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Archive-name: Changes/gretchen.08

Archive-author: Amelia Allbyte

Archive-title: On Becoming Gretchen - 8

Chapter Eight

In any event, after starting on the second drink, I asked Miss

Irene about the Sisters of Circe.

"The Sisters of Circe," she replied, "is an organization of

free-thinking women, aware of their superiority and dedicated to

the humiliation and abasement of men as payment for the years

they have suffered under masculine domination. They do this

symbolically by capturing a male slave and humiliating him. This

humiliation may be by feminizing them, by infantilizing them, or

by training them to be pets animals. Of course, the women are not

limited to these classifications. They can train their males any

way they wish as long as the subject is constantly aware of his

subjugation to the whims and desires of his mistress."

"In fact," she continued, deviating from the subject a moment, "I

know of a woman who made a bed pot out of her male slave.

However, this is an extreme example and is not generally


"The main purpose is not the method. It is the desire, the whim,

and even the fetish of the mistress. It is to continually make

the subject male aware that he is under the control of his

mistress and has no free will of his own, forever!"

"Yeah," I replied, "but this Sisters of Circe sounds like a

pretty big organization to me. How come I've never even heard of


"That's not surprising. Despite everything that you may have

heard, women can be very close-mouthed when necessary. There are

no living ex-slaves, sane ones anyway, that may talk about our


"I guess it's all right now to tell you a little about us, since

you won't be able to repeat it to anyone, except possibly other


Here is the story she told me. She did put words in the mouths of

some of the women, which may or may not be quite precise, but it

did clear up several points.

* * * * * * * * *


The Sisters of Circe was started about a hundred years ago. It

seems that there was a group of rather wealthy and

independent-minded women who would meet regularly. They would

discuss many topics of the day, but generally the main and

central object of discussion always came back to the subject of

male domination, the treatment of women as property, and most of

all, how to overcome this domination and give women at least

equal rights.

"You must remember that this was in the late eighteen-seventies

and women's rights were not even thought about then. Women were

considered to be the property of their husbands or fathers,"

Irene interrupted herself.

During one of these meetings, one of the younger women burst out,

"I'd like to take one of those men and make him wear a bustle and

girdle and all the other uncomfortable clothing and perform the

menial housework that we women have to put up with."

"Oh, you say that, but you couldn't handle my pet dog, let alone

a big adult independent male," another woman answered


"I could too! I'm quite athletic. I'm an excellent horsewoman and

tennis player. Besides, my brother has a book on the manly art of

self-defense and I've been sneaking it off and practicing. I

don't want any big, hulking, clumsy oaf. I'd pick one who is

small and delicate, one who would look attractive in women's


"And where do you think you would find such a man?" another woman


"Males of that sort are all about and quite easy to find, if one

wants to look. Why, my father's tailor has an eighteen-year-old

apprentice who would make a lovely-looking girl. He's small and

delicate. I'll bet that master tailor would sell him for little

or nothing, and he's an orphan. No one would ever miss him. I

imagine there must be thousands like him."

The meeting degenerated from "I wish I could--" to "How's the

best way to--" and finally to "If you had one, where would you

keep him?"

Finally, one of the older women spoke up. "Except for me, my

family is all dead. We have a large estate in the country that no

one uses anymore. It's quite isolated. We don't talk about it

much, but father used to catch runaway slaves and hold them there

until their masters would come to get them. It has several rooms

that were used as jail cells. It also has a punishment area,

another way to say torture chamber. Now, if any of you women are

serious about the idea of overpowering, capturing, and training a

male to wear feminine clothing, then you're welcome to use of the


"All right," one woman jibed at the first speaker, "you now know

where to obtain your 'man'. You are offered a place to train him.

Now, what are you going to do about it?"

Stung by the dare, the woman replied, "I'll do it if someone else

will do it with me."

That created another uproar, and when the dust had settled, no

less than five women had each volunteered to domesticate and

feminize a man of their own choosing.

The women agreed to a few basic rules. No male under eighteen

would be taken. Otherwise, a woman could get a lad of ten or

twelve and train him with little difficulty.

It should be noted that putting boys in dresses for discipline

measures was an accepted procedure in those days. If a woman

could find a male over eighteen who had been through this

discipline, it was her good luck.

The second rule was that the selected make should not have any

close kin or friends who would raise a big stink if he should

suddenly turn up missing.

The third was that a male, once selected, would be trained and

kept for life, or killed, no exceptions. There would be no

opportunity for ex-slaves to disclose any information about the


There was a bit of argument over this rule, but its importance

was accepted. It just meant that the women would be extremely

selective in choosing their subjects.

It should be noted that through the years, only a handful of

males suffered this fate, and these in every case demonstrated

violent criminal tendencies.

Basically, that was it. Find a male over eighteen that suits you,

one with no close family ties and have at it. With only a few

minor exceptions, these rules still apply today.

