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Archive-name: Changes/crystalc.txt

Archive-author: Crystal

Archive-title: Crystal Meets Marsha

Crystal and Marsha sat on the couch just staring at each other.

Finally Marsha broke the silence. "I'd like for you to be my

girlfriend. "

I did not know what to say. 

She continued " I feel your yearning. I empathize with you. You

like the girl inside your male body. I want to nurture her and

teach her. I also think that I can teach your maleness something

of love and appreciation for females, which you are probably just

beginning to experience."

She was very serious and I still could not believe this was all

happening. I said to her "The way I feel at this moment I would

like to be near you forever!"

"Crystal, you WILL be near me forever. I share part of your thought

process and enjoy it!"

"Come on girl lets go upstairs again and have some fun!" Marsha got

up from the couch and took my hand gently pulling me up. I had to

slide sideways to get my legs under me in the tight dress. 

After putting several logs on the fire  Chip had settled down in

his recliner and put some soft music on the stereo. He  glanced up

at we two girls with smile and went back to sipping his scotch and


 Leading the way she gracefully ascended the stairs and I half

stumbled up behind her trying to keep my balance. She chuckled

"Pull your dress up just above your knees honey then you can climb


We went into her domain in the bathroom. She pulled out a stool

from under the vanity and motioned for me to sit down. When I was

comfortable she produced a cloth sheet which she fastened around

my neck. 

"Tonight we will just have a little time to work with your

beautiful hair. I'll turn it under at the ends in a pageboy style

which should look beautiful.  She turned on a box of hot rollers

and chatted to me as If I were the girlfriend that she had

mentioned. She began to tell me about herself as she went I

realized why I was so intrigued by her.

Marsha was the only child  from a wealthy family. Her father, a

stockbroker on the N.Y. exchange and mother were killed six years

earlier in a tragic car crash by a drunken driver. (Who, of course

survived.) Their considerable estate came to Marsha when she was

21 and graduating from college. She and Chip were lovers and lived

together during their college years. Both went to NYU and she had

taken fashion merchandising. They were married when they graduated

the next year and decided to start a family right away.  When the

children were school age she planned to start her own fashion

business in the city. She would specialize in men's fashions. She

wanted to design as well as run the business. At the moment she

felt the kids were far more important and were her immediate


She spoke of her parents, especially her father in almost a

reverent way. She loved her father dearly. He had wanted a boy, but

never made her feel guilty about it. They were good friends and she

shared many of his interests. She especially liked working with him

on his antique cars and enjoyed going deer hunting with he and his

friends every fall in the Catskills.  She loved to hunt deer and

the trophies that were in the den, which I always assumed were

Chip's, were actually hers!  She went hunting until she was 18

when,during a drinking celebration of the hunt to follow the next

day, one of her dad's friends had made a pass at her, infuriating

her father. She laughed as she told that story, since she had

dumped the guy on his ass and had told her father that she could

fend for herself.  She had girl's interests also and he enjoyed

sharing them with her. He seemed to take special interest in

shopping with her and buying her pretty dresses and jewelry.


Marsha finished with my hair. I had rollers all around and almost

as fast as she got them in she took them out.  She took a brush and

began to work on fluffing the undercurl of the page boy. Her touch

on my skin was very light and 'electrical.' Where her fingers

touched there was a feeling of slight shock slowly spreading out

like  ripples when a rock was thrown in a pool.  I had never felt

so wonderful or at ease.  The constant sultry voice telling me her

life story was mesmerizing. I could not believe she was sharing all

this with me and asked "Why are you doing this wonderful thing for

me Marsha?" Her answer was "Because I know you like it honey, But

let me continue with my story."


She continued "If anyone could see my dad and I together they might

think that the relationship was incestuous."

After explaining what incestuous meant and telling me that it was

not the case with she and her dad, she went on with the story,

while combing my pretty hair.


"When I was 16 years old I was going horseback riding, and was

looking for a bridle in one of the tack rooms which my father kept

as a private area. The door was unlocked and I went in. The room

had tack on the walls, His gun cases, a desk, chair, reading light, 

and several antique trunks.  This room had always been locked and

I was curious. One of the trunks was unlocked and I lifted the lid.

There were several photo albums some print type magazines and

books. I opened one of the albums and it contained pictures of

girls about my age or a little older.  I leafed through the album

and there were poems on  flower print gilt edged parchment. It took

me a few minutes to read one of the poems and I realized that the

handwriting was my fathers. I carefully looked at the pictures

again. A portrait and several pictures of women I did not know at

a party dressed in evening gowns. All of a sudden I realized that

the portrait was my dad. And the woman in the pictures in a

beautiful blue chiffon evening gown was also my father. The strange

thing is that I was not shocked but embarrassed and guilty. I had

obviously meddled in a very important and secret part of his life.

