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Archive-name: Changes/dream08.txt

Archive-author: Chuck 447

Archive-title: Dream, Fantasy and Nightmare - 8

                       The Dream, Part 8

      The twins would come by all the time, and we would have some

fantastic sex every time they did, all four of us, either as

distinct, but trading couples, or as all four of us.  They

constantly bought us both sexy and senual clothing, all feminine,

of course, since I never wore men's clothing anymore.  Actually,

I did not miss men's clothing at all, the things I did have to wear

were far softer and much more comfortable than the old jeans I had

been used to.  Of course, I could still slip on a pair of jeans,

and do things that I needed them to do, but for the most part, I

loved the lovely feminine clothes I had.  The twins had given me

even more money, and continued to make sure that there was enough

coming in to us to take care of us if anything happened to them. 

Our investments and savings grew until it was sufficient to support

Sharon and I for the rest of our lives, even if neither of us ever

worked again.

      By this time I had reached the limit of what the pills could

bring out in me.  I was smallest breasted of all 4 of us by a bit

more than a full cup.  It was not too much longer before they began

to work at me to go with them to their doctor who could help me

with that, and give me the same size breasts as Sharon, Karen and

Margie had.  They wanted me to, and kept at me until I finally

agreed, my sense of owing, and loving them, getting the better of

me.  We had become a 4 member family  And with only a couple of

reservations, there was nothing I would not give to them.  This was

not outside of those limits.  It was not long before we paid that

visit to the doctor, it only took an hour or two, and then it was

done.  Other than I was taller than they, and had not had any other

surgery to enhance my other looks, or remove the most promenent

difference, we all looked very much alike if we dressed alike.  But

sex, now that was something else, and each girl took a turn sitting

on my stiff cock, and sitting her hot, wet pussy on my face, or

sucking on my hard nippled tits.  I think I must have died that day

and gone to heaven!

      Then one day Sharon came in, she was upset, badly, I could

tell, even though she tried hard not to let me see it.  Finally she

began to weep, and I made her tell me what was the matter.

      "Karen and Margie are sick.  They may not live much longer,

Ron.  And no, it is nothing we can catch, it is a problem that is

in their genetic makeup."

      "Oh." I said, falling silent myself.  I had grown to love

Karen and Margie almost as much as I loved Sharon.  I could hardly

believe that this could be true. Sharon and I talked and agreed to

go visit the twins in the hospital the next day.  We did, and then

they asked to talk to us each individually.  Margie talked to

Sharon for a long time, while Karen and I chatted about many

things, one of which was how a tiny thing like a gene could damage

only one important organ and take them away from us, and each

other.  It was not fair.  I would miss them very much and I told

Karen this as I held her in my arms for a bit.

      "You could have a bit of me with you for always, Ron." Karen


      "How is that?" I asked.

      "Right now, Margie is telling Sharon that we had her tissues

compared to Sharon's, from some of the things that needed to be

done a long time ago.  The doctor says that a transplant will work

just fine." Karen said.

      "Transplant?  What are you planning to transplant?" I said,

somewhat afraid of the answer.

      "Well, you know Sharon cannot have any children, but we can,

we have had to be on the pill and use other methods to keep from

being pregnant since we met you, Ron.  What Margie would like to

do is have all the working organs moved from her to Sharon when she

goes, so that, with your sperm, a child of her's will live, and

Sharon, that we both love, will raise the child and take good care

of it.  For that we have left a larger sum to ensure that the child

never wants for anything, if she accepts that is."

      "I see.  Well, I know Sharon would like to have a child.  We

have talked about that before.  She may well accept.  But you said

we could keep a piece of you.  That will give us a bit of Margie

to love, but what about you?" I asked very curiously.

      "Well, you would not do this, but, we told the attorney to

give you and Sharon a certain amount if she accepts the deal.  But,

if you were to undergo surgery, not like Sharon's did to convert

herself from male to female, well at least not in that way, then

you two would get all that we have.  Everything."

      "What are you trying to say?"

      "Ron, you would be rich.  What I am asking you to do is have

my whole set of organs, pussy, uterus, tubes and ovaries, the whole

thing, transplanted into you.  Yes, it would make you fully female,

and it might well mean that neither of you would have to take

another premarin ever again.  But if you put your sperm in the

sperm bank every day between now and when this stuff gets us, you

could have enough to insure that each of you would get pregnant,

and then each child would be half your's and half each of us.  I

know it is a lot to ask, and irreversable.. but, isn't it worth if

to you for over 125 million dollars?  That is what our estate is

worth.  Think about it." Karen said is such a serious way that I

knew she meant every word of it.  It took me a long time to come

to any kind of decision.  Sharon and I talked about it constantly. 

And just incase, I visited the sperm bank every day and made a

deposit.  Finally, my greed, and grief, got the better of me, and

I agreed.  2 months later the twins died of heart failure.  Two

days later the surgery was done, all finished.  A month later it

was all verified that it had taken, and we began to try to have a

child, each of us, with my seed.  It only took a month before we

both knew we were with child.  We may have lost the twins, but we

would have their children to keep our hearts warm with their love

in our old age.

(Thank goodness medical science is not quite this advanced yet, eh?)



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