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Archive-name: Changes/hnymoon3.txt

Archive-author: Katherine Kimberly Harrison

Archive-title: Honeymoon, The - Part 3

In our last episode, Kenny transformed into Lisa by a woman he had

met at a party. Was informed that in order to avoid the release of

information about his involvement with drug trafficking, would have

to totally commit to his transformation into a woman and

preparation as the "Bride" of a famous Soap Opera star, John

Waterman. Kenny, now Lisa, at first, abhorred the idea, but saw

little choice. He was transformed into Lisa by Nicole,the dominant

woman that he met at the party and her partner in this scheme,

Susan, at Susan's salon. Lisa has now started to be more intrigued

with her new role. In the final scene of Pt. 2, Lisa meets her

groom, John. Caught up in her new found femininity, Lisa falls for

John's masculine advances, and submits to his passionate kisses.

As we closed Pt. 2, John escorts Lisa out to meet his friends at

their engagement party and introduces the soon to be "Mrs. John

Waterman", the former Miss Lisa Michelle Healy!

And now Part 3 of the Honeymoon!


All of the wellwishers at the engagement party came up to Lisa and

John to offer their congratulations. Beautiful celebrity women that

Lisa had seen on television, dressed in the most dreamy fashions,

kissed her and hugged her while telling her how lucky she was .

Most of the men at the party came up to John and congratulated him

on the choice of a wife he had made. She overheard one man, who she

would later on learn was John's producer, Mark Williams, say to

John, "Johnny, its a good thing you kept her under wraps. We got

alot of play out of this, and she is a knockout! I'm sure you will

be the highlight couple on every supermarket rag for months to

come! I'm really surprised that I haven't seen her modeling work.

You know that with our publishing contacts, I could arrange a

multi-part spread on Lisa as part of your wedding promotion in

"Brides" Magazine. You know how our woman viewers eat that kind of

promotion up. What do you think?" With hearing that Lisa got very

weak in the knees and sat down. She was hot and felt faint. She

could not figure if it was mostly the tightness of her bustier or

the excitement of the moment. Nicole asked if Lisa was OK? "I'm a

little faint" , she replied,"I think I need some air." Lisa and

Nicole went out to the terrace off the side of the club. She told

Nicole about John's conversation with Mark. Nicole was thrilled,

Lisa was terrified. "This is all going too fast. I'm not a girl.

How can I model for Brides or any other magazine as a woman!"   

Nicole took Lisa's hand and said, "Honey, you are becoming a woman,

and a very beautiful one at that. Look at yourself! You have all

of the attributes that have been getting most of the men here horny

as hell. They want you, and most of all John wants you!. Now lets

go into the ladies room, fix that pretty little face of yours and

have some fun." They went inside and Nicole helped Lisa fix her

make-up. They came back outside to the party and Lisa began to get

more and more comfortable with her new position in life. She

thought to herself, "I am becoming a woman, I love how I look, how

I feel and that I am marrying John! I might as well enjoy my life

and not be worried about it." From that point on Lisa got into her

role. She began to learn how to flirt, how to act demure, express

the woman's point of view. By the end of the night, she was the

life of the party. 

The party was over and Nicole had already left with another friend

of hers. John offered to take Lisa home, they got into his new

Porche and drove back to Nicole's house. It was obvious that Nicole

had not come home. Lisa started to say good night to John and

decided to ask him up for a nightcap. By the time that they were

up in the foyer John was already trying to get Lisa into bed with

him. They were passionately embracing and deeply kissing each

other, sucking in their darting tongues. John got his hands under

the ruffles of Lisa's skirt and was gently squeezing her cheeks

that were left exposed by the skimpy bikini she was wearing. Lisa

couldn't take it anymore. She asked John to leave now! She had

promised herself that she would be totally his on their wedding

night and NOT BEFORE! (She said this mostly out of fear, not true

protection of her new found virginity.) John disappointed but a

gentleman, understood. They kissed one more time goodnight and John


Lisa went into her bedroom and fell back on the bed. How could this

all happen so quick! What was going on. She drifted off to sleep

for a few minutes and awoke to the sound of Nicole at the door.

