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Archive-name: Changes/

Archive-author: Karen T.

Archive-title: Cousins, A Fantasy

Keywords: cross-dress

     When I was thirteen years old, I went to stay at my cousin's

house  while my mother and aunt went away for a "mini  vacation."

It  was the fourth of July weekend and I was going to spend  some

time  with two cousins whom I hadn't seen in almost a year  since

they lived so far away.  Tony was my age and Jill, his sister was

eighteen.   While  our  mothers  were  away,  she  was  going  to

"babysit" for us.  Mom and I arrived on Friday afternoon and then

she  and my aunt left about half an hour later.   Jill told us we

could  play inside until dinner so we went to  Tony's  room.   We

played  with  some  of  his toys for a while and  got  bored  and

started horsing around.  It didn't take long before it got out of

hand  and while running through the house we tackled  each  other

and fell into a lamp and broke it.   Jill was furious.   She told

us  that  we  were just too wild and needed to be taught  how  to

behave properly.   She said she had a way to do this and  ordered

us back into Tony's room.

     Jill told us that she wanted us to take a bath before dinner

and  that  we were to take our clothes off and get  in  the  tub.

While  we undressed,  she prepared a scented bubble bath for  us.

When I saw that I said "No way," but she said if we didn't get in

right  away,  she  would give us both a good spanking.   We  both

decided  the bath would be a better idea.   Jill left us to  wash

ourselves.   When she came back,  she checked to make sure we had

done a good job and then told us to dry off and go back to Tony's

room to get dressed.  When we got there, laid out on the bed were

two  dresses and a collection of girl's underwear.   She told  us

that while Tony and I were in the tub,  she went back into Tony's

room  and put all of our clothes into his closet and  locked  the

door.  "I hid the key where you won't find it" she said, and told

us  that since we couldn't behave properly as boys,  for the rest

of the weekend we would learn to behave as "proper young  ladies"

and  would  wear  dresses  and skirts  instead  of  pants.   Tony

and I protested vigorously,  but to no avail.  Jill instructed us

in  how to put on the panties,  tights,  slips,  and dresses  and

helped us with our zippers which were on the back.

     Once we were dressed,  Jill took us into her room.  Starting

with Tony,  she first rolled his long hair up in curlers and then

polished his fingernails a bright pink color.   Then she  started

making up his face with eye-shadow,  eye-liner,  mascara,  blush,

and a bright pink lipstick to match his nails.   While he was put

under  a hair dryer,  I was given the same treatment.  Both of us

had  almost  shoulder length hair and Jill was able to  create  a

very  pretty feminine style with it.   When Jill was done with my

face,  Tony's hair was done so she combed it out and put me under

the dryer.   While waiting for my hair to dry,  She found us both

shoes with two inch heels.   These she said would teach us to  be

more  careful  when  we walked so we wouldn't bump  into  things.

Once my hair was done,  she had us stand in front of a mirror and

look  at  our new looks.   She told us that for the rest  of  the

weekend  this was how we would look,  so we'd better get used  to

it.  Then she taught us how to walk like a girl and how to sit in

a skirt.   She also taught us how to move like a girl, instead of

as a boy.

     By this time,  we were all getting hungry and Jill said that

since she spent so much time making us "presentable," she  didn't

have time to cook anything for dinner.  She decided that we would

go out to eat instead.  We pleaded with her not to make us go out

this  way,  but she said she was hungry and we were going out  to

eat and that was that.  We went to  a diner and when the waitress

came over to our table, she complimented Jill on what she thought

were  her two very pretty daughters.   Mercifully,  Jill did  not

reveal  our secret.   All through the meal Jill coached us on our

table  manners and reminded us that we were to act as  ladies  at

all  times,  otherwise  she would tell everybody what  we  really

were.   Afterward,  we went back to the house and Jill told us we

could watch some TV, after we got dressed for bed.  She helped us

out of our clothes and make-up,  put our hair up in rollers again

and gave us both nightgowns,  robes,  and slippers to wear.  When

we went to bed, she told us to get a good night's sleep, since we

had a busy day ahead.

