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Archive-name: Changes/doug-cin.txt

Archive-author: Karen Shane

Archive-title: Doug and Cindy

     Hesitantly  Doug entered the shop.    He was nervous and was

sure everyone  was  watching him.   But,  as he looked around  he

saw nobody paying any attention to him so he stepped farther into

the  little boutique.   It was a specialty shop and Doug was sure

he could get what he needed here.   It had taken him a long  time

to  work  up the courage to get this far and he wasn't  going  to

back down now.

     "Can I help you?" said the pretty young sales clerk.

     "Uh, well, I'd like to look around first," Doug responded.

     "O.K.,  just  call if you need any help,  I'll be right over

here if you need anything."  And the clerk turned and left him to

wander around the store by himself.

     Dougs  heart was pounding as he drifted among the  isles  of

clothing.  He had always wanted to check out this tall girls shop

but he had been too afraid in the past.  Now he was determined to

go through with it,  and he had the hardest part over.  He was in

the  store now and nothing would stop him from completing what he

had set out to do today.

     Towards  the back of the store Doug found what he  had  been

looking for,  the lingerie section.  He quickly selected a Platex

Thank-Goodness-It-Fits  brassire in size 38 nearly B.   He looked

at the package and made sure it was the right bra.   It was,  and

it was in the color he wanted,  black,  so he turned to the  next


     He  found  the Platex panty girdles and picked out  a  thigh

high  style  and made sure it was size 7.   With both  foundation

boxes under his arm he looked around a little more and found some

pretty  lace trimmed garter belts.   He picked one out  with  red

satin trim and added that to the growing collection of packages.

     Next  he journyed deeper into the store and began  examining

the  rack  containing  slips.   He  selected a black lace trimmed

nylon  tricot slip in size 38 tall.   After assuring himself that

it  would fit properly he picked out a pair of sandlewood  nylons

stockings and headed for the sales counter.

     "Did  you find everything you wanted?" Inquired  the  pretty

young girl.

     Doug  stammered  for a second,  cleared his throat and  then

said,  "Uh,  I  think  so.   Perhaps you could recommend  a  nice

inexpensive outfit to complete this ensemble."

     The  clerk  looked up from the sales tickets  she  had  been

checking  and  examined the items he had placed on  the  counter.

"Well,  let's see now.   Pretty underthings here deserve a pretty

dress.   Did  you want a skirt and blouse,  or is a dress more in

line with what you had in mind?" she inquired.

     "I really hadn't thought about that," Doug  returned,  "What

do you suggest?"

     The  clerk  was  making her way through the isles  and  Doug

followed  close behind.   He had left the other articles  on  the

counter and was startled when the girl turned and held a dress up

next  to him and said,  "This would look pretty with what  you've

already picked out."

     Doug turned red as she held the dress against his body.   He

wanted  to protest,  but could not find the courage to deny  what

the  clerk had infered.   The clerk noticed his embarassment  and

tried to ease it somewhat,  "Don't worry.   We get lots of men in

here  who like the items we sell.   If it does'nt bother me,  why

let it bother you."

     He  thought about it for a minute and felt a  little  better

with  her confiding in him in such a frank manner.   "Well,  it's

just that I never, well..., I mean I never...,"he stammered.

     "Don't  worry  about  it.    If  you'd  like,  you  can  try

everything  on in back.   We have a special room and no one  will

disturb you."

     Doug  couldn't believe what he was hearing.   "Uh,  are  you


     She  drapped  the dress over her arm  and  said,  "Come  on,

follow  me."  Then she turned and headed back to the counter  and

picked  up  the  other packages he  had  selected  earlier.   She

continued  on  to a curtain hanging at the back of the store  and

held it open for him.

     Doug stepped through and then the clerk entered and  pointed

towards another door.   "Right in there, no one will disturb you.

If you need any help,  just press the little buzzer and I'll come

back and help however I can."  With that she handed him the dress

and  other  articles,  turned  and left Doug  standing  there  by


     Hesitantly,  he  thought  about it and then hurried  to  the

door.   As  he pulled the door open he was somewhat surprised  to

find  such a large dressing room.   Inside he found that he could

bolt  the  door and he quickly did so.   He crossed over  to  the

dressing table and laid the items down.

     Doug  looked around the room and found that in  addition  to

the dressing table, there was a stand with half a dozen different

wigs and another dressing table with all kinds of make up on it.

     He quickly  removed  his  clothing  and  hung  them  from  a

hook  next  to the table.   Standing  there  naked  he  began  to

shake as he  removed  the  lycra panty  girdle from its box.   He

had  selected the  thigh high  type to  help  hide  his  maleness

and quickly pulled the  garment  from  the  box.    Nervously  he

put one  foot  into  the  panty  and  then  rapidly  slipped  the

panty  over  his  other  foot.   Before pulling the garment up he

pulled  his  testicles  back  between  his  legs  and pressed his

thighs together to hold them there.

     He  then  pulled  the panties up and adjusted  them  to  the

contours  of  his body.   Next he removed the brassire  from  its

carton and noticed his hands were shaking badly.  He had a little

difficulty fastening the clasps because of shakiness, but managed

to get them hooked properly.

     He removed the slip from its hanger, pulled off the tags and

then slid it over his head.  The feeling of constriction from the

bra and panty girdle gave him a sense of pleasure.   The coolness

of  silk against his body from the slip sent shudders of  delight

throughout him.

     Before  trying on the dress he admired his own reflection in

the  mirror  and marveled at how well he could mimic  the  female

form.   He was delighted with what he saw and then picked up  the

dress from the table.  After unzipping it full length, he stepped

into  the  dress and then adjusted the shoulders and bust to  his


     With  difficulty  he managed to get the zipper all  the  way

back  up and was just admiring the fit when he heard a  knock  at

the  door.   He  recognize the clerks voice when  she  said,  "If

you're  ready,  I've picked out a couple of accessories that will

go very nicely with that outfit."

     Doug was scared!   He had'nt planned to try the things on in

the store.  And now here he was completely dressed in the clothes

he had been wanting so long and someone was at the door.   Slowly

he stepped over to the door and drew the bolt back.

     The  young  clerk briskly entered the room and  placed  some

jewelery  items on the table.   "My but that's a  pretty  outfit.

I'll bet you'd really like to wear those things out of here."

     Doug was too stuned.   "I don't think that's possible.   I'd

get into trouble for sure."

     "Well listen," she continued, "I'll be closing the shop in a

few minutes and you can come by my place.   Here, try a couple of

these  wigs on and I'll be back in a few minutes."  With that she

left Doug alone to ponder what had just happened.

     He  picked  up the necklace she had left on  the  table  and

fastened  it around his neck.   After slipping the braclet on his

wrist  he realized he had not tried on the nylons or garter  belt

yet so he  pulled up  his dress and slip and fastened the  flimsy

garment around his waist.

     Doug removed the nylons from the container and gathered  one

up in a ball and slowly fitted it to his leg.   After hooking the

garters  to  it  he began to put the other one on  and  was  just

fastening it when the clerk returned.   Since he had forgotten to

bolt  the  door after she had departed,  she walked in as he  was

fastening the other nylon.

     "Here," she said as she crossed the room to him "always hook

the  straps through your panties.   That way if you need to  take

your panties down, you don't have to undo everything."  With that

she  unhooked the garters and threaded the  straps through  Dougs

panty.   After she had it properly adjusted she reattached it  to

the nylon and saw that he was finishing the other nylon.

     He  quickly dropped the slip and smoothed the dress down  as

the  clerk  selected a pretty auborn wig and removed it from  its

stand.  "Let's try this one," she said as she motioned for him to

set down in the chair in front of the dressing table.

     Doug meakly obeyed and she expertly fitted the hair piece in

place.  After adjusting the wig, she stepped back and allowed him

to see the full effect in the mirror.   He could not believe what

his eyes saw.   The reflection in the mirror was beautiful!  Even

without  make up the red head returning his gaze from the  mirror

looked ravishing.

     As  the  clerk picked up a stick of foundation make  up  she

said, "My name's Cindy.  What's yours?"

     "Doug,"  he  responded  quietly as she began  smoothing  the

foundation  on  his  face and neck.   Quickly  and  expertly  she

blended  the make up in with her finger tips and then selected  a

light green eye shadow for his eyes.

     "Green  will go good with that wig," Cindy stated  as  she

brushed  the  light  powder on his eyelids.   "We don't  want  to

overdo  it  though.   Here,  see if you can apply  this  lipstick

properly,"  she said as she handed Doug a tube of rose petal  lip


     Slowly  and carefully he traced the outline of his lips with

the  tube and then pressed his lips together.   When he  finished

Cindy  was  holding a small kleenex for him to  blot  his  lips

with.  "Thanks," he said as he took the kleenex and completed the


     Cindy  picked up a brush and made minor adjustments to the

wig as she inquired, "Have you been doing this long?"

     Doug answered tentatively,  "Privately I've enjoyed dressing

as a woman for a couple of years now.  But this is the first time

I've  ever  had  the opportunity to share it  with  anyone  else.

That's why I came to this boutique.   I wanted to make sure I got

everything  in  the  right size.   I  must  admit,  I  was  quite

surprised with how well you put me at ease in here."

     "We  get lots of guys in here that are into womens  clothes,

but  you're the first one I've ever given special attention  to,"

she said.

     Cindy  finished with the brush and was satisfied with  the

look.   "One  last  thing,  we'd better get some shoes  for  you.

Follow  me  and we'll try a couple pair on."  She headed for  the

door and Doug followed after taking one last look in the mirror.

     Amazing he thought, absolutely amazing.  He followed her out

the  door and back to the store.   Cindy was standing near  the

shoe department and asked him what size shoe he wore.   Doug told

her the male size he normally bought and she went over to a  rack

and pulled a box down.   "Here, let's try these," she said as she

opened the box and removed a pair of woven straw sandels.

     Doug  sat  down and slipped the sandels on.   It took him  a

second  to figure out how the straps laced around his  ankel  and

then he buckled them and stood back up.  "Perfect," he said as he

admired them in the floor mirror.

     "Come on then, let's go.  I'll get your other things and put

them in a bag.   You can change back if you want to at my place."

