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Archive-name: Changes/gemini3.txt

Archive-author: Cherysse St. Claire

Archive-title: Gemini, The (Part 3)

    Why am I always so damn horny after I leave Janice's office? Making it

with her just seemed to make it worse, not better. I scored a quick fuck

with Mason, the orderly (and one of my former johns) in the linen closet.

He only had twenty-five dollars to offer me, but I would have taken him on

if it had only been twenty-five cents; he is hung like a horse, and I

needed it bad! I gave Jade a real workout with the double-ended dildo when

I got home. She had no complaints about my randiness; she used every trick

in the book to make me hotter! I do know that we launched each other into

lunar orbit before we were through.

    Jade and I had gotten real close, and our love games were paying off   

big-time. We were real well-known on the street; know what I mean? Johns

were asking for us by name. We were even getting jobs at private parties;

people LOVE to watch two sexy sluts get it on! We now cleared enough to

move out of the dump we had been living in and into a much nicer place. We

never gave a thought to getting separate apartments; we wanted to stay 

together, period.                             

    One night, while I held her in my arms, Jade told me about all the     

rotten things that had happened to her as a kid; stuff she had never even

told Janice. Her mom had gotten a kick out of dressing up her delicate 

young son as a girl. I guess she always wanted a daughter, or something.

Anyway, one day when he was sixteen, she got him all dolled up and

introduced her `daughter Jade' to her husband. He went ballistic! He

screamed that the only things girls were good for were sucking and fucking,

and if that's what his kid wanted, it was fine with him! With that, he

pulled out his cock, stuck it in Jade's mouth, and made her suck him off.

After that, he made her eat her mother's pussy while he fucked Jade's

virgin ass. Afterwards, her dad told her mom that it was all right with him

if she turned Jade into a girl, but the "little cunt" would have to earn

her keep. To Jade's horror, her mother agreed! From that time on, Jade

lived full-time as their `daughter' and turned tricks which they set up for

her. She hadn't been `abandoned', like she told Janice; she ran away.    

    She made her way here - broke, scared, and alone - and made a living

the only way she knew how. She found out about Janice and the Clinic

through the other `girls' she met on the streets. She was able to hide most

of her past (hey, we're ALL good actresses, Honey) and paid her way

through the program with trick money. She knew Janice would never condone

her lifestyle and would bounce her out of the program if she found out Jade

was hooking, so she kept her mouth shut. She really did try to `go

straight', but she couldn't get a job and the money was running out. One

night she had gone back to Tush Street and met a guy who seemed nice and

had money. She was desperate, so she hustled him. She felt so guilty about

it later that she just couldn't face Janice again; that's when she dropped

out of councilling. I asked her why she hadn't just gone back to living as

a boy when she first left home; why had she gone `all the way'? She just

shrugged her shoulders a little and told me she didn't really know how

anymore. She had just gone from one trick to the next, hoping to find -

something, anything she could believe in. Then she gave me a little squeeze

and told me she finally had - me. I was close to tears. I told her that

what her folks had done to her was really sick, and promised I would never,

ever let anyone abuse her like that again. Then I hugged her tightly and

rocked her to sleep.

    We got a gig at a private swing party in a lakeshore high-rise. Hal,

the guy giving the party, told me a friend had given him our names. He

wanted us to do a "scene" to get his guests in the right mood.

    "Sure, no problem. We'll get 'em hot enough to melt their shorts."

The party was a bunch of doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, and Corporate-

types who were into kink, but wouldn't dream of getting "down 'n dirty" on

the street. That's OK with us; doing a show for "tourists" is fun and easy

money. Getting them hot, horny, and willing in a place they feel safe

ALWAYS leads to some action on the side - for which we can charge BIG bucks

to guys like these. Jade tugged on my arm and nodded towards the windows.


    "Janice is here."                                                   


Sure enough, there she was - on the arm of some stud I recognized from

T.V.; the quarterback of the local football team, I think. But this Janice

was an entirely different person. She wore a tight-fitting red silk blouse,

open at the neck to show a lot of boob, and an equally tight-fitting black

spandex miniskirt. She was braless and, from the way her stud was fondling 

her between her legs, pantiless too. She was all over him like a cheap

suit, cupping her boobs with her hands for his admiring glances, rubbing

her cunt up against his crotch, and blatantly sticking her tongue in his

ear. I couldn't imagine prim, proper Dr. Janice Foster putting on a display

like this in public, even here. I mentioned that to Hal, and he smirked.

