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Archive-name: Changes/grlhoo.txt


Archive-title: My Rearing as a Girl

 When I was 9 years old my parents were killed in an

automobile accident. One of my Old Maid Aunts, Aunt Elvie,

took me in. She was my Father's favorite and mine also, so

there were no problems from the rest of the family about

this. Living with Aunt Elvie was great. She let me grow my

hair longer,(the fashion for boys in 1968) which my parents

would not allow. Aunt Elvie was a tall (5'10"), good looking

woman in her late forties and was a Registered Nurse working

for the local hospital. She had never married even though she

had had plenty of proposals. This had always puzzled the rest

of the family, but it was not unusual where I grew up as

women greatly outnumbered men.

 Aunt Elvie worked late often, so I usually had run of the

house after school. Usually I watched a lot of television or

read a lot. Being a shy, studious type, I didn't have any

friends, preferring to reading to roughhousing with other

boys. One afternoon as I was snooping around the house, I

decided to look around Aunt Elvie's bedroom. Looking at her

dirty clothing in the hamper, I was fascinated by her

underclothes. She wore silk panties and as I examined them it

hit me on how smooth they were compared to the cotton Jockey

shorts I wore. Wondering how they would feel on me, I took

off my jeans and underwear and pulled on her panties. Of

course they were ridiculously large on me, but I discovered

that if I gathered up the sides and pinned them together with

a couple of bobby pins, I would not have to hold them up.

Walking around, I loved the lusciously smoothness of her

panties on me. Why couldn't boy's underwear feel this good?

Nonetheless, after a few minutes, I guiltily took them off

and got dressed and went back to my books.

 For several days afterward I thought off and on about her

panties and how they felt to wear, but I felt too guilty

about wearing them again. They were for girls and I was a

BOY! But finally I gave into myself and put on another pair

for a while. For the next two months I would come home from

school, take off my jeans and underwear, pull on and pin a

pair of Aunt Elvie's dirty panties and then put my jeans back

on and piddle around the house, always taking them off after

an hour or so. Then I started wearing them longer and longer,

until one evening I quite forgot about having on her panties

until she walked in the front door. I must have been acting

sheepishly, because Aunt Elvie kept asking every once in a

while " Bob, what's wrong? Did something happen at schhol

today?" Mumbling that nothing had happened, I finally went

into my room and changed, hiding her panties between the

mattress and the boxsprings on my bed. It was several weeks

before I ever dared to wear her panties again!

 Figuring out that she had no idea what I was doing, I

started wearing them again. As the months passed, I even wore

a pair while she was home, always being careful to return

them to her clothes hamper the next afternoon. I really loved

the feelings I got wearing the silk next to my crotch. Then,

one day I tried on one of her slips. Getting bolder, I pulled

on one of her skirts and blouses and got into a pair of her

high heels. Parading around the house , I was a ridiculous

sight, but I loved it. By the time my tenth birthday rolled

around, I was dressing up in her clothes every time I could

(which was at least 3 times a week).

 Aunt Elvie had promised to take me out for pizza (my

favorite!) for my birthday, but that afternoon she called and

told me that her relief had sicked out and she had to stay

for 4 or 5 hours to help with a critical surgery that

evening. Apologizing profusely, she told me she would make it

up to me. Disappointed, I moped around for an hour or so.

Then, it hit me! I could dress up in her clothes agian and

stay in them for a long time! Rushing eagerly into her room,

I quickly got into them. Then I decided to put on some of her

lipstick. WOW, this was great! Walking around the house, I

spied a pack of her cigarettes laying on the kitchen counter.

Taking one out, I pretended to smoke it. The lipstick mark on

the white filter sure looked neat! Taking a match, I lit it

and started puffing on it, but not inhaling. Try as I might,

I couldn't blow put one of those long thick streams of smoke

like she could. I really felt like a sophisticated lady. Then

the roof fell in! I heard the front door open and Aunt Elvie

call out, " Bob! I'm home! Let's go get that pizza now. My

relief showed up."  Quickly, I stubbed out the cigarette and

began looking for a place to hide, but there was none. I was

standing in the kitchen with a sickly smile on my face as she

walked in.

