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Archive-name: Changes/dream02.txt

Archive-author: Chuck 447

Archive-title: Dream, Fantasy and Nightmare - 2

                The Dream, Part Two

      All in all, though I felt kinda strange, I found the clothing

to be very comfortable, even quite exciting.  Sharon had chosen the

sizes pretty close to exactly the right ones it would appear. But

then, since I had no idea about if any of it was really fitting

right, I was merely guessing at it.  I was trying to figure out

what in the hell Sharon had in mind for tonight, but I could not

really fathom what was in her mind.  This should prove to be

interesting, or at least I hoped so after all of this preparation. 

Now I began to understand just why she had been so curious about

my reactions and comments when she and I had sat around one night

looking through some catalogs she gets regularly in the mail.  She

had wanted to know if I liked them, not if I thought they would

specifically look good on her, but did I just like the appearance

of them in general.

      I walked back into the kitchen, poured myself another cup of

coffee, the last in the pot.  I set the cup on the table and walked

back into the kitchen to make a new pot.  When I opened the

cupboard where the filters and coffee grounds were kept, I found

an odd looking bag sitting in there with another note.  Now what,

I thought to himself, I was already dressed from the skin out, what

could she possibly have left to spring on me?  I reached up and

took the bag out of the cupboard, it was not really heavy, but it

did weight 3 or 4 pounds.  Strange, I thought as I took out also

the things I needed and fired up another pot of coffee, then took

the bag to the table and sat down with my coffee.

      Taking the note off the bag that was taped to the side, I

opened it to read.  It had lines with separations, sort of like

some step by step instructions.  I read the first lines...

      "Ron, please follow these instructions as I have put them

down, or later undoing this might hurt a bit."

      "Step 1, unbutton and slip off the blouse.  Slip the straps

of the slip down so that the top of it slides down the belt of the

skirt.  Do not unhook the bra, just slip the straps off of your

shoulders and move the cups down toward your stomach a couple


      "Step 2, now take the items in the bag out, there are three

things in there, two, as you will notice right off are shaped, and

look like breasts, set them on the bag, the third is a little

bottle of liquid, be careful with that."

      "Step 3, and this maybe the hard part, go into the bathroom

and grab that old makeup mirror, the one that props up for use, but

before you come back, take your clippers and trim all the hair on

and around your own nipples, in fact, most of your chest just to

be safe."

      I was not to sure about this, but, not wanting to disappoint

her, and whatever she might have in mind, I unpacked the bag and

went into the bathroom, digging out the clippers and the mirror. 

With some reluctance I slowly used the clippers to remove the hair

from my chest. Slowly and carefully, making sure that none of it

fell down into the bra or the blouse.  I knew how much that might

itch.  When I finished, I put the clippers away and returned to the

table and the note.

      "step 4, open the bottle and apply a small amount of the

liquid on the flat parts of the breast form, then carefully, so as

not to get the liquid all over your hands, and using the mirror so

you can see that it is right, place the form against your chest so

that it hangs like the real thing.  Repeat this for the other side.

      "Step 5, then put the bra, slip and the blouse back on.  Now

you will know how I feel, only without all of the sensations I get

from my own breasts.  Walk around some to get the feel and weight

of them.  By time I get there tonight, you should have a pretty

good idea of what it would feel like to have real ones of your own. 

Too bad that men don't, or this could be even more fun than it is

going to be."

      I did as the note said.  It sure felt strange to him to have

the extra two or three pounds, perhaps more, on my chest.  I had

noticed that the detail of them had been pretty exact.  I figured

that these were the kind that women got for themselves after things

like mastectomy surgery or something.  I was sure that they were

not cheap.  Whatever Sharon had in mind, I hoped that she felt it

was worth the expense, the breastforms and the clothes had to cost

her something.  The last part of the note was simply that I should

just relax around the house, but do everything as she might dressed

like that, things like do not cross your legs like I normally do,

but more like she would.  In other words, that I should practice

being what I was now looking somewhat like. I thought, well, I had

come this far, and all for a special time with my lady, so, I

figured playing along a bit further could not hurt.  Besides, the

feel of the skirt as I moved about the house was thrilling, the

soft fabrics rubbing gently against my skin was also exciting.

      I picked up my coffee and went into the living room, and sat

down on the couch.  I found trying to cross my legs like Sharon did

in a dress was too strange, so I tucked my legs under me like I had

seen her do.  That was much more comfortable.  I picked up the

remote and turned on the television.  Might as well watch the news

while I waited for her to get home.

      As I sat there, the phone rang.  I reached over to the end

table and picked up the reciever.

      "hello?" I asked.

      "Hello, Ron?" I heard a sexy sounding voice say back.

      "Yes, this is Ron.  Can I help you with something?"

      "Well, yes, Ron, you can, but I will need to come over to

explain it to you.  You don't mind if I drop by in about 20 minutes

do you?"



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