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Archive-name: Changes/dream05.txt

Archive-author: Chuck 447

Archive-title: Dream, Fantasy and Nightmare - 5

                   The Dream, Part 5

       The afternoon went on like this for a while, then both of

the girls moved up beside me, laying within my arms, we all

embraced and drifted off to sleep.  I was not even thinking about

Sharon at this point in time, just the two gorgeous things I had

just had a live fantasy come true with.  When I finally began to

stir from my nap, I opened one eye and looked to where Karen had

been to my right.  Instead of Karen, I saw them both, in a tight

69 position, each tonguing the other furiously as their hands

played with the others nipples and clit.  Watching this, trying not

to let them know that I was awake yet, I felt my cock begin to rise

up and harden again.  I was even more shocked as I watched the

twins when I felt a familiar warm mouth wrapping around my stiff

cock.  I jumped slightly, then looked down to see Sharon's lips

decending upon my cock.  So it had been her that had told the twins

about this outfit and told them to come over.  I know she would not

be sucking my cock unless she had expected the two redheads to be

in bed with me when she got here, even if they were more engrossed

in each other than with what Sharon was doing to me.  Soon I felt

Sharon's mouth leave my cock.  I looked down towards her only to

see her lifting her long, silky skirt and sitting in a kneeling

position over my cock.  I felt myself as I slipped easily into her

wet pussy.  She pumped for a few minutes and then she reached up

to undo her blouse, freeing her own gorgeous tits, then leaned

forward so that I could suck them.  I began to meet her thrusting

hips, and soon that rythym was fast and furious.  Then the

pressure, built up to a peak, let go, and I felt like I was pumping

a whole lake into her hot, wet pussy.  As the sensation subsided,

she leaned forward to lay her bared tits on my chest, carefully

interlacing her's with the false one's I still wore for her, and

again we drifted off to sleep.  The twins had worked themselves to

the point where they were in each others arms and drifting off too.

      Slowly I began to wake up again, still feeling the delightful

effects of the afternoon's activities.  As I woke up, I could hear

some whispering nearby, I tried to lay quiet and hear what was

being said.  I had heard my name, so I knew it was about me.  Maybe

I would find out what was going on here without having to ask any

more questions.

      "I told you he would go along with it." Sharon said.

      "Yes, and he did.  But will he go along with the rest of it?"

Karen said, or at least that is who I thought had said it.

      "Only time will tell that, of course you can always ask him

when he wakes up.  He has not been working since his accident

though, and that may cause a problem with getting him to agree. 

You know how proud men can be." Sharon said.

      "Yes, I do.  But that gives me an idea!" Karen said, then

leaned forward to kiss Sharon fully on the lips.  Sharon returned

the kiss with all the passion she used when she and I kissed.  I

had never realized that Sharon had any interest in bisexual

activities, but that was what was soon going on between her and

Karen.  Each playing with the other's pussy as they sucked each

other's tits.  About this time I felt myself getting hard again,

and felt Margie's tight cunt setting itself down over my cock. 

Ah.. this was going to continue for a bit.  And that is just what

it did, until we were all exhausted again.

      Sharon got up from the bed, and Karen followed, each

smoothing and lowering their skirts, but not buttoning up the

blouses or trying to hide the beautiful tits they had.  Margie

rolled off the bed and followed suit.

      "I suppose I should do the same?" I asked.

      "Only if you want to eat dinner with us." Sharon said with

a smile.

      I got up, and began to follow them out of the room.  But

Sharon stopped at the door, turned and told me to put my heels on,

smooth and lower my skirt before I came out of the bedroom.  Ah,

so whatever she had planned was not done yet.  This could well be

something even better, since the twins did not seem to be ready to

leave yet either.  Doing as I was told, I then followed them out

into the living room and noticed that Sharon was in my kitchen

doing the cooking.  The Twins sat on the couch and as I entered the

room, motioned for me to join them there.

     "Well, what do you think of Ron, Karen?  Margie?"  Sharon

called from the kitchen.

      "Oh, Sharon, I am glad you thought of us for today." Margie

said as she eyed where my cock was under the skirt.

      "Yees, I am glad too.  There is only one thing missing and

everything today would be just perfect!" Karen said with a

mischievious grin.

      "I know what you are talking about Karen, but you are going

to have to deal with that matter for yourself.  I can't really do

that for you, you know." Sharon called back in a good natured,

smiling voice.

      "Maybe Ron will solve it for us." Karen replied looking to


      "Well, if you will tell me what that one thing missing is,

perhaps I can think of a way to solve it for you." I said.

      "Okie, Ron, the only thing missing is the fact that you don't

have any tits for us to play with." Karen said.

      "I know, I am a man, we are not supposed to have nice tits

like yours.  Though after this afternoon, I am beginning to be

sorry that we do not." I said, somewhat curiously.

      "Ron.  There is something that we should tell you, a couple

things in fact, before you say anything more.  Maybe even a few

more things than that before we are done." Karen said, this time

giving Sharon a serious look as she grinned.

      "Ron.  Margie and I are lesbians.  Well, she is bisexual, but

I am more lesbian than bi.  And as you may have guessed by now,

Sharon is bisexual as well."  Karen said.



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