Well, to get back to the story, those five women found their

subjects. Taking them to this isolated estate, they trained them

with surprisingly little difficulty. Contrary to popular belief,

the women quickly discovered that the difference in physical

strength between the sexes was negligible. The individual with

the most rigorous training and the practicing of what we know

call the martial arts made the difference. All of the women who

first accepted this challenge were quite physical and aggressive.

They had no real difficulty in subjugating and training their


They also found an unexpected bonus in this 'experiment'. Once

the male had been thoroughly dominated and forced to wear women's

clothing, they actually embraced their femininity and adored

their mistresses. They would endure any punishment and discipline

just for the honor of serving them.

Those old-time women had one problem with their feminized males,

though - facial hair. There were no depilatories or even safety

razors then - only straight razors. These razors would shave as

close or even closer than safety razors today - in the hands of

an expert. There were probably many who had light beards or were

able to shave closely every day who had no trouble passing as


However, there were a number of feminized males who could not

shave closely every day. These made full use of veils which were

very common at that time to hide their stubble. This may have

been a significant reason why veils were so popular then.

All in all, these first five women were quite successful in

establishing their dominance over their feminized male slaves.

Like most endeavors, success breeds success, and over the years,

the number of women wanting male slaves burgeoned. No one knows

how many there are today. There may be hundreds, thousands,

perhaps even millions.

The original estate where the first males were taken is no longer

in existence. The women spread out and formed individual groups

in their own town or locality. Each group maintains its own

membership. There is a loose confederation, but by common

consent, each woman keeps her affiliation secret. There are signs

and passwords so that members from different chapters can

recognize each other.

Another gradual change has been the growth in the diversification

of training. At first, the women were only interested in

feminizing their males. However, some of the women became

interested in variations. Now, in addition to our feminized

males, we also have males who have been infantilized, trained to

be pets of one sort or another in all kinds of variations,

limited only by the imagination of the dominant woman.

Although the organization still operates basically the same,

there have been some changes over the years. In the late

nineteen-forties, one of the members, a neurosurgeon, attempted

to develop a procedure whereby males failing to be acceptable

could have their memories of their captivity excised. However,

the procedure resulted only in insanity for the poor subjects.

Despite this one unfortunate failure, we women have developed

several improvements in our procedures. We now have improved

depilatories, female hormones, and breast implants, and even the

birth control pill was developed from original studies done by

members of the Sisters of Circe.

Needless to say, we women adopted all the new techniques in our

training methods and disciplinary measures. However, over the

years we have found that nothing has been quite as effective as

the good old fashioned lap spanking. It combines a measured

infliction of pain and obvious humiliation to the males lucky

enough to be selected by a dominant woman.

We have also developed other procedures affecting the physical

qualities and mental attitudes of the subject males. Most of

these are not yet available to the general public. For instance,

the depilatory with a hair growth inhibitor that you received is

one of our newer developments.

Irene smiled, "There is also a potion that I put in your food the

first night that can cause the mistress to gain control of the

sexual behavior of the subject. It is not fully perfected yet and

only sets up the mind of the subject to be receptive. The

mistress must use commands, discipline, and punishment to fully

imprint it in the mind of the subject. Once established, it

should be permanent. They hope to eventually develop it so that

control will be immediate without the need to use physical

feedback. That is why I can control your genital arousal and


She also indicated that there were many other developments, some

perfected, others they were still working on. One they almost

have completed is a hormone that will stimulate breast

development and the growth of feminine curves on the male body

without inhibiting the male potency. Retention of male potency is

necessary so that male will always be a male, albeit a dominated,

feminized one. Another is the ability of a developed male breast

to lactate so that they can breast-feed babies for their

mistresses. "Another development is the ability to increase the

physical strength and agility of we women. I believe you may have

noticed its effectiveness when you tried to attack me," she added

unnecessarily, with a sort of gloating smile.

"These are only a few examples of the advances we have made or

are working on. I am sure that if you are accepted as a permanent

slave to me, you will be exposed to many more of our developments

to make the superior woman's life easier. If certain of these

techniques cause the male to be more aware of his subjugation and

dependence on the superior woman, so much the better."

I listened with amazement. A whole secret feminist organization

that was dedicated to subjugating and training male slaves had

been going on, under our very noses, so to speak, for over a

hundred years without anyone ever knowing about it.

After digesting this story, my mind was whirling with questions.

"If you can do all that, why don't you just give the selected

male a complete sex change?"

Irene was amused at the question. "No - we will make our males

look feminine, act feminine, and even think feminine. But they

must be constantly aware that they are dominated and debased

males, subject to the orders, desires, and whims of their

superior mistresses. In no way will we allow our slaves to feel

that they are anywhere near our equal by giving them a sex


"Who is this Mistress Circe you keep talking about? If each

chapter is independent, how do they know about her?"

"The president of each chapter is known as 'Mistress Circe'. It

is more or less an honorary title given to the woman who has

trained the most males."



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