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Archive-name: Changes/dream06.txt

Archive-author: Chuck 447

Archive-title: Dream, Fantasy and Nightmare - 6

                       The Dream, Part 6

      I looked at Sharon, who just smiled wanly and nodded to

confirm what Karen had just said.

      "If this is what you all need to be happy, I do not have any

problems with it.  Especially not as long as I am included like

this once in a while!" I said, figuring that that was what they

were getting at.

      "You do not understand Ron.  Yes, we would like to include

you in our fun times.  But, we would like you to do something for

us to make it even more fun for us all." Karen said.

      "oh, yes, Ron, please.  It would make it a lot better even for

you!" Margie said.

      "Ok, what is it you want me to do?" I asked.

      "Well, we are not poor girls, Ron, and we are more than

willing to pay you a tidy sum to do this for us.  How would

$200,000 sound to you?" Karen said.

      "Two hundred thousand?" I repeated. "Um, perhaps you would

like to tell me what you want me to do for that kind of money?" I

said, wonder if it was illegal, immoral, both, but not really

giving a damn if I could have not only Sharon, but the twins like

this again.  The money would just assure that I would not have to

spend all my time doing other things, like making a living and all

that boring shit.

      "Simple, Ron, just take some pills we give you every day for

a while." Margie said with a smile.

      "Pills?  What kind of pills?  I am not into recreational

drugs gals, as I am sure that Sharon has told you." I said.

      "Simple Ron.  Look, we want to stay together as friends, but

only Sharon really gets a constant need for male companionship. 

We want you to be able to at least LOOK the part of another girl

in our group.  The pills we want you to take are called Premarin. 

That is a female hormone pill.  It won't hurt you, and we know a

doctor that will do some tests every now and then for you, just to

make sure that it cannot harm you."

      "And what is that, that, premarin stuff, supposed to do?"

      "Ron," Sharon said as she came up beside me and I turned to

face her, "premarin will give you the hips and breasts that are

almost the same size as you would have for your build if you had

been born female.  It won't get rid of the extra hair, but I am

sure that Johnson can be convinced to work on Ron here, too."

Sharon said, the last part said over my head to the twins who

smiled and nodded.

      "Wait a minute.  Let me get this right.  You are going to pay

me Two hundred thousand dollars to take some pills that will make

my hips wider, and put tits on my chest for the rest of my life? 

I am only 35 years old, and when I am working, I make that much in

about 5, 6 years at the most.  How do you think I can go look for

a job as who I am, when I look like a woman in all other respects?"

      "Ron, the two hundred is just the up front if you say yes. 

If you actually do this for us, I promise, you will never need for

anything, and there will be at least another payment of the same

type once you have succeeded in the, change." Karen said, her look

quite serious.

      "Ron, you always have said that it is too bad that men do not

have tits for the women to play with.  Well, here is your chance

to get some.  For all three of us to play with.  And you already

know what you will have to play with." Sharon said with a bright


      "Yes, Ron, and you can even have tits like Sharon does!  If

the drugs do not make them as big, we can get the same doctor to

give you that little bit of help she wanted." Margie said.

      "Margie!" Sharon called to her friend.

      "Opps, I was not supposed to say that." Margie said quieter.

      "And here I always thought that you were all natural,

Sharon." I said with a teasing grin.

      "Less than you may think, Ron." Karen replied with a devious


      "What do you mean by that?" I asked, looking from Karen to

Sharon and back again.

      Karen looked questioningly to Sharon, who stopped smiling,

and with a sight nod of her head then went back into the kitchen

to finish dinner.

      "Ok, what is going on here?" I asked. "What is this big

secret between all of you, and why do I think that it will do a lot

to explain your request of me?"

      "Ron.  Trust me, I won't do anything that will harm you.  We

simply want you to have tits for us, to have the hips to make that

skirt you are wearing look even better, and to make it so that you

can go anywhere we go.  From some of the private spas for ladies

only, to the ladies room.  That is why we are willing to pay you. 

That and to make sure that if anything happens, you will be taken

care of in the right way.  As for Sharon, she has been a friend of

ours for a very long time.  We asked her to have a small implant

done, to make her breasts as big as ours.  You see, she did not

have much when we first met her.  Of course, if we had known her

5 years before, she would not have had any tits when we met, or

hips either for that matter." Karen said.

      "What does that mean?" I asked, becoming very bewildered.

      "What she means, Ron, and I would have told you sooner or

later, but I was born a man.  A woman trapped in a man's body.  I

had nature's mistake corrected.  The twins just helped me to make

some fine adjustments to my appearance, not to mention wardrobe."

Sharon said standing in the doorway.

      "You were a man??" I asked incredulously.

      "Yes, Ron" She said.

      "But, you, in fact, all three of you, are the most gorgeous

things I have ever seen, and as often as I have sucked your tits,

eaten and fucked your pussy... no, I just cannot believe this." I




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