"Lisa dear, I'm home." she called Lisa met her at the stairs, still

in her party dress. They sat down on Lisa's bed and talked about

the party like two teenaged girls giggling after their prom night. 

They helped each other out of their clothes and got washed up.

Nicole took out a beautiful long black lace nightgown with

spaghetti straps and gave it to Lisa to wear. It was exquisite! The

gown was all lace and was cut down to her bottom in the back. There

was a long slit up the leg with a bow at the top of the slit. A

matching pair of bikini panties complemented the gown as well as

a beautiful satin and lace robe. Lisa put it all on and Nicole

brushed out her hair. "Lisa, we have a big day tomorrow. I took the

day off and first we are going shopping for your new wardrobe. Then

we have an appointment with the Plastic Surgeon to discuss your

breast augmentation. I want you to look wonderful in your swim

suits on your honeymoon!" Lisa swallowed hard, not wanting to think

about surgery. Nicole left and Lisa went to bed. She felt new

sensations wearing a long gown to bed. All that satin and lace

against the satin sheets was almost too much for her to take. She

finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Lisa was up at 8:00. She could hear Nicole

downstairs and could smell coffee brewing. She put on her robe and

stepped into the high healed slippers that Nicole had left for her.

She met Nicole downstairs, she was wearing a red teddy and a short

silk kimono that was left open in the front. Lisa thought to

herself how beautiful Nicole looked. Nicole said, "Hi sleepyhead,

lets get our coffee and get started, we have a big day ahead!"

Nicole poured a cup for Lisa and they both headed upstairs. They

each took quick showers. Lisa was careful not to get her hair wet.

Nicole laid out Lisa's outfit for the day on her bed. They were

going to one of the more exclusive shopping areas in the city and

decided to dress the part. On the bed was a pair of pink lace

bikini panties, a pink garterbelt and a beautiful lavender lace

camisole. Nicole had laid out a gorgeous floral suit for Lisa. It

had all shades of pink, mauve, lavender to violet in the floral

pattern. The top was cut with a peplum and was very tailored. It

closed with two large pearl buttons in a wrap style. Seeing that

there was no blouse laid out Lisa assumed that the jacket was worn

without. The skirt was shorter, very slim and was slit up the back.

A pair of stockings with a violet tint to them and a seam up each

leg were also laid out as well as a pair of purple high healed

pumps with 5" heals at least.   

Lisa removed the towel that she had wrapped around herself and

noticed that her nipples were very sore and puffy. Her breasts had

considerably swollen and looked to be about a full A-cup in size.

"My god, what is happening to me?" Lisa muttered. Nicole responded,

"Lisa dear, the hormones are doing their job. You will be sore for

a while but that will soon go away. You will look much prettier

with full firm breasts. Next week you will be ready for your

implants. They are the new gel filled type and have a raised

nipple. I've ordered a full C-cup for you. Dr. Williams will be

examining you later today, so lets not dawdle!" Lisa thought back

of when she was Kenny how could this all be happening to him/her.

Lisa got dressed. She put on the panties and the garterbelt. She

had a little difficulty, putting on the stockings with her long

nails, particularly keeping the seams straight. She then lowered

the pretty camisole over her head. It was snug and clung to her

newly developing breasts and molded around them. Although small,

they were quite feminine and her nipples protruded through the

silken fabric and a noticeable cleavage formed while covered with

pretty lace. Lisa then sat down at Nicoles vanity while she fixed

her hair and make-up. Pink and mauve were the colors of the day and

Nicole did an excellent job of giving Lisa the perfect daytime

look. She also wanted Lisa to wear her hair off her face, and

pulled it back into a sophisticated style. 

Finished with her face and hair, Lisa finished dressing. The slim

skirt to the suit was quite short, a good 4" above the knee. Nicole

assured her this was the look of all the young girls today. The

jacket was another story... It was very tailored. It had shoulder

pads and puffed out sleeves, while nipping in to a very slim waist.

