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Archive-name: Changes/dream09.txt

Archive-author: Chuck 447

Archive-title: Dream, Fantasy and Nightmare - 9

                         The Dream, Part 9

       This story is NOT just a fantasy, it is the retelling of a

very vivid dream I had not all that long ago.. Parts of it are from

my own fantasies, parts of them are a few steps (miles?) beyond any

thoughts or recognised desires I have ever had.  This dream was so

realistic though, that I halfway expect that phone call, or for the

twins to knock at my door at any time.  As for the names "Ron" and

"Sharon", I have made those up for the sake of the sake of telling

this story.  My name is not Ron, and it was me in the dream, and

my girlfriend's name is not Sharon.  I know enough of her past to

know that there are no such secrets in her past.  Also, I doubt

very much that she would, even for a second, consider the act of

bisexual love making, nor would she be all that pleased to find me

and a pair of lovely twins sleeping in my waterbed.

      Oh, and for "Sharon" to leave me that outfit hanging on my

closet, that is something that has never happened in real life, not

that I might object to it if it did, I kinda like to live out my

own, and my partner's fantasies!  I HAVE worn female apparel

before, for halloween, and once when I was told the apartment was

going to be used for a lingerie party and that men had to be gone.

      This was quite strange, and it has not been just once, but

more than once that I have had this dream.  Funny part is, I do not

even know a pair of redheaded twins, I cannot recall even knowing

any good looking female twins of any sort off hand. It is true that

I have always had a fantasy of making it with gorgeous twins, and

that a secret desire of mine, call it an ideal woman, if you will,

being a gorgeous redhead, not necessarily a twin.  I will even

admit that I have been curious about how tits felt, and somewhat

envious of how women's clothes are softer and better looking than

a man's, and of the way that a mother and child bond closer.  I

always thought that God should have made men with tits too, to

share the job of nursing an infant.  But he didn't..

      Anything beyond these few admissions I leave to your own

minds.  If you want to know if I would do any of these things,

well, at the moment, I would not do too many of them, since I do

work for a living, and there is no way that I could do so under the

conditions as put in this dream.  Of course, if you have the bucks

to keep me from having to go to work every day, then, who can say. 

Ask me, maybe I would, maybe I would not, I can't say right now. 

I woke up only a couple of hours ago from another visitation by

this same dream, nightmare?, and wanted to get it down while it was

still fresh in my mind.  Beyond that, use your imaginations.I can

only hope that your imagination is as warped as mine is in that


     Okie, with that all said now, any comments from anyone out there?

I still have no idea what has brought this dream on, or why it has come

to me more than once.  It sure starts out as a fantasy for me, but later

it gets into areas that I have never had any desires or thoughts of going

to.  Why I decided to share this with anyone, I am not sure either, save

that is just seems to fit with the general attitude of this place.  Oh,

and before you ask, no, this dream did NOT start after I got access to

this echo, it happened before, at least a month or two before.

     Some of you may wish to see this as nothing more than a fanciful

tale of a fertile mind.  It may well be only that, save that it was

written in a dream, rather than on paper.  Others may read more deeply

rooted psychological meaning into it.  Who is to say which is right and

which is not?   I sure have no idea why I created this dream, or what it

was that triggered off, and triggers it to recur.  May you can take a

good guess.

            Chuck 447




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