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Archive-name: Changes/ericdil5.txt


Archive-title: Eric's Dilemna (part 5)

     Alexis watched, amused, as Eric stood naked, surrounded by

kinky fetish gear.  What to put on first?  Lorna had said this

would be the ultimate demonstration.

     Eric Katt, who once made decisions that affected millions, was

now an all tits and ass bimbo who couldn't decide whether to deck

herself out in sluttish rubber or kinky leather.

     "Why don't you try the pink hot pants?" Alexis suggested.

     Grateful that someone had broken the confusion that enveloped

him, Eric began the arduous process of squeezing his stout hips

into the tiny garment.

     "He seems very domesticated, Lorna.  I'm impressed."

     "Does he meet to your satisfaction, both as to his original

feminization and his .. uh, how shall we say, .. custom


     "Lord yes!  he's wilder than anything I ever dreamed of.   All

those times Eric had my tits hanging out, fending off the hands of

his drunken buddies.  Now he can enjoy the experience.  Yes, he'll

do just fine as "Erica."

     "I'm so glad you find him suitable.  I have worked so hard. 

It's so difficult, you know, to impose new behaviors, new

attitudes, without extinguishing the basic talents.  Eric, for


     Lorna took out a cigarette, lit it, and continued.

     "Eric has a natural talent for making money.  Of course, that

talent needed to be harnessed and put to work for females.  While

it would be nice for you to have Erica at your beck and call, it

will be so much nicer to have Eric making money for me."

     Alexis tried to stand up.  She was woozy, hot, and the room

was spinning.

     "I've made a few modifications of my own, you see.  Eric, as

Erica, is going to be your assistant.  He'll be running things

while you're on vacation.  Quite smoothly, I'd bet.  After all, it

was his company."

     Lorna stepped back to avoid Alexis' clawing fingers. 

Staggering, the drugged female collapsed to her knees.

     "Meanwhile, you have a debt to pay me.  A very significant



     The intercom.  Her last meeting was cancelled.  It was time to

go home.

     Alli and Eric minced in.  Husband and wife were now identical

twins.  There were a few improvements, of course.  The accents were

gone, as well as the remains of Eric's manhood.  It got in the way of

business, but their bustlines were stupendous.  40-FF's. 

Impossible to support unless wearing well engineered foundations. 

Watching the two enter was like seeing two cars from the fifties

with jutting headlights.

     The intelligence was still there.  It had to be to keep Lorna

in touch with her newly acquired empire.  But there were other

things.  Alii looked at her mistress with unbridled lust.  The poor

girl was now an obsessive lesbian.  Eric, on the other hand, was

now an uncontrollable slut.  He couldn't keep his hands off any

cock that came by.

     MALES was throwing a dinner in Lorna's honor.  It was going to

be interesting to see who got a bigger reaction from the crowd when

they danced - Alii or Eric.  Each had a little song to sing and a

dance to do.

     There would be a live sex show including, even, an animal act. 

It would be fitting somehow to see Eric Katt, the takeover king,

being taken over by a donkey.

     There was a brothel in the hills north of Acapulco where the

girls were taught a sort of naked Flamenco.  The pale, slim, Anglo

girls, kidnapped form the tourist beaches, were particularly

humiliated by the lewd costume and the heel pounding dance they

were forced to learn.  The beat of the heels serving to drive the

dildos they wore deep into their, soon to be, well worn slits.

     It might be fun to send my pair South for the season to take

dancing lessons.  Lorna sat back and pictured it in her mind.  The

see-through, triple tiered, skirts, their ponderously moving

breasts, cries of "Ole!" in the background.  She picked up the

phone and began to dial.

End of story

Hope you liked it.


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