By then I was intensly curious. I decided to scan through some of

the books. The first was a text on sexual deviations. A page had

been folded over the book was rather old, and on the paragraph

heading in bold print was the word TRANSVESTISM.  Crystal, I won't

even tell you what the definition in the book said. All I knew that

the description did not fit my father! I sat down at the desk and

read as much as I could possibly find in the trunk about my fathers

obvious interest. I never got the chance to go back into that room

again since it was locked the next time I was in the barn. I found

that this interest was not at all unusual in Heterosexusl males and

was relatively harmless and 'incurable.' whatever that means. Why

would anyone want to be cured from wearing whatever they wanted


Marsha finished with my hair and handed me a large hand mirror.

Taking my hand she moved it behind my head and positioned it so I

could see the back in the vanity mirror. "How's that my pretty

Crystal. You look ravishing honey!"

" Golly, I sure did.    and I loved it.

"Since you started right in the middle of elegance with that

Halston evening gown I think that I will make you up for evening."

she said, "Your eyes are just a little close set so we will make

them bigger and wider by darkening the outer borders."  "You don't

need any makeup since your skin is so good and you have practically

no beard yet."  Marsha told me she was going to apply black mascara

first then work on the eyeshadow.

She continued her story, while she worked on the make-up and,  with

me feeling more and more like a confidant and girlfriend. Her

father sounded a lot like me. 

"I carefully felt mom out, trying to see if she knew anything about

this interest of dad's. Apparently she didn't, but I'll probably

never know for sure. I never approached dad about it but I wanted

to let him know that I knew, and I cared. From the literature I

read, It was obvious that he wanted to understand the subject

better, and he might feel guilty about it. For his next birthday

I bought a several presents for him.  I bought him a yellow satin

and lace bra with matching lace tap pants and garter belt.  Also

I bought him some seamed tall silk, real silk honey, stockings to

go with the garter belt. I gave him a big card with a heart on it

saying'Happy Birthday from your Daughter'. Inside I included a

message that said ' I love you Dad. I accidently came across your

private world in the horse barn, and I'd like to say that it is

O.K. with me. You are the best dad a daughter could ever wish for.' 

I pried out a broken pane in the tack room window and tossed the

daintily wrapped package onto his desk. The next day when I came

home from school he was in the study reading and I went in and said

'Hi Dad'. He looked up and turned a little red in the face and with

a big smile, he winked at me as he always did when we shared a

secret!  He mouthed the words 'Thank You. I love you.' and pointed

to his chest which I immediately recognized that he was wearing the

bra that I had given him. We never had any conversation or

discussion further than that, but every Birthday I found a way to

give him something pretty for his wardrobe. He kept his interest

to himself until the day he died. I have all those trunks now but

have never intruded into his private world. Perhaps Crystal, we can

someday do that together since I have never, ever told anyone about

this. Not even Chip"

Marsha had finished with the second coat of mascara and was busily

working on plucking my eyelids which she said she would not make

too thin to attract attention. Although she added she did not think

anyone would notice even if they were thin. She told me that she

would thin them out over a period of time so no one would notice.

OVER A PERIOD OF TIME? Could she possibly mean this pleasure would

go on beyond this evening???

What further pleasures could this woman, now my girlfriend possibly

have in store for me? She seemed to be a bottomless pit of empathy

and pleasure for me and Earl.

Marsha said, "How about you and Carol? You two seem very good

together. Chip and I have been a little concerned about leaving you

alone while we are out since we do not know how much you know about

sex andit's consequences. We do know how we felt when we were your

age, and we were darn lucky my dad had discussed the bird's and the

bee's with me!"

I was a little embarrassed by this question at first but I was so

relaxed and so much a confidant and girlfriend I had little

difficulty expressing my feelings to my new found 'girlfriend'.

"Well Mrs. Williams." I began,

 The chair almost fell over with the force of her hand on my back.

She turned my head and looked me directly in the eyes.

"I am Marsha. I am your girlfriend! Not your employer!" 

She then KISSED ME Full Upon The Lips. Her lipstick felt wonderful

and tasted wonderful!.  She broke away and apologized. "I'm sorry

honey but I love you in so many ways that you will come

to understand. I just want to be Marsha to you. Please call me

Marsha from now on." She pleaded almost like a little girl. 

My head was swimming again. The kiss felt wonderful and it felt

----- Sexual ------ ????"

"Oh well, I never want this evening to end and it is just a fantasy

anyway. It had to be a dream.