    "She wouldn't be caught dead looking like that - if she had a choice.

    She doesn't. I know her both personally AND professionally; we are both

    Psychiatrists. She's always had a reputation as a `cold fish'. Lance, 

    her boyfriend, asked me to help him play a little trick on her. The 

    three of us had dinner here earlier this evening. I slipped a little 

    `something extra' into Janice's wine; a powerful hypnotic drug. We put

    her on the couch and I put her under. I `loosened her up' quite a bit

    for the occasion. A bit unethical, perhaps, but no real harm done."

    "Wow, you mean she's in a trance or something?"

    "Not really. I brought her out for the party, with a strong post-

    hypnotic suggestion that she wants to flaunt herself freely with Lance

    and everyone else for the rest of the evening. She will wake up

    tomorrow her usual self. She may not believe she could have done such a

    thing, but she will remember it, and enjoy it. We always say hypnosis

    can't make someone do something they don't want to do. From the looks

    of things, Janice has been denying herself a lot of guilty pleasures."

    "Wow, that's neat! I always thought Janice was too stiff."

    "Well, now we can let some of the `starch' out of her from time to

    time. I planted a trigger phrase that will activate the post-hypnotic

    suggestion later."

    "Wait a minute. You mean you can make her like this anytime, just by 

    saying a few words?"

    "It requires some follow-up conditioning, but essentially, yes."


I nuzzled up to Hal suggestively, casually grabbing his cock through his 

pants in a way no one else could see.

    "Doctor, I wonder if you would mind stepping into my `office' for a 

    moment. We have a little `business' to discuss."

I backed him into the bedroom and shut the door behind us. I came out

twenty minutes later, grinning like I had just swallowed a canary. I had

a good lay (he wasn't bad, for a doctor), an `understanding' about a future

exchange of `services', and something MUCH more valuable!

    We did our "scene", and the audience was so turned-on by it that

several of them paired off and fucked right there in front of everyone.

Jade and I spent the next couple of hours taking on all "Cummers" wherever

they wanted it; bedroom, bathroom, on top of the pool table, standing

against a wall, anywhere.

    "My goodness, you two really do fuck like bunnies, don't you?"

    "Janice! What a NICE surprise! Whatever happened to your boyfriend?"

    "The asshole is passed out in the bedroom - just when I needed him


She gazed longingly at Jade and me; I could tell she wanted it in the worst


    "I've always wanted to see the two of you in action together. When my

    friend Hal told me he wanted a sex show to spice up his party, I told

    him to look you up. I must say, your - enthusiasm - for your work is a

    REAL turn-on."

I smiled wickedly.

    "Enthusiasm? You haven't got a clue, Honey. I'll SHOW you


With that, I grabbed her silk blouse with both fists and ripped it from her

shapely body. Jade followed my lead, tearing away Janice's slim-fitting

skirt. Together, we overpowered Janice, forcing her backwards and down on

the couch. I sat on her abdomen, alternately kissing her plush lips and

sucking her breasts, while Jade ate her pussy and clit. Janice's protests

soon became screams of ecstasy as wave after wave of orgasm washed over

her. She became a woman possessed, fondling, licking, sucking each of us to

orgasms of our own. The effect of our impromptu "scene" was easy to

predict; soon the couch was a mass of writhing bodies, with Janice, Jade,

and me taking on any cock, any pussy that came our way. With a few

whispered suggestions to our host, I made sure that Janice was made to

service every man there, sometimes two or three at a time, while everyone

voiced their approval of her wicked performance.

    We didn't let it end there. I found out that her `session' with Hal had

left her submissive and very receptive to our suggestions as well. After

the party ended, we dressed her in a spare outfit I had in my tote bag -   

a silver spandex, off-the-shoulder top and a black leather mini. We made

her up whorishly, slipped her feet into a pair of five inch spike heels,

and took her out with us to work the streets. She did it, too; here was

this proper, professional lady wontonly fucking complete strangers in the

back seats of their cars and loving it. What a sight!

    Dawn was breaking when we "released" Janice to go home. She thanked us

for an "incredible evening", and made us promise that we would BOTH come to

see her at her office at 2:00 that afternoon. Jade and I made our way home

and to bed, and fell immediately into a deep, dreamless sleep.