With  that Cindy disappeared in the other room for a minute and

then  reappeared  with  a boutique plastic  bag  in  hand.   Doug

followed  her  as she headed for the door  and  waited  patiently

outside as she turned the key in the lock and dropped the keys in

her purse.

     "I'm  parked right around the corner.   Let's go across  the

street for a quick drink before we take off."

     "Gee,  I  don't know if I'm ready for all this.   Maybe we'd

better just get going," he said.


     Doug  woke from the dream covered with persperation and with

a tremendous hard on.   He was in his own bed and could sense his

wifes'  body next to him.   He thought about the dream and  could

recall every detail as if he had really lived the experience.  It

disturbed  him  that he had had the dream again.   This  was  the

third time this week alone and each time it was the same.

     If  only he could see how the dream ended  he  thought.   Or

better yet,  if he could really experience it.   Doug got up from

the  damp  bed  and quietly padded out to  the  kitchen.   As  he

prepared  the  coffee  pot  for the  morning  ritual,  he  lit  a

cigarette and pondered the dream again.

     The  aroma of caffine invaded his nostrils and Doug  snubbed

out  the  butt as he reached for a cup.   While pouring  the  hot

liquid  he heard Cindy stirring in the bedroom and knew she would

soon be joining him.

     "Have that dream again?" Cindy inquired as she joined him at

the kitchen bar.   She was the image of his perplexing  nocturnal

adventure  and  he  only nodded affirmatively as he  avoided  her

gaze.   "Come on honey,  talk about it.   It might help if we can

work it out together.  I love you dear."

     "I don't understand it Cindy," he started,  "Why am I having

this same reoccuring dream?  What does it all mean?"

     "Doug, I love you very much.  Maybe if we actually acted out

the dream,  it wouldn't bother you anymore."  Cindy peered deeply

into his eyes questioningly as Doug turned toward her.

     He considered her suggestion and then responded,  "I  really

don't  know.   We've been married for two years now and why  does

something  like  this  start  affecting  me  so  much?    I'm  no

homosexual  and  I've never had thoughts like this  before.   Why

now," he inquired.

     "Look,"  Cindy began,  "it's friday and we have the  weekend

ahead of us.  Let's make reservations at a motel in town and just

get away from here for awhile.   The change will be good for  us.

And,"  she lingered for a minute,  "perhaps we can explore this a

little farther."

     Doug  considered the idea and then stated,  "I'll call  from

work and make the arrangements.   Maybe you're right."  As he got

up  from  the bar and started for the bathroom to get  ready  for

work Cindy hugged him tightly and placed an affectionate kiss  on

his ear lobe.

     Doug  put  the  dream from his mind  and  quickly  showered.

Cindy  was busy in the bedroom when he left for work and the rest

of the day was quite normal for him.   During his lunch hour from

the  parts  department  he worked in,  he  called  and  made  the

reservations  at a Holiday Inn on the outskirts of town.   "Maybe

Cindys' right," he muttered to himself as he hung up the phone.

     Doug  arrived home shortly after five o'clock to find  Cindy

waiting  in the living room with three suitcases setting next  to

the door.  "What's this?" he inquired.

     "I  hope you didn't forget to make reservations.   These are

our  bags,  let's  go."   With that,  Cindy grabbed  one  of  the

traveling cases and headed out the door.

     Half an hour later the two were climbing the carpeted stairs

to  their room at the motel.   As Doug placed the luggage on  the

traveling  stand Cindy darted into the bathroom and  said,  "I'll

get  a  bath ready for you and then call room service for  a  few

drinks while you relax and unwind from the day."

     Doug  nodded and absent mindedly flipped on  the  television

set.  A few minutes later Cindy reappeared and informed him every

thing was ready.  Entering the bathroom, he noticed she had drawn

a  hot bubble bath for him and had placed his shaving gear on the

counter next to the sink.   After removing his clothes and easing

into  the  foamy liquid,  Doug heard her requesting a  bottle  of

champagne from room service.

     Cindy came into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub.

She let her hand slip into the warm water and slowly swim its way

towards  Dougs' naked thigh.   Just as she made contact with  his

groin  they  both  heard a knock at  the  door.   "Must  be  room

service,"   Cindy  said as she stood and scooped up the  clothing

Doug had dropped on the rack above the toilet.

     Cindy had pulled the bathroom door shut when she opened  the

door  to  the hallway to allow the bellhop to bring in  the  cart

with the champagne.   After thanking the bellhop she handed him a

twenty  dollar  bill and said,  "I'd really appreciate it if  you

could dispose of these items immediately."   With that she handed

the  bellhop the clothing she had brought from the bathroom  with


     The  bellhop  smiled quickly as he tucked the  bill  in  his

pocket and took the articles she held in his direction.   He then

disappeared  as  she  closed the door behind him and  locked  the


     Cindy  carried  the champage and two glasses back  into  the

bathroom and sat them on the floor next to the tub.   She removed

her  blouse  and skirt and tossed them out onto the  bed  as  she

lowered herself to edge of the tub again.

     Doug  admired her ample breast and the way they strained  at

the skimpy brassire she was wearing.  Cindy  filled  the  glasses

with  the  bubbely liquid and then handed one  to  Doug.   As  he

started  sipping  the drink,  Cindy picked up the razor from  the

counter  and  lowered  it  into the  tub.   Doug  looked  at  her

inquisitively  as she reached into the water with her other  hand

and grasped his ankle.

     "Enjoy every minute of this,  Doug.  I love you and want you

to  be  as happy as I can make you."  Cindy said  as  she  slowly

began  drawing the razor along his leg.   Doug started to protest

but  she  merely  handed  him  another  glass  of  champagne  and

continued with her task.

     Moments later she had finished one leg and was busy with the

other  while  Doug helped himself to  another  drink.   When  she

stopped to admire her handiwork, she noticed he had dozed off and

was sleeping with his arms folded behind his head.  Carefully and

ever  so  gently she began shaving his underarms and was able  to

complete the task without awakening him.   Satisfied that she had

done properly,  she left Doug nap a little longer while she  went

into  the  other  room and set about arranging the  rest  of  her

surprise for him.

     Doug  opened  his eyes and felt Cindy massaging  his  flacid

penis.   The  water  was  now tepid and most of the  bubbles  had

dissapated.   "Boy, I must have really been tired.  How long have

I been in here?" Doug asked.

     "Not long,  honey.   It's a little past eight.   We ought to

get dressed and go down to the lounge for something to eat.  Come

on and I'll help you."  Cindy stood and handed him a towel.  Doug

quickly dried off and then followed her out of the bathroom.

     Looking around the room,  Doug was unable to find any of his

clothing.   He picked up each suitcase and noticed they all  felt

empty.  "What'd you do with my things?" he inquired.

     "Everything  you wore in here is gone.   I've packed  enough

for us for the weekend."  With that,  Cindy handed Doug a pair of

pastel  lycra  spandex panties and watched the expression on  his

face.   Slowly  the look of terror was replaced with  a  peaceful

smile as he reached out and took the garment from her hand.

     Tentatively  Doug  placed  one foot in the  panty  and  then

quickly  stepped  into  them with the other foot.   As  he  began

pulling the slinky fabric up his body he felt a sense of  urgency

compelling him onward.

      After  adjusting the hiphuggers,  Doug looked at Cindy  and

noticed she was holding a matching brassire for him.   He put out

his  hands to accept the bra and Cindy threaded it over his hands

and  up his arms.   As he positioned the boned-underwire cups  to

his chest,  Cindy cinched the garment from behind and hooked  the


     Doug  admired her selection.   The bra fit very comfortably.

It  was a deep plunge,  underwire affair with strech  straps  and

lace  trim everywhere.   Before he could inspect the garment  any

farther,  Cindy  was  wrapping a combination garter  belt,  waist

cincher around his midsection.

     It too,  he noticed, matched the pastel panties and bra.  On

each  of  the  elastic garter straps was  a  small  silky  ribbon

hanging from a little ribbon bow.  Cindy had finished hooking the

hooks and was trying to zip up the zipper.   "You'll have to hold

your tummy in as much as possible.   I got this a little tight in

order to give you a little better figure." She said.

     Doug had a hard time believing what was happening,  and,  he

had an equally hard time holding  his stomach in enough for Cindy

to get the girdle affair zipped up.   But somehow she managed and

then stepped around in front of him.

     She  started threading the garter straps through his panties

and Doug was quick to follow suit with the other leg.   After the

eight dangling straps were properly adjusted by Cindy, she handed

him  a  pair of smoke colored nylons and then went  over  to  the


     Doug  was busy sliding the smooth silk up his freshly shaven

legs and didn't notice Cindy removing the wig from a hat box.  He

was enjoying the slick feeling the material produced against  his

bare  legs.   As  he donned the second nylon he  became  accutely

aware  of  the erection between his legs.   The feel  of slippery

legs, the underwire  bra  and  the  constriction of lycra spandex

panties were too much for him.

     "I  thought that might happen."  Cindy said as she  observed

Dougs prediciment,  "so I've got a little idea how to handle that


     Cindy  crossed the room to Doug and rolled his panties down.

She  then  stepped behind him and reached through  his  legs  and

grabbed  his testicles.   As she tugged them back she forced  his

rigid cock back and held it against the two smaller sacks.   Next

she  applied pieces of surgical tape to the head of his penis and

pressed  the ends to his crotch.   She put one more long piece of

tape  across the length of his hard on and pressed the end of  it

deep into his anus.

     "O.k.,  now  adjust your panties and I'll bet  that'll  take

care of it," she said.

     Doug  pulled the panties back up and smoothed them in place.

He  couldn't help but admire the appearance of a  feminine  pubic

mound and glanced at Cindy.  She was smiling at the effect of her

handiwork and said,  "Here, put this slip on and we'll see what a

little make up will do."  With that she handed him a dainty satin

slip of the same pastel color.

     Doug  quickly  slid the slip over his head and let  it  drop

down  his  body.   He liked the way the lace trim bodice  drapped

over  his bra,  and the way the cool,  soft fabric felt.   As  he

smoothed  the garment in place with his  hands  his  body  became

charged with a tingling sensation.

     Cindy had him set in a chair beside the dressing table while

she  sat  on  the edge of the bed and began by trimming  his  eye

brows with a small pair of tweezers.   After she had thinned them

considerably  she picked up a styling pencil and  lightly  filled

out a soft, feminine arch.

