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Archive-name: Changes/hallween.txt

Archive-author: Christina Lynne Melville

Archive-title: Another Halloween Adventure

I had been looking forward to the weekend for a month now.  It is not

unusual for me to go out in all my feminine glory but this year was

special because I was going to do it with a transvestite I had meet

through HSX and the CB Simulator.  Her name is Jennifer Wells and the

weekend turned out to be everything I had imagined it would be.  I have

been wrestling with inner questions about myself and my gender Identity

for years but this was my first chance to talk it over and see the actions

of another in the gender community in person.  When the weekend was over

there had been many tears and much laughter.  I had learned a lot about

myself and had made a dear new friend.  I hope you enjoy the tale.

It started on Friday night, about 10pm, I think.  The phone rings and

Jennifer is in town at the hotel.  I think she must be looking forward to

this as much as I am because almost immediately she invites me over to see

her photo album (which is nothing sort of spectacular) and then go out for

a drink.  I go over there and knock on the door.  (I was to realize latter

that this in itself  was a first,  here I was going to meet someone that

knew all about me, the real me, and I wasn't wearing heels!...amazing!)

When she opened the door, one look was it all it took for me to know this

was going to be a Halloween to remember.  The smile on her face matched

the Jennifer I had come to know through phone and computer perfectly.

Plus the fact that behind her I could see a table stacked with wigs and

jewelry galore as well as a bed strewn with clothes.  Within minutes we

were chattering like old friends.  We went down to a local bar to have

that drink.  The bar was one that I go to a lot in either of my personas.

When we went in and get our drinks, we noticed a tv in the corner of the

dance floor in a rather nice white lacy dress. Then we noticed a couple

other tv's in the place.  Jennifer's thought for the evening?... why

hadn't we come to the place en femme?!?!  She was so impatient!!(grin)

We had a couple of drinks, talked about outfits and stuff for the big

day and called it quits about 3am.

The next morning we went shopping.  The main quest was for a coat for

Jennifer.  We went to several stores and strangely enough did not seem

to raise any eyebrows or draw stares when we asked about what was there

in a slightly larger size.  Maybe we just felt so natural that we never

got paranoid.  I did get a few glances because I had recently had my

other ear pierced and this was the first time I had gone out with both

earrings in.  But it didn't bother me.  I felt comfortable with myself.

Of course, being with Jennifer, who exudes energy anyway, she helped.

We escaped the mall after she had bought her coat, a cute gold top,

a pair of black evening pumps with a silver rose design on the toe, a

scarf I think, some hose, some jewelry...well, you get the idea, she had

a good shopping spree.  I picked up a really nice rose and lace side tie

Baby-doll on sale but nothing else.  Terribly cheap of me, huh?? (giggle)

We had a quiet drive up there and got to the hotel we were to stay at

a little late.  We knew we would want to allow plenty of preparation

time as we wanted to look extra-nice.  After all, in some ways this was

Jennifers debut in a really public place.  Jennifer had been telling me

that she had arranged for us to have a suite.   This was to allow for

her wardrobe no doubt, although I had dragged a fair portion of mine

with me when I left cause I couldn't figure out what I wanted to wear.

When we check in, we find out the only way to get to our suite as by

going right past the main desk!! Ok for now, but when we came back latter

in our party clothes??  I was fighting not to laugh, the situation was

just precious.  Jennifer just glanced at me, and I knew her thoughts

were paralleling mine... some night clerk was in for a surprise later!!

We unloaded, Jennifer called the people there we were going to meet and

then the preparations began.  Two girls and one bathroom do not equal a

fun time!! I watched in amazement as Jennifer went through the steps in

her transformation.  For me it's shower, shave, put on some make up, get

dressed and go (although I did cheat that night and had Jenn tape my belly

to give me a little more hip)  But for her, its a process that defies

description, thank god I won't have to go through anything like it on a

day to day basis!  But the end result was worth it, she emerged several

hours later looking great in a black slinky cocktail sheath with a silver

lame jacket and those new black heels. She looked quite elegant.  Me,

I was in a slightly wild mood.  I was in a black and gold lycra leotard

and a black leather miniskirt with black hose and black patent heels.

