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Archive-name: Changes/gemini2.txt

Archive-author: Cherysse St. Claire

Archive-title: Gemini, The (Part 2)

    There's nothing like a warm Spring evening to bring all the little

Studlies out to cruise the streets. It's like they're coming out of 

hibernation, ya know? And like a big ol' bear, they're REAL hungry! That's

OK, Stud; I've got whatcha want. That guy in the blue Chevy must think so

too; he's been going around the block for ten minutes, eyeing me every time

he goes by. Maybe I'll just step off the curb here and see what's on his


    "Hi, Handsome. I'm Amber. Wanna date?"

    "Jeez, Babe, those tits of yours look great! Are they real?

    "Gimme your hands, Lover. There, how's that? Now, what do ya think; do

    they FEEL real?"

    "Gulp. They sure do, Babydoll. Does the rest of you feel that good?'

    "Why not take me for a little ride, Honey, and decide for yourself?"

    He opened the door for me and I climbed inside. As he drove, I snuggled

up close to him. I felt up his bone while I stuck my tongue in his ear.

    "Ya know, Sugar, if you had fifty bucks, I could take REAL good care of

    your `friend' here."

    "What a coincidence! I just happen to have two twenties and a ten right

    here in my jacket pocket. See?"

    "Oooo - so you do! Here, let me just stick this in my purse - there,

    that's better. Now, let's you'n me have some fun!"

    I gave him a "wait'll you see what I got for YOU!" smile as I eased

down his zipper and undid his button. I gently lifted his dong out and

started stroking it.

    "Hey, Babe, you really ARE a stud! Does this `lollypop' taste as good

     it looks? Let's see!"

I went down on him while he drove, swallowing his cock all the way down to

his balls. I gently raked his thighs and ball sack with my nails. The poor

thing just about jumped out of his skin! It's always such a kick to do a

trick while he's driving; it's all he can do to keep his eyes open, much

less on the road, and he has to fight the urge to grab my head and pull me

down on his rod. No no, Baby, mustn't touch; you have to keep your hands on

the wheel! The poor boy lasted about five minutes, then shot his load into

my mouth. I cleaned him up with my tongue, then carefully tucked him back

in, zippered and buttoned him up, then snuggled up next to him again and

fixed my lipstick and make-up in my compact mirror. They like that. I had

him drop me off at Clark and Diversey. I kissed him on the cheek and told

him to "cum back anytime!", then got out and walked down the block,

swinging my hips for him to see. I'm up a couple a bucks, and I got a ride

to Tush Street; not bad for five minutes work.

    You got to know the rules about places like Tush Street. I do; I've

worked places like this for as long as I've been hooking (How long has it

been now? Gosh, I just don't remember. It seems like forever. You are such

a Bimbo, Amber!). The guy at the door knows the score; you flash him a BIG

smile, wink, put your arm around him and tell him you missed him SO much,

even if you've never seen him before in your life. He'll cop a free feel,

then tell you to have a good time and drop by later. Bye-bye cover charge.

You saunter down the aisle nice and slow, so everyone can check out the

goods; then you pour yourself onto a bar stool, make a big thing about

crossing your legs, let your hem hike up a couple of inches, order a drink,

and wait for the fish to bite. There are always a couple of real good

`fishing spots' in any bar. It might be by the pool table. It might be at

the end of the bar, facing the door, like I'm gonna do tonight. One of the

best places is under the TV. Think about it. The guys are watching the `Big

Game'. Their eyes wander down from the screen. Gotcha! You thought Monday

nights have to be slow for us `working girls'? You haven't got a clue,


    Yup, the place is just like I pictured it. Just a little `neighborhood

joint' with a bar, juke box, and pool table in the front room and another

bar and dance floor in the back. The place is a little on the sleazy side,

just like I like. You won't find any `Yuppies' here, unless they're

cruisin' for a piece. But there IS someone else here who knows the `rules'.

