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Archive-name: Changes/engldgrn.txt


Archive-title: Enlargement- Gold and Green (1)

  The guy at that strange little shop _had_ told me which pill was which.

"Green for the girl, and gold for the guy."  Or was it the other way

around?  Damn.  Oh well, they'd been slipped into our drinks, one to

me, one to her.  I just hope'd I'd gotten the right enlargement pill

in the right drink.

  I knew that something had gone wrong when she looked down at her crotch

in mild alarm.  My smile froze as I felt my shirt growing tighter...


  "What do you mean, whoops?" she cried.  "What's going _on_ here..."

  I just looked down at my chest, which was starting to swell admirably.

"Um.  Ow.  Well, you see, this was meant for you."  I winced a bit, and

could see several buttons straining.

  "What was  meant for me?  What's happening?"  She was starting to

squirm around rather uncomfortably as well, slipping her hands down to tug

at the waistband of her pants.  "Something's in my _panties_!  Get it _out_!"

  I sighed.  Which caused the first button to burst from my shirt, rapidly

followed by two more.  "It's the penis _I_ was supposed to have..."

  She looked up at me, then, distracted from her own concerns.  Even more

so by the sight of my chest, which was rather better endowed than hers

by now.  "Uhh..."  It took her a few moments to gather her thoughts

enough for more of a reply.  "Wow."  OK, so I wasn't going out with

her for her brilliant wit.  "What... what did you do?"

  I sighed, again, looking down at the shreds of my shirt and dignity.  "I,

um, bought some growth pills.  Very special ones.  I slipped them in our

drinks, thinking it'd make for some fun...  I always wanted to see what

you'd be like with big breasts..."

  "But, but...  Then why..."

  I cut her off, exasperated and embarassed.  "Because I got the pills mixed

up!  You got the huge dick, and I got your hooters!  Just because I like big

breasts, doesn't mean I wanted to _have_ them."

  She widened her eyes.  "You're not _stuck_ like that, are you...?"

  "No.  I bought the antidote, too."  I showed her a box, with a green and

a gold pill in it.  "Actually, it's more of the same, they cancel each

other out..."  I set it down, and reached for a pill.  "Guess this has been

pretty much of a flop."

  She was faster, though, and snatched the box up.  "_Not_ just yet."

  "Hey!  Do you think I wanted this?"

  "No, but you wanted it for me...  Now the shoe's on the other foot.  I

think I'll keep you like this just so you can see how it _feels_."  She

grinned, obviously hatching some plot.  Her wicked imagination - _that's_

why I was seeing her.

[ From here on it's new stuff. ]

Enlargement: Gold and Green (2)


  Before I could protest further, she quickly stood and moved out of the

room, wobbling a bit as she walked.

  "Jen, what do you think you are _doing_?"  I tried to get up to follow

her.  Between getting my arms fouled in my half-ruined shirt, and the

rather unfamiliar weight on my chest, I barely managed to get off the couch,

and nearly stumbled into the coffee table.

  By the time I had my balance again, and the offending shirt was on the

floor, Jen could have been anywhere in the house.  Twice, even.

  "Jen?  Where are you...  Jen?"  

  "Right here," she said, appearing in the doorway behind me.  She didn't

have the box with the pills that could change us back any more.  Instead,

she was carrying one of her halter tops, and seemed to have found the

time to change to some loose shorts.

  She tossed the top to me.  "Looks like you need this.  It'll fit better

than your shirt, anyway."

  I looked at it in my hand.  My distaste must have been obvious on my

face, as Jen spoke up again:  "Not that I _mind_ seeing you like this.

You look quite sexy."

  I blushed, and crossed my arms in front of my new breasts, grumbling.

I knew I had no real reason to _be_ embarrassed - there was nothing wrong

with a guy with a bare chest...  But it seemed my face had other ideas.

  She grinned.  "Aww, don't be that way.  I'll let you have your antidote

back, _if_ you're a good boy."

  "You hid it, didn't you?  And took your antidote to boot, I bet."  I knew

that trying to find them in her house would be hopeless - she knew the place

too well.  She'd done the same thing with my car keys once, when she'd had

something in mind...

  She nodded, grinning even wider.  "But I didn't take the antidote.  I

want to try your little gift out..."

  "What?  You...  You _want_ this?"

  "Yes.  And if you want to find your pills, you'll help."  Her expression

quickly became serious.

  "Wha'...  How?  You've _got_ to be kidding..."  I ran down, facing her

grim expression.  "You're serious, aren't you?" I whispered.

  She nodded.  "Quite."  Her voice took on a cajoling tone, "C'mon, it's

not like I'm asking _that_ much of you...  Face up the consequences of

what you've started."


  "Started.  These changes were your idea."

  "Yes, but it was supposed to be _you_ that got these."  I uncrossed my arms

and grabbed my breasts to 'point' them at her for emphasis...  "Oooooh!"

I wobbled on my feet, startled by the strength of the sensation.

  Suddenly, Jen's arms were around me, holding me up.  "Dave?  Are you

OK?  Dave?"

  I blinked up at her, confused.  "Um...  Ye... yeah.  I think so.  God,

they're real, aren't they?"

  She chuckled softly, and nodded.  "Latex wouldn't send you into a faint

like that."

  "I didn't faint.  I just... wobbled."

  "Whatever you say, dear."  She smiled.  "Are you _quite_ sure you want to

get rid of those so quickly?"

  I struggled out of her arms, wobbling to my feet again.  "Quite sure.  I

have _no_ intention being a fainting female."

  She smiled, reaching out to trace a finger over the curves of my chest.

"Oh, I think you do...  Or can be convinced."

  I shivered, and my knees threatened to betray me.  "No..." I said, but

I could hear the lack of conviction in it.  So could she - she smiled,

and kept stroking.

  "You want this, I know you do..."  She drew a pair of fingers up to my

nipple, tweaking it softly between them, then rolling it slowly.

  "Nooo... ooohhh...  God..." I breathed softly, a corner of my mind still

objecting, yammering and jumping up and down, screaming that this was not

what I was...  The rest of me didn't seem to care, let Jennifer lead me

over to the couch and lie me down.

  She smiled.  "What lovely, sensitive breasts you have, my love...  I

suspect the pills have done that, too.  It truly _would_ be a shame to

have wasted them."  Her head dropped, and she gently kissed a breast.

It felt like her lips were on fire, making me burn...

  Jen pulled back briefly, looked into my eyes, smiled at what she saw

there.  "Shall I go on?" she asked.

  A voice deep inside me screamed denial, while my lips slowly formed a

word, "Yes..."

[ End of Chapter (fragment?) 2.  Anyone got advice on writing sex scenes? ]



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