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Archive-name: Changes/ericdil1.txt


Archive-title: Eric's Dilemna (part 1)

     The music kept the beat.  The girls on the stage shimmied as

best they might in their stilted heels.  Oddly, the audience was

filled with women, not men, and the dancers showed none of the

exhibitionism linked with topless dancers.  The bulge in their 

g-strings looked a little too full.   Alexis wondered what that


     The back of Club MALES was dark., some booths filled with

shadowy shapes writhing in pleasure.  In one, an anxious woman sat,

pleading her case.

     "I know you can help me, Kim said so."

     Alexis brushed the platinum blonde curls out of her eyes and

tried to convince the Club's owner of her sincerity.  Someone had

to save Alexis or God knows what would happen to her.

     Two years ago Alexis Lane had been at the top of her class in

business school.  Picked to go far, her mistake had been to fall

for the blandishments of Eric Katt.  THE Eric Katt, Takeover King

and Corporate Raider Extraordinare.  Eric had promised Alexis

exposure, a chance to show what she had, to show she could stay on

her toes.  It could be argued that Eric had kept his word,


     Alexis, or as she was known now, "Alli" Katt, found herself

turned into a blonde, busty "T & A", wet dream, prancing about in

heels that indeed kept her on tiptoe, scampering about in dresses

that revealed just what she had, and this  exposure" had destroyed

any hopes of a legitimate career.

     Why didn't she leave?  Get a divorce and a chunk of his

millions?  Alexis had tried but Eric never tried.  He did!  Alexis'

mother was institutionalized, a nervous breakdown.  She had been

making progress toward normalcy.  It was a delicate time and an

uncertain process.  Alexis tried to visit as often as she could.

     Barbara Lane sat in front of the vanity.  Her body was

sheathed in a red satin dress that showed her breasts.  Her hair

was jet black and teased.  In horror, from the door, Alexis

listened as the nurse insisted that Barbara's already theatrical

makeup needed to be touched up.  Despite Alexis' angry protests,

Barbara never took her eyes from her reflection.  The makeup kept

caking on.  At the director's office, Alexis was put on the phone

with the owner, Eric of course.  And dutifully, Alexis allowed

herself to become Alli Katt, prize trophy of the sexist,

chauvinistic Mr. Katt.

     "It could be done.  It would be dangerous, but it could be

done.  What do you have in mind and what are you offering in

payment?"  Lorna Reina survived because she was careful.

     It was one thing to take a man and degrade him with psuedo-

femininity.  It could even happen to the well-known and mildly

prominent.  Celebrities were a perfect example.  A once famous rock

star was now working as a parlor maid - nothing French, long

starched uniforms and sturdy shoes - now after his involuntary stay


     The powerful were something else altogether.  They could have

plans laid, loyal retainers charged with their rescue, scenarios

pre-plotted to foil the cleverest kidnappers.  And if she were

caught, Lorna had no illusions of being arrested.  A man like Eric

Katt would have her killed.

     Still, it might be a particularly succulent challenge. 

Indeed, Eric's bimbo wife was succulent herself.  Alexis squirmed

under Lorna's too interested gaze.  Her surgically augmented

breasts swelled in all their 36-D grandeur from the cups of her

rubber bustier.  The matching latex micro-mini  molded everything

and showed everything.

     "If I am to do this ... First, I will be paid $10,000,000 in

cash or cash equivalent in U.S. dollars". Lorna announced.

     "Second, I will make all plans for the adventure, and I will

have sole use and enjoyment of the project for six months after


     "Third, after I am forced to relinquish my project, you will

take it's place for six months."

     A nice way to see if this overblown plaything was serious.  It

was one thing to consign your abusive mate to sugjugation, but

quite another to take his place as part of the fee.

     Swallowing and red-faced, Alexis signed the necessary


end of part 1


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