     After completing the eyebrows, Cindy dabbed small amounts of

light  aqua  colored powder to the tops of his eyelids  and  then

blended  it  with a cotton swab.   Next she applied a Cover  Girl

foundation  to his cheeks,  forehead,  chin and neck.   She  also

blended this with a cotton ball and then applied a light  coating

of powder to the same areas.

     When  she  was  satisfied  with the  softness  of  the  skin

texture,  she applied a thin coating of blusher to his cheeks and

used  her fingers to fade the edges of the blusher.   Happy  with

the  effect she was creating,  Cindy removed a mascara wand  from

her make up case and applied a thin coat to Dougs eye lashes.

     She  sat back on the bed and admired her handiwork.   "Damn,

you're pretty," she remarked.  Doug turned towards the mirror and

gasped  at  how  beautiful and womanly he  had  become.   It  was

difficult for him to imagine that beneath the reflection  staring

back at him was really a man.

     Cindy  handed Doug a pair of silver clip on earrings to  put

on while she fastened a matching silver necklace around his neck.

When  she  finished with the necklace she bent down and hooked  a

smaller version of the necklace around his left ankle.

     "Just  a few more details and we'll be ready,  honey."   She

said as she produced a dark brown wig Doug immediately recognized

from  her collection of wigs at home.   She slipped  the  trusses

over  his scalp and fitted it to his head.   With a small styling

brush  she teased a few curls into place and patted a few  others

with the palm of her hand.

     "After you have your dress on, we'll take care of your hands

and  then we can go."  Cindy then pulled a beige  ruffled  blouse

from the hangers she had previously hung in the closet and helped

Doug into the garment.   As she buttoned the buttons in back,  he

straigtened the collor and fluffed up the ruffles in front.

     Doug  glanced  in the mirror and noticed the ruffled  blouse

created the illusion of a larger bust line than he actually  had.

He turned back to find Cindy holding a tweed,  straight skirt for

him to step into.   He pulled the garment on and Cindy zipped and

fastened  the  clasps in back for him.   As he reached under  the

skirt  to adjust his slip,  Cindy retrieved the  matching  jacket

from another hanger and handed it to Doug.

     After  tucking his blouse into the skirt,  Doug slipped into

the  jacket and turned to admire himself in  the  mirror.   Cindy

handed  him a package and said,  "Here,  see if you can put these

plastic  finger  nails  on  while  I  get  dressed."   She   then

disappeared into the bathroom while he tore open the package.

     When he finished with the nails, Doug walked around the room

and enjoyed the feel of female garments swaying against his body.

The sensations were electric and he felt ecstatic.   He was still

enjoying  the  slick nylon charge when Cindy stepped out  of  the

bathroom dressed equally as beautiful as he was.

     She  stepped into a pair of patent leather spiked heels  and

said, "Perhaps you'd better wear these lower heeled slippers.  It

takes  a  little getting used to walking around before you'll  be

able to handle high heels."  She then handed him a pair of  beige

leather  low  heeled slippers and he quickly slipped them on  his

nylon covered feet.

     Doug stood before her; both the picture of  feminity.    She

stepped closer and hugged him tightly.   They kissed passionately

and both could sense the arousal in the other.  Cindy pulled away

from the embrace and said,  "Now for the lipstick and we're ready

to go.   You can carry this little purse for effect and I'll take

mine  along with everything we'll need."  She handed Doug a  tube

of pale pink lipstick and watched as  he traced it  on his  lips.

When he finished applying it,  she gave him a small beige handbag

and he placed the lipstick in it.

     She picked up her purse and opened the door.   "Well,  let's

go to the lounge and get something to eat.   I'm famished."  Doug

followed her out the door and stood in the hallway as she  locked

the door.

     Pangs  of  guilt  and apprehension invaded  him  as  another

couple  appeared down the hall.   Cindy saw the fear in his  eyes

and quickly linked her arm in his.   "Believe me darling,  no one

but I know who, or what you really are.  Come on, let's go."


     Cindy  led him down the hallway and could feel his sense  of

confidence returning.   The closer they got to the stairway,  the

more she could tell he was loosening up and begining to enjoy the


     "I'll do the ordering as your voice may give you away."  They

descended  the stairs and crossed the lobby to the lounge.   Doug

glanced  about and noticed the clerks paid them no mind.   A  few

guest mingled in the lobby and they too paid no attention to  the

two well dressed women headed for the lounge.

     The hostess guided them through the dimly lit bar to a small

table near the rear of the lounge.  Before departing she accepted

Cindys  order for drinks and then disappeared amid the tingle  of

glasses and music from the band.

     Soon  their waitress delivered the drinks and Cindy selected

entrees from the menu for them both.   Before their meal arrived,

the  waitress  brought another round of  drinks  and  said,  "The

gentlemen  next  to the bar hope you'll accept these  with  their

compliments."   She nodded towards a table with two well  dressed

business men and sat the glasses down.

     Doug  and Cindy both glanced toward the men.   Cindy  smiled

and  tipped her glass in the air to the men and then turned  back

to Doug.  "See, I told you no one could tell but me."

     Doug felt a little nervious and wispered to her, "What do we

do if someone trys to hit on us?"

     "Honey,  this is your fantasy.  Enjoy it.  Just do what ever

comes naturally.  But when it's all over, we're the ones that are


     Doug  smiled at Cindy and rubbed his knee against hers under

the table.  The feel of nylon against nylon excited them both and

Cindy responded by slipping her hand beneath the table cloth  and

placing it on his leg.

     As he finished his drink she slowly slid her hand up his leg

and  toyed with the top of his nylon.   Doug felt the tension  of

his garter strap as she traced the outline of the fastening.   He

also felt his growing erection and was thankful Cindy had been so

thorough in taping his member back.

     When  their  meal arrived,  Cindy ordered another  round  of

drinks  and  both  attacked the food with  a  passion.   As  they

finished  the dinner Doug saw the two gentlemen head toward their

table.   He pressed his knee against Cindys and indicated for her

to look in their direction.

     Cindy looked up as the two arrived at the table.  She smiled

demurely as the taller of the two asked her, "Would you two young

ladies care to dance?"

     The  music was slow and so was she in  responding,  "Why,  I

think we'd love to.   Wouldn't we Darla?"  She looked directly at

Doug when she said that and could tell he was nervous.   Then she

accepted  the outstreched arm of the shorter of the two  men  and

accompanied him to the dance floor.

     "Darla,  eh?   Pretty  name,  shall we join them?" said  the

huskier fellow.

     Doug  placed  his hand on the mans arm and slowly  stood  up

from the table.   The two made their way between the other tables

and were soon on the dance floor.

     Fighting  instinct,  Doug allowed the man to place his  arms

around him and then tried hard to follow his lead.  As if it came

naturally,  Doug  found out he had no trouble assuming the proper

role and soon the two were tightly pressed together.

     The music drifted among them as Doug became keenly aware  of

the  bulge  in  his partners pants.   He found it  exciting  that

another  man was becoming turned on by him and he  increased  the

pressure  of  his own pelvic area against his partner.   The  two

danced slower, while Doug sensed the urgency of his own masculine


     Rythmatically  he began pressing his hips harder and  harder

against  his dance partner.   The husky gentlemen responded  with

equal  pressure  and Doug found himself placing his  head  deeper

into the mans shoulder.

     As  they continued to dance,  Doug became very aware of  the

mans hand pressing more firmly against his back.   He could  feel

his  partners  hand  against the hooks of his bra and  this  only

excited him more.   He did not realize the music had stopped when

he  felt  the mans hand slid from his back and drift  across  his


     With  a meaningful pat on Dougs feminine  derrire,  the  man

said, "We'll have to do it again, Darla."  And as a gentleman, he

escorted Doug back to the table.

     Doug  pursed his pink lips and smiled affectionately at  the

gentleman as he retook his seat.   Cindy was now joining them and

her  partner  asked,  "How 'bout if we join you two and  make  an

evening of it?"

     Doug  nervously  pulled  a cigarette from Cindys  purse  and

placed it in his lips.  He was searching for the lighter when his

dance partner offered a light.   As he puffed on the cigarette he

heard  Cindy  feign an excuse of returning to  awaiting  husbands

upstairs and the two men reluctanly bid farwell and departed.

     Cindy signaled the waitress for the check and told Doug,  "I

think  it's  time  the two of us get out of here."   Doug  nodded

eagerly  and  departed  with her after she had  signed  the  room

number to the tab.

     They  arrived  back  in their  room  minutes  later  without

incident  and Cindy was only too happy to kick off her shoes  and

sink  into  the  bed.   Doug  retrieved the  champagne  from  the

bathroom and poured them both a drink.

     "Well,  what did you think of your dream now that you've had

a chance to act it out?"  Cindy inquired.

     "It was a little scary at first.   And then when those  guys

asked us to dance,  I nearly died.  Do you know he got a big hard

on and kept rubbing it against me."

     Cindy chuckled and said,  "Well can you blame him.   Look at

yourself, you really are a beautiful woman.  But right now I want

that  beautiful woman to climb on top of me,  or better yet," she

hesitated, "I'd rather climb on top of that beautiful woman."

     Doug  dropped  to  the bed and  the  two  clung  desperately

together.   "Wait,"  Cindy  said,  "let's shed a little  of  this

clothing first.  I've got another surprise for you."

     With that she hopped up from the bed and crossed the room to

the closet.   Deftly she removed two identical floor length satin

pegnoir sets and returned to the bed side.  "Take everything from

your  slip  on out off," she said as she began also stripping  to

just her panties, garters, nylons and bra.

     Doug was quick to follow suit.  As soon as the two were shed

of  their outer garments,  Cindy handed one of the gowns to  Doug

while she placed the other on her own body.  Before climbing back

in  bed she turned down the covers and then placed her small over

night bag on the floor next to the bed.

     Doug  laid  back on the bed and realized  he  was  extremely

excited  by  the wisps of nylon drapped across his  body.   Cindy

knelt and stradled his hips.  The rustle and feel of nylon tricot

was  everywhere.   She slowly started rocking her hips  back  and

forth  and could sense Doug enjoyed the smooth frictionless  feel

of the mingeling female garments.

