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Archive-name: Changes/fungames.txt

Archive-author: She Devil

Archive-title: Fun and Games She Devil Style

     CHRIST, WHAT TIME IS IT!  Shit, it's still dark.  3:30 AM! 

What idiot could be calling me at this hour?  I hate calls like

this. Either somebody dies or it's a wrong number.  Answer the

phone, dammit.  It's driving me crazy.

     "Would you like to wear my pretty panties, Sissy Boy?"  CLICK!

     Huh?  What the hell?  Wear whose what?  What was that lady

talking about?

     "Who is this?"  Then, I realized that she had already hung up.


     "Would you like to wear my pretty panties, Sissy Boy?"

     I had forgotten all about that stupid call.  What was it -

two, maybe three months ago?  I looked at the clock.  God damn if

it wasn't exactly 3:30 AM.

     "Listen, dammit!  Don't hang up.  Who the hell are you?"

     There was a throaty chuckle, a warm sound .  I tried to hear

any background sounds, anything that might be a clue, but there

were none.

     "Would you like to wear my pretty panties,  you ridiculous

Sissy Boy?  Would you like to stand at my door begging me to give

you a pair of black satin panties with lots of the frilliest white

lace?  I'll make sure that they're much too tight.  You'll have to

wiggle to put them on.  Do you want to wiggle and jiggle you soft

sissy fanny into my prettiest panties?"

     "Who the FUCK do you think ...?"

     "When you are ready, tell me so - nicely and sweetly - like

the sissy I know you are.  Tell me that you want to wear any

panties I desire.  I know you'll be begging me soon."



     All right, so laugh at me.

     I didn't do anything to deserve this.  Who was this goofy

bitch anyway and why did she think I was some sort of fruit?  Wear

panties?  Come on and get real!  Okay, what if I am only 5'6" and

weighed only 140 pounds.  Just because I'm not Conan doesn't mean

I'm Miss Priss.  This bitch had me pissed off and I meant to do

something about it.

     But that didn't stop the phone calls. My mystery caller (as I

now referred to her) called me infrequently enough to keep the

police from being interested in doing anything, but often enough to

drive me nuts.  She always called at 3:30 AM.  And she always asked

if I wanted to wear her "pretty panties."

     I was traveling.  Buffalo is drag.  After dark it's dead.  You

drive up to see the Falls and, once you've seen them, there's

nothing else to do.  I watched the movie in my hotel room, left the

room service tray in the hall, and hit the rack.  The phone rang

and I grabbed it.

     "Do you want to wear my pretty panties, Sissy Boy?  Don't you

know that you can't run from me?"

     That was it.  I'd had it.  I wanted to know who this bitch was

and what she wanted with me.  Let's call her bluff and find out

what she's about.

     "What if I do wear your panties?"

     "Now that just won't do, Sissy Boy.  If you want to wear my

silky, slippery panties" (God, was she making me mad!), "then

you'll just have to beg."

     She was going to make this as hard as she could.  If I'm going

to keep her on the line and get some lead on who she is, I'll just

have to play along.

     "Please, uh whoever you are, I'd to wear...uh...your

panties and..uh, you, if you'd do that, please."

     Well, considering that you asked so sweetly, a package will

arrive at your office tomorrow.  Open it and put on the panties

inside.  Obey the instructions.  If you are very good, I will let

you see what I look like.  And from now on you are to call me "She




     No way was I wearing these silly things anywhere.  Just before

noon, express mail delivered a package.  In my hotel room, I read

the note and looked at the panties I'd been sent.  The lacy

undergarment was a wisp of pink satin, covered with rows of stiff

white lace.  I could never wear such a thing.

     I read the note.

          Dear Sissy Boy,

               I hope you like your new panties. Aren't they the

          prettiest things you have ever seen?  I picked them out

          for you because I know pink is your color and lace is

          your favorite.  All sissy boys like pink satin and lace. 

