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Archive-name: Changes/forsale.txt

Archive-author: Leslie Forte 

Archive-title: Panties for Sale

      Tom had not intended to go this far, but the feel of the soft  

underthings had taken over control of his actions.  Sylvia, his wife,  

would not be home for another three hours, so he had decided to go  

all out.  This was not a first for Tom, no indeed.  He had been  

dressing up in his wife's clothes for almost six years now.  She was  

never suspicious, because he always took pains to fold everything  

neatly, and replace it in the same position it had been before.   

      Today he had taken a shower, and had only intended to try on  

the new bikini panties he had bought her the other day.  Being slim  

himself, they fit beautifully, and he got an erection that moment he  

saw himself in the mirror.  Instead of masturbating, which was his  

usual release, he began to seek out additional clothing to go with  

the panties.  He fastened her black bra on and took two stockings and  

worked painstakingly with them until they were shaped sufficiently to  

fill out his bra.  Now, he pulled her black nylon stockings up over  

each leg, and fastened them to the garter belt he had placed  

underneath the panties.  He studied himself in the mirror, and was  

quite pleased and excited.   

      He wished he was in a dark movie theater, and that a huge male  

had come and sit down next to him and started pawing at him, only to  

find he was not a girl.  This was his constant dream, only he always  

managed to stop thinking about it after the big male got angry. 

      He went to her vanity, and sat down.  Very cautiously, he  

applied the makeup to his face.  Eye shadow, powder, rouge, lipstick,  

and even added a tiny beauty mark near his chin.  Then came her new  

wig, long silken curls of shiny gold.  He was ecstatic when he looked  

at himself in the mirror.  The huge erection in the transparent  

panties was the only blemish in his otherwise feminine appearance.   

Now he picked out the blue mini dress that looked so great on Sylvia.  

He was delighted, and could hardly wait to get into her black 4 inch  

heels.  Now he looked beautiful.  He primped and modeled, turning  

this was and that. 

      Finally, he had to go downstairs and walk about.  Soon he was  

at the back door peering into the yard.  None of the neighbors were  

about, and he spotted two teenage girls walking down the street  

toward his house.  He quickly opened the door, and stepped out onto  

the porch.  Seeing that they were about a half block away, he pulled  

the porch chair over so that he could sit facing them.  He settled  

into the chair, and crossed his legs.  He wasn't satisfied with the  

view he offered, so he lifted the crossed leg higher until his calf  

was against his knee.  This way, his thighs were totally exposed,  

including the little panties.   

      He was ready.  As the the girls passed his yard, one happened  

to look his way and spotted the way his legs were open, and told the  

other girl who giggled along with her.  They kept staring until they  

were past his yard and out of sight.  He had felt their eyes, and his  

penis had throbbed.  He relaxed, and was about to go back in the  

house, when he spotted three teenage boys walking down the street.   

He looked around to be sure no neighbors were in sight and again he  

set his crossed legs in position, exposing more of his panties.  The  

white of his upper thighs and the full crotch of the little panties  

were on full display.  As they reached his yard, one of the boys  

noticed him, and soon they were all staring.  Tom pretended to be  

looking the other way, but he again felt eyes burning into him.  

       They  had stopped, and were boldly staring and laughing. 

Finally, Tom had to get up and go into the house before he burst

with sexual exhilaration.  He peeked out the window, and saw the

boys continuing  on their way.  Boy oh boy, he thought to himself,

wouldn't they be burned up if they knew he was not a "hot mamma".

He went upstairs again, not taking the time to even look at the

clock.  It was time for Sylvia to be getting home.  Tom was so 

keyed up by the clothes and the teenage boys and girls, that he 

had to model one last time before Sylvia's wall length mirror. 

      As Tom paraded and fantasized, Sylvia let herself in.  She was  

quite tired from a hard day, and immediately proceeded up the stairs  

to their room.  Her eyes went wide as they fell on Tom, who did not  

see her as he pranced and wiggled seductively.  Then he saw her  

through the glass, and turned, shocked and surprised.  She could not  

speak.  She just stared as he pulled the blonde wig off, and stood  

there trying to be casual.  "I was trying to see that those college  

guys look like when they do those all male shows" he stammered.   

Sylvia said nothing.  

