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Archive-name: Changes/dream01.txt

Archive-author: Chuck 447

Archive-title: Dream, Fantasy and Nightmare - 1

   The following few messages (and sorry that it is so big, I am a

"want-to-be-writer" and had to put down this one in the best detail that I

could without writing a whole novel about it) are a dream that I had not

all that long ago.  I thought I would share it with all of you, and the

comments at the end of it that this dream (nightmare?) caused me, right

after I woke up from it and wrote it down.  The thing that is strangest

about it is that it is so vivid and it recurs, for no apparent reason,

unless it is that many of the messages on here have been upon the same

topics as are in the dream. Beats me, you see if you have any thoughts

on it.  This should at least be something to discuss here for a bit,

for it contains a bit of many things. Enjoy.  

                The Dream, Part One

        I opened my eyes, still bleary with the last vestiges of

sleep and reached to my left.  My hand met with only the blankets and the

surface of the water bed.  It would seem that Sharon had already gotten up

and left for work.  Damn, I had hoped to have a bit of time this morning,

sharing the blonde delights that made up my latest girlfriend before

she got out the door this morning.  After all, I did not have much else

to do today it, though she had to work.  Fortunately,  though, she had

only a short work day.  She would be back about 4 I hoped, unless she

decided to go home tonight instead.  I hoped she stopped here first, I

was growing kind of used to having her long legged, blonde haired form,

running around the place, not to mention the delightful bounce of her

more than ample breasts.  God that girl had some fine tits.  I loved her

jutting, perky nipples too.  In fact she had one of the finest bodies I

had ever seen, trim and firm, everywhere, but with all the right curves

in all the right places.  I also loved the fact that she had as creative

a mind when it came to sex as I do.  That can be a very difficult thing

to find these days.  I was never sure just what she would want to do next.

      Finally, I knew that I might as well get out of bed and get

something done, even if it was not wage earning.  I was tired of

being "trapped" at home as I had been since my accident.  Well, soon,

I would be back to the grind and then I might appreciate all this time

off I have had.  Though it would be a lot nicer if Sharon were here

to share it.  As I got up, I could see something hanging on the front

of my closet in a plastic wrap like a cleaner uses.  It would seem that

Sharon would be back, and she had some new games in mind.  What the hell,

so far all of them had been as exciting to me as they had been to her,

I was sure this one would be the same.  As I began to get up to stagger

first to the bathroom, then to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee,

I noticed a note hanging on the plastic.  As I rose I made a grab for

the note, plucking the tape loose, and then stumbled out of the bedroom

to take care of business, the note clutched in my hand.

      I entered the kitchen and grabbed up my mug sitting on the

counter, making a quick swirl under the faucet as I turned on the hot

water, and then grabbed for the coffee, already hot, waiting form me, and

them headed for the table and the first chair I could find.  Sitting down

with my steaming cup of coffee, I remembered the note I held and opened

it to read it.  I could tell by the gentle loops that Sharon had written

this note in no hurry.  Perhaps she had been planning this for a while.

If she had been planning something, then I knew from the 5 months that we

had been seeing a lot of each other, that it should be something a bit off

beat, but guaranteed to be exciting, and a lot of fun as well, or so all

of her little games had been thus far.  I unfolded and smoothed the note.

       It said: "Ron, on your closet door is something I got for

you, I hope that it fits, and on the floor of your closet is another bag.

Also some things that I got for you that I hope fit.  Please, be wearing

these things when I return later.  I know it may seem a strange request,

but I promise you that you will never regret this, nor forget it either."

      Well, I was intriqued anyway.  This was not the way she

normally did things, though she did often think out the things she

wanted done, or wanted to do, in advance.  But this note business had

me really curious, and very much in anticipation.  This should prove to

be something interesting.  I sat there thinking about it, and wondering

what might be in the dark plastic, and the bag, as I drank my coffee

and woke up completely.  I also decided that no matter what it was, the

first thing was to get a shower and shave.  I felt like I had sweated

all night and knew my heavy beard must be looking like a weeks growth

after last night.  But I would have all this done and still be able to

check out the bags and stuff long before noon.

