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Archive-name: Changes/ericdil4.txt


Archive-title: Eric's Dilemna (part 4)

     Eric felt his vibrators click on.  The strap running from the

front of his corset, back through his legs to buckle in the small

of his back, made removing them impossible.  Feverishly, he rubbed

his leather clad hands over his bare breasts.

     Hooking his thumbs through his nipple rings, he tugged the fat

globes up past his shoulders, seemingly to hang himself by his own

udders.  The vibrations were building.

     Dropping the nipple rings over a chromed hook on the wall,

Eric slipped the ping pong paddles from their holsters on his hips

and began to spank himself, deliberately, slowly, with increasing


     Quickly, his jiggling ass reddened.  The weight tied to his

cock ring bounced against his legs, tugging the flaccid organ, and

threatening to rip away the last relic of his manhood.

     Faster, harder, jumping to put more strain on his tortured

nipples, Eric tried to beat the inexorable tick of the twin

vibrators.  He was there .. nearly there .. almost, almost ...

     A cruel shock of electricity jolted through his passages.  The

doctors had given him a vagina.  It could accommodate practically

anything; cock, dildo, even a fist!  They had, however, left him a

penis, now a sort of gigantic clitoris.  Eric had become a bisexed

freak.  The vicious lances of electrical pain flowed freely from

rectum to vagina and back, causing Eric to twitch uncontrollably.


     Mindlessly, Eric kept up the pummeling of his own ass until,

overwhelmed by sensation, his orgasm came.  Roiling waves of

pleasure, based in terrible pain, blotted out any thought from his

mind.  His hands dropped the paddles and ran up and down his

corseted torso, the rubber sweat slick under his fingers.

     Seated at his makeup table, Eric repaired the damage.  He had

an hour to be ready for another orgasm.  The clock was already

ticking.  There was barely enough time.  If his makeup wasn't just

right, if he wasn't wearing the right clothes, if he didn't have on

leather gloves to massage his tits, or high heels, or any one of a

myriad preconditioned things, he couldn't cum.  And, if he failed

to cum, the shocks kept going.

     For how long? He didn't know, but he had no desire to find



     "I want to escape."

     Eric hadn't had such a thought in two years.  For much of that

time, he'd forgotten who he was, that is, who he had been.

     "Why had they refreshed all that?"

     Eric knew that he had been Eric Katt, knew that he was now

trapped in a female body, that in reality he was male.

     "Why tell me this?"

     Eric had tried three times to leave.  There were no locks on

the doors.  Each time, he had never made it past the door of his

room.  First, it had been a corset.  Next, picking out the right

dress.  Now his makeup was perfect but he just couldn't seem to get


     "I'll take it a step at a time."

     Eric stepped into the hallway, just to see what was out there. 

It was easier to do this by small steps.  Down the hall to the

stairwell.   Down the steps and out to the next floor.  On to the

elevator, down to the ground floor.  It was working, Eric was

getting away.

     Three men were standing by the front door.  They were wearing

leather.  Oh God!  Eric could feel himself get wet.  His tiny penis

throbbed.  Head down, he tried to walk past.  A strong hand turned

him around and calloused fingers dug his beasts out of his low-cut


     "Look what we have here boys, prime milk bags.  Looks like

she's ready to go into heat.  What do you say boys?  You "Bulls"

ready to service this here heifer?"

     Eric wanted to resist as they pulled his dress up and put him,

on hands and knees, on a table.  Docilely, he serviced each in

turn, front and back, the smell of the leather and the bruising of

their rough play turning him on.

     Cum splattered and disheveled, Eric watched them leave

laughing.  He was Eric Katt inside, dammit he was and she,

goddammit *HE*, could leave whenever he wanted.

     But not like this.  My hair, my face!  I must look a wreck. 

I'll just fix myself up and then I'll go.

     Eric tried the next day and every day after that for a month. 

He never got out of the lobby.

End of Part 4


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