While she worked with three shades of gray and silver eyeshadow,

I began to tell her about Carol.

"Carol and I love each other very much. We have discussed marriage

and having a family. But we both want to go to college before we

get married. Gosh does she turn me on though. I get a long way and

then think 'this is wrong!' We make out a lot and have even done

it here."

Does she know about wonderful Crystal?

"No Marsha, I did not know the depths of my thoughts until you took

me in your arms tonight, so I really do not have anything to tell.


"Well she needs to know, but let me have our relationship with you

and let's ease into both your femininity, and your masculinity. Do

not be alarmed by my attraction or attention to you. I am Chip's

bride and also my own person. What we do together will be your

learning process, my pleasure, and our love will not interfere ,

but add to your relationship with Carol. I think she will benefit

also. Our relationship, Yours, Mine and Chip's will be our secret!"

I continued to tell Marsha about Carol.

"We find time to be in private. I have never seen her undressed,

and until I saw Chip's Playboy magazines in his drawer tonight I

have never seen that much of a woman before. Carol and I have

progressed over the last few months to exploring very personal

parts through our clothes. We also cuddle very closely and press

tight enough to come to an embarrassing conclusion. Carol likes to

lie on the bed with me and kiss. She lets me run my hand around the

edges of her bra. I am thrilled to see her breasts encased in her

bra. Ilove the look of lace on her creamy breasts. I think she

likes me not to touch her nipples until after a long time of

running my hands around the bottom and the fullness of her tits. 

I think she knows that I like her lingerie. She laid down on the

bed the other night. Oh Yes, I go over to her house on the evenings

that her parents play Bingo at the church. Anyway, she laid back

on the bed and let me pull her dress up above her hips. We had been

making out heavily and were both very excited. My heart leapt when

I saw a slight dark and also moisture stained patch in her panty

girdle. I told her I really liked to look at her panty girdle and

stockings on the garters of the girdle.  I asked if I could take

her stockings off and put one on my penis just to know that a part

of her clothing, which was very private, could be close to a part

which desired her so much. I gently removed her stockings and put

one in my pocket. Turning around, I slipped my pants downand

slipped her stocking over my penis, which to say the least, was

enormous! I pulled my shorts up again but left my pants down. I lay

on top of her and kissed her.  I could feel the gentle roughness

of the stocking on my penis which caused an enormous ejaculation.

At the same time she seemed to get duck bumps all over her legs and

arms and dissolved into a quivering softness. I held her tightly

while still laying on top of her our private parts still pressing

tightly together.  I thought I was in heaven! , but I was also

embarrassed by the stain on my shorts. and tried to hide it from

Carol. She did not seem to notice she was just laying there

breathing heavily with her eves closed. I pulled my pants back up

before she noticed the very wet spot on my underpants. I slowly and

somewhat regretfully pulled her dress back down to her knees but

I noticed that her girdle was wet all over the crotch. Do girls

ejaculate like boys, Marsha?"

Marsha had been working on my eyes and was almost done. She had a

dreamy look to her eyes and seemed to be in some far off place,

even though I knew she was listening. 

She said. "What?" and I could see she was running her hands down

her dress more or less smoothing it in the front.

"I'm Sorry honey, What did you say?"

I repeated the question.

Well,  when we girls get excited, we 'lubricate', our Vaginas flow

a mucous which helps men get their penis's into our bodies. Most

men like our flow and feel our vagina's to see if we are excited.

Some don't care in the least and you will find that it is quite

painful, Honey. 

She had ceased to see my boy side, and so had I. Crystal was alive

and very beautiful. Marsha turned the chair and allowed me to see

myself!   I was truly young feminine and beautiful. It all felt


Marsha said, "You are truly beautiful Crystal, my young girlfriend"

I wrapped my arms around her waist, and held her tightly, so

wonderful and perfect she had made me feel.

"I hope Chip is asleep, because I think he would want a piece of

your lovely ass! But I think you are mine tonight and not Chip's

. Come on you sexy thing! " she said " Lets try on some jewelry and

some shoes!"

Marsha and I went out into their bedroom and she rifeled through

her jewelry box. When I walked I had a completely different

feeling. I was aware of my hips, my hands moved differently, my

body moved differently.  It felt good and it felt natural. I

noticed that it did not go unnoticed by Marsha.

She choose some diamond clip on  earrings for me to wear which she

said belonged to her mother. They dangled down and tickles my

pageboy hair. It seemed as though I could feel every feminine thing

at once and my mind was almost on overload. 

I sat daintily down on the bed and waited till Marsha had

re-appeared with several pairs of shoes of varying heel heights.