      Finishing my coffee, I put the cup on the drainboard in the

kitchen and then headed for the shower.  Stripping off my robe, I reached

in and turned on the water, then stepped inside.  The warm water felt

good running down my shoulders and back.  It felt so good that I took my

time about soaping up, scrubbing and rinsing off this morning.  Finally,

stepping from the shower I reached out and took a clean towel and began

to dry himself completely.  Finishing that I hung the towel up to dry

and wandered nude into the bedroom.

      I walked to my closet and opened it first, reaching in to

take out the bag that was there as the note had said.  I took the bag and

set it on the edge of the waterbed and closed the closet, then turning

back to the waterbed, I slowly opened the bag.  What I saw inside caused

me to pause for a moment thinking about the note I had read a bit ago.

Yes, this was very odd, even for her, for inside the bag, a fairly large

bag at that, were things I had never really given any thought to wearing

for any kind of sex games.  Oh, sure, I had done something similar to

this for halloween, just to freak out my bosses, but not for the idea

of a sexual fantasy.  I was not altogether sure that I knew the right

way to put all of these things on.  Reaching in, my hand encountered

another note which I slipped out and read.  It seems that she had even

thought of this and had left him some simple instructions in case I was

unsure about what was in the bag.

      Following the notes, I first took out a black, half lace and

half satin cupped bra.  I looked at it and as I did, I imagined Sharon

lush, firm tits filling it.  But, remembering her promise, I did as

instructed and put it on.  It felt very strange, but oddly not the least

bit uncomfortable as I had thought that it would be.  The next thing I

took out of the bag, in the order of the note was some hose.  She had

called these suspender hose, and I began to see why.  She had said

in the note that they would be less uncomfortable, and easier to work

around than pantyhose, and that they were a good color for me, suntan,

whatever that means.  So, following her instructions I also put them on.

      Standing there, I felt a touch foolish, even more so when I

moved.  I found that as silly as I may look, the sensations of the hose

were incredibly arousing.  I could hardly wait for when Sharon would

get home.  Next was a pair of black lace nylon panties.  The nylon

was stretchable enough to support my cock comfortably.  The soft nylon

lace felt incredible against my skin, hugging it without being tight,

and allowing the most freedom of movement I could imagine.  Even the

fact that they were high cut legged briefs rather than bikinis, which

I normally wore in the men's variety, was not a major problem with

the delightful way that they felt.  I went on with the instructions,

next removing what she called a full length black slip from the bag.

It was full length alright, the hem covered in black lace, the cups and

upper hem also were soft nylon lace.  I put it on as she had instructed

in her notes.  Then I moved to the closet to begin removing the plastic

from what she said would be a top and appropriate matching items for

the outfit she wanted me in when she got home.  As the plastic fell

away, I saw a black shirt, and took it off the hanger and put it on.

I realized as I did that it was not a shirt, because the buttons were on

the wrong side.  Stopping for a minute, I looked at the label.  Hmmm she

had planned this out, this blouse was silk, no wonder it felt so soft

and silky as I slid it on.

      Under this was hanging what looked to be a very long, very

light material, skirt.  Finishing buttoning the blouse, I stepped into

the skirt, making sure the slip and blouse slipped inside the waist of

the skirt, then buttoned up the side of it and fastened the belt that

was already run though the loops.  I then went back to the bag, this

time removing a strange box from it.  I opened the box, and was oddly

not surprised to see a pair of black pump heels in there.  3 inch heels

should not be too difficult I thought to myself as I tried them on and

began to practice walking in the shoes.

      All in all, though I felt kinda strange, I found the clothing

to be very comfortable, even quite exciting.  Sharon had chosen the sizes

pretty close to exactly the right ones it would appear. But then, since

I had no idea about if any of it was really fitting right, I was merely

guessing at it.  I was trying to figure out what in the hell Sharon had

in mind for tonight, but I could not really fathom what was in her mind.

This should prove to be interesting, or at least I hoped so after all

of this preparation.  Now I began to understand just why she had been

so curious about my reactions and comments when she and I had sat around

one night looking through some catalogs she gets regularly in the mail.

She had wanted to know if I liked them, not if I thought they would



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