      Finally, she spoke "Get out of those clothes NOW!"  He  

understood her meaning, and began to remove them quickly.  She stared  

in disbelief when he got down to her underwear.  "You are sick Tom,  

do you know that, SICK!"  He tried to tease about it, and told her it  

was not the way it looked.  Once he was naked, she told him to get  

out of HER room, and not ever dare to come in there again.  He  

meaning was clear, since they both slept in the same room. 

      He left, and stayed clear of her until dinner time.  As they  

ate in silence, he tried to change the subject, but she was not  

interested in anything he had to say.  The evening went on this way,  

and she had been upstairs for over an hour.  At about eight thirty,  

she came down, and very calmly told him she wanted to talk to him.   

She did not seem angry any longer.  They went to the den, and she had  

Tom prepare a drink for each of them.  Then they sat, and she leaned  

in to talk privately to him.   

      "Tom darling, what I saw today was a shock to me.  I had never  

seen anything like it before in my life.  I was angry, frustrated and  

upset.  I just spent the last hour going over this in my mind, and I  

have made a decision.  I have heard of women who are married to  

transvestites, and they seem to be very happy.  I think we can be  

too, but you have to tell me the truth.  We can't live with a lie  

between us, and perhaps we can find some sexual outlet for both of us  

through this quirk of yours.  But you have to be open and honest with  

me now."  He looked into her eyes and felt that she was being  

sincere.  He so wanted to tell her all about it, but felt she would  

think him to be perverted.   

      Now was the chance to open himself up and tell her all about  

his fetish.  "Sylvia, you are wonderful.  Don't ask me to explain how  

or why I got started, but I guess I have been secretly wearing your  

clothes since the day we got married.  I often wished you knew, so  

you could watch me and tell me how to do it right."  She sat there  

staring at him, and finally finished her drink in one swallow.   

      "Follow me Tom", she said as she went up the stairs.  He  

trailed behind her like a little puppy dog.  When they got to the  

bedroom, she told him to remove all his clothes.  She was not excited  

or animated, but very matter of fact.  Once he was naked, she sat at  

her vanity chair to study him.  "Turn around darling, so I can get a  

good look at you, front and back."  As he did, the sleeping giant  

between his legs started to come to life.  "That will never do Tommy.  

    Girls just don't have dicks, now, do they?"  The way she said  

it, made him blush rather hard.  "Come over here, and I'll take care  

of that problem for you."   

      She had him stand before her, while she masturbated him slowly.  

She did not speak, or even look at him, but concentrated on  

eliminating this obvious problem.  She held some tissue in her left  

hand, and as she stroked him, watched for the first signs.  He felt  

like a young boy with a governess, but loved the helpless feeling.   

He began to tremble, and she coaxed him to his climax.  "Just let it  

all come out Tommy.  That's it baby, you enjoy it.  Ah, here we come.  

Good boy.  All finished?  Good." 

      He stood there weakly as she wiped away the few remaining  

drops.  "Now, we are ready to turn my Tommy into Tamara, yes Tamara  

is a nice sexy name for you.  But, no bikini panties, they don't suit  

you.  Let's try these regular white panties."  He pulled them on, and  

in seconds, he was hard again.  She stared at the growing bulge, and  

remarked, "You certainly don't have that kind of energy when we are  

in bed together, do you?"  He thought he sensed a sharp bite in her  

words.  The bra was the same one as before, and she took the same  

care as he had in preparing the proper shaped stuffing.   

      Now she helped him with his stockings and used garters rather  

than a belt, telling him they were more sexy.  The heels were on and  

before she gave him a dress, she had him kneel before her, and she  

made up his face, more lovely than he had ever dreamed was possible.   

The blonde wig was used again, and she dug out one of last years very  

mini dresses for him to wear.  It was pale yellow, and barely covered  

the bottom edge of his panties.  His legs encased in black were  

displayed from the show top to the very edge of his groin.  But, he  

was happy with the picture he presented.  Sylvia had him model in  

front of the mirror, and he soon forgot she was even in the room.  He  

paraded back and forth, seeing this erotic sight before him.  The  

tiniest tilt forward or backwards, revealed his panties in all their  

glory.  He was thrilled with what she had done.   

