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Archive-name: Changes/crystala.txt


Archive-title: Crystal - Part 1

"Whats up Mom?", I asked, as I careened through the side door on

that blustery Friday in late January. I had just gotten home from

Wrestling practice and had my sixth match of the season the next

day. I had done very well in my second ,year of wrestling winning

five and tieing only one which coach expected me to lose. I was

lean and hungry. Five feet 8 inches tall and 126 pounds. It was

mid season and the 128 pound weight class in which I wrestled had

just gone to 132 Lbs. That meant that I could eat tonight. Dad

was sitting there at the dining room table, reading the paper and

looked up at me and shook his head. The guys hair styles had

switched to long hair last year and dad did not like it at all. 

Mine was not quite shoulder length and a beautiful light honey

blond. He had a very fixed attitude about sissy guys and never

missed a chance to express even silent disapproval. He knew I

wasn't a sissy, so it really confused him. He was about as proud

of me as any dad could be. It embarassed me when he bragged to

his friends how good an athlete I was. I had to admit I was not

bad. Second in cross country, All-Star Little Leauger now in my

first year of Babe Ruth. And potentially a championship wrestler

I liked the competition even thrived on it. The girls liked it

too I always had a girlfriend from kindegarten on. They were fun

to play with and the other guys were sometimes envious. At 14

years old the world was really great.

"A Chip Summers called and asked if you could babysit tomorrow

night at seven o'clock. Who is Chip Summers" mom asked. I told

her that Mr. Summers was a man Carol babysat for and he was

probably calling me because Carol was visiting relatives in Mt.

Kisco that weekend. Carol was my current girlfriend and I had a

very good feeling about her. She was also a star athlete and

somewhat a tomboy, which held a very strange attraction to me for

some reason.We had met in eighth grade and been seeing each other

ever since. That was just over a year ago and the longest

relationship I had ever had with any girl before. What mom did

not know was that Chip knew me because Carol and I babysat

together for Chip and Marsha Summers. Mom would have really

disapproved of that setup. I really liked Chip since he let me

come over when Carol was sitting and even drove me home after

dropping Carol off. He never said anything about Carol and I

being alone while they went out. Furthermore Chip was about 27

years old he insisted that Carol and I call him by his first

name. He would first drop Carol off then take me home. He loved

sports and was a star athlete when he was in college and still

worked out regularly. He was about 5'11 inches and very lean and


"Hello? oh, hello Marsha, Mom told me that Chip had called and

wanted me to babysit tommorow night. I just wanted to tell you

that I would be glad to sit, I can really use the money." Being

an athlete really cut into any kind of wage earnings after

school. I wanted to take Carol to the movies again and my pockets

were empty.

"Chip will pick you up at 7 o'clock. We are going out to dinner

and then to a late movie and after that we are meeting some

friends at Hidaways for some dancing. Tell your folks that you

will be in by about 2 A.M. We will pay you a dollar an hour

after midnight."

I started calculating how much I would make, with tip, and felt

very pleased. The good feeling was supplimented by my feeling of

having just talked to Marsha. She always made me feel very

comfortable and at ease with myself. At 28 and a mother of 2

small children, she was probably one of the most beautiful, well

dressed, feminine, and nicest women I had ever known. She was

confident of her womanhood. When we talked the eye contact that

we had almost belied some hidden meaning. I sensed an attraction

somehow magnetic and very drawing something she felt for me but I

couldn't quite understand it. She was very sensitive and loved

her kids with a passion. Chip and she made a perfect pair. He was

a rising star Lawyer in Manhattan and was being considered for

full partnership where he was an associate. He made a lot of

money and had a beautiful house and car. In spite of his higher

than average salary for the area he was not snobbish in the


Saturday's matches went very well. We won by 45 points and I got

another win with a pin which insured me a place on Varsity the

next week without having to go through wrestleoffs. What was

really nice was I did not have to pull weight for this match and

did not feel drained. On the contrary I felt envigorated. 

Chip pulled his Lincoln up to the curb outside the house and

beeped his horn.

