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Archive-name: Changes/dream07.txt

Archive-author: Chuck 447

Archive-title: Dream, Fantasy and Nightmare - 7

                       The Dream, Part 7

      "It is true Ron, and yes, I am in all ways female now, except

that, like I told you when we met, I cannot have any children. 

What the first doctors did not do, the ones the twins hired did. 

And I will always be female from here on out." Sharon said, a note

of fear in her voice.  I was confused.  This was a woman, that I

had been making love to for 5 months, had even considered marrying

when the time came, and now I hear that she was once a he?  I was

not sure if this should make a difference or not, it probably

should not, and sure was not changing the love I had had for her

all these past months.  She was all female now, and now is when I

have her, so what difference does the past make?  Would it be any

different if she had been a prostitute or a total lesbian in the

past?  The past 5 months had been great, I figured I would let them

stand as they were, a hint of the things to come.

      "Ron, Sharon is Sharon, the same one you have known for a

long time now.  Where and how she was born makes no difference. 

She is what you see." Margie said, making some sense.

      "You don't want me to do that too, do you.  I mean go all the

way like Sharon did?" I said becoming very apprehensive.  The idea

that they would pay me to just have a female apprearance was not

without some appeal.  In fact, it was exciting.  But the thought

of loosing my cock for a cunt, now that was not what I wanted to

do, not at all.

      "No, Ron, we want you to just LOOK female.  Sharon and Margie

like a stiff cock every now and then, and, well, if you looked more

the female part, I guess even I could think of it as a special

dildo myself once in a while." Karen said smiling as she looked

down to where my cock had begun to arise as I thought of making it

with them again.

      "I will admit, I have wondered what it would be like to have

tits, to feel someone suck them and all of that.  I just never

though that anyone would ever ask me to grow them.  Nor is it a

problem with dressing the part either.  I have always thought that

women's clothing was much softer, sexier, and better looking than

anything for a man.  I just don't know about this." I said.

      Karen walked over to open one of the cases, she reached in

and lifted out some clothing and took out a large envelope and a

small box.  She tossed me the box, which I caught and slowly turned

over in my hands, not knowing what was in it.

      "Those are the first pills, we have to change the size of

them as you take them longer.  To make sure that you get to the

right level to have the changes happen like we want.  If you agree

to take them, and we are not asking you to undergo any surgery, or

even promise to go through any, then this is your's as of right

now." She said and then tossed me the envelope.  I peeked into the

envelope, it was all cash, and a lot of it.  I could only assume

it was the $200,000 they offered.  I had to think about this

carefully.  I had been out of work for a long time now.  If it were

not for Sharon helping me out, I would have long ago lost

everything.  And the thought did turn me on somewhat.  Slowly I

came to a decision and put the money on the entertainment center.

      "Ok.  I will do it." I said, wondering if I was going to

regret this, but, looking at the three gals still half nude before

me, I doubted it very much.

      So every morning I took one of the pills, and waited to see

if anything was going to happen to me.  Sharon had finally agreed

to move in with me.  Margie had been right, it did not matter what

anyone had been in the past, this was now, and now Sharon was one

of the hottest looking women I had ever seen, let alone been with. 

I was sure that the money the twins had had helped in creating her

as she was, but I was the recipient of that hard work, and to be

honest, I was quite in love with her, and did not care if she was

all natural, or had been helped by a surgeon some time in the past.

      Soon the twins talked us both into moving into a bigger

place, one that they owned and would give to us if we would take

it.  It was beautiful!  It had a huge garage, lots of acrage, a

large covered pool behind the house.  Everything we could have

asked for in a home, including privacy, the privacy to walk around

the yard or the pool in the nude if we wished, or for me to move

about in a skirt and blouse, with no one the wiser.  Here was a

place we could do as we wished, even screw by the pool, all without

anyone seeing anything.  We agreed and soon moved to the house. 

Meanwhile I had been taking the pills for quite a while now.  My

hips hand increased by almost 3 or 4 inches, and I was sporting a

set of almost B cup tits all of my own.  Sharon did not waste any

time once they began to develop in showing me how much she could

make me appreciate these changes.  The twins had also brought a

friend with them who had a strange machine.  First they had trimmed

all the hair on my body fairly short, then this woman came in and

ran her machine for hours on several different days, poking and

proding all over my exposed body.  When she left, the only hair on

my body, besides on my head, and like eyebrows, was a neatly

trimmed bush just around my cock.  If I did not see the cock in the

middle of it, I would have said it was a neatly trimmed pussy.  The

friend has assured me that the removal was permanent, and soon I

realized she had been telling the truth.  I had had to shave twice

a day in the service, now I did not have to shave at all.  My face

looked smoother, and I kind of liked it actually.



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