      "Let's go downstairs darling, and I expect to see a lovely  

young woman descending."  He was graceful to a fault, and she  

applauded him as he entered the living room.  "Now, let's take a  

ride, shall we?"  He suddenly became very nervous.  "Tamara darling,  

you don't want to be cooped up forever in a house do you?  It's dark  

out, but, we can drive around for a while.  It will be a thrill for  


      Finally, he smiled and agreed to go with her.  The walk to the  

car was so erotic, he thought he night burst right then and there.   

His penis was steel hard, and getting harder every second.  As they  

pulled away from the curb, she peered down between his thighs, where  

the short dress failed to hide anything.  He looked too, and smiled  

at her.  She played the car radio, and even suggested that he cross  

his beautiful legs, which he did gladly.  The sight was quite  


      It was drizzling now, and she headed toward the docks and a not  

too safe area after dark.  He inquired about this, and she replied  

that she just wanted to see the lights from the ships.  In a very bad  

area, she pulled to the curb, and told Tommy that she though she  

might be getting a flat tire.  She asked him if he would check it.   

He hesitated, but she looked all around and assured him it would be  


      He climbed out, stood by the open door and tried to bend and  

see from there.  "Tommy darling, it feels like my drivers tire in the  

rear.  Would you be an angel and take a look for me?"  Leaving the  

door open, he went to the rear of the car to look.  Sylvia slipped 

the car into gear and sped away.  The door slammed shut as she drove  


      He yelled once, but she was out of sight.  As frightened as he  

was, he knew she was only playing a game and would pop into sight any  

minute now.  He stood there trembling by the curb looking for her  

headlights.  A minute passed, then two.  She was not coming back.  He  

was on his own, and felt terrified.  He felt like crying, but managed  

to hold it in.   

      He started to walk aimlessly.  The streets were all very dark  

with the exception of two street lights per block.  Tommy walked  

clumsily on the heels, staying near the buildings. 

      Suddenly, Tommy heard a voice, "Hellow sweet mamma, what are  

you doing out here all by yourself?"  Tommy turned to see a huge  

black man approaching from the doorway.  He staggered a little and  

Tommy knew he was not sober.  Tommy tried to pick up his pace, as his  

heart beat faster and faster.  A huge arm fell over his shoulder and  

came to rest on his padded breasts.  "Oh yeah, they are sweet little  

rosebuds you got there."  Tommy continued to walk on, but the big  

black man was slowly steering him closer to the buildings.   

      They were approaching an unlit alley.  He felt the huge hand  

leave his breasts,, and trail down his back to his frightened flanks.  

 The hand was lifting the tiny skirt, and rubbing the silken panties.  

 Tommy began to cry silently, all alone here on this dark, damp  

street.  He felt himself being shoved gently to the approaching  

alley, the massive hand sliding under the panties and squeezing the  

soft flesh of his buttocks.  "Oh you sweet thing, you are heaven, you  

know that."  Tommy tried to sway out to the sidewalk, but the man was  

easily five inches taller and at least fifty pounds heavier.   

      Soon they were walking down the alley, and the mad had one of  

Tommy's buttock cheeks in his paw.  He was actually steering Tommy  

with it.  The right had was caressing the padded bra, and he had no  

idea Tommy was a man.  He fumbled with his own trousers, and took  

hold of Tommy's hand, directing it to a thick huge penis standing  

straight up his stomach.  "See what you do to me sweet thing.  This  

here prick of mine is just dying to taste you honey lamb." 

      They approached the endless corner of the alley, the big black  

man reached down in front of Tommy's dress and placed his hand  

against the soft panties.  "Son of a bitch," he yelled, "yo a goddam  

faggot!"  Tommy knew what anger from a big man was like, but for the  

first time in his life, he was about to see the finale.  His wig was  

pulled off, and her was turned over like a baby, thrown to the damp  

pavement, face down.  Before he could move to look, the black man was  

straddling him and ripping the dress and panties from his body.   

Suddenly his thighs were parted and Tommy felt the weight of the man  

as he got into position.  "Okay gal, or faggot, or whatever you is,  

here comes what you was looking for."  Tommy began to cry loudly as  

the man felt for the tiny opening in his rear.  First the finger  

prodded leading the massive head of the penis to the door, and now th  

man was pushing.  Tommy screamed out to him that his penis was too  

big, but the black man kept pushing.  Soon Tommy's flesh began to  

accept it, his screams could be heard all over the deserted streets.   



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