"Hi how are you." "Have you told your parents that you will be

home late tonight, or rather tommorow morning."

"Yes," I replied, "They know about it, and it is ok with them."

"Would you like to meet them Chip?" 

"Ok." He said still with his bubbling character.

We went up to the house and my dad and he almost fell over one

another bragging about me. Chip was up on sports and knew about

my record. He was a very good speaker and knew human nature and

was at ease with everyone. He and dad struck it off right away. I

can't imagine anyone not liking him. After chatting for awhile,

Chip and I left. He grilled me all about the match, hanging on

every detail. He loved to listen and I realized that perhaps of

all the men older than myself I probably had more respect and

admiration for Chip than all the others put together.

We got to their tri-level home on the fashionable east side of

town in just a few minutes. As I got out of the car. Adam and

Sara came tumbling toward me as fast as their 5 and 3 year old

legs would carry them. I went down on my knees and opened my

arms. I really loved these two kids. My future goals wanted

desperately to have 2 kids just like these. They also loved me. I

was a kid's, kid. We tumbled around, I could make them laugh by

standing on my head and doing forward rolls. Sara was still at

the "peek-a-boo" stage, dissolving into a lump of giggles every

time we played. Adam liked that I could pull pennies out of his

hair and ears, and drove his parents crazy when I left trying to

get Chip to pull money out of his head.

Marsha came out of the house following her 2 wild-ones. I looked

up from underneath Adam who had me pinned. And saw Marsha

standing over us with a beautiful smile. She was breathtaking

wearing a grey silk dress and a black slip with garter stockings

underneath which I could easily see from my current strained but

enjoyable vantage. The sight and exhiliration began to tell in my

center, and I could feel my considerable maleness getting hard.

Since I was wearing a long coat, I knew it was not visible and

just enjoyed the feeling. We all trundled inside where there was

a warm fire in the fireplace. Marsha motioned me to the couch

while the two indians sat back down in front of the TV to finish

their milk and cookies.

"Make sure Adam goes to the bathroom before bed and make sure

Sara's diaper is dry or change it." Sara gave me all the

instructions I would need and admonished me for letting them stay

up in the past. The eye connection was there again and a deep

seated warm feeling came over me. I couldn't quite get a handle

on my feeling for Marsha. It was not really sexual at least not

like my developing feelings and experimentation with Carol.

Perhaps the feeling I had was a true love not complicated by sex

or even relationship. BUT IT WAS THERE!

Marsha got her mink short stole from the closet and in a few

minutes they were on their way. I picked up the scattered remains

of the cookies and took the glasses and put them in the sink.

Time for some fun with the kids then off to bed. We played with

the etch-a-sketch, and various put the peg in the hole games

until about 8:15 and I pronounced that it was time for BED. Not

welcome words for any kid, but I was able to bribe them with a

ponyback ride up the stairs. First I checked Sara's condition and

she was fine. Then I scooted Adam into the hall bathroom for his

duty. I routed around in the bathtub for the pottyseat which was

stored there when visitors came. Adam still had a slight problem

of falling through the hole. As I slid the glass door open I

noticed a pair of black stockings hanging on the towel rack. My

little girl inside swelled a little in her resting place in my

body and the very tip of my penis twitched at the sight. This was

something that I might check out later since I was alone and had

plenty of time. Adam finished his "duty" in grand style. I

marveled at the amount contained in that little body!

On a previous sitting job I had read a "Golden Book" to them and

now they wanted another. I flipped Sara into her crib and told

Adam that I would only read him a story if he would comb my hair.

He thought that was a fair deal and I went and got a brush from

the bathroom, again glancing at the stockings. After getting

through with "The Little Choo Choo" with several pauses to go

back and look at pictures, I noticed that Sara was sound asleep

and Adam's brushing was getting lethargic. So I tucked him in and

lit the Donald Duck nightlight and proceeded downstairs. I turned

the bathroom light off and paused at Chip and Marsha's bedroom

door, which was the next one down the hall. Carol and I had made

out on their bed once, until it got a little too serious for me,

but other than that I had never been in their room alone. I

pushed the door open and glanced in thinking of the wonders which

must be in the drawers and closets. I glanced around marveling at

the size of the room, about 20 ft square with what would later be

called a king sized bed on one wall. Behind the bed was all

mirror tiles from floor to ceiling. On either side were

nightstands which were part of the headboard. The nightstands

contained a stereo system on what must have been Chip's side.