          If you want to see me, wear the panties to  City Center

          Plaza.  I will be there today between 2 PM and 4 PM.  If

          you are very good, you will see me there.

                                        She Devil

So make fun of me too.

     I'm sitting in my car, working up the nerve to walk into the

mall.  I know I'm wearing those damn panties.  Hell, how can I

forget?  They're too damn tight and the ruffles across my ass show

up on the seat of my pants.

     Let's get this over with.  I walked in.  I nearly knocked over

a tall redhead as I went in.  She paid me no notice.  I walked all

around the mall, sat by the food court, and stood by most of the

women's clothing stores but no ne came near me.  The nearest I had

been to a woman who had even so much as looked at me was that

redhead as I entered and I hadn't even seen her face.

     Great, what a fool I made of myself this time!  I have to get

out of here.

     The office answering machine had some messages.

     "Hello, Sissy Boy.  Didn't you notice me?  I noticed you and,

all those frilly rows in your pants."  She described me to a T.  I

was getting madder and crazier.

     "Why didn't you say hello when we passed at the doorway?  You

were in such a hurry that I didn't want to stop you."

     THAT BITCH!!  She had been the woman leaving as I walked in. 

I racked my memory for her face, but I had never seen it.

     "Listen, how do you expect me to know who the fuck you are

when you won't even identify yourself?"

     "MY, OH MY!  Such language.  Sissy Boys never talk like that."

     "Do me a favor and cut the `sissy boy' bullshit.  I put on

these damn panties to meet you and you never showed up, or at least

you never let me know you were there."

     "Is Sissy Boy having a tantrum because She Devil never told

him who she was?  Well, Sissy Boy can meet me if he is really ready

- if he does just what he is told."

     I cannot believe what she is telling me to do.


     SHIT,  the bitch hung up.  She's not giving me many choices,

is she?


     The map was good.  Now that I've found this place,  do I go

in?  It's an old mansion upstate,  lost in the middle of a forest. 

The place sits in a big clearing and this parking lot must be a

hundred yards from the house.  I do not want to do this, but I've

already come this far.  I guess I'll just see it through.

     It's cold out.  My panties are all I have on.  Sky blue satin

with a wide flouncy lace trim - they're too small and way too

tight.  My cock and balls are showing right through.  I feel worse

than naked, walking out in the open dressed this way.

     Who's opening the door?  God, she's gorgeous.  Maybe I'm going

to get lucky after all.

     "Well, if it isn't my newest Sissy Boy.  Do come in and let me

see you model your panties for me."

     I was inspected from head to toe.  I couldn't help but start

to get erect.  The fabric, the tension of the situation, her

fabulous looks, I couldn't help but react.  But she never let on

she noticed!  Hey, I'm not the biggest guy in that department but

no one ever complained before.

     "Now that you're here, let's play some games."


     Please let me go.  I want to tell her with my eyes that I

don't want her to do anything else to me.  I'd tell her too, if

they'd take the gag out of my mouth.  First, they tied me to a

metal frame with big satin ribbons.  Oh yes, now it's "They." After

I was secured, Bobbi showed up.  He's practically a girl, he's so


     All my body hair from the neck down is gone.  And the panties

I'm wearing now are unbelievable.  She Devil says that they're

punishment panties and she's right.  They look just like sexy girls

panties, until you see the crotch that is.  My balls are tied tight

with pink ribbons.  A little strap hangs down from an opening. 

They forced my genitals through and put a little satin bag over my

balls.  Ribbon after ribbon was tied between my balls and my body,

forcing my balls further and further away, tighter and tighter. 

The last ribbon came between my tightly squeezed gonads and

separated my balls into two hard satin spheres.  Next, the began to

play with my cock.

     Bobbi teased me and tickled me and sucked me in long deep

strokes.  I begged him to stop.  I didn't want to have sex with a

man.  I had been chasing She Devil.  Leave me alone!