We were ready to party!!

Our host(ess) arrived acting very cool, mellow and laid back, which was

rather remarkable as she was wearing a fluffy pink dress with ankle

socks and mary-janes. It was Halloween all right!!  We made our way

towards our first stop.  I did note a difference between Jennifer and

I at this point, she seemed a little upset that no one was checking

us out while I was quite pleased at the fact we seemed to blend in

so well.  The first place we stopped at was very cozy, you could tell

that most of the people there knew each other.  Despite that, we felt

real welcome, especially when the door attendant insisted that we sign

up for the costume contest.  We then got to meet the local people that

had so graciously invited us to join their party that evening.  Karen,

our mellowed-out little girl, Racheal, dressed in leather and a lace

top with collar and wrist restraints, terri, dressed fairly normally

and a lady, I understood was her wife, dressed in formfitting yellow

mini-minidress.  We did make quite a group!  We had a couple of drinks

and got to know each other a little before the contest began. There were

some nice cross-dressed people there, but I felt a had an advantage,

or maybe I am just plain conceited.  Anyway when it came my turn to get

on stage and be judged, the little pixie in me took over.  I swayed up

the steps (and almost ruined the effect by slipping in the heels on a

wet spot on the floor)  as I turned to the crowd, I did a little act

Marilyn Monroe on a USO tour....the crowd loved it.  When the master

of ceremonies asked me for a rear view a turned my back to the crowd,

bent at the waist and straightened my stockings....the crowd loved it!

I passed Jennifer as I left, she was next to "perform".  The look she

gave me was strange, I couldn't tell if she thought I was too much or

if she was wondering how it follow that act.  She ended up countering

my vamp act by acting coy and demure, she carries it off rather well.

We watched the other contestants and danced a little while we waited

for the judges to decide.  I was starting to really loosen up.  dancing

in a leather mini and pumps can be rather sensuous if you let it be.

When the judges announced the decision, a local girl had won, the group

we were with grumbled about favoritism and I will always wonder if I was

the second choice.  But the place was really too quiet for the mood we

were in so we set off for the second stop of the evening.

This place was packed, and had so many cross-dressed men, crossed-dressed

women and all shades in-between that our group fit in perfectly.  With the

gender confusion in the air, I was mistaken on several instances for

the lady I am.  As crowded as it was, when I walked through the place

the men made room for me to pass, and I caught so many guys checking

out my legs I stopped paying attention to them.  I was even groped

by one letch that still asked me directly if I was "genuine" or not.

I told him quite honestly that whatever it was he was drinking was to

strong, smiled sweetly, and went on my way.  We danced till they shut

the bar down.  I broke a heel on the dance floor but that didn't even

slow me down.  I felt so comfortable and so alive.  We went back to the

hotel after thank the wonderful people we had meet.  That night clerk

looked at us, checked these gams and smiled, nothing more.  We were so

high on ourselves (and a fair bit of booze, I guess) that we didn't even

think twice about giggling and smiling at him as we went to our rooms.

It did take Jenn longer to clean up then it did me.  I was in my new

baby-doll and half asleep by the time jenn crashed.

That Sunday as we drove back, we shared a lot of our feelings, her ideas

about Transvestism and my feelings as a Transsexual.  We both had learned

that we shared a lot in common and that despite the differences between

TV and TS when it was all said and done, we are sisters, in any sense

of the word.

(Next issue....Jenn and I got together the following weekend and

returned to my local bar.  We didn't know there was an all male dance

revue there!!)


Well, dear sister, here it is, please feel free to edit it anyway you

like.  Hope it is what you were expecting.  Write me soon, things here

have not improved. Miss ya!



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