There was what appeared to be a satin coverlet on the bed. And

pink satin sheets. The bed was a canopy type with sort of

curtains hanging down around the perimiter. If you were lying

down on the bed the top inside of the canopy was a large mirror

and you could stare up at yourself when you were lying on your

back. In the upper corners were 2 small stereo speakers on either

side. Along one wall were two walk-in closets with mirrors again,

from floor to ceiling which made the room look even larger and

disguised the closets behind. On the wall across from the bottom

of the bed was the entry door and also a bathroom/sitting area

door. Between the entry door and the bathroom door, was an

upright dresser which must be Chip's. In the bathroom, Marsha had

a wall to wall vanity area with stage lights and wall to wall

mirror. There was a shower and dressing area across from the

vanity. The shower doors were mirrors. When pulled shut, if you

stood at the vanity mirror, by getting at certain angles, you

could see images disappear into the vanishing point. In the

sitting area was a 3-panel mirror where you could see both your

back and front at the same time, and a clothes press type closet.

On the right side of the bed the wall was papered with fine rose

brocade wallpaper. In the middle of the wall was a bow window

immediately in front of which was a long low dresser which

apparently was Marsha's. It was a splended room, neither

masculine nor feminine but a blend of characters and certainly

set up for lovemaking!

I was very tempted to go over and investigate all the drawers and

closets but for some reason I felt like I was intruding and it

would be wrong.

I reluctantly went downstairs to watch some television and get a

Coke, which really was a no-no for a wrestler during the weight

pulling season. Heck. I did not have to make 128 anymore so the

treat would taste good! I settled down on the couch with my coke

and choclate chip cookies just as the "Saturday Night Movie" was

starting. The feature presentation was "The Five Pennies" which I

had already seen. I rifled through the magazine rack and settled

on a Cosmopolitan Issue for that month. Mom did not buy anything

but Woman's day and that magazine was pretty plain. The only

reason I liked Woman's Day was for the "You can build this (fill

in the blank) with simple hand tools" Cosmo was another story.

They always had a pretty girl on the cover and the list of

articles always interested me. I was chicken to buy the magazine

on the newsstand but never failed to scan the articles listed on

the front cover, while pretending to look at the "Popular

Science" magazine, or whatever was next to it. 

I stared wistfully at the beautiful blond woman in a strapless

sequined sheath dress on this months cover. The fashion section

feature this month was "Preview of Bathing suits for Spring" 

Yum--- Yum! One of my favoritist passtimes was to go to the shore

during the summer and rivit my attention on the prettiest girls

in the prettiest bathing suits from behind a pair of sunglasses.

The suits were fantastic! Bikinis so small they left little to

the imagination. A leapord Skin swimdress really caught my eye

and I wondered what it must feel like to wear a tight fitting

suit with panties under a very short skirt. I could feel my hands

trembling slightly at my fantasy thoughts.

"I wonder if Marsha has any suits like this that I might try on?"

The thought gripped me for a few seconds then subsided. I

continued to leaf through the Magazine until I came to the

"Maidenform" add. "I dreamt I was at a business meeting in my

Maidenform bra" the copy read. "I sure wish I was at the same

meeting.!" She had beautiful black hair and was sitting at a long

table with her suit jacket open exposing a beautiful, lacy, black

bra. The twinging between my legs was getting stronger. "I wonder

if Marsha has any bras like this?" I had never worn a bra before

and wondered what it would be like. I knew the little girl inside

me would love to try on a bra. I decided on a compromise. I would

go upstairs and find one of Marsha's bras and bring it into the

bathroom put it on the vanity and masturbate in the sink while I

imagined wearing the bra. That would not be violating any of

Marsha's stuff and I was an expert at this kind of self enjoyment


I put the Cosmo back in the rack and proceeded upstairs. I walked

to the end of the hall and checked on the kids just to make sure

they were ok. I had plenty of uninterupped time since it was only

nine thirty and Marsha and Chip would be out till after midnight.