     Once I was really hard, Bobbi began to lace what I can only

call a `penis corset' on me.  My cock was rushed inside this awful

tube of shiny satin.  But first they sprayed my cock with an

anesthetic!  I was numb.  I didn't feel a thing as a tiny gold ring

was fitted into my cock head and my cock was tied to the waist of

my panties, silken ribbons through my unwanted cock ring.  Bobbi

poured water on me a few minutes ago and then wheeled me into the


     Oh God!  Now I understand.  These damned panties are shrinking

as they dry.  If I don't get them off, I'm going to be maimed for


     Please come back!  I'll do anything you want.  Just take my

gag off and let me beg.  Don't let these panties cut off my cock

and balls.

     I didn't want to cry but I couldn't help myself.  She Devil

ran her hand across my face.  She wiped away a tear and tasted its


     "Is my Sissy Boy ready to beg to play games with us?"

     Frantically, I nodded that I was.  The ribbons came off.  I

could move.  The gag is off.  I can talk again.

     "I want you to return the favor to Bobbi and take his adorable

little penis in your silly, sissy mouth." I couldn't do that!  But

those damn panties had to come off.  I could try to get them off

myself, but I doubted I could do that and fend off She Devil and

Bobbi at the same time.

     Slowly I sank to my knees.

     "Why don't you take my dick out with your mouth?  Don't use

your hands at all."

     How am I going to do this?  I got his zipper down with my

teeth.  His cock was already getting stiff and I managed to work it

out with my nose. That was easy, now comes the hard part.  Close

your eyes and do this!  The sooner you start, the sooner you're


     Shit,  it brushed my lips and...unghh, it's in my mouth. My

mouth!  God, it's so damn big.  How do girls do this?  I better get

going.  Up.  Down.  I want this fucker to cum quickly.  He's really

excited.  His cock is actually throbbing.  Suddenly, there's a

rising thickness in his rod and, WHAM, my mouth is full of cum.

     "Don't spill a drop or you'll wear those panties another


     I strain for every drop.  Finally, limp and satisfied, Bobbi

pulls out.

     "That was lovely, Sweetie."  She Devil is taking film from a

camera.  A CAMERA!  No, she can blackmail me forever with those

pictures.  Got to get them back!

     "I wouldn't do that.  I'm very good with this."

     Now I see the little black automatic.  No way I can win this

one.  Best to just get out with my life.  They left me there to

free myself and get home.  And to worry and to wait.


     The last three months have been hell.  She Devil has me in

panties now every day.  She made me lose fifteen pounds and makes

me keep myself baby smooth and hairless at all times.  Then there

are the corsets.  I have my `day corset' on now.  It reduces my

waist to 24 inches.  I'm a perfect 36-24-36 most days.  I had to

let my secretary go.  She was beginning to look at me oddly. 

Fortunately, I do my business by phone, otherwise I'd be broke.

     There's someone at the door!  I try to never to answer but

someone must have seen me just arrive.  Okay, how do I look?  Hell,

I know what I look like.  A look in the mirror only proves the

point.  I look like a girl dressed in mens clothes.  My hair is too

long.  She Devil won't let me cut it.  I'm too damn slim and pale. 

My complexion is too creamy.  It's those creams and female hormones

I have to use three times a day.

     It's the buzzer again.  Let's get the lock open and peek

through the door a crack.  She Devil nearly knocked me over as she

threw the door open and entered with Bobbi mincing along behind


     "Well, Honey (That's what she calls me now).  She Devil is

sitting at my desk.  I have nowhere to hide.

     I haven't seen you in a few weeks.  I must say I like how slim

you are.  You can't be a pound over 130.  What do you think Bobbi?"

     "Honey looks like a perfect size, eight Mistress."

     Size eight?  What's going on?  Why is she here?  I can feel my

stomach sinking.  Bobbi has a dress bag and a suitcase in tow.  Oh

no, I can see what's coming.

