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Archive-name: Changes/ericdil3.txt


Archive-title: Eric's Dilemna (part 3)

     "Eric, see who's at the front door."

     Eric gave a little shudder.  He hated to have anyone look at

him.  But it wasn't his place to complain.  About anything!  Giving

his breasts a hefty inward and upward shove, causing a deep

cleavage to split his chest, Eric wiggled in his heels to obey his


     Oh no!  It's the pool boy.  Tanned and muscular, Todd from

Poolz surveyed the creature that answered the door.  Her

nationality intrigued him.  Her extremely long, curly hair, dark

brown with red highlights, the oversized, too generous mouth, the

preposterously extravagant figure, all suggested a Mediterranean


     But the blunt nose suggested a black heritage, while the

slanted eyes, implied some oriental ancestry.  A real mixed breed,

this one.  And crazy mixed up also.

     Eric knew what was expected.  Cooing, he traced an inch long

red fingernail up the thickening mound in his vistor's pants.  His

skirt rode up his thighs, letting the shrunken vestige of his

penis, with it's empty scrotum, show through the lace of his


     While Todd cleaned the pool, Eric slowly stripped and bent

over a pool chair.  His groans of ectasy were only matched by the

slurping of his talented mouth as he licked his lover of the moment


     "Eric, I told you I wanted some facial cum shots.  You

swallowed this time.  Next time, I want you to hose your face with

cum. Understand?"

     Miserable and naked, Eric allowed Mistress Lorna to run a

chain through his cock ring and tie that useless member to the

floor.  Trapped on hands and knees, he endured his whipping and

remembered.  That afternoon, the mailman made a spectacular mess of

his erotically confused features.

     "So, where are we?"  Gone was the blonde bimbo, Alii.  In her

place was an assured young business woman, Alexis Lane Katt, firmly

in control of her husband's affairs and readying to strike out on

her own.

     Lorna Reina sat across from her client, relaxed.  A large

aluminum suitcase was tucked be her feet.  $10,000,000 in $20's,

counted, and paid.  Business was business.  First, get paid.

     "As you can see, Mrs. Katt, substantial progress has been

made."  Gesturing, Lorna called Eric up to the desk.

     It all seemed familiar in some way.  This office, the

decorations, the woman behind the desk.  Eric couldn't remember

how.  In fact, he didn't remember much, just what he had been


     "Mee nayhme ees E-reeh-kah.  Berry eh-plees to meeh-ting


     Eric smiled and curtseyed, that fact that his skirt was

flashing glimpses of his panties made no impression on him.  He

would expose much more at the slightest gesture from his Mistress.

     "Oh, that accent!  Where did you come up with that?"

     "Well, think of it as protective coloration.  Someone might

believe a woman who claimed to be Eric Katt, forcibly feminized, if

she sounded like Eric, acted like Eric, and could make an

impression like Eric might."

     "But if she looked like an erotic cartoon and talked like

there should be subtitles running past her when she opens her

mouth, then tell me, who would ever take such a ridiculous female


     "How much sexual experince has he had?"

     "Nothing really.  Routine sex with selected partners. 

Straight sex, nothing too bizarre."

     "Couldn't you maybe .. uh, you know, make him really freaky? 

Into rubber or something?  Bondage, and things like that?"

     "Certainly, anything can be done at this point, but it will

require my time, which is, of course, only for sale."

     "How much?"

     "One Million, cash."

     "Done.  Now here's what I have in mind."

End of Part 3.


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