She's sitting right where I was going to. What a dynamite-looking fox! I

always had a thing for Redheads, and her eyes are as green as mine. She's

got a bod that just won't quit, poured into a long-sleeved black satin

spandex minidress and black patent pumps. She makes ME ooze! I can always

spot another `working girl', and I wouldn't mind having this one as a

friend. Maybe she can give me a line on a place to stay.

    "Hi, Hon. How's business tonight?", I said with a wink. She beamed a

smile my way and winked back.

    "Just great, Luv. In fact, it's been booming!"

We had a laugh over that one. It's just a little `inside joke' between us


    "My name's Amber. Mind if I hang with you for a while?"    

    "Sure, no prob. I'm Jade. New in town?"

    "Oh, kinda. I worked some places over on the West Side side for a

    while to pay for clinic. My landlord threw me out; I wouldn't give him

    a freebie. I've got my things in storage. I thought I might check out  

    the action up here."

Jade kinda stiffened up when I mentioned the clinic.

    "Did Janice send you to find me?"

    "You know Janice too? Isn't she a sweetheart? She made me everything I 

    am today," I replied slyly, showing off my body. "No, really, Sugar; I

    came on my own. Janice would probably kill me if she knew I was


    "Who're you telling? She's been on my case for months to get me to

    quit. I finally stopped going to see her. She's such a prude, and I

    don't need the grief."

    "Oh, Honey, you shouldn't quit! Janice is such a SUPER person, and she

    really has done a lot for me. You can always tell her you got a job as

    a secretary or something. I'll cover for you. In fact, we can cover for

    each other. Besides," I said with another wink, "I have a hunch she's

    not as much of a `prude' as you think."

    "Thanks, Babe. Maybe I'll take you up on that. Need a place to stay


    "That'd be super! Are you sure it's no bother?"

    "Are you kidding? Us girls have to stick together!"

We had another good laugh, and spent the rest of the evening together.

Well, sorta. We kinda got busy and had to make a few `house calls' out to

the parking lot - know what I mean? I guess the word was already getting   

around about the two stone foxes at the end of the bar. We had a few laughs

over it, and got to be good friends. I was really getting hot for her, and

she looked like she felt the same for me.

    Jade took me back to her place. It wasn't much, but it was a roof over

my head. Jade said I was welcome to stay until I found a place, and that

she would help me pick up my stuff from storage in the morning. I kissed

her lightly on the cheek, thanked her, then started to turn to go over to

the couch. Jade put her hand gently on my arm.

    "No. Stay here with me tonight, Amber," she said softly.

How could I resist an offer like that? I was so randy for her all night, I

couldn't think straight. I put my arms around her neck, pressed my bod

against hers and kissed her, gently at first, then like a five-alarm fire.

We couldn't get out of our dresses fast enough. We lay together in our 

garterbelts, stockings and heels, fucking ourselves into oblivion with

Jade's double-dildo. Afterward, we cuddled tenderly all night.

    The next few days were like a dream. Jade helped me move in and get

settled. I had clothes that even I didn't remember (Where did I get this

stuff?). Jade gave a little cry of joy when she discovered my corsets. She

insisted I just HAD to wear one for her right away! I think she enjoyed

yanking those laces tight, crushing my waist down to nineteen inches. I

told her turnabout was fair play, and I took my turn corsetting her for me.