She knelt down in front of me at the foot of the bed and tried to

slip them on. But curse of curses, none of them fit my feet. I was

disappointed and she was too. 

She said "don't worry, my sweet! We will go shopping for you very

soon and get you some beautiful things of your own...

We both sat on the bed and then lay back looking at the reflection

in the mirror above our heads. Reflected were two absolutely

gorgeous women. Holding hands. Staring at each other in sort of a

dream like state. We almost seemed to be one with each other. She,

mature, beautiful and elegant, me, youthful pretty, and in love

with the illusion.

After a time of just sitting there staring at each other, both,

letting our own thoughts rest and not trying to invade each other,

Marsha slowly got up. She walked over to the dresser and said "Oh

my, look at the time.! It is nearly one in the morning. Crystal.

I'm sorry this has to come to an end tonight honey but your parents

may be worried." 

I never wanted it to come to and end but if there were to be any

realty in the world, I guess I had to come back to the world. In

any case Marsha said that we could share other times together and

I now trusted her implicitly.

She said "Babydoll, Why don't you get changed and take a shower to

get the curls out of your hair and I will check on the kids and

then Chip. He's probably drunk and asleep by now."

As much as I wanted to practice in my new role, I had to come back

down. Marsha went out the bedroom door as I was getting up from the

bed. My beautiful hair-do had to go but not without one last look

in the wall length mirror! God I felt good and Beautiful!! I walked

back and forth in front of the mirror admiring the sultry woman

reflected there. My walk had a feminine sway to it . I felt like

a woman and wished for what? .......... Well maybe I wished for

another boy to whistle at me or brush against me.  I did not know?

I liked all of it and Marsha had given me this without my feeling

any guilt. 

Reluctantly I made my way to the bathroom. Glancing in the mirror

wistfully all the way. Waving good bye to myself in the wall mirror

as I disappeared through the door. Getting out of everything was

far easier than getting in. Except I really did not want to get out

yet. I would just like to get one of those beautiful nightgowns and

cuddle with Marsha all night!

I got all the clothes off but the makeŠup was still on my face and

my pageboy was still there as I stared

in the mirror.  The Boy/Man did not look at all bad. I scanned my

feminine face down to my flat masculine tummy and hairless body.

My penis was flaccid and comfortable hanging between my legs ...

'He was very pleased' and was a beautiful part of my anatomy. Why

couldn't an appearance like what I was seeing in the mirror right

now be acceptable. It was a pleasant blend of masculine and

feminine and looked natural and attractive to my mind. 

I moved  over to the shower stall and turned on the water. Adjusted

it to 'warm' and stepped somewhat daintily into the stall. The

water poured over me. I did not realize how tired and how

pleasurably strained I was, first with the win today then with the

alternate tension, worry, relief, and pleasure. I let the water

flow over my hair and face.

I almost jumped out of my skin at the touch on my shoulder. There

was Marsha standing in the rear of the shower with me.  I did not

know what to think or do! She was beautiful. I stared at her body

naked except for white silken tap-pants now plastered to her

feminine form by the water. I was transfixed by her beauty. My

eyes wandered from her beautiful breasts which I had never seen.

My hand reached out and lightly grazed the rounded side of her

breast and hesitated as if paralyzed. . My eyes wandered down to

her belly so rounded and feminine. The white silken panties were

plastered to her leaving a fascinating triangle of darkness and

mystery in my mind. Her legs were smooth and feminine and were a

flowing part of her loveliness which I had never been able to see,

under her clothes, but just imagine. My eyes travelled up again

taking in this fascinating beauty. My maleness was alive and awake

my masculinity was rising and getting more powerful and lustful.

My watery eyes met hers, the shower pouring over her beautiful hair

and beading in rivulets down her face.  She was doing it again, she

was reading my mind. She was soaking up my pleasure for herself.

I hesitated, not really knowing what to do. 

I said "What about Ch...."  she put her hand over my lips in a very

feminine gesture. 

She put her arms around my shoulders and slowly drew me closer. Her

breasts rested on mine and caused a delicious feeling. Her dark

mound pushed up tightly against my powerful and rampantly desiring


She bit my earlobe and whispered in a very husky animalistic voice

"I love you Crystal/Earl. Chip and Carol have nothing to do with

this pleasure we will share now and in the future."

Her hand ran electrically along the tight muscles over the side of

my body. She took the head of my 'man' between her thumb and

forefinger and squeezed firmly but not painfully. 'He' relaxed

slightly. She took the pink bar of perfumed soap and lathered up

all around him, and between my thighs. She then stepped back and

ran the bar over her silken panties. And between her legs. Putting

the bar aside she took my malenessin her hand and slipped him into

the folds of her panties, between the triangle formed by her

tightly held thighs.  He was as near to heaven as I guess a mortal

is allowed. Squeezing her legs together and swaying her hips

slightly front to back brought a very slippery feeling resulting

in the most pleasurably violent ejaculation possible to experience.

