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Archive-name: Changes/fantas4


Archive-title: Girl Fucked

Hello lover,

     I want you so bad! I want to come home from work at night and glue on my

long fingernails. Once they dry, I'll give them three perfects coats of Revlon

"Snow Orange" nailpolish. I keep my toenails painted, so they set off my feet

beautifully. After a cool shower, I'll get out my bust-pump and suck my chest 

into a pair of cups. The vacuum on my chest isn't painful, and I'll wear them

while I sleep. I made a pair of them just for this over night bust development.

Finally, I'll slip on my nightie and go to bed, anticipating our date tommorrow.

     Next morning, I'll let off the suction in the cups, and marvel at the 

sucess I find. I've got great little breasts now, more than a mouthful!

Next, I'll take a long bubble-bath, shaving any stray places that 

need touching up. I'll douche twice, so I'm all nice and clean inside ,then

rinse off again and dry myself, thoroughly. I'll dust myself with scented

body powder, wipe off my forehead and temples with alcohol, then start putting

on my make-up. First,I'll put on my long brown eyelashes, the better to bat them

at you, to flirt with! Next, a nice tanned foundation, to give me an even, 

sun-tanned complexion. A few swipes of blush, to hollow my cheeks, and some

frost white eyeshadow for big doe-like eyes.  Next, I finish emphasizing my eyes 

with orange and brick red eyeshadows, and pencil in delicate arched eyebrows. A 

hint of blush around my eyes, and I'm nearly done. I outline my lips with a 

candy pink lipliner, and then fill them in with "Snow Orange" lipstick.......!

     This good and still with short hair....I'm doing great today!

I paint my forehead and temples with a thick coat of spirit gum, and allow it

to dry... (or at least get tacky)... and then slip on my long frosted blonde

wig, pressing the cap firmly into place in front of my ears, and on my forehead.

     After a ten minute wait,it's DRY, the hair attached as if grown there!

I shake my head, swirling and flipping my long hair in the air.

I brush it idly, and pick a cute sexy style, spraying it into shape.

I look gorgeous, and I feel very sexy,... I feel wearing like white lingerie!

I'm going to be the vision of blond innocence (although I feel anything but..).

     I walk to my room and open my lingerie drawer, pulling out my  wide white

Frederick's garter-belt and fastening it around my small waist. I rose up a

pair of white stockings and slip them up my legs, hooking the garters to the

lace tops. I'll put on a white satin bra for you (sheer enough to let my pointy

nipples show through), and arrange everything so I'm nice and busty for you.

     I put on some gold necklaces...sensational against my tanned skin. I put

on big, gold hoop earrings, my rings, even some gold bracelets to jingle at

my wrists...Wow, I look totally stunning today...

a pretty long haired blonde, trim,  and shapely....tanned and gorgeous with long

nails, lots of jewellry, dressed in white satin and silk stockings.

     With my maleness, fat and hard at the very sight of the girl I've created

in the mirror. I get out my white panties, step into them, and slip my hardness 

into the inner pocket in the crotch. I pull my cock back between my cheeks,

and pull the panties high on my hips.

     Now, I'm female, with a smooth crotch, lush breasts, a curvy figure, long 

orange fingernails,( accented by jeweled rings and bracelets), perfect make-up,

 beautiful long, thick, blonde hair, and slinky lingerie!

                   All for you, you beautiful doll!


     I can't wait to make love to you..

I'll be in my heels, just a gorgeous babe in lingerie, kissing you, teasingly 

stroking you with my long nails. You reach down and slip off my panties, then 

turn around and bend over my desk, smiling sweetly into the mirror as I slide 

my lubricated pleasure, into you.      Deep.

             You're going to love being "girl-fucked".

    What a sensation that will be, my breasts rubbing your back, my long cool

hair bouncing off your shoulders, as I kiss and nibble at your neck and ears,

I'll reach around, and stroke your nipples with  my long fingernails....

     Honey, I'm gonna drive you mad with passion !

Yes indeed, the best of both'll love my hungry mouth and tongue,

probing deeply into your womanhood....kissing and licking away..loving you

with a touch only a woman would know...

then, the sensation of fullness as we love face to face...the taste of lipstick.

...and the sweet perfume I wear...contrasted with the feeling inside you...

............what fun we're gonna have!


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