We spent all of our time together in corsets, stockings, and five-inch

spikes, and dressed each other in the evenings for ourselves, as much as

for the boys. We hooked together, sometimes on the streets, sometimes the

clubs. Everytime I turned a trick, I found myself thinking about humping


    Today is clinic day! I have so much to tell Janice - oops! Well, maybe

not EVERYTHING. I tried to get Jade to come with me, but she is still too

nervous about confronting Janice. There's something going on between them

that Jade won't talk about. I spent some bucks and got a new outfit to wear

today. I'm starting with a black satin corset, black lace bikini, and black

stockings. I slipped a silky black camisole over my head and let its lacy

top settle over my naked breasts. I had the dark grey, wool suit tailored

to fit my body REAL tight. The skirt goes just past the knee and limits me

to about twelve-inch steps. The jacket is V'ed to show off my camisole (and

my jiggling boobs underneath!), nipped in to accent my nineteen-inch waist,

then flares into a snug-fitting peplum. I stepped into a pair of five-inch

black patent spikes and was ready to go. I looked business-like, but `on

the make' - kinda like a smart, efficient secretary who was doing a little

hanky-panky with the boss! Jade's eyes kinda glazed over, and I could tell

I had to get outta here real quick, before she ripped my clothes off me


    I didn't realize so many of my tricks worked here at the clinic! True,

I hadn't seen any of them since I moved uptown, but it's kinda scary

walking down the hall and having all the guys say "Hi, Amber" and remember

when I did them in my old place, or a car, or even a dark alley. What if

they told Janice? I had to wait a while in the outer office, along with a

couple of Janice's other `girls'. I could tell they were green with envy of

me. Sorry, Girls, we can't all be beautiful. If we were, I'd be out of


    Janice hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, like I was her long, lost

sister, and ushered me into her office.

    "Amber! You look stunning. Is that a new suit? It looks MARVELOUS on

    you! I just KNEW you wouldn't have any trouble finding a job. You look 

    like quite the career woman. Come, sit down and get comfortable. We

    have so MUCH to talk about!"

I sat down on the couch, swung my legs up, then looked up expectantly into

Janice's eyes. She smiled down impishly at me.


    "JANICE! Oh, my God! I've been fucking MEN all week, and loving it!

    I'm going to strangle the life out of yo - I CAN'T MOVE! What have

    you done to me, you BITCH?"

Janice chuckled and patted my cheek lovingly.

    "Poor Baby. I thought you might have a nasty reaction when I brought 

    you out again, so I took the precaution of implanting the command that

    `Richard' is paralyzed. You are also extremely receptive to my

    suggestions. I said I was going to TALK to you from time to time,

    remember? You will just lie there, and I will do whatever I feel like

    doing to you; then `Amber' will come back, perfectly normal, and won't

    remember a thing. So, how is your `roomie', Jade?"

    "How did you know I was living with Jade?"

Janice winked at me.

    "Oh, I have my ways. The two of you were such randy little sluts

    before I changed you, I think it is just precious that my two gems,

    Amber and Jade, are shacking up together again. You have become quite

    the little whore, haven't you?"

    "You ought to know - you MADE me this way!"

She beamed down at me with glowing eyes.

    "Yes, I certainly did, didn't I? And I must confess, I REALLY like the

    results. Every time I see you, I get - ideas. Oh, did I tell you? I've

    taken a new lover. He's a football player, and a REAL stud. He's much

    more a man than you ever were - or ever will be again! Be a good girl,

    and I might share him with you."

The realization hit me like a ton of bricks. I WAS a girl now. Whether I 

liked it or not, my life was changed - forever. I couldn't even lift a

finger in protest! Tears welled up in my eyes.

    "There, there now; don't cry, Baby. It's all for the best. You really

    are happier now. Your life is so much simpler. All you have to do is

    fuck for a living. And you LOVE to fuck. You can't get enough. Now,

    sleep tight, and we'll talk again sometime. CHECK YOUR MAKE-UP, AMBER!"


    "Wha - Gee, I'm sorry, Janice! I must have dozed off. I guess I'm not

    getting my `beauty sleep'. Did I miss anything important?"

    "No, Dear, not at all. In fact, I was just commenting how good you

    looked today."

    "You really think so? I dressed JUST for you. I wanted you to be proud 

    of me."

She leaned forward in her chair, reached into my jacket with her right

hand, and fondled by breast through the silk camisole. The sensation was

incredible. The she kissed me softly on the lips.

    "Yes, Honey, I'm very proud. And more. A lot more."

I sighed expressively and pulled her down on top of me.

    "I was HOPING you would say that."




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