The large amount of semen, the soap and the silk panties continued

to undulate and slip  back and forth for what seemed to be an

eternity. I had collapsed moaning in a low animal voice against her

shoulder. She was making noises like a cat, a cross between a low

moan and a cry. And biting my earlobe. She wanted more and I could

feel it but my energy was spent.

She turned off the shower and  her beautiful form stepped out

holding my hand and pulling me out. She faced me holding me tightly

and pressing me up against her wet body. "It's my turn my sweet

male/female animal." She got a big fuzzy towel and dried me all

over in soft fluid motions. I was fascinated again by her near

naked body moving up and down and around me. She handed me the

towel and let me do the same for her..... She slipped out of the

tap not facing me or giving me a view of the 'feminine'. She

pointed to the pile of clothes I had removed and said, "Give me the

panties you were wearing tonight.  Slipping them on,

she again rose. I was standing behind her, she slightly smaller and

in front of me. We stared at each other in the mirror for a brief

moment. I had the dark eyshadow all around my eyes and looked to

me what a prostitute might look like. My lipstick was smeared

around my mouth and below my somewhat feminine visage stood a

rather striking male body. My penis was semi erect and gaining

momentum again just from seeing Marsha in front of me in the

mirror. She took both my hands and wrapped them around her

belly. She slowly moved them up to the side of her breasts. Letting

them go they made little circles around the fullness of her tits.

She closed her Eyes and groaned quietly. She said. 'Take my nipples

in your fingers and roll them. Make them hurt a little. I followed

her instructions and felt myself getting harder and harder. He was

again dangling, this time loosely between her legs.  She reached

behind her and took him in her hand and slipped him over the

waistband of her panties and between the tight folds of her

feminine buttocks.  She took my left hand in hers, her head leaning

back on  my shoulder, and placed it on the front of her woman on

the outside of her panties. She moved my hand up and down and I

could feel the outline of her woman's lips. undeneath the nylon

was wet and dripping..  Groaning she took my hand and put it inside

of the front of the waistband of her panties. There was a warm

moist flow emitting from the soft mound of hair I felt there.

She said "Do my nipples harder and put your finger here." She

guided my ring finger into the top of her femininity and a

wondrously large penis like object met my finger. I moved my finger

ever so slightly downward into the flow of her vagina and she

collapsed in my arms hanging almost limply groaning and moving her

hips forward and back against my hand. Goosepimples arose in waves

all over her back and her nipple was a hard knot in my fingers. My

prick was fully erect and the friction of herbuttocks and the nylon

on my sensitive spot caused another shattering explosion. I could

feel the semen pouring out of me in spurts into the crotch of her

panties.  We slowly slithered down to our knees on the floor.  She

slowly turned pulling my again spent penis out of its fantasy

house. Her eyes were closed. and she had an impish grin on her

face. I sat girl style as did she holding both our hands together.

Waiting for our energies to return. We stared at each other in

pleasurable silence for what seemed like hours. She stood up and

pulled me up from my seat. She slipped the beautiful black panties

off daintily stepping out of them.  Facing and showing her

femininity to me for he first time. The area was beautiful, a

tangled mass of black hair.  Her love juices and my love juice

mingling in her hair. For the first time I did something

voluntarily. I bent over and slid down and gently kissed the hair

and slightly parted flavorful lips of her vagina. She pulled me up

and offered the panties she had worn to me.

She said, "Here, these panties that you like so much and have worn

all evening are yours. My present to you for the memorable evening

we have had and the many more we will have in the future. This is

one of  the most erotic, memorable evenings I have ever had with

the exception of birthing my babies and making love to Chip.

I took the panties which were saturated with our love juices and

oh! so beautiful a shared item of pleasure and slid them up my legs

and soaked my penis and crotch with the now cool fluids. I followed

my new girlfriend out into the bedroom and reluctantly got dressed

in my male clothes. 

Chip was passed out on the couch and the fire had dwindled. Marsha

slipped the keys out of his pocket. and dressed only in the

housecoat she threw on, drove me home in knowing silence. She must

have been cold but if the fire inside me was the same as her we

were both very warm. The cool moist panties caressed me all the way

home. I did not take them off till the next morning.

She leaned over and kissed me just before I got out and said "Let's

go shopping for you next week crystal. Iam really going to enjoy

your company."

Until the next edition.......      LAY    Crystal



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