I pushed the bedroom door open and went in, closing the door

behind me so that the kids would not come in if they woke up.    

I decided to make a thorough investigation of the room. Starting

at the first closet, I opened the door to see about 30 business

suits. Chip had suits for every occasion even 2 tuxedos. Going on

to Marsha's closet, when I opened the door the sight fairly took

my breath away. The closet was filled with an assortment of

beautiful dresses, some plain and quite a number of beautiful

gowns. I reached out and touched one short pink cocktail gown

with billows of petticoats in the skirt. The stirring was

getting stronger. I carefully looked at each dress and skirt and

some beautiful lacy blouses. I felt that I had reached heaven. I

had never seen or been close to things this pretty. I closed the

closet and moved on to the nearest bedside table which I figured

was Chip's I opened the top drawer and found it contained some

current legal Periodicals and several Styles. Also there was a

box of TROJANS! Fantastic! Carol and I had been getting very hot

and heavy lately and I was far too embarassed to buy these things

in the store. Sooner or later I knew that I would need one of

these. I thought of taking one but decided that I would take one

later when I really needed one. I opened the second drawer and

there they were. At least 12 issues of Playboy Magazine! You

could not buy these in the open. The only place you could get

one was at the station and they were under the counter so you had

to ask and I COULDN'T DO THAT! 

My head began to get dizzy. I picked up the top magazine, which

was the current issue. I opened to the centerfold which was

legendary. Three whole pages of an Almost totally naked woman!

The closest I had come to seeing a totally naked woman was In a

cartoon sex book that I had found torn in half while walking

along the railroad tracks one day. All the pictures were really

illustrations like in the comic books. My mom had found the book

and absconded with it in a trail of "I'm getting rid of this

filthy trash" I could never understand how beautiful women could

be filthy trash. And why the Sears Catalog pictures of

undergarments was not filthy trash also.

I stared at the beautiful blond woman. She had only a brief

bikini on, and her bosom was bare and beautiful. My boyhood

twiched at the very end telling me it really liked this. I looked

at the other pictures in the layout. Something seemed missing or

wrong. The pictures were exciting me but somehow it was not as

intense as the woman in the Maidenform ad. This woman seemed too

perfect. Almost like the plastic dolls we played with when we

were kids. The part that I focused on the most and seemed to be

complete was the shiny triangle of the silver bikini she was

wearing. I wondered what beautiful thing that the bikini hid?

Making a note to follow up on the other issues I carefully put

the issue back the way it was and moved on.

On Marsha's side of the bed the top drawer contained a few

fashion catalogs and womens' magazines. Including a Women's Day!

There were a few Greeting cards mixed in. I opened one up and

found it was from Chip with a thank you for some memorable but

unnamed event. In the bottom drawer was a large plug in hand

massager with springs on the bottom, a small tube of something

called K-Y, and what looked like a riding crop  with black ribbons

on the end.

Pushing the drawer shut, I moved over to Marshas dresser which

was my main objective for being there. I opened the first drawer

and it contained PANTIES! all different colors. I reached into

the bundle of softness and strains of fine perfume wafted up. I

again became dizzy with anticipation. I pulled one yellow pair of

panties out of the drawer and held them up to me they were nylon

and fairly plain. I put these back and picked out a black pair.

they were absolutly breathtaking to the girl who lived inside me.