     "I want you to take off all your clothes and let Bobbi put a

pretty dress on you.  Of course, you don't want to do that but

either you cooperate or those naughty pictures go in the mail


     She Devil has held those pictures over my head since they were

taken.  And it always works.  It only took a moment for me to be

standing nude before Bobbi.

     There was a wicked little corset that took me to 22 inches. 

I threaded my garter straps under my panties to hold my white hose

taut.  There were red patent leather high heel pumps and a red

dress with white polka dots in a halter style.  I put on the big

white button earrings and gumball necklace, red gloves and a huge

red straw portrait hat, edged with white.  The crown was cut away

letting my hair show through.  It would have been a very dressy

outfit for a glamorous young woman.

     The beauty salon had my appointment and no one there seemed

surprised by a man having his hair bleached blonde and permed.  My

eyebrows were plucked to a thin arch and my face heavily made up. 

In the mirror, I looked at myself.  My features seemed blunted

under all the cosmetics.  The brim of the hat framed my face with

blonde curls.  I looked to the side and caught a glimpse of how my

platinum hair made a flashy crown for my hat.  My shoulders seemed

so white and slim in the halter.  I looked all girl - fashionable

and sexy.

     Of course, She Devil had Bobbi fully photograph my dressing

and transformation.  On the way home, she had me stand over a

subway grate.  Every time a train passed, a blast of cold air blew

my skirts up wildly.  Bobbi made sure to get a lot of pictures.

     I have to think of something.  I can't go on like this.  She

Devil's demands are too much.  I have to lose another fifteen

pounds and get my waist to an uncorseted 24 inches.  I'm going to

be wearing dresses to work from now on.  Sexy dresses, glamorous

dresses, dresses that are going to show off my body.  Bobbi is

picking me up to go shopping tomorrow.  Clothing, make up, and

accessories.  The whole works!  I have a weekly beauty salon

appointment now.

     The way She Devil sees it, I'm a girl.


     One last look in the mirror before I go in.  I hate this new

sweater dress.  It's a size six, too tight and much too low cut. 

It shows off way too much of my cleavage.  Oh yes, I have cleavage

now.  I'm a 36C-21-38.  She Devil wanted me to have that "tits and

ass" look.

     The skirt of my dress is really tight.  It actually clings to

my ass and doesn't cover much more than that.  Black sweater dress,

lace hose, white ankle boots, lots of jewelry, perfume, and make

up.  Bobbi trained me perfectly how to pass for a sexy secretary,

ready to satisfy her boss' every need.

     Not long after I started dressing as a woman full time, She

Devil brought Roger to the office.  He's the son of one of her

friends, a weightlifter and bi-sexual.  I taught him my business,

how it worked, all my contacts and, too my growing dismay, watched

him take over.  Roger was bright.  He caught on fast and cut me out

of the picture.

     She Devil put me where she thought I belonged - behind a

secretary's desk.  I learned typing and dictation, filing, all the

things a secretary handles.  And to survive, I learned how to

please my boss.

     "Honey, get in here for a little dictation."

     I grabbed my pad and hustled in.  I made sure that I wore a

big happy smile.

     "Yes Sir", I chirped.  I made sure my skirt rode up as I sat

down, that my knees were apart, and my breasts held high.  Roger

taught me to sit this way.  When I get it wrong he uses his

weightlifters muscles to hurt me.

     "Tell me what you have."

     One of Roger's games is to have me write, in shorthand, super

hot love letters to him and then read them back.  I can't get used

to doing it.

     "My darling," I kept my voice breathy.

     "I can't wait until the next time you tie me up and whip me. 

It makes me wet just to think about it.  Then, when you ram your

monstrous cock..."

     I went on reading.  Roger's erection was obvious by the time

I was done.  With a little sigh, I walked around the desk and

satisfied my boss' most obvious need.  I'm a very good secretary


     I know this can only get worse.  I've been stealing some money

from the accounts and hiding it for my "getaway."  I'll have more

than enough in a few more weeks.

     Then, I can find a way out of this feminized captivity.









                           -SHE DEVIL-



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