I want you to meet my friend

Lisa. Honey, this is Carlo." Lisa blushed quite demurely as Carlo

kissed her hand." "I am captivated by your beauty my dear Lisa,

welcome to my club." Carlo said as he escorted them to a table.

Nicole hadn't told Lisa that this was Ladies night. They were sure

two hot young ladies and here they were with about a hundred other

hot young ladies to see the sensational Obsessions All-male review.

Lisa couldn't believe that Nicole had brought her here. They were

seated right next to the dance floor. Lisa's heart was beating a

mile a minute. What was happening to her, she wanted out, but also

wanted to stay. All of a sudden the show started and Tony was

introduced. He was dressed as a tough biker and started dancing to

pounding disco music. All of the girls around Lisa were screaming

for him to take it off and he did. First his leather jacket that

left him with a black tank top and leather jeans and boots. One of

the girls sitting near Lisa and Nicole reached out and Tony grabbed

her hand and pulled her out on the floor. He pulled her to him and

was grinding his body into hers. He started kissing the girl and

it was obvious that he had his tongue half way down her throat.

Lisa couldn't believe what she was seeing. As he led the girl back

to her seat she grabbed his tank top and ripped it off. He kept

dancing around until he pulled on his pants and tore them away. He

was left only with a g-string and his biker boots.

Left and right women were sticking money in the strap. Nicole

reached out and put a $5 bill in the pouch of the g-string and Tony

started dancing right in front of Lisa sticking his crotch right

in her face. Nicole stuck a dollar bill in Lisa's hand and

reluctantly she put it in the strap. She couldn't believe that this

was happening, how could she be doing this. As the night went on

there were twelve other dancers of every type. Cowboys, business

men, football players and just about every other woman's sexual

fantasy. With a few drinks in her, Lisa loosened up alot. And

actually got into the whole thing. She began to think of what kind

of fantasy man she wanted. As she was thinking, he appeared.

Superman, or a reasonable faximile thereof, came out on the floor,

cape and all! Lisa, almost uncontrollably, stood up and started

screaming and dancing with the rest of the woman. Superman, who was

dancing around the floor, noticed the beautiful young Lisa, in her

sexy gold mini-dress, licking her lips, staring at his crotch and

moving as if she would make it with him right there on the dance

floor. He danced right up to her and grabbed her hand and pulled

her up on the floor. Nicole was going crazy, telling Lisa to find

out what was under the cape. He held her close and pressed his

throbbing manhood into her crotch. She was totally turned on by

this fantasy man. She wanted him, badly! Lisa pulled on his cape

and took it off, she grabbed his costume and it came off in her

hands. Here was Superman standing in front of her in a star-

spangled jockstrap and red boots. They danced some more and he led

Lisa back to her seat, where he kissed her and grabbed her ass as

he pulled her to him. 

She quickly motioned to Nicole to give her some money. The smallest

Nicole had at that point was a $20 bill. Lisa grabbed it and

kneeling in front of superman put it in the pouch of his jock,

fantasizing pulling down the tight undergarment and sucking on his

huge cock. He took her and brought her to her feet, although she

was weak in the knees, and kissed her one more time. Nicole caught

her as she fell back to her seat. She was almost catatonic. Totally

flushed and bothered, her nipples were so hard, they looked as if

they would rip open the top of her dress. Nicole whispered in her

ear, "Girl, you better control yourself, your going to be a married

woman soon! Then you can get laid every night." The both laughed

hysterically. The show was finally over. Both girls had a great

time and went over to the bar to get a drink. Men were allowed to

come in, hoping to find a girl so turned on by the show, she

wouldn't be able to help herself but to sleep with them.

A few guys came over and started hitting on Nicole and Lisa.

Nicole found someone that she was interested in and they went off

to sit in a booth, leaving Lisa alone at the bar. She felt

vulnerable. Nicole had not left her alone in public before.

Several guys came up to her and she spurned their advances.

Her eye caught a guy coming over to the bar and she realized it

was her Superman. He was dressed in tight denim jeans and a striped

shirt that he wore open to the waist. He was staring back at her

and finally came over to talk to her. Lisa acted extreamly shy,

which he found to be quite a contrast from her actions during the

show. He bought her a drink and brought her over to a booth in the

corner. They sat and talked and said, "I'm Don, I've noticed

something different about you since I first set eyes on you, But

I don't know what it is."  Lisa's pulse started to race, had she

been discovered. She looked away then replied, "I don't know what

you mean." He said, "there's something about you, your eyes, your

face, your moves, something..." Lisa was looking for an out, but

there didn't seem to be anywhere she could go. Don then said,

"Normally I'm not into girls, I'm gay, but your something else."