The jacket wrapped low at the waist and fastened with two large

pearl buttons at the waist and just above the hip. When Lisa looked

in the mirror she couldn't believe it. Her camisole was very

exposed and in particular showed her newly developed cleavage. HER

TITTIES were making that cleavage. Kenny thought the sight of such

a woman usually gave him a hard on, as Lisa he/she blushed and

stared in amazement. Nicole fastened a beautiful pearl choker

necklace around Lisa's neck and handed her pearl drop earrings that

she could hang from her new gold studs. Lisa sat down on the bed

and stepped into the violet pumps. They were HIGH! It took her a

couple of steps to negotiate in them, but soon she had them

mastered. Nicole sprayed a healthy amount of JOY perfume all over

Lisa and Obsession on herself, handed Lisa a clutch with all of the

essentials and they were off on their shopping trip. 

Their first stop was to the main shopping area downtown and to the

lingerie shop. Lisa bought two dozen pairs of the sexiest panties,

several bras in both A & C cups, camisoles, corsets, bustlers,

nighties and gowns, a peignoir set, several garter belts and other

garments. Nicole had them wrapped up and sent over to the townhouse

for later. Next they went to some of the trendier boutiques in the

city. Lisa tried on several of the sexiest dresses she had ever

seen, great for dancing. One of the boutiques specialized in

leather, she bought two leather skirts, one a mini, one longer with

a long slit up the back, a pair of skin tight leather pants, a

leather bustier dress in a deep red and one also in blue, both had

c-cups so she could wear them after her implants were in place and

a leather bustier top and jacket that would bring out her wilder

side. They made several stops at some of the finest woman's stores

in town. Dresses, suits, skirts and blouses, all of the latest

fashion, all with a little daring, except for the three Laura

Ashley outfits that they bought. Their last stop was the best, Lisa

was to be fitted for her Wedding Gown! They went through several

designs and finally settled on a wonderful masterpiece of lace and

beading. A lace top with an illusion bodice that was very low cut,

with the cups of the bustier separated fully exposing her cleavage.

The sleeves were puffy and full, coming tight at the elbow to the

fingertips in sequins, beading and lace. The waist was severe and

tier after tier of beaded lace skirting flowed back to the 15 foot

train. Lisa went into the back to change. Nicole had brought her

the necessary lingerie to wear for the fitting. A white lace

corselette was put on over a pretty white lace panty. Two beautiful

young girls, Stacy and Ellen, had Lisa bend over a chair while they

tightened the lacing on the foundation garment. It was heavily

boned and was very low cut in both the front and back. With a deep

V in front almost to her navel and in the small of her back in the

rear. Only a 5" span of lacing to draw her in. And DRAW IT DID! She

could barely breath as the garment reduced her normally 24" waist

to under 21". Her breasts did not fill out the cups of the bustier,

although she thought they would be filled to overflowing once she

had the implants in place. Nicole had brought her breast forms

which did the job. White lace stockings were fastened to the

garters and Lisa was lead to the fitting room. Lisa was helped into

the gown by the two young attendants while Nicole and the store

owner friend of hers, Janet, looked on. She was a vision of

loveliness in the gown. Stacy buttoned the fifty or so buttons up

the back, which except for the row of buttons, was transparent lace

all the way down to the top of her corset. Several headpieces were

brought out and Nicole finally decided on a ring of lace and

beading with a beaded drop at her forehead. A full long vail

complemented the headpiece. White satin pumps completed the

ensemble. Lisa was truly to be a beautiful Bride! 

Janet completed the fitting and told Nicole that the gown would be

ready for the final fitting in about a week. Lisa changed back into

her suit and they left for her doctors appointment. 

They arrived at Dr. Williams office a few minutes late. 

Dr. Williams nurse, Eve, escorted Lisa and Nicole into the Dr.'s

office. Dr. Williams came in, he was a handsome man in his late

40's. Lisa found herself starting to notice men differently now,

wondering what it would be like to be with an older man. 