I could feel her heart beating as it never had before. I looked

at the label size 5 / Maidenform!!! That settled it I was

definitly going to wear these beautiful panties and become the

Maidenform woman. "I dreamt I was transformed into the Maidenform

 Woman in Chip and Marsha's Bedroom". They were very, Very fine

nylon weave (not like the coarse weave nylon my mom had from the

5 and ten.) At the leg openings, a pleated band of stiffer sheer

nylon about an inch wide all the way around to the back. At the

waistband was a short sheer skirt which came almost to the leg

openings on the side and extended halfway down the back. The

skirt portion joined in the front forming an inverted v up to the


I closed the drawer and went over to the bed. I removed all my

clothes and carefully laid them out on the bed so I could get at

them quickly if If Chip and Marsha came back early. I glanced at

the clock on top of Chips dresser. 9:45 still plenty of time for

this excursion into wonderland. I wandered over to the closet

mirrors and slipped the panties on. I became very excited. My

heart was beating till I thought I was going to faint. When it

settled down a bit a wonderful warm feeling enveloped me. They

looked right on me They looked natural. Whats more they felt

good. I could feel the stiff netting on my nearly hairless legs.

I took a few steps and the netting brushed against my legs.

Wonderful! My mind thought of Marsha's womanhood. Her most

private and wonderful part had been where my most private and

wonderful part was now. That was as it should be! My woman had

adjoined hers. I reached back and put my hands on the skirt and

felt the luxurious smooth feeling of the nylon on nylon. I tore

myself away from the mirror lest I have an accident in these

lovely panties. Back to the dresser again. The next, and larger

drawer held an array of nightgowns some satin some nylon, and

some even looked like SILK. "I wonder if Marsha would miss any of

these If I borrowed one?" I would come back to this drawer but I

was looking for a bra for a very express purpose. The next drawer

contained foundation garments. Bra and girdle all in ones some

fit on the whole body and some were short with just the bra and

garters. This was more like it, But I really wanted to have a bra

something like the "Maidenform Woman" Closing the drawer, I moved

on to the next drawer. Jackpot! About 10 bras were in the drawer.

Also in there were some lacy garterbelts. I picked up each bra

and looked at it. There was a black one which had the same

netting as on my panties. THIS IS IT! The one I had been looking

for. The tops of each cup had the same stiff netting but without

pleats. The bottom of each cup was made of satiny nylon like my

panties there was some padding at the bottom of each cup on the

inside. The label said 36 B/Maidenform. Now I could become the

Maidenform Woman in the magazine. I could not hook the narrow

band in the back! I had to hurry! I hooked the band in the back

and swiveled it around to the front and snaked my arms in to the

straps. The bra sat too high on my chest and looked congruous. I

adjusted the straps to the the full length and pulled the bra

down over my tits. Perfect fit! The cups were not full enough but

the size was otherwise right. "I think I'll try on the garterbelt

also. This is really fun! The garterbelt I chose was very much

like the bra. It was made of black fine nylon with an embroidered

rose above each of the 4 garters. I had to put it on backwards

and slide it around. The garters hung down and tickled my legs. I

closed my eyes and turned around and eased my way across to the

other side of the room with the mirror wall. I opened my eyes.

With just bedside lights on the sight when I opened my eyes took

my breath away. My stomach sucked in my heart beat wildly. I was

a woman! My penis was hard and extended up the front of the

panties stopping above the v of the panty skirt. I shook my head

my hair brushed my sholders. I dipped my head down, my long hair

cascading forward. It was too much for my boy but my girl was

laying down somewhere between my groin and my brain luxuriously

writhing from side to side. I knelt down on one knee since if I

did not I would buckle. I had to sit down. I crawled over to

Marshas easy chair near the dresser, and pulled myself up. My

heart was pounding it hurt. I closed my eyes my boy was very near

ejaculating in the panties. That thought seemed like a

desecration. I do not know how long I sat there in a swoon

however, I came to with the very warm feeling of womanhood back

in my brain. I crossed my legs and glanced down at the bra and

panties. My mind wandered to Marsha. I ........... MY GOD! She

can see me. The thought was very fleeting. Almost telepethically

I felt that Marsha and I were sharing the same thought at that

same moment! Rediculous! That is just my mind on overload! My

nerves. I got up and walked over to Chips dresser. Only 10:00


"Well as long as I am this far I might as well see what a dress

will look like. Marsha is about the same size as I am and those

beautiful dresses in the closet are there for me to try on. If I

don't do it tonight I will probably never get another chance."