    We slept until noon, then got dressed and went to Janice's office to

keep our appointment. Janice took Jade into her office first and kept her

there for an hour. Finally she opened the door and ushered me in. Jade was

sitting in the chair in front of Janice's desk, knocked out from hypnosis.

    "Come, sit down on the couch and get comfortable, Amber," Janice said

soothingly. I did, and gazed expectantly into her eyes.


    "I ought to be furious with you, but that wouldn't do any good, would

    it? After all, I can't move a muscle in my current condition. The fact 

    is, yes, I AM having fun. I am enjoying my life more than I ever have 


    "I am so glad, Richard, because you have also done a wonderful job for

    me. I told you at the beginning of all this that I was worried about

    what your crass behavior had done to Jade. I knew that she would not

    come back here on her own, and that she would not trust anyone she knew

    from the clinic. I had to find someone else to bring her in, someone

    like herself who could get close to her and earn her trust. I needed a

    `Gemini', a twin of Jade, with whom she could identify. It seemed only

    fitting that since you were the cause of all this trouble, you should

    also be the solution, so I transformed you into a lascivious little

    slut, trained you in all the `proper' techniques, and instructed you

    through hypnosis to find Jade, get close to her, and convince her to

    come back here. She and I have just had a long `chat', and it seems you 

    have done even better than that. She loves you, or rather, she loves

    Amber. She brought me `up to speed' on what really happened with her

    parents. She told me that you have given her the trust and caring that

    she never had before. She feels good about herself, and says you are

    the reason why. I suggested that she didn't need to hook anymore, and

    she said that you made her feel `sexy', and that this was something

    intimate the two of you shared. I wouldn't have understood that until

    last night, but now I think I do."

    "Does that mean I can come home now, and be Richard again?"

Janice looked down at me with that same longing gaze as the night before.

    "Nooo, I don't think so. Jade still needs you very much, and Lance   

    satisfies me much more than you, Richard, ever did. To be honest, I

    LOVE you this way; you are a SUPER turn-on as a whore. No, Richard, you

    already ARE home - as Amber. But I'll tell you what - I'm going to give

    you and Jade a little `wedding present'; I am going to assign to you

    the income from the rental of your seat on the Exchange. You and Jade

    will be able to live quite comfortably on that, even if the two of you

    decide to go on hooking. Actually, I hope you do; I had a WONDERFUL

    time with you last night! Perhaps we can do it again sometime - soon, I


    "Oh, I think I can arrange that."

    "I'll bet you can. This will be the last time we speak, Richard. I want

    to sincerely thank you for all your help. Thanks to you, Jade is a

    whole person for the first time in her life. I, too, have learned

    things about my sexuality that I never dreamed of. And we both owe it

    all to you. I would like you to remember that - but of course you

    won't, will you? Oh, well. Good-bye, Sweetheart."

    "No, wait - Jan..."


    "Oh, wow, Janice. I must have fallen asleep again! I don't know WHAT it

    is about our sessions that relaxes me so."

    "Think nothing of it, Dear. I just took the time to clean up some loose

    ends with one of my cases."

    "Gee, Jade is still out. Is she all right?"

    "She's fine, Dear. I'll wake her up a little later. I have a surprise

    for the two of you. In the meantime..."


She put down her notepad, took off her glasses, removed her hair combs,

and shook her head, allowing her rich, chestnut hair to swing freely.

She gazed down at me with naked lust in her eyes as she unbuttoned her


    "...isn't it time we got re-acquainted, Amber?"

I sighed and pulled her down on me.

    "I thought you would never ask," I replied breathlessly, crushing her

lips with mine. Giggle. It worked. Thanks, Hal.                  

    Where should I begin? Jade and I bought a condo in Hal's building. We

started one of those 900 phone services, and the money is rolling in. We

are fixtures at Hal's frequent swing parties - as is Janice. She is coming

along nicely in her `therapy', thanks to Hal. It's worth all the freebies I

give him; Janice has become so much more - expressive. I personally watched

her do the ENTIRE football team. Well, maybe I helped out a little; those

studs are REALLY built! Jade and I are happy. Lance is happy. Even Janice

is happy. You don't believe me? Ask her yourself - she's down at the end of

the bar, hustling that john sitting next to her.



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