     Gently  she  reached beneath Dougs buttocks and  pulled  the

tape  restraining his testicles.   When she freed his  semi-rigid

cock  she  rolled the front of his panties down  and  pulled  his

growing  member  out.   After she hooked the panties beneath  his

warm balls, she leaned over and retrieved two soft vibrators from

her night bag.

     As  Dougs  penis  became harder she rolled off  of  him  and

quickly  shed her own panties.   Cindy then lubricated both  toys

and gently inserted one in Dougs quivering anus.   As she lowered

herself upon his erection she guided the other vibrator into  her

own anus.

     "Oh  baby," Doug moaned.   He was so worked up from all  the

excitement  of  the evening he knew he would not be able to  hold

back much longer.

     Cindy knew he was near the edge.   She sat up as straight as

she could and buried his cock deep within herself.   Dougs  hands

were  massaging her anal cheeks as he worked the vibrator in  and

out of her.

     Cindy  used one hand to work the vibrator back and forth  in

Doug while she kneeded his nipples beneath the bra he wore.  With

a violent shudder Doug shot cum deep in Cindy.

     She  orgasimed  twice  as  he spent  his  load.   They  both

remained motionless for an eternity and then slowly Doug  started

pumping in and out of her again.   Within seconds he had regained

a  rock  hard rigidity that Cindy knew would last throughout  the


     "Oh darling, darling," she moaned, "I love you so much."

     Doug continued to pump as she rubbed her hands all over  the

nylon  and  lace  he  wore.   With each stroke of  her  hand  the

intensity of his movements increased.   The effect of lace was so

great  that Cindy knew she had discovered a means to highten  the

pleasure both of them shared.

     After  they  had both enjoyed countless  orgasims  they  lay

cuddled  together in a mixture of sensuous clothing.  Cindy could

not  believe  the profound effect her suggestion of acting out  a

dream had had on Doug.  Or, for that matter, the effect it had on

her.   She slowly drifted off to sleep vowing she would  continue

to live his dream.


     Doug woke first.  The realization of saturday morning at the

motel  flickered through his mind.   Awareness of the lingerie he

wore flooded his senses.  Cindy was still snuggled up next to him

and  he enjoyed looking at their two bodies  dressed  similiarly.

He caressed her with one hand while he caressed his own body with

the other.

     She  woke  slowly.    She  was  vaguely  sore  and  suddenly

remembered  why.   Cindy smiled as she opened her eyes and leaned

closer  to  Doug to kiss him.   "Feel like a morning  swim,"  she


     Doug looked at her questioningly.

     "I've got a really nice one piece suit for you.  You'll love

it!" She said.

     Cindy hopped from the bed and dashed to the bathroom.   Doug

sat  up and looked into the mirror.   The wig was a little  awry,

but  the  make up was intact.   He adjusted the  hair  piece  and

flipped on the television set.

     Cindy  reappeared  from the other room  and tossed him   the

swim suit.  She had alreay pulled on a skimpy suit and had towels

in her hand.

     Doug  examine  the swim suit and looked  puzzled.   "How  we

gonna pull this off," he asked.

     "Strip down to just your panties, I've got another idea."

     He  did as she bid and then Cindy re-taped his flacid  penis

back  the way she had last night.   "Now,  pull on the  suit  and

let's see."

     Doug stepped into the fucia swim suit and pulled it up.  The

skirted bottom hid any traces of his masculinity and Cindy helped

him adjust the blouson top.   She then inserted a pair of  breast

prosthesis into the built in bra of the suit and adjusted them in

their confines.

     "Well,  maybe,"  Doug  mused as he looked into  the  mirror.

"But what about the wig?"

     "You'll  just  have to keep your head out of the  water,  or

wear this swim cap."  Cindy said as she tossed him a rubber  cap.

She  grabbed a pair of towels from the bathroom and picked up the

key from on top of the television.   "Come on, it's early.  We'll

have the pool to ourselves."

     Doug followed her down the hall way and she was right,  they

had  the  pool to themselves.   After about a half  an  hour  two

skinny  teenagers  showed  up and began splashing each  other  in

another  corner  of the pool.   Doug and Cindy decided  they  had

better  not  press their luck so they got out of  the  water  and

dried off.

     With  towels draped over their shoulders they headed back to

the  room and were just crossing the second floor lobby when  the

dance  partners from the previous evening came up  the  stairway.

Cindy  saw  the two men and smiled.   "Morning," she said as  she

recognized them.

     The  two men returned the smile and said "Good  Morning"  in

unison.   As Doug and Cindy passed by them, the husky fellow that

had  danced with Doug reached out and patted him on the ass as he

walked by.  Doug let out a gasp while  Cindy just chuckled.

     "That's  something  I don't know how to handle."  Doug  told

Cindy as he closed the door behind him.

     "You'll  learn how to play the part."  She  responded  while

stepping into the bathroom and adjusting the shower.   "How about

we shower together?"

     Doug quickly joined her.   When they had finished showering,

Cindy  laid out a complete outfit on the bed for Doug.   Standing

with the towel wrapped around himself,  he carefully examined the

items and then picked up the sanitary belt and pad.

     "That  will probably be more comfortable than  wearing  tape

all day.   And it'll be a lot easier to remove when ever you need

to go to the toilet."  Cindy told him.

     Doug  nodded in acknowledgement and slowly stepped into  the

contraption.   Before  pulling it up all the way,  he pressed his

testicles back and then wiggled the pad into place.   The  straps

rode high on his hips, while the end of the belt disappeared into

the cheeks of his ass.

     Next,  he  donned  the light blue nylon tricot  panties  and

admired  the  lace  trim  around the waist  and  leg  bands.   He

marvelled  at  how  the sanitary pad produced  a  feminine  pubic

mound.   He  quickly picked up the corset and was  examining  the

garment while Cindy dressed.

     He  noticed it had heavy boned stays.   The corset laced and

hooked  in the back,  so Doug slid the affair over his  arms  and

positioned  it in place.   Cindy stepped over and drew the  laces

tight and then hooked the corset for him.

     He  slipped  the  silicone  prosthesis in each  cup  of  the

corsets  brassire  and then sat on the edge of  the  bed.   While

putting  on the nylons and fastening them to the garters  of  the

corset, Doug could feel an erection growing.  He was thankful the

sanitary pad held him secure.

     Cindy  tossed  him an embrodiered lace slip and  he  quickly

fitted  the sensuous garment to his body.   "All of these clothes

fit so nicely,  and they feel terrific.  How did you ever get the

right size in everything?"

     "You forget,  dear, I've been buying your clothes for a long

time.   It wasn't hard to convert your men clothes size to womens

clothing."  She said.

     Doug  enjoyed the feeling of nylon swaying against his  body

as he crossed the room to the closet.   "Which dress is mine?" He


     "Why  don't you try the blue one hanging next to the  outfit

you wore last night."

     Doug  removed a sky blue dress from the hanger  and  stepped

into  it.   He pulled the dress on and slipped his arms into  it.

As he adjusted the puffy sleeves, Cindy zipped it up for him.  He

liked  the  mandrin collar and the way the garment clung  to  his

curves.  "It's beautiful," he murmered.

     "I  thought  you'd like it."  Cindy handed him  her  braclet

watch and he fastened it to his wrist.

     She  motioned for him to set at the dressing table and  then

carefully  began  applying  a light make  up.   "We'll  skip  the

mascare  for daylight wear.    I think this blue will match  your

dress."   She  said  as  she dabbed a light powder  blue  to  his


     She  blended on small amounts of Cover Girl  foundation  and

said, "We don't want to over do it or that'll just call attention

to you."

     He  picked up the lipstick she had set before him and slowly

traced  the outline of his lips.   Cindy was fastening a pair  of

dangling  blue  plastic  ear  rings to  his  ears  and  Doug  sat

patiently  observing  the process in the  mirror.   The  illusion

being  created excited him and he could feel his rock hard  penis

straining at the cotton pad.

     When Cindy finished she handed him the wig and had him place

it on his head.  She took a small brush and teased the hair piece

until confident it looked proper.  "There,  I think we're done."

     Doug  slid on a pair of woven straw sandles and fastened the

straps  around his nylon encased legs.   The feel of  the  nylons

rubbing together as he moved his legs about was too much for him.

He  hoped  Cindy did not notice as he shuddered and felt  a  warm

liquid oozing between his legs.  He was thankful for the sanitary

napkin and made a mental note to take along a spare.

     When he stood up,  Doug took one last look in the mirror and

couldn't  believe  the  picture of feminity that stared  back  at

him.   "Let's go."  Cindy said as she opened the door and  waited

for him to join.

     "Where  we  going."   Doug inquired as he stepped  into  the

hallway with Cindy.

     "I  thought  we'd get some breakfast and then tour  the  art

museum."  She answered.

     They walked side by side to the stairs and then crossed  the

lobby to the front door.  Again Doug noticed that no one paid any

attention   to  them  and  he  felt  comfortable  that  he  could

masquerade so easily.

     "I'll  drive."  Cindy said as she opened the passenger  door

for Doug.

     They   had  not  gotten  out  of  the  parking  lot   before

discovering they had a flat tire.   "Damn,"  Cindy said,  "of all

times for this to happen."

     She  slammed  the  door as she started to  walk  around  the

vehicle  to assess the situation.   Doug was comming  around  the

front  of  the  car  to join her when he heard,  "Can  we  be  of

assistance ladies."


     Doug  and  Cindy looked up to see their two  dance  partners

nearing the dissabled car.  "Hi, I'm Dave and this is Dan."  Said

the fellow Cindy had been dancing with.   "We'll have that  fixed

in no time.  Got a spare in the trunk?"  He inquired.

     "Oh,  thank you."  Cindy said as she went around the car and

placed  the key in the trunk.   "I don't know what we'd have done

if you hadn't come along."

     Dave  removed the jack and wrench from the trunk as Dan  set

the spare tire on the ground.   While Dave began positioning  the

jack,  Dan  stepped next to Doug and inquired,  "How's Darla this

beautiful morning?"

     Dougs  heart was pounding rapidly as he  whispered,  "Got  a

little case of laringitist."

