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Archive-name: Changes/dream03.txt

Archive-author: Chuck 447

Archive-title: Dream, Fantasy and Nightmare - 3

                    The Dream, Part 3

      I hesitated, considering the way I looked right now, and

knowing that the note said that I should not try to remove the

breast forms during the day, as there was a special way to do it

that Sharon would explain when she got there later.  I did not

think I could hide them from anyone coming over, not even for a few

minutes.  I was hard to embarrass, but I knew anyone seeing the

breasts on me would turn me the reddest I had ever been.

      "Um, well, it might not be all that good to come over today. 


      "Ron.. I have a request to make of you, when I do come over,

be in that black silk outfit you got recently.  I would like very

much to see you in that.  No, don't ask how I know about it, I will

tell you when I get there, just, please, go ahead and be wearing

the long black silk skirt and the black silk blouse. I will knock

three times then pause, then do it again when I get there so you

will know it is me.  Can I come over?"

      This was getting real strange, had Sharon told some other gal

of her plans?  Was this in some way a test by Sharon to see if I

would step out on her?  Was there another reason for this?  Was

this a part of the surprise she had in mind for him?  I did not

know what to do, but since the woman already knew of the outfit,

I supposed I had to find out how she knew, and what it was that she

wanted of me.  And she did have the sexiest voice I had ever heard

over the phone.  If she looked half as good as she sounded, this

would be one hot looking lady.  Ok, I will admit it, I was as

intriqued by the voice on the phone as I was about why my girl had

asked me to dress up like this.  Though after spending a couple of

hours now like this, I began to regret that it was not more

acceptable in society.  The comfort and feelings were absolutely

incredible.  I had never felt so nakedly free while fully clothed

before.  I also began to hope that this went like she wanted, and

that she might want to do it again.  I know that I would not mind

doing this much again for her.  God but it felt delightful.

      "Ok, I will.  20 minutes?  Ok, I will be ready by then.  And

I am curious how you knew about this."

      "I will explain everything when I get there.  See you in 20

minutes." she said then hung up.

      I got up, refilled my cup and spent the 20 minutes pacing

around the living room while I waited.  When finally I heard the

three knocks on the door, I felt butterflies in the pit of my

belly.  I had left the door unlocked, so I could just call out

"come in" when she got there.  I surely did not wish for my

neighbors to see me this way.  I knew that I would never hear the

end of it, not that any of them really knew me or mattered to me

anyway, but I did live in this complex.  The knock came again so

I called out "come on in, the door is unlocked."

      The door opened and a gorgeous redhead walked in, carrying

a fairly large metal suitcase with her.  She stepped away from the

door and put the case down out of the way.  She had left the door

open, and just as I was about to ask her to please close it another

redhead walked in, also carrying one of the aluminum cases.  I was

shocked!  She had said she was coming, not that WE are coming.  How

many people did Sharon tell about this, or was one girl telling the

other and so on?  Then I stopped for a second to measure the

reaction of the two as they looked at me and noticed some thing

about the two.  The two were almost identical.  There was only a

few very minor differences to tell them apart.  The two women

appeared to be about mid twenties or so, with almost waist length,

darker red hair, full and soft to the look.  Both women were also

gifted with the kind of figures that haunted men's dreams.  I could

see this even though they both wore what looked like white women's

suits with knee length skirts and very sheer and silky white

blouses.  They were both gifted with full and more than ample

breasts, the kind that really excited me.  I had always been a

breast man, much more than a leg, or butt man.  And boy, did these

two have them.  Not that either their legs or any part of them was

less than my secret ideal of a woman.

      "Ron, I am sorry, I just realized  I forgot to tell you that

my sister was coming with me.  Oh, and my name is Karen and her

name is Margie.  I hope that you do not mind too much. I promise

that you will not regret letting us come over."

      "Hello, Karen, Margie.  It is really nice to meet you two,

and I hope you will not mind me saying that you are both very

attractive young women.  I am curious to know how you knew about

this outfit though."

      "Well, we were told that we would find you here about now,

and in that outfit.  We were also told to bring these two cases

with us, and the contents. It seems that some of the items in here

are things that someone thinks you want or need."

      "And who told you, if I may ask?"

      "Well, we are not really supposed to say right now, just that

we were told to come and that you would be dressed like that.  I

am sure you will find out all about it very soon, and why all this

elaborate scenario was set up like it was." Karen said, her face

lighting up with a bright smile.  God this woman was gorgeous when

she smiled, and even when she did not.  If Ron did not have Sharon,

he knew he would be trying to take this woman to bed even now,

perhaps, his luck taking a turn for the awesome, both of these

visions of loveliness standing before him.

      "hmmm, curious.  Now, what is it I can do for you?"

      "Mind if we sit down to discuss this?  It may take a few


      "Not at all, please, sit down.  Oh, and can I get either of

you anything?  Coffee, a drink, anything?" I said as I moved to sit

down on the couch.  The girls shook their heads and mumbled

politely about being just fine for now.  The twins each sat on

either side of me.  For a moment no one spoke, just sat down and

looked at each other.  As I sat there looking, I wished we had met

in other circumstances because as I sat looking at Karen I felt

desire rising within me like I had not felt in a long time.  The

more I looked, the more I wanted to take her to bed and enjoy her




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