Dr. Williams asked a few questions of Lisa, knowing of her new

found gender, wanting to find out if this was truly what she

wanted. Satisfied that Lisa was truly desirous of the

transformation, He escorted her into the examination room. She

undressed down to her panties. and sat up on the examination table.

Dr. Williams examined her breasts and felt for any lumps or

abnormalities. satisfied that she was an excellent candidate, he

gave her some preparatory injections around her nipples. "This will

help with the enlargement of your areola, Lisa. The implants that

I'm giving you will sit underneath your muscle and will be inserted

through a small incision in your armpit. There will not be any

scaring. Your build is such that your breasts will sit relatively

high. They will be most attractive." Lisa was still captivated by

this man. He was so gentile with her. She was totally taken with

him. "Lisa, Nicole had asked me to give you an extra helping hand

with your development. I am going to give you some collagen

injections today. We are going to give you fuller lips and add a

little to your cheekbones. It will hurt a little, but will soon

subside." Eve came in with the tray of instruments to assist Dr.

Williams with the procedure. Lisa was a little frightened, but 

Dr. Williams assured her that everything was going to be ok.

He made several injections around her mouth. She felt a

considerable puffiness and at first it was very uncomfortable.

He continued to inject the collagen around her cheekbones. When he

was done, her face was sore. Eve gave Lisa a pill to help with the

pain. Even sipping the cup of water was sore. When he was done, 

Dr. Williams asked her to get dressed. Lisa slowly dressed and

touched the spots that had ben injected with the collagen. She

noticed a great deal of swelling and became worried. Dr. Williams

assured her that in a matter of hours the swelling would go down

and the effect of the injections would give her heightened feminine

cheekbones and beautifully sexy, pouty lips. 

Lisa and Dr. Williams came back into his office. Nicole tried not

to make Lisa self conscious by telling her that she looked fine,

at the same time trying to keep her from looking in the mirror.

Lisa knew that she looked like a fat lipped chipmunk! Nicole and

Lisa thanked Dr. Williams and set up the appointment for next

Friday to have the implants done. They left and Nicole drove Lisa


The pill that Eve had given Lisa had made her quite groggy.  Nicole

took her up to the apartment and got Lisa ready for bed. She

undressed Lisa and got her into a cute sleep set and put her to


When Lisa awoke it was about 9:00. She got up and noticed that most

of the swelling had gone down. She worked up the nerve to look in

the mirror and was amazed at what she saw. She had high beautiful,

feminine cheekbones that even without makeup were obviously that

of a beautiful young woman. But the best of all were her lips.

Kenny remembers a Penthouse Pet of the Month that he had seen once

with lips that he always thought were prefect. As Lisa, hers were

now better. Full, pouty and ready for loving! 

Nicole came into the room and hugged her saying, "Lisa honey, you

look great. How about you and I go out and hit the town. Two hot

chicks out for the night." Lisa said OK and Nicole got out the new

outfits that they had bought today. They decided to go a little

trashy. Nicole chose a Black leather mini and  decided to wear it

with her black velvet bustier, black lace stockings and black

stiletto pumps. Lisa chose her new stretch gold lycra backless

minidress dark tan seamed stockings with her gold 5" pumps with the

double ankle straps. The dress was sleeveless and clung to her

every curve. Although her breasts were small, her nipples were

pushing through the clingy fabric like erasers on a pencil. She

could only imagine what it would be like to have big titties

filling out thetight dress. Her hard nipples strained against the

shimmery gold fabric. She was every man's fantasy.

Nicole did her eyes up extra sexy tonight and fixed her new lips

with the reddest red she had. She teased out Lisa's hair into the

wildest style imaginable and attached huge gold earrings to her

lobes which hung down to her shoulders. A gold cuff bracelet was

added to her one wrist and a gold and black choker was placed

around her neck. They were ready for a great night of dancing,

flirting and anything else that came about.



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