     "Aw,  that's too bad."  Dan responded.  "Maybe you'd like to

join  us  for breakfast.   We were just planning to go  down  the

street here to the pancake house.  How about it?"

     Doug  shot  Cindy  a  glance and saw her perk  up  at  Dan's

suggestion.  "That would be wonderful, wouldn't it Darla."

     Doug  nodded  meekly and wondered how he  would  handle  the

situation.   Dave  had finished changing the tire and was putting

everything back in the trunk.   "Why don't you park your car  and

we'll walk down to the restuarant.  It's only half a block away."

He said.

     Cindy agreed and backed the car into the slot.   Dan offered

his  arm  to Doug and he limply placed his wrist in the crook  of

Dans arm.   He was glad he still had the false finger nails on as

they gave his hands a distinct female appearance.

     Dave  escorted  Cindy as the two couples strolled  down  the

side walk.   Doug began enjoying the attention Dan was  showering

upon  him.   He even appreciated the way Dan held doors open  for

him and treated him as a woman.  He was glad Dan offered to order

for him so that 'Darla' wouldn't strain her throat.

     Nearing the end of their meal,  Doug felt Dan place his hand

upon  his  nylon  covered leg and his eyes went wide open.  Cindy

saw  the  look  in  her mates eyes and realized  what  must  have

happened.   She smiled back at Doug and said, "Enjoying yourself,


     Doug  could only manage a week nod and continued to pick  at

the  food  on his plate.   Dans hand had gotten  bolder  and  was

slowly inching up his leg.  He could feel Dan toying with the top

of his nylons and tracing the outline of the garter.

     Cindy  saved  him by announcing,  "I need to use the  powder

room.  Care to join me Darla?"

     Doug and Cindy quickly crossed the dining room to the womens

rest  room.   Once inside,  Doug looked around and saw they  were

alone.   "He's putting his hands all over me.   I don't know what

to do."

     "Don't be so worried honey.  He can't do anything as long as

we're  in a crowd.   Enjoy it,  and tease him a  little.   Surely

you've been teased by some girl in the past."

     She made sense,  Doug thought.  "Well maybe," he started, "I

just didn't expect anything like this to happen."

     "Have all the fun you want, 'cause when we go home we're the

ones that are together.   I love you and I don't care what I have

to  do  to make you happy."  Cindy stopped talking  when  another

women  entered  the  room.   She checked her own make up  in  the

mirror as she handed Doug a tube of lipstick.

     They both returned to the table and Dave and Dan stood up to

hold  the  chairs  for the women.   Doug had not been seated  for

more  than  a minute until he felt Dans' hand once again  on  his

nylon covered knee.

     As Dans fingers began creeping under the dress, Doug let his

own  hand rest upon the thigh of his partner.   Dan accepted  the

touch  as a signal and quickly slipped his fingers to the  crotch

of Dougs panties.   Feeling the sanitary napkin,  Dan momentarily

withdrew his hand and then replaced it on the panty covered pad.

     Dan   slowly  began  applying  pressure  to  the   pad   and

rhythmatically  started rubbing it up and down.   The feel of the

moist pad against Dougs flacid penis caused him to get an instant

hard  on  and he found himself becoming quite  excited.   As  Dan

continued to rub the pad,  Dan let his own hand drift farther  up

Dans thigh until he felt a familiar bulge.

     Cindy and Dave had lapsed into small talk, while it appeared

Dan  and Doug were slowly finishing their meal.   Doug heard Dave

mention  something about stepping outside for a cigar  and  Cindy

agreeing  to join him.   Dan too quickly announced he would  take

care  of the bill and Doug looked up to see Cindy departing  with


     With  the other couple gone,  Dan increased the frequency of

his movements and Doug was breathing quite heavily.   He  grasped

Dans  bulge  with the tips of his false fingernails  and  pinched

lightly as he began stroking the stiffening member in time to the

movements Dan was applying to him.

     Doug exploded warm,  thick juices as he felt Dan shudder and

cease  his  activities with the pad.   Doug squirmed slightly  to

allow  the  last few drops to drain from him  into  the  awaiting

sanitary napkin.    For the second time today he was glad the pad

was in place as he with drew his hand from Dans crotch.

     Doug  had a contented smile on his face and noticed Dan  was

wearing a sheepish grin.   Both glanced down and saw a small spot

appearing  as  the tent shaped fabric of Dans trousers  began  to

sink back down.  "I guess I'd better head back to the room."  Dan

said meekly.

     He  left  some  bills on the guest check and  then  escorted

Darla from the restuarant.  Cindy and Dave appeared to be deep in

an animated conversation and nearly missed them as they came out.

They all quickly returned to the motel where Dan bid farewell  as

he  rapidly  crossed  the lobby and bounded the stairs two  at  a


     Dave  looked  questioningly after him and  then  turned  and

shrugged  to Cindy and Darla.   "I guess I'd better go make  sure

he's alright.  Will we see you girls again?"

     Cindy smiled at Doug and then said,  "We'll be in the lounge

again tonight.  Perhaps we can slip away from our husbands again.

They're out playing golf now, and are usually too tired to go out

when they've completed eighteen holes."

     Dave  bid  them  farewell and  then  departed.   "What  ever

happened after we left?"  She inquired of Doug.

     "I think I have to go up to the room for a minute too.   You

said to enjoy myself, and well, I just did what he did to me."

     Cindy  chuckled  to herself and thought outloud,  "You  sure

learn  fast."   They returned to the room and before Doug  had  a

chance  to replace the soiled napkin,  Cindy crossed the room  to

him and gently pushed him onto the bed.

     Caught unaware,  Doug fell back on the bed as Cindy  bounced

on to it next to him.   She rapidly slid her hand under his dress

and   began  massaging  the  panties  against  his  napkin.    He

instinctively parted his legs for her and felt the wettness  from

his earlier excitement.

     Cindy  hiked  her own dress above her thighs  and  straddled

Doug  with her head facing his feet.   She bent over to reach her

night  case  and he nuzzled his face against the  fabric  of  her

panties.   She  continued massaging the sanitary pad against  his

growing erection as she pulled one of the toys from her case.

     Doug  could feel his penis growing as he buried his face  in

Cindys  pantied rump.   He began to nibble on the tricot  barrier

and could feel her vaginal lips slidding beneath the soft fabric.

His  own panties strained at the pressure of his emerging hard on

pushing against the pad Cindy was massaging.

     Cindy slid the leg band of his panties aside and  lubricated

the  object  in her hand with the dampness from his pad.   As  he

continued to tease her with his mouth against her own panties she

slid the soft,  firm vibrator into his anus.   She slowly  worked

the  toy in and out as she increased her movement of the sanitary

napkin against his rigid cock.

     Doug  felt  like he was in heaven.   He nibbled  harder  and

caught her lips between the fabric of her panties as she  plunged

the vibrator back and forth in his anus.  The sensation of nylons

and  tricot  intermingling with the constraint of the corset  and

her actions on his body were over powering.

     Cindy  knew he was nearing the moment and she  released  his

cock from the pad which held it.   It pointed straight in the air

as she climbed from his body and quickly stripped her own panties

as  quick as she could.   She turned and positioned herself above

him and then lowered her body to his.  Her moistness engulfed him

as she continued to plunge the vibrator in and out.

     Garters snagged against garters as lace mixed with nylon and

nylon.   He  exploded  like never  before.   She  quivered,  then

shuddered and exploded too.   Wetness drained everywhere as  they

continued to pump feverishly.

     And then they were motionless.

     Cindy  sat breathing heavily as Doug grasped for  air.   The

vibrator  was  buried deep within him as he remained buried  deep

within her.

     Moments later,  an eternity,  he slowly felt himself fading.

As his penis returned to a flacid state,  she slowly withdrew the

vibrator.  Cindy contracted her muscles and he popped from within

her.  At  the  same  instant she totally with drew  the  toy  and

dropped it to the floor.

     "We've never,  I mean never,  had sex with such urgency.   I

think it was great!"  Cindy said as she got up from the bed.  She

picked up her panties and stepped back into them as Doug sat up.

     He could not say anything.   He knew she was right.   He got

up  and headed for the bathroom after picking up a  fresh  napkin

from the box Cindy had in the suitcase.

     "Now  you  really  see  why the garters  go  underneath  the

panties, don't you."  Cindy called out to him.

     Doug  only responded by flushing the toilet  and  completing

the  task at hand.   Seconds later he stepped from the other room

and  joined Cindy on the edge of the bed.   "I guess the  museums

out for this morning.   What other little surprises did you  have

in mind?"

     "Oh, I've got a little idea in mind you might enjoy."

     Cindy  got  up  from  the bed and  opened  the  door.   Doug

followed her out and they both headed for the car.  She drove for

a few minutes and Doug realized they were headed  downtown.   She

circled  one block a few times and then pulled into a vacant spot

in front of an adult book store.  Doug smiled.

     She  opened the door for him and they both stepped into  the

store.   It  was still early in the day and few  other  customers

were  among  the racks of magazines and video  cassettes.   Cindy

walked  from one isle to the next until she spotted  the  section

containing literature on female impersonators.  Doug stepped next

to  her as she picked up one magazine from each holder and  began

cradling them in her arm.

     After  she  was  sure  she had one  of  each  selection  she

wandered  around  a bit and then settled in front of the  counter

containing toys of every description.   She selected a few  items

and  the gaunt male clerk nonchalauntly dropped them into a  bag.

She  paid him and then turned to find Doug still browsing through

the titles she had made her choices from.

     Cindy  caught his attention and signalled him that  she  was

ready  to leave.   Doug replaced the magazine he'd been  thumbing

through  and accompanied her to the car.   "I got one of each and

we can look at them later back at the motel.  For now, let's head

to the mall.  I have a few more things to pick up and we can grab

some lunch at one of the lounges there."

     Doug  was only to happy to be dressed as he was  and  didn't

really care where they went.   He enjoyed the breeze as it wafted

gently through his wig and chilled his lace clad body.   The trip

to  the  mall  passed rapidly as Cindy drove among the  week  end


     She  led  him  through the  window  shoppers  and  squalling

children  to a womens longerie shop at the end of one passageway.

It  only took  her seconds to scoop up oodles of pastel   colored

panties and deposit them in Dougs arms.   She selected a few more

packaged  panties and dropped them on top of the  growing  armful

held by Doug.