I pulled the closet door open again and began going through the

dressy dresses one by one. My mind wanted something in black to

match my black panties, garter, and bra. There were several black

dresses, most had buttons in the back and knowing how much

trouble I had had with the bra I dedided on one which had no

buttons in the back. It was a cocktail dress. The front of the

dress was fairly low cut but buttoned, or rather hooked up the

front to the low scooping bustline. The material of the bodice

was some sort of stiff, boned material in the midriff. The bodice

was satin lined with black lace over the whole front down to the

waistline. The back was high and came up to a collar which was

narrow and buttoned around the neck the effect was a large

opening to the bustline in the front and a narrow collar. the

sleeves were of clear net puff type black nylon and I wondered if

my arms would go through the elastic which formed a ruffle about

midway down the upper arm. The skirt portion of the dress was

made of soft shiny black velvet in the form of a fairly tight

sheath with two peplum type short overskirts of the same

material. The skirt was lined with black acetate, which rustled

delicously when I shook the hanger. The whole dress appeared to

be handmade. This was definitly the one I wanted to try!

I slipped the skirt down over my head and resisting the

temptation to look in the mirror. I hooked the hooks in the front

which were then covered over with small buttons covered with the

same material as the bodice. I did not look in the mirror but

took a few steps, and almost fell. The sheath which came down to

just below my knees, restricted my normal stride the feeling was

delicious. The underslip of taffeta made a rustling noise and

felt good on my naked legs. I turned to look at myself in the

wall mirror and there stood a rather beautiful, boyish looking

woman. My boy was not excited. The earlier hard-on (The size of

which was the envy of most of the other boys who had not started

to develop) was gone. He was soft but very content in his nylon

prison. "My feelings have been replaced by the feelings of a

woman." "I feel right." "I feel complete" "I feel warm and very

small inside."

To complete the job I knew I must have those seemed stockings

that were dangling in the hall bathroom. I opened the bedroom

door leaned my head out and glanced at the half open kids bedroom

door. I waited a few seconds and there was no noise coming from

their room. I tiptoed toward their room with just the teltale

rustle of the slip making any noise. I slipped into the bathroom

and shut the door before turning on the light. I did not want the

kids to wake up with the bathroom light shining in their doorway.

I pulled the door of the tub open and carefully lifted the

stockings off the towel rack inside the shower. I did not want to

put any runs in the stockings although I thought to myself that

if I did I could lay them on the floor and Marsha would probably

think that I removed them when I got Adam's potty seat out. I put

one of my hands in the stockings. They were very, very sheer.

This would be another first for my little girl. Except for make-up, and shoes 

this would complete the transformation. Then I 

would hike the skirt up and let this beautiful girl stroke the

boy inside to a delicious climax. The garters covered with satin

ribbon were dangling somewhere up under the dress. I hiked the

dress up in a bunch at my waistline. Gosh! the dress fits

perfectly. Leaning back against the sink and counter on the rear

wall, I carefully bunched one stocking up and slipped the

reinforced (but still sheer toe and heel) over my foot and pulled

the stocking up my leg the reinforced top came almost up to the

panties. I had to shorten up both the garters so that the

stocking would not sag. When I got that done I worked on the

other leg. I had only a little bit of hair on my legs and what

there was was short and blond. I turned to look in the mirror

over the sink on the back wall and was disappointed that I could

not see my legs. I stretched up as high as I could but could only

see a little of the stockings. I looked down at my legs and could

see that the tops of the stockings were not showing. The "mice"

as Carol called them, made little bumps on the velvet on the

outside of the dress. "I feel good." "I feel right." "I feel

SEXY." "The boy who's sole I reside in is not sexually excited as

he was before." "I wonder if I can excite him." I looked in the

mirror above the sink and slowly turned from side to side to see

the overall...............

"Earl are you in there?" it was Marsha's voice!

"Oh, God in Heaven what am I going to do now? Why didn't I hear

them?" I realized that the exhaust fan was making enough noise to

obliterate sounds outside the room. I thought of my clothes

carefully laid on the bed for fast change.

"How could I have lost track of time so badly? It couldn't be

that late!"

