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Archive-name: Changes/gretchen.05

Archive-author: Amelia Allbyte

Archive-title: On Becoming Gretchen - 5

Chapter Five

She then ordered, "You have a house to clean, so get with it!"

Get with it, I did. I mopped. I scrubbed floors. I vacuumed, I

dusted, I polished the furniture. I did everything necessary to

clean the house until it was spotless. I even did the windows;

inside, that is.

Meanwhile, Miss Irene was doing exercises and practicing her

martial arts. I sneaked a few minutes to peek in a watch her.

Seeing her work out made me understand how she took me down so

easily when I first tried to jump her, and then how she had

overpowered me when she gave me the spanking, which, in fact,

still hurt. I knew there was no way that I could get the better

of her physically without a club or something.

Occasionally, she would interrupt me in my work, force me into

the dressing room and remove my makeup, and make me re-apply it.

We did that four or five times during the day. The first few

times it was a disaster and she had to do it over for me. The

third time, so-so. The fourth time I was almost passable. At

least I was getting better.

She also interrupted me at lunch. I had to fix her a meal and

then stand behind her while she ate, making sure her every need

was fulfilled. I should also mention that she would interrupt me

all during the day to serve her drinks or otherwise do her


After she ate, she allowed me to eat in the kitchen. My meal

consisted of eating what she had left on her plate. It may have

been humiliating, but for me, it was a giant step up. For the

first time since I had come into the house, I didn't have to eat

off the floor.

I might also mention that early on, I had complained about doing

housework in high heels, pointing out that regular maids doing

menial work wore low-heeled shoes while working. I argued that I

could do a better job cleaning the house if she allowed me this


She only laughed and replied that regular maids already knew how

to wear high-heeled shoes and that housework was their

occupation. But in my case, not only must I learn housework, I

must also learn to accustom myself to high heels. It was also

necessary to keep me aware that I must get used to accepting a

subservient role and wear feminine clothes. No arguing with that.

I guess it was around five-thirty when I finished. If the house

was clean before, it was sterile now.

It was now time to begin preparing Miss Irene's evening meal.

Fortunately, I had spent some time in my wanderings as a

short-order cook, so I wasn't completely lost in front of a

stove. Also, the meal she ordered was rather simple to prepare. I

had no trouble making it. She did mention, rather emphatically,

that I had better learn to prepare more exotic foods as she and

her guests enjoyed a varied menu.

It was after seven before I finished preparing and serving the

meal. As instructed, I stood behind her while she ate so that I

would be available in case she wanted something. My meal was in

the same manner as lunch. I ate her leftovers in the kitchen.

Completing the cleanup, I went and bathed. I again used the

sweet-smelling bath crystals and the bubble bath. By now I was

starting to enjoy this part of it and thought that after I was

freed, I'd continue to bathe this way whenever possible.

After I bathed and dried myself, I put on a clean lace bra and

inserts that I found on my crib (cage?). I had a bit of

difficulty but I was getting used to the technique of snagging

hooks behind me.

Next was baby doll nightie and a matching short robe that barely

covered my hips. The lace bikini panties were elasticized in the

crotch, which held my genitals back between my legs, completely

hiding them out of sight. Smearing some night cream on my face

that Miss Irene told me I'd find on the dressing table, I went

into the den to join her.

She was there waiting for me, similarly clad. When she saw me she

produced a bowl of ice cubes, a few of which she wrapped in some

cloth. She told me to hold one against each ear, which I did

until they began to feel numb.

She then severely pinched each ear in turn and began fumbling

with them, finally stepping back.

"When are you going to pierce them," I asked, secretly hoping

that she would change her mind.

"It's already done, and the keepers are in place," she replied.

We'll check them again in the morning. I see no reason why you

shouldn't be able to wear any style I select for you by then."

Under her close direction, I filed and shaped my fingernails and

toenails, and applied a bright red polish on them. She remarked

that my fingernails would look much more attractive when they

grew out longer.

When they were completely dry, she affixed the chastity irons

about my wrists and neck to prevent me from reaching down to my

crotch and playing with my genitals.

She took me up to my bedroom and again locked me in my crib/cage

and left me to my own thoughts for the night.

And so ended my first full day of feminized captivity.



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