     "When  we get home,  I'm going to get rid of all your cotton

underwear.   If  what's  happened to us in the last two  days  is

caused by these, I intend to keep you well dressed from now on."

     Doug caressed the items he held and considered the words she

said.   He  could feel his manhood growing and realized what  she

was  telling him was the cause for it.   As he walked behind  her

the  constant  strain  of the napkin against  his  cock  and  the

thought  of  such beautiful under garments caused him  to  become

even harder.

     Cindy  picked out a couple of varieties of teddies and panty

slips and also handed them to Doug.  His arms were so full he had

to get a basket from next to the counter to carry everything  she

was getting.   When he returned to her,  Cindy handed him another

armful of silk and lace.

     The basket was overflowing when she finally decided to add a

few  brassires to his growing collection of feminine attire.   As

he waited patiently while Cindy paid for the items he  discovered

he  was unconsciously squeezing his thighs together rythmatically

and was causing his rigid cock to strain even more at the pad.

     He  watched the young teenaged clerk carefully  folding  and

placing  the wealth of silk and nylon in packages and he  pressed

his  thighs  tightly together one last time.   He felt the  warm,

damp  liquid exploded from within and fill the  waiting  sanitary

napkin.   For  yet  another time today,  he was greatful for  the

security  of the pad and hoped no one noticed the little  shudder

he gave as the final drops spent from his penis.

     They  left  the store and wandered  among  the  mall.   Doug

savoured  the way his softening member slid among the lubrication

of  the  pad and he likened the feeling to that of  being  buried

deep within Cindy.

     They   enjoyed  a  leisurely  lunch  in  one  of  the   mall

restuarants  and then continued window shopping until deciding to

return to the motel.   Cindy returned to the car for the last  of

the days purchases as Doug sank into a chair and absently flipped

on the television set.

     When Cindy returned from the car,  she found Doug had fallen

asleep  in  the chair with his wig slightly  awry.   She  quietly

removed  it  and then began sorting items from the days  shopping

spree.  After she had packed everything away, she took a hot bath

and then prepared one for Doug.

     She  awoke him with a kiss and said,  "I've got a  nice  hot

bath  ready for you.   Why don't you relax in the tub awhile  and

I'll pick out some things for us to wear tonight. "

     He  nodded  and groggily made his way to the  bathroom.   He

slipped  out of the blue dress before going in the  bathroom  and

drapped  it  over a chair.   He kicked off the sandels  and  then

padded into the bathroom clad in his dainty underwear.

     He  let  the slip fall to the floor as he began  unfastening

the  garters  and removed the nylons.   The corset was  a  little

difficult to remove by himself, but he managed to shed to garment

and  stood for a second looking at the reflection of his  pantied

backside  in  the mirror.   He could see the indentation  of  the

sanitary  belt beheath his panties and suddenly realized  it  was

still damp.

     He  quickly peeled off the remaining garments and then  slid

into the tub.   The hot, bubbly liquid comforted him as he picked

up the safety razor Cindy had left on the side of the tub.   Even

though his legs did not need it, he slowly drew the razor against

them and made sure they were closely shaven.  The feeling created

by  the  ritual caused him to acknowledge a deep feminine  urging

from somewhere within himself.

     Doug pondered the emotions welling up and then asked  Cindy,

"Were  you  serious about what you said when we were in that  one

store today?"

     "Definetely," she responded.   "The way soft womens clothing

has excited you the last two days is fantastic.   I intend to see

that you remain as happy as you've been this  weekend.   Besides,

who will know?"

     He  had dried off,  and wrapped the towel around himself the

way Cindy usually did, high on his chest.  He paused and gazed at

his reflection in the mirror.   With all the make up washed  off,

you  didn't  notice his eyebrows had been plucked and took  on  a

feminine appearance, he thought.

     Cindy  came into the bathroom and began preparing a bath for

herself.   "I've  set  everything out for you on the  bed."   She

said.   "I'm  going to get cleaned up while you dress,  and  then

I'll  slip into something and we'll go down to the  lounge  again

for supper."

     Doug  left her alone while he went out to check what she had

selected for him.   He found the sanitary napkin and belt on  top

of  all  the  articles she had piled on the bed  and  he  quickly

stepped  into  the  garment and tucked his maleness  between  his

legs.   Before pulling the pad into place,  he sprinkled some  of

her  fragrant powder on it and then snuggled it against his  soft


     She  had  chosen a deep plunging front closure brassire  for

him and he had little difficulty fastening the bra.   He  admired

the  way the clasp fitted securely behind a pretty little bow  of

ribbon  and the mounds of decorative lace on the cups of the bra.

Before putting on the matching garter belt, he slid the prothesis

in place and marveled at the way they giggled as he moved about.

     He fastened the lace belt around his waist and then  decided

to  paint  his toe nails with a shade of nail polish  that  would

match  the  false  nails he still wore  on  his  fingers.   After

completing  the task,  he put on the mint colored slip Cindy  had

left for him and then sat on the bed while the polish dried.

     Cindy  stepped out of the bathroom and detected the aroma of

nail polish.  "Oh, good idea."  She said as she dropped the towel

from around her and slipped into her own brassire.   Doug quietly

noticed  she had selected matching intimate apparal  for  herself

and  he was pleased they could share such lovely attire.   As she

pulled  on her panties,  she said,  "Why don't you sit down  over

here and I'll fix your make up."

     He obediently took the chair next to the dressing table  and

Cindy  expertly applied a light cream foundation to his face  and

neck.   "Now, blend it in with this pad."  She said as she handed

him a small foam make up pad.

     Doug  smoothed  the foundation until he could not  detect  a

line  between  the  make up and his skin and then  Cindy  started

applying  a  frosty eye shadow on his eye lids.   After  she  had

finished  each eye she handed him the mascara and watched  as  he

brushed the dark cream on his lashes.  Next, he picked up the lip

stick  she had placed before him and carefully traced the outline

of his lips.

     She used a small brush and dabbed a light coating of blusher

on  his cheeks and then took an eye brow pencil and  rounded  out

the contour of his brows.   Doug picked up her perfume and placed

a small drop behind each of his ears and on each of his wrists.

     He returned to the side of the bed and put on his nylons and

then  pulled  on  a pair of dainty,  pretty hip huggers  made  of

lycra  spandex.   He smoothed and brushed the slip in  place  and

could  feel  the  urgings welling up within  himself.   The  soft

fabric clunge to his body and the cool feel of lace against nylon

excited him.

     Cindy  tossed a pair of opened toed high heels on the  floor

in  front  of him and he slipped his feet  into  them.   She  had

thoughtfully  selected large heels so that he would not have  too

much  difficulty  in  learning to walk in them.   He  tested  his

ability to manuver with the heels by strutting around the room.

     He  noticed the heels caused his calfs to appear  even  more

feminine  and  he stood admiring his legs for  a  minute.   Cindy

brought him a soft woolen skirt and helped him step into it.  She

fastened the clasp and then handed him a matching mohair sweater.

Doug slid the sweater over his head and adjusted the cowl neck to

fall partially over his back.

     Cindy  gave him a large beaded necklace and ear rings to put

on  while  she  finished dressing and Doug stepped  over  to  the

mirror to accomplish the task.   When he finished putting on  the

jewerly he picked up the wig and placed it on his head.   He used

her  styling brush to fluff it out and brush a few stray hairs in

place.   Cindy smiled at how naturally he performed the deed  and

noted how beautiful he looked.

     Without saying anything to each other,  they picked up their

purses and left the room.   Cindy dropped the key in her purse as

they  started down the hallway toward the lounge.   Doug  noticed

the  heels caused him to sway slightly as he walked and his skirt

rippled rythmatically as they descended the stairs to the lobby.

     A  few  guest glanced casually at them as they  crossed  the

lobby  and entered the shadows of the  lounge.     Cindy  spotted

Dave  and Dan seated at a far corner of the adjacent dining  room

and  noticed Doug had also seen them.   Dan had risen from  their

table  and was making his way toward them.   "Looks like we're in

for a little more fun."  She wispered to Doug.

     "Good  evening  Cindy.   How's the throat  Darla?"   Without

waiting for a reply,  Dan said,  "How about joining us for diner.

We  just got here and haven't ordered yet."  He took Doug by  the

arm  and began escorting the two to their  table.   Cindy  walked

behind  the  two and chuckled inwardly at the way Dan had  placed

his arm around Darla's waist.

     Dave stood up and held Cindys chair for her as Dan  assisted

Darla  in  taking a seat next to him.   "I take it your  husbands

won't  be joining you for diner this evening."  Dave said  as  he

took his own seat again.

     "They've  got  some kind of business meeting and  should  be

returning around ten o'clock or so."  Cindy said.   She knew that

would  give  them enough time for a little fun,  but would  still

provide Doug with the excuse he may need later.

     "Well,  at  least let us have the pleasure of  your  company

until then."  Dan said as he placed his hand on Darla's knee.

     Doug  smiled.   He we go again,  he thought to himself.   At

least Cindy had put a time limit on it,  he thought,  and he  was

grateful  for that.   He started to whisper something to Dan, but

the  band began playing a loud,  fast rendition of some  familiar

song and all chance of conversation was lost.

     Somehow,  Dave managed to place orders for them all with the

waiter  standing  at their table now and Doug heard him  order  a

large  bottle of champagne.   The waiter disappeared shortly  and

then returned with a cart bearing the beverage and fine  glasses.

He watched as Dave sampled the bubbly liquid and nodded approval.

Glasses  passed around and they all shared the champagne as  Doug

felt Dan's hand begining its upword trek.

     Doug had finished a third glass of champagne by the time Dan

had his fingers toying with the edge of the sanitary pad.   In an

effort  to keep his wandering fingers from exploring beyond  that

point, Doug placed his own hand on Dans crotch and could feel the

mans soft bulge respond to his touch.

     The waiter appeared with their dinner and Doug coyly brushed

Dans hand from between his legs.   He crossed his legs to prevent

further  advances from Dan and enjoyed the meal before him.   Dan

ate  feverishly  and they all drank heartily from  the  dwindling

supply of champagne.