My heart was beating so wildly that I thought that I was going to

die. I glanced around. There were no outside windows. On the

ceiling was a small air conditioning return duct, but I could not

have gotten through that. There was no escape.

"Maybe I should get naked and put the clothes in the bathtub.

Being naked is probably better than being caught this way. But

how do I explain that" My mind was racing for an excuse. I could

not think of anything.

"Earl are you alright?" It was Chip's voice this time.

I had to answer. I croaked out "Yes Chip I'll be out in a

minute." I hadn't spoken in probably 2 hours and my fright was so

complete that my voice took on an alarming croaking sound.

I heard Marsha take the few steps down the hall and open the kids

room door. I also heard Chip push the bedroom door open.

".........Maybe if I make a break of it I can make the front

door?" Then what? outside-shoeless-in probably 20 degree weather,

I heard Chip just outside the door and heard Marsha close the

kids room door. Chip said something to Marsha about clothes I

could not hear the whole exchange but Marsha said something back

to Chip. Maybe I could pretend to be taking a bath. Crap! I was


Marsha tapped lightly on the door. "Earl are you sure you are OK?

Your voice sounded very strange, honey!"

"Honey! She called me Honey! Her voice sounded very soft and

soothing." Maybe she might understand. GOD NO! Even if she does

Chip is a man and he won't understand!

"Please open the door so I can see that you are OK." Marsha said


I really had no other choice. I had to open the door sometime. I

just hoped that they would not tell my mom or dad. I knew that I

would never babysit here again. Although I didn't think that

there was anything wrong with the feeling I had for my girl

inside I had no doubt that Chip and Marsha would think that I was

crazy and not ever have me back.

"Please, Honey, open the door, It's OK." a very soothing voice


I heard Marsha say something else to Chip and decided that I

would take the consequenses.

Breifly I turned around to glance in the mirror one more time to

see what was there and I saw a very frightened looking boy in a

woman's dress" Not bad but still a boy dressed as a woman.

"Marsha I am going to open the door." I said, My voice had

settled down again but my heart was in my throat.

I turned the knob and slowly opened the door. Marsha was standing

right there in the doorway and Chip was leaning back against the

wall on the other side. I saw Marsha's eyes widen as large as

frying pans. She just stood there. Slowly with a twinkle in her

eyes, a smile began and it got bigger and bigger. Chip started to

laugh and I-----------------STARTED TO CRY.

BIG tears welled up in my eyes, they blurred my vision. I hung my

head down and put my face in my hands and just sobbed. My body

was heaving with deep sobs. Again I felt faint but this time it

was with mental exhaustion. I felt very tired all of a sudden and

thought I would crumple up on the floor in a puddle of sobs.

I felt an arm going around my back, and a hand lifting under my

chin. I kept my eyes closed tight with tears streaming down my

cheeks. My head came up and the hand under my chin went around my

back. My head settled down into a world of perfume and sweet

clean smelling hair. Marsha was holding me up with both arms

tightly around my back.

"It's OK sweetheart," she soothed softly in my ear. "Please stop

crying. I understand." I was not in the real world. This was all

a bad dream.

"It's OK. It.s OK, honey." The words began to sooth my injury.

"Please stop crying you are going to ruin my dress. You're also

going to ruin your dress, which is a designer original." Slowly

my sobbing subsided to small wimpers. "You look better in that

dress than I ever did," her voice had a little cheer and lilt to

it. "I've never liked it."

Slowly she released her grip on me but grabbed my arm thinking I

might fall. I opened my tear sodden eyes to see Marsha's face in

front of mine a few inches away. The smile was still there but

had a totally different feeling. The sole contact that I had felt

before was back. I could not for the life of me figure out why. I

had trespassed into her world without permission. My boys mind

saw that as a violation of her private world.

"Come on honey, lets go downstairs and sit and talk for a while,

Chip and I both think the world of you and this does not make any

difference. I think I understand." This cannot be happening. My

boys mind was feeling and reeling with all sorts of emotions now.

