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Archive-name: Changes/dream04.txt

Archive-author: Chuck 447

Archive-title: Dream, Fantasy and Nightmare - 4

                     The Dream, Part 4

      Karen leaned toward me, turning slightly to keep her face up

towards me.  I did not wish to resist in the least what I felt was

coming, so  I bent down to kiss the lips that were so near to mine. 

I could feel the sweet softness of them as our lips met met and

remained touching.  In a few seconds I could feel her tongue trying

to slip between my lips. I did not resist, as even my own tongue

tried to cross through her lips as well.  I could feel her hands

now, running up my silk clad arms, and back down again.. my own

hands were roaming around her body somewhat, mainly the arms and

lightly on her legs.

      As I kissed deeply with Karen, I could feel Margie up close

to my back, pressing her ample breasts against my back, and running

her hands across my stomach and up towards my chest.  I reached out

to take Karen in my arms much fuller, pulling her towards me as I

leaned back against Margie.  The feel of the two women running

their hands all over me was incredible.  I felt my desire rise for

either one of these women, maybe, though highly unlikely, both of

them if I was really lucky.  And they did seem to be working as a

matched set, a team, like they had done this sort of thing before. 

This set me off even more.

      As I ran my hands up and down the exposed parts of the two

girls legs, I found that they were slowly scooting back and forth,

sliding their skirts higher and higher.  This only served to

increase my desire for the two of them.  Then the final straw

happened.  Karen's skirt rose until it was almost just wrapped

around her waist.  I could see that she was wearing the same kind

of suspender hose as I had been given to wear, and no panties.  I

could see the delectable mound of hair that marked one of the

objects of my desire.  As I looked down at the soft dark hair, my

hand kept running up and down the exposed parts of both girls'

legs. The hand running along Margie's leg behind me suddenly felt

bush.  I knew that both were dressed identically.  As my hand hit

hair, I felt Margie move her hands down along my arm to hold my

hand against the treasure I had found.  Taking the hint, I began

to explore the tangle of hair I had found, only to realize that

Margie was spreading her legs so that I was soon fondling the sweet

dampness of her pussy.  Karen too was spreading her legs, bringing

her sweet pussy into my sight.  As I used my fingers to penetrate

softly into Margie, Karen urged my other hand to move higher and

do likewise to her.  In turn, Karen was sliding her hands up under

my skirt.  Margie was not far behind, and soon I had them both

running their hands over my panty clad cock which was about as hard

as it had ever been.

      The two girls looked to each other, smiled and then they

urged me to my feet and led me off down the hall, as if they knew

where they were going, and into my bedroom.  Once inside the

bedroom, the girls, with a few deft motions, undid their jackets

and blouses, letting them hang open and slipped their skirts,

which were the straight kind, not the wide flairing type like

the one I was in, to the floor.  I could see their moist pussies

as they moved.  They both shrugged the light jackets off their

shoulders and let them slide with the skirts to the floor.

Neither girl was wearing a bra, as I could plainly see through the

opened blouses.  Their tits were gorgeous.  Large yet firm, with

hard nipples the size of the tips of my little fingers poking out

at me.  As they two came up to me, one reaching around me to undo

the buttons of my blouse, the other lifting my skirt up, lightly

tucking the tip of it into my belt, I bent my head down and slowly,

one at a time, took each of the four fantastic nipples into my

mouth, running my tongue over them and nipping lightly on the

nipple.  Soon Karen reached inside my blouse and loosened the bra

and Margie began to slide my panties to the floor.  I did not know

if this had anything to do with what Sharon had in mind, but right

now I did not care.  This was like a fantasy come true for me.

      Then, as soon as she had released the bra hooks and lifted

the bra up over the breast forms, Karen turned from me and went to

the king sized waterbed.  As she got there, she began to crawl

towards it's center on all fours.  Being behind her, I got a

prefect look at her red bushed pussy, and could see the dampness. 

Well, Sharon had probably set all this up, and I was not going to

let such a chance to live one of my fantasies go to waste.

        Moving to the bed, I laid down on it, facing up, and with

my legs pushed against the floor to slide quickly between Karen's

legs.  I then lifted my head and let my tongue begin to tease her

already swelling clit, running my tongue over it, taking it lightly

between my teeth, and letting my tongue probe as deep as it could

between her damp and swelling pussy lips.  Margie had come up to

me, made sure the skirt was not hiding anything and then put

something very warm and wet over my cock. Looking down I caught a

glimpse of her mouth taking most of my not so small cock in her

mouth.  Geez, but it felt so good, and it felt even better as she

took her long hair, wrapped it softly around my balls, and then

with more of it in her hand, wrapped it lightly around my cock as

she moved her hand and mouth up and down my shaft.  I began to eat

Karen's pussy all the harder.  Soon Karen was writhing wildly on

my face, and she had laid down, facing toward the widest part of

the bed.  I felt Margie spin around a bit, my cock never leaving

her mouth for more than an instant unless she was running her

tongue up my cock, or over my balls.  She crawled up on the bed

too.. her ass moving down to where her sister and I were occupied. 

I thought that I would have to eat them both in shifts at this

rate, when all of a sudden, Karen leaned down and began to do to

Margie what I was still doing to her.  It was incredible knowing

that we had formed a daisy chain like this, and I had never thought

to actually get these two in bed in the first place.  I do not know

how many times either of the girls actually came, but finally I

did, and felt Margie lick up every drop of cum as it came jetting

out of my hard cock.  It was then like they signaled to each other,

because Karen rose up and sat more squarely on my face.  I could

feel all 4 hands now running across my cock and balls, I knew it

would only be seconds before I was hard again, if I ever stopped

being so.  Then, as I felt it stiffening again, only harder than

ever before this, I felt a tight moistness decend over my cock..

as Karen leaned forward, I got a glimpse of Margie sitting

astraddle of my lap, my cock sinking deep in her pussy, the two

girls embracing as I ate one and fucked the other.  I could see and

later feel, them fondle each other's tits, and then I even saw it

when Karen leaned far forward to begin to suck Margie's rock hard

nipples.  That was something I wanted more of soon too.



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