     Dave had managed to signal the waiter for another bottle  as

they  finished  their meals and he quickly replenished the  empty

bottle  as  he  cleared a few items from  the  table.   Doug  was

thankful  they were so close to the band and could not  carry  on

conversations  at  the  table.   He was also begining to  feel  a

little gidish from all the champagne he had consumed and hoped he

wasn't  getting  careless  in  the  illusion  he  was  trying  to


     Somehow  the  four  managed to deplete  the  new  bottle  of

champagne  in less than two songs from the band.   Dave signalled

the waiter once again and then signed the check and motioned  for

them all to leave.

     Dan escorted him from the lounge as Cindy took Daves arm and

accompanied them to the lobby.  "Why don't we stop up to our room

and have a quick night cap before bidding ado?"  Dave said to the


     Doug   looked  at  Cindy  and  found  her  agreeing  to  the

suggestion.   He  wasn't sure what to do and was quickly  hurried

along by Dans insistent pressure on his waist.   They crossed the

lobby to the elevator and were wisked to the second floor  before

he had a chance to think of anything.

     They  entered  Daves room and soon discovered the  two  were

sharing adjoining rooms.   Dan opened the small passageway to his

room  and quickly disappeared from sight.   Dave offered Cindy  a

chair  by the window as he picked up the plastic bucket from  the

sink and said he would fetch some ice.  Alone for a second in the

room, Doug looked questioningly at Cindy and realized she too was

feeling the effect of the champagne.

     Dan  returned from the adjoining room carrying a small  bong

and stopped in front of the television set to light the marijuana

packed tightly in the bowl.   He drew deeply from the mouth piece

and  then passed the bong to Doug.   Darla accepted the bong  and

hesitated briefly before inhaling the rich pungent smoke into his

lungs.  He passed the bong to Cindy and she too inhaled deeply on

the mouth piece.

     Dave returned with the ice and rapidly mixed drinks for them

all  before joining in the activites already in progress.   Cindy

enjoyed watching Doug squirm nervously in his feminine attire  as

Dan began running his hand up and down Darlas back.  She stood up

and crossed the room to the television and flipped it on.

     "I'm  afraid  it may be the wrong time for either of  us  to

fully demonstrate our appreciation, but," she said as she stepped

over to the light switch and turned it off, "if you'd care to lay

down on the bed, perhaps we can at least show you a little bit of

our gratitude."

     Dan and Dave needed no further prompting.   They both got on

the  bed  and laid down.   Cindy took Dougs hand and  pulled  him

along as she neared the bed.  She let his hand go as she knelt on

the  bed  next to Dave and began unbuckling his  trousers.   Doug

hesitated  and  then mimiced Cindys actions  by  unbuckling  Dans


     He  watched her roll Daves cotton briefs down and expose his

growing cock.  Dans rigid member was already straining at his own

briefs as Doug pulled the waistband over the stiff,  erect  cock.

He saw Cindy brush her hair away from her head as she lowered her

lips toward the now hard cock and realized what he must also do.

     He  wrapped his hand around Dans cock and began massaging it

as he lowered himself to a seated position on the bed.  Cindy was

now  taking Daves organ in her mouth as Doug lowered his head  to

Dans  eager cock.   He placed the tip of it in his mouth and  let

his  tounge dance upon the head of the cock as he  continued  his

stroking motions on the long shaft.

     Doug  could  taste  a hint of salt as he  realized  Dan  was

becoming extremly excited.  He let the shaft bury deeper into his

mouth and pressed his lips firmly around it.  His hand moved down

from the shaft and cuped the two hairy balls as he began slidding

his lips up and down the thick cock.   He found that his own cock

was begining to strain against the sanitary napkin and he started

squeezing his thighs together as he had done earlier today at the

store with Cindy.

     Doug  gribbed  the sacks of skin in his hand tightly  as  he

continued to pump his lips up and down the shaft.   He could feel

Dan tensing and knew it would only be seconds before he exploded.

Doug  sensed his own urgency and locked his legs together as  Dan

began  spending  his load.   He felt the warm liquid hitting  the

roof of his mouth as his own orgasim spilled into the napkin.  He

took  everything  Dan offered and then traced the length  of  his

shaft with his tounge as Dan laid motionless.

     He  felt Cindy place her hand on his shoulder and looked  up

to  see  her headed through the adjoining  doorway.   He  quickly

followed behind and saw her pick up a small plastic bag from  the

dresser  as  she opened the door to the hallway.   He pulled  the

door behind him as she said,  "Small price for them to pay."  And

then saw her drop the plastic bag of marijuana into her purse.

     They  quickly made their way down one flight of  stairs  and

through  the hallway to their room.   Doug was thankful they  had

not  given  their  room number out as he locked the  door  behind

them.   Cindy  was  stepping  out of her dress  as  he  drew  the

curtains closed.

     "I'm  going to run down to the store and get a bottle.   Why

don't  you  get comfortable and I'll be right back."   Cindy  had

pulled  on  a pair of levi's and was just slipping into  a  sweat

shirt when Doug realized what she had said.

     She  left  before he could  say  anything,  so  Doug  lit  a

cigarette  and relaxed on the bed for awhile.   He picked up  the

package  of magazines they had bought earlier and began  thumbing

through  them  absentmindedly.   The sight of so  many  she-males

brought  him  to  a  state of ecstasy  quicker  than  he  thought


     He gazed at the glossy color pictures of professional female

impersonators  and  could  feel  his cock sliding  in  a  sea  of

lubrication  as it grew larger.   The pictures of such  beautiful

men  draped  in silken finery brought him near the edge and  Doug

put  the magazines down as he realized he was breathing  heavily.

He  got up from the bed and shed the skirt and angora sweater  he

had been wearing.

     After hanging up the garments he let the slip slid down  his

hips and fall billowing to the floor.  He picked up a pegnoir set

Cindy had left on top of a suit case and put the frilly nightgown

on.  He then donned the matching sheer robe and laced the gown at

his waist.

     Doug  returned to the bed and had just laid down when  Cindy

returned carrying some sodas and a bottle of rum.   She deposited

the  containers  on the counter next to the sink and grabbed  the

plastic bucket for ice.   While she went for ice,  Doug mixed two

drinks and awaited her return.

     "Oh  good.   I  see you found the gown I left out  for  you.

Pretty isn't it?"  Cindy said as she plopped some ice in each  of

the glass Doug held.

     "Yes.  I like it."

     Cindy  placed a box near the bed and then quickly peeled off

her own outer garments.   She stood near the bed as she up  ended

the  glass  and drained the last drops of rum and coke  from  her

glass.  Doug mixed her another as she dropped to the bed and then

he too joined her on the bed.

     "Lay  on  your tummy,  here."  Cindy said as she patted  the

mattress  next to her.   Doug did as she asked and then felt  her

hand  as she slowly stroked the back of his leg.   Cindy  allowed

her  hand to toy with his the edge of his panties as she  reached

into the box next to the bed.   She withdrew a soft,  firm rubber

penis with a strap on it.  She stood next to the bed and strapped

the artificial devise to her hips and then knelt on the bed  next

to Doug.

     Before doing anything else,  she pulled another rubber penis

from the box and slid the leg band of her own panties aside.  She

inserted the second dildo in herself and released the leg band of

her panties so that the crotch of the soft fabric held the toy in


     With  the  rubber penis dangling from the straps around  her

hips, she crawled between Dougs legs and leaned forward.  The tip

of  it pressed against the sanitary napkin and she  reached  down

and  pulled  his panties down.   She pulled the napkin aside  and

then pressed the head of the shaft against his anus.

     Dougs  own erect cock strained at the pad as he  felt  Cindy

pressing harder with the dildo.  As she rocked back and forth the

rubber cock slid into his ass and he raised his hips instictively

to allow her better access.

     Cindy  drove the false appendage deep within Doug and  could

feel the second dildo deep within herself.   He let out a gasp as

the shaft buried deeper and then felt Cindy sink into a rhythm of

pumping the dildo in his ass.

     As she pressed the rubber cock into him, Dougs own cock slid

among  the  lubricant he had previosly deposited on the  sanitary

napkin.   With each thrust she made,  he pressed back against her

while pressing his own thighs together.

     Cindys tempo had increased and she began massaging her  clit

with  one hand.   Dougs breathing matched the frequency of Cindys

thrusts and he felt himself explode as she shuddered rapidly  and

plunged the dildo as deep as she could.

     She  sat  there a long while with the dildo buried  deep  in

Dougs  anus  and then unstrapped the device from her  body.   She

rolled over next to him and slid the other dildo from between her

own legs.  She dropped it to the floor and then slowly pulled the

rubber cock from Dougs ass and dropped it next to the first.

     Spent  and  exhausted,  they  both  found  sleep  a  welcome

companion.   Even  deep  asleep,  Doug  could  sense  the  frilly

garments  clinging  to  his  body and  he  retained  a  nocturnal

erection  that slid among his own juices as he ocassionaly tossed

and turned.

     Morning  came  too  soon,  but Doug awoke with  a  sense  of

urgency and rapidly became aware of the straining pad between his

legs.  Cindy was still asleep and he let his hands drift over the

soft gown draping his body.  The feel of nylon tricot against his

body  excited  him even more,  so he rolled his panties down  and

freed his throbbing penis from its prison.

     As  Cindy  slept,  he found himself  manipulating  his  cock

through  the gown and realized he was going to climax soon.   Not

wanting  to be apprehended,  he quickly pushed his  manhood  back

into the sanitary napkin and rolled the panties back up.  Just as

he  finished adjusting the waist band of the hip huggers he  felt

himself  exploded once again into the napkin.   The  warm,  moist

liquid  ran from his cock and trickled between the napkin and his

buttocks.  He enjoyed the sensation and laid motionless while the

warmness crept deeper and traced the contours created by the  pad

against his ass.

     When he could no longer feel the warmth, Doug quietly got up

and padded off to the bathroom.   He adjusted the shower and then

ever  so  slowly,  slipped  the pegnoir set off and  admired  the

reflection  of his scantily clad body in the mirror.   He had  to

admit  that  he really loved the feminine under garments  he  was

wearing.   With great reluctance,  he slowly removed the  nylons,

garter  belt,  panties,  bra and sanitary napkin and stepped into

the shower.