Swimming in a totally confused state. I began to walk out of the

bathroom door with Marsha still holding my hand, more or less

supporting and leading me. "What a wonderful woman." I thought to

myself as my wits were coming back. I could not beleive that God

had created such a perfect being. As if she were reading my mind

she squeezed my hand.

I had a little bit of difficulty getting down the stairs in the

tight sheath dress. This was the first time I had ever worn a

dress muchless ever tried to negotiate stairs.

Chip was at the bottom of the stairs and his laughter had been

replaced by a large grin. "A friendly grin." How can you also

accept this in another man?" I thoutht. As Marsha, still guiding

me by the hand passed by Chip, he reached up and softly put his

hand between my sholders and ran it very slowly down my back and

over my fanny. I could feel the layers of nylon and satin rub

under his touch. It a was forceful yet tender motion.

"What" was I feeling?????? All of a sudden with a mixture of

disgust? confusion? revulsion? PLEASURE? I realized that he was

looking at me as a woman or girl AND NOT A BOY! My mind on this

night of rollercoaster emotions was again alert and thinking. No

It was not disgust! Then what was it? The little girl within me

sprang to life. She had been hiding in the deepest recesses of my

body. I felt her start to bloom like a flower after a thunder

shower. I shivered under his touch. I saw Marsha respond to my

shiver and glance at Chip. The glance was like a warning, It was

as If she was still reading my mind. Chip removed his hand from

my fanny and just followed Marsha and I to the couch. I again had

some difficulty sitting down. I akwardly pulled the dress up

slightly and tried to sit down but rather flopped onto the couch.

I thought the skirt had ripped but a glance showed me that it had

not. Chip sat in his chair across from the couch. He was staring

at my legs and I realized that the skirt had hiked up to show the

garters and Marsha's stocking tops. I felt somewhat exposed and

squirmed to get the dress modestly down. My girl was again

returning and had a grip on about one half of my emotional being.

Marsha sat down beside me on the couch and put her arm around

me. All this took just a few minutes but seemed like an eternity. 

She turned to me and looked me in the eyes, a deep penetrating

look, a knowing look, a friendly look.

"Do you know that I can feel your thoughts, Honey? I like your

thoughts. I can feel the struggle of two soles within your one

sole. Whenever I look at you I have a very good and fond feeling.

The feeling is that God created something very special in you"

Her voice went on in very soft manner.

"The reason we came home Is that I got an alarm feeling that you

were afraid. After we got out of the movies. I was not as tuned

into you as when we are together but, a fleeting feeling of alarm

crossed my thoughts then went away." I remembered sitting in the

chair and thinking with alarm that she could read my mind and

could discover me.

She continued "I have a very good feeling about you. Whenever I

am near you I feel contentment of being with a very complete

person. I like when you are with my children. I have watched you

with them and you make them feel secure and happy."

I finally had composed myself enough to get out a few words my

fright and confusion was becoming the same warm inner glow again

under this wonderful womans massaging.

"Marsha, I'm sorry I am wearing your beautiful clothes. I feel

like I have cheated in some way."

"Why?" she asked. "You are a beautiful person. I know of your

'girl' within your spirit. She is lovely. A devilish sprite. She

does not compete for your maleness. She adds to it. Magnifies it!

The clothes are suitable for her. She has a very elagent

personality. You are a very beautiful male person. I am very

attracted by your maleness, as perhaps you have noticed. Your

beauty expressing your feminine being within completes the male

that you are."

I had never given the 'whys' much thought. Marsha seemed to be

telling me what I was feeling and the whys involved. 

I will help you to become more complete as a feminine person. I

am an expert by many standards and I would take great delight in

your happiness expressing your femininity. It is only 11:00

o'clock and we have several hours yet this evening to explore

more of this world you find so intreguing. I'm just glad you are

not hurt. I got very worried when I flet your alarm. Come lets go

back up to the bedroom and play a little."

"I love you Marsha" I said sincerely.

"I love you too......." I could see her thinking. "....Crystal!

Yes that is a beautiful name I'll call you Crystal."

She reached up and softly ran her hand down my cheek, with a

twinkle in her eye. I think it was a tear.

(To Be Continued)



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