 Stopping in her tracks, Aunt Elvie scrutinized me.

" Hmmmmmm" , she said. " Looks like you have a new game you

like to play." she said smilingly. " Come here. " Afraid I

was about to get the spanking of my life, I shuffled over to

her. Looking at me speculatively, she told me to get out of

her clothes right now and right here.

 Standing in front of her naked, she looked me over."You

might make a pretty little girl if you were done up right.

Stand here and don't move!" Leaving me standing there, she

disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a cloth tape

measure. She took several measurements of different places on

my body. "Now go get dressed and wipe that lipstick off." she

commanded. Nothing more was said about the incident the rest

of the night.

 The next day when I got home from school, I noticed that her

car was in the driveway. Going inside, I heard her call out

for me to come into her bedroom. Upon entering, I was told to

take off my clothes. After doing so, she started showing what

she had for me to wear. With her help, I put on a pair of

pink silk panties, a white silk slip, and a white ruffled

dress. Everything fit perfectly! Next she gave me a pair of

white shoes. Then all dressed up, she had me sit at her

makeup table. Taking my hair, she trimmed it here and there

(it was almost shoulder length) and put up in curlers. Then,

she started putting makeup on me- foundation, mascara, eye

shadow, blush and lipstick, explaining how to do it as she

was putting it on me. Then, she painted my fingernails and

toenails. Taking out the curlers and brushing my hair a

little, she pronounced me ready. " Ready for what?" I


 "Now Bob.....hmmmmm, That won't do! Your name is now...let's

see....aaahh yes! Now Karen, Let's go get in the car. We have

to go get that pizza." Luckily, we went to a pizza parlor on

the other side of town, so we didn't see anyone we knew. on

the way home, Aunt Elvie told me that any time I wanted to

dress up like a girl, just do it, and don't worry about it.

Oferring me a cigarette, she told me that if I wanted to

smoke, don't hide it from her. I took it and lit it. Seeing

me puff on it, she coached me on the art of smoking like a

woman. By the time we got home, I could blow a cloud just

like her.

 By the time Halloween rolled around, I was really good at

dressing up. When Aunt Elvie asked me what costume I was

going to wear, I told her that I would be a girl. Smiling she

told me that she thought that would be my answer. That

afternoon, she took me down to the Beauty parlor she

patronized. In my girls clothing, no one could tell that I

was a boy. She told them to fix my hair, give me a facial and

fix me up for a special occasion. That night I got

compliments such as " What a pretty little girl" from every

house I went to Trick-or-Treating.

 As the months went by, I got more girl's clothing and spent

all the time at home dressed up as a girl. During this time

Aunt Elvie started giving me what she told me were vitamins,

but were really birth control pills. Then one day, she came

home with a hypodermic needle and gave a shot. I got one

every week. By May, I was starting to show breast growth.

When school let out for summer, Aunt Elvie told me to get

dressed and get ready to go out shopping. Going to a mall in

the next city, she bought me my first bra (the hormones were

really starting to work on me!). Next, we stopped at a

Jewelry store. Going in, a clerk asked if she could help us.

Aunt Elvie said, " Karen wants to get her ears pierced."

 The clerk told me to sit up in a high chair behind the

counter. Picking out a pair of gold ball studs, she proceeded

to pierce my ears. Picking out some earrings for me, Aunt

Elvie paid the clerk and we walked out the store. " Now Karen

you are going to be a little girl all summer", she told me.

When we got home, she took all of my boy's clothing and put

them in her car. " We'll give them to Goodwill in the

morning ",she said.

 By the end of the summer, I was filling out a A cup bra. I

told Aunt Elvie that I didn't want to be a boy any more, that

I was Karen, not Bob. Smiling, she said she understood and

that we would be moving next week.

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