     He was just finishing drying off when Cindy woke and  joined

him  in  the  bathroom.   "You should have woke  me  sooner.   We

haven't  got long before check out.   I'm going to take  a  quick

shower too,  and then we'd better get going.   I'll pick out some

things  for  you in a minute,  why don't you try putting on  your

make  up."  She didn't wait for a reply as she stepped  into  the

shower and realized she hadn't felt so refreshed in a long time.

     Doug  followed her suggestion and began by applying a  light

foundation.   He remembered what she had taught him earlier about

not  over  doing it,  so he sparingly applied the foundation  and

then blended it in.   He put the mascara on lightly also and then

carefully  used  an  eyebrow pencil to fill  in  his  brows.   He

selected  a  pale color lipstick and was just finishing  with  it

when  Cindy popped out of the bathroom.   As she  busied  herself

with  choosing various clothing for the two,  he finished off  by

dabbing  a  light  coating of eyeshadow to his eyelids  and  then

complimented  himself  as  he stared at  the  reflection  in  the


     He  crossed over to the bed and picked up the fresh sanitary

napkin  Cindy had placed on the top his clothing  pile.   With  a

deftness  usually  reserved to an art practiced for a long  time,

Doug  slipped into the sanitary belt and threaded the  napkin  in

place.    He tucked  himself away and adjusted the napkin to hold

him secure as he picked up the  long line brassire and slipped it

over his arms.   Somehow he managed to hook all eight of the bras

hooks  and noticed that the increased pressure from the long line

bra  caused  his loose flesh to swell and create an  illusion  of

cleavage.   He quickly tossed out the notion of doing without the

prosethisis and slipped the artificial breast in place.

     Next,  he  pulled on the full cut panties and picked up  the

girdle  Cindy  had selected for him.   He struggled to  pull  the

constraining  item on,  but soon had it  adjusted  properly.   He

followed  by slidding into a knee length slip and then sat on the

bed to put on his nylons.

     He  completed the outfit with a simple cotton blouse  and  a

dark,  knit skirt that she had also laid out on the bed.  When he

had  fastened the clasp and pulled the zipper up,  he put on  the

same  woven sandles he had worn the day before and picked up  the

wig he now thought of as his own.

     Cindy  had already taken one load of luggage to the car,  so

Doug  picked up a few more of the things in the room and  carried

them down to the car.  Cindy passed him in the lobby and told him

she would get the last of their belongings and be right back.

     While waiting in the car,  he picked up one of the magazines

Cindy had purchased yesterday and began thumbing through it.   He

read  with interest,  the letters submitted by readers describing

how they had been introduced to the world of cross dressing.   As

he  read the detailed accounts he could feel his sanitary  napkin

straining against his growing erection.

     Cindy  returned with the last of the luggage from  the  room

and they started for home.  "I really enjoyed this weekend." Doug

confided in her.  "In fact, I kind of hate to see it end."

     "Oh, it's not ended.  When we get home, it's just begining."

Cindy replied.

     Doug  pondered her words as she manuvered through the Sunday

traffic.   The  pleasure  he experienced dressed as a  woman  was

over  whelming and he savoured the drive home.   Ocassionally  he

would  shift in the seat to glimpse something out the window  and

would quickly be reminded of the tight girdle and nylons he wore.

Doug could'nt imagine being happier.

     Cindy pulled into the underground garage at their  apartment

and  the  two women stepped from the car.   A quick ride  up  the

elevator  and  short walk down the hallway brought them to  their

own apartment.   As he closed the door behind them, Doug could'nt

help  but reflect how his whole attitude and outlook had  changed

from just a few days ago when he stood in the same spot.

     Cindy had disappeared into the bedroom and Doug headed  that

way  to see what she was up to.   When he entered the room he saw

her  standing before his dresser with a couple of drawers  pulled

open.   He  stood  hypnotized  as he  watched  her  scooping  out

handfuls  of his male cotton underwear and drop them in  a  paper

bag.  She really was doing what she said she would, he realized.

     "From  now  on,   you'll  wear  pretty  lace  panties  under

everything  you  wear.   When you're home on the week  ends,  and

after work,  I'll expect you to wear at least a bra, too."  Cindy

told  him  as she began putting oodles of pastel  colored  frilly

garments in the now empty drawers.

     Her  words,  and  the thoughts cascading through  his  mind,

caused  Doug to become acutely aware of the  stiffness  returning

between  his legs.   He watched her pick up the bag full of  male

underwear  and  carry  it out to the trash chute in  the  kitchen

hallway.   He knew she ment what she had just said as he  watched

the bag disappear down the chute.

     Cindy busied herself with the coffee maker and Doug sat down

on  one  of the bar stools at the breakfast  bar.   She  finished

pouring  the water in and said,  "In a couple of months,  I'll be

able to style your hair and you won't need a wig any longer.   Of

course, you can use any of the ones I have now until then."

     "I  noticed  in one of those magazines that there  are  some

clubs  and  organizations  in the area  that  offer  support  for

couples  like  ourselves."  Doug said  tentatively,  "Perhaps  we

could investigate them."

     "If you like, but from now on, I intend to see you become my

sister as well as my husband."  She said.   "It will be wonderful

being able to share so much more with you.  I only wish we'd have

discovered this sooner."

     The  aroma  of caffine drifted through  the kitchen so  Doug

retrived  two  cups  from the counter.   He had  kicked  off  the

sandles in the bedroom and marveled at the way his nylon  covered

feet  felt  as  he crossed the linolium floor.   The tug  of  the

nylons  against  his  girdle excited him and he  could  feel  the

elastic stretch slightly as he walked.

     "Let's go try on a few things I think you might like.   I've

got  a lot of cloths in the back of my closet that might fit  you

just perfect."  Cindy said as she accepted the cup of coffee Doug

held out for her.

     They returned to the bedroom and she quickly started tossing

various  articles  from her closet onto the  bed.   Doug  watched

silently  for  a  few seconds and then  unhooked  his  skirt  and

stepped  from  it.   He shed the blouse he had been  wearing  and

picked  up a black one piece jumpsuit from on top of the  growing


     He  managed  to zip up the jumpsuit without  assistance  and

then  noticed the girdle created unsightly lines through the skin

tight fabric.   "You'll have to learn to wear different types  of

underwear  depending  on what you'll be wearing."  Cindy said  as

she  noticed him checking his appearance in the  mirror.   "Panty

hose would be best for something like that."

     He shed the jumpsuit and tried on a few more  garments.   He

noticed  that  with every new piece of feminine apparal he  tried

on,  he  became  more excited and the straining at  his  sanitary

napkin increased.   He stepped out of the house dress he had just

tried on and stood in just the matronly under garments Cindy  had

provided at the motel this morning.

     Without  having  to say anything to her,  Cindy looked  deep

into  his eyes and then slipped out of her own skirt and  blouse.

She crossed to the bed and brushed the pile of clothing aside  as

she  laid down.   Doug quickly joined her and as he began kissing

her  deeply he felt her unzipping the girdle at his  waist.   She

rolled  the heavy garment down his hips and then he  assisted  by

removing it with the nylons still attached.

     The  slip  pulled  taugnt against his panty clad ass  as  he

rolled back toward her and embraced her once again.   The feeling

of her breast pressed hard against his own bra clad chest  caused

him  to become more excited and he loved the sensations  shooting

throughout his body.

     Quite by surprise,  Doug felt her pressing an anal plug into

his ass and he welcomed the sensations it created.   Cindy buried

the  plug as far as she could and then pulled his rigid cock from

beneath the napkin and through one leg band of his  panties.   He

wasted  no time in mounting her and thrusting his eager cock deep

between her open legs.

     With  each  penetrating thrust,  Doug could  feel  the  plug

within  himself.   Cindy  was becoming more excited and he  could

feel  her  hands pressing hard against the long line  bra  hooked

behind  his back.   He continued to pump deep into her  and  then

felt her move one hand down to his quivering asshole.   With each

thrust  of his cock deep within her,  Cindy pressed the plug with

equal intensity.

     His  movements increased in frequency corresponding  to  the

pressure Cindy placed upon the plug.   Within seconds he exploded

dynamically  and  felt  her shudder with her own  climax  as  she

pushed the anal plug as deep as she could.

     They lay spent and coupled together for long moments as each

tried  to  regain their breath.   After a few minutes Doug  could

feel  himself loosing rigidity and withdrew to lay at  her  side.

He  saw  that  deep satisfied look on her face and knew  she  had

needed him as much as he had wanted her.

     "This  is  the reason I plan to keep you  in  skirts."   She

said.   "You're  just so much more sexually active,  I'm going to

see to it that you always have lace and nylon on your body."

     Doug smiled to himself as he trudged off to the bathroom for

a quick shower.  She was right, he thought to himself, the frilly

garments did cause him to need her more.   He stripped naked  and

relaxed as the hot water streamed down his body.   Moments later,

he dried off and returned to the bed.

     Cindy  had  put all of the clothing away so  he pulled  open

one  of his drawers and fingered the fine silk now his to  choose

from.   He selected a pair of floral patterned hip huggers and  a

matching whispy floral brassire.  He tossed the  frilly underwear

on the bed and then took out a new sanitary belt from the box she

had put in his drawer.

     The new belt was more like a string bikini and it took him a

second  to discover how to thread a napkin in place.   He quickly

learned  how  to adjust the belt and then started to pull  it  in

place.   He hesitated for a second after tucking his flacid penis

back,  and then picked up a bottle of hand lotion on the  dresser

and  traced  a small line of lotion along the inside of his  pad.

As  he pulled the napkin securely against his body he could  feel

the cold lotion come in contact with his penis and then felt  the

lotion spread along the shaft of his manhood.   As he walked over

to  the  bed  to retrieve his bra and panties he could  feel  the

slippery  lubricant  and it reminded him of the feelings  he  had

experienced so often the last couple days.

     He  quickly pulled on the hip huggers and slipped  into  the

flimsy bra.   After hooking the clasps behind his back he decided

not  to  use the prosthesis and went instead to the  closet.   He

selected a sleeveless tank top blouse and a pair of pink  stretch

shorts  to  wear.   He put on the pretty apparel and then  joined

Cindy who was now watching television in the living room.

         (to be continued -- if there is enough demand)



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