Lisa looked at him and thought, "wouldn't he really like to find

out what that "something" was?" Just as things began to get

difficult, Nicole came up and rescued her. "Come on honey, let's

go. You have a shooting in the morning." Lisa said a quick goodbye

to Don and the two girls left. Lisa thanked Nicole profusely and

told her what happened. Nicole wondered what would of happened if

she didn't show up and kidded that Lisa would have lost her

virginity much faster than either one could of imagined. Lisa

smacked Nicole on the shoulder and said playfully, "I'm not that

kind of girl!" They both laughed hysterically as they got in the

cab and headed home. At home the girls changed into their baby

dolls and sat up and talked in Nicoles room until they both fell

asleep on her bed. 

They woke up the next morning and put on long sweaters and tight

stretch pants just to knock around the house. Lisa was beginning

to love being a girl. That afternoon they dressed very "preppie"

and went to Lisa's check up at Dr. Morrison and Dr. Williams.

Dr. Morrison complemented them on their outfits, he was quite

pleased to see one of his patients who didn't have to always dress

as a hooker to look most feminine. He gave her a increase in her

hormone dosage and gave her a more comfortable and realistic device

to cover her crotch. After her check up with Dr. Morrison, she went

to Dr. Williams office. He felt that she should hold off one more

week on having the implants done, her hormone therapy was going

well and Dr. Williams decided to use a new texturized saline

implant instead of the gel implant. The saline implant would be

absolutely natural as well as having a formed nipple protrusion

that would provide support for her developing nipples and areolae

even though the implant was to be put under her muscle tissue.

He promised a minimum of scarring and absolutely perfect results.

He also thought that the new miniature poly implants would fill out

her cheekbones more effectively than just the collagen injections.

They agreed and Nicole set the appointment at the hospital with Dr.

Williams nurse, Eve. Then they left. Dr. Williams said that Lisa

should work out to retain muscle tone both before and after the

surgery. Nicole was delighted to hear that and told Dr. Williams

that she planned on having Lisa join her at her Jazzersize class.

They left the office and Lisa said she had no idea that Nicole

wanted to take her to Jazzersize. She didn't want to go, she could

never keep up. She had felt weakened by the hormone therapy and

didn't think she could handle it. Nicole assured her that she could

keep up. They went to the dance shop and bought Lisa several work

out outfits. A magenta strappy leotard, a pink unitard, a french

black lace body stocking and lycra briefs in bright yellow, several

more leotards and tights and a pair of LA Gear aerobics shoes in

teal trim.  For the class that evening she bought a gold spandex

leotard that criss-crossed at the bodice and in the back. With that

she wore black lace tights and her new aerobics sneakers.

The class was at 7:30 and Lisa was very apprehensive. Lisa went

with the introductory group while Nicole went with the advanced.

They were all pretty young girls in her group, in all shapes and

sizes. Lisa introduced herself to some of the girls standing in a

group near her, until she noticed that Brittany from the

Transformations Salon was in her class. She went over to her and

was so glad to see her. Brittany was dressed in a teal blue leotard

with white lace tights,and looked great. They hugged and kissed

each other and said how great it was to find out that someone they

knew was in their group. Their instructor was named Dawn, was very

cute and very well proportioned. The workout was tough but not

impossible. The girls finished up and were real glad they started,

they found Nicole and went down to the Juice bar to grab a Perrier,

they were totally relaxed and were all having a good time. Nicole

called Susan and told her that Brittany was coming over to spend

the night with her and Lisa. Susan said no problem. Lisa through

on the denim mini-skirt and red sweater she brought and Brittany

and Nicole had knit tank dresses. Lisa and Brittany brought their

Black 9 West pumps with the 4" heals and the bows on the back of

the heal. They were the exact same shoes in the exact same size.

They made wisecracks that maybe they were long lost twin sisters,

then giggled "In more ways than most people know." Nicole brought

her pink flats.and leg warmers. They all looked great.

They went home and got ready for bed. Lisa gave Brittany a peach

colored lace cami and tap set to wear and Lisa wore her red lace

teddy. They sat around most of the evening talking about Brittany's

boyfriend and how far she was going to go with him on the next date

and Lisa's plans for the wedding and the honeymoon. Brittany envied

her and was very jealous of Lisa having such a hunk as John. Lisa

was having so much fun that she turned to Brittany and asked her

to be a Bridesmaid in her wedding. Brittany was ectatic!

She hugged and kissed Lisa and practically danced around the room.

She too loved being a girl, so much better than the ugly wimpy boy

she once was. That night Brittany slept with Lisa.

They kissed and cuddled all night and fell asleep in each others

arms. Nicole took Brittany back home in the morning on her way to

work so she could get dressed for school.

For the rest of the week Lisa did wonderful things; she shopped for

new clothes, did a photo shoot to help build her portfolio, went

to the ballet with John in a black sequin sheath mini dress and

went to a Madonna concert in her blue leather bustier dress and her

new blue spike pumps. Lisa could barely remember when she was once

a boy named Kenny. The only thing that she was sad about was that

her Mother and Sister couldn't see her happiness.

(to be continued) 



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