     The next morning, we got up and this time, Jill set out some

leotards and tights for us to wear.   She said that we were going

to  join  her at her dance class.   She also gave us  skirts  and

blouses  to  wear over them as cover-ups for the trip  there  and

back.   We  also were given the same high heels again and after a

light  breakfast,   Jill  took  us  to  the  dance  studio.   She

introduced us to the instructor and the other girls as "Toni" and

"Joanie."   (My  real  name was  John,  but  everyone  called  me

Johnny.)   We were supposed to be her nieces,  and were  visiting

for  the  weekend.   Tony  and I didn't have  the  experience  or

ability  of  the other girls,  but we tried real hard since  Jill

repeated  her threat to tell everyone our true  story.   We  were

accepted as girls by the others there and Jill was satisfied.

     After class, we went back to the house and Jill told us that

we  were going to the beach for the afternoon.   She got  us  out

girl's  swimsuits  and  terry  coverups to wear and  told  us  to

change.   We were both afraid that our disguise wouldn't hold  up

in these outfits, but Jill said we were going to an area that was

rather  private and didn't have too many people there.   We had a

wonderful  afternoon at the beach,  swimming and playing  on  the

beach while Jill caught up on her tan.   Afterwards, we went home

and  bathed  and got dressed up again in our pretty  dresses  for

dinner.   Saturday  night we stayed home and watched TV and  Jill

gave  us  more  instruction in how to behave properly  as  girls.

Neither  Tony  or I liked the idea much,  but the threat  of  our

mothers finding out about how the lamp got broken,  or about  how

we spent the weekend would be too much to handle.   Jill said she

would  back give us a cover story about the lamp and the  weekend

and  would  back  us  on it if we behaved for  the  rest  of  the


     Sunday,  it rained all day!  The beach was out and Jill said

we had to stay indoors.   She told us to play with dolls.  Dolls!

We  were getting a bit fed up with this and Jill said we could go

to  a movie matinee that afternoon.   Since our  mothers  weren't

expected back until late in the evening,  we went in our dresses.

However,  when we got back to the house, there they were, waiting

for us.   They said that since it was raining,  there wasn't much

to do so they decided to get a head start on the traffic and take

us out for dinner instead.  Tony and I were both very embarrassed

and  Jill  had to explain what happened and why Tony and  I  were

standing there dressed as girls.   When she told the  story,  our

moms went into another room for a few minutes to talk.  When they

came  back,  instead  of  telling Jill to give us  back  our  own

clothes,  they said that after thinking about it for a while,  we

looked  rather cute as girls and maybe Jill had the right idea to

correct our behavior after all.   Jill's mom told her to get  the

closet key and give it to her.  When she did, my mom told us that

they  had decided that we were going to spend the summer as girls

so that we could learn some manners and gentler  behavior.   Jill

was  ecstatic but Tony and I both started screaming "No way!" and

asked  for our clothes back.   It was to no avail as our  mothers

told  us  that  bright and early Monday morning,  we  were  going

shopping for some new girl's clothes to wear for the rest of  the

summer.   "In  the  meantime,  we're  hungry so  let's  get  some

supper," they said.   Jill helped us freshen our make-up and  off

we went to the restaurant.

     The  next morning,  when we got up mothers saw to it that we

were  properly  bathed and dressed.   We wore bras  stuffed  with

pantyhose,  panties,  slips, and dresses, again with the two inch

heels.  We went to the mall and the first stop we made was at the

beauty salon.   There we had our hair cut and permed in a girl's

style.  We also had facials done and our eyebrows were waxed to a

very feminine shape.  Then we spent the rest of the day trying on

dresses,  skirts, blouses, shoes, and lingerie.  Our mothers told

us  that  for the rest of the summer we would not be wearing  any

pants!   We did get some coulottes and tennis skirts with panties

built in,  but that was as close to shorts as we got.   Jill also

told her mom about our trip to the dance class so we got our  own

leotards  and tights as well,  since both our moms agreed that we

should enroll in the dance class too.   Before we left the  mall,

we  went to a jewelry shop.   My aunt said she wanted to look  at

some  earrings.   When we got there,  our moms started looking at

some  pierced earrings and my mom held a pair up to my  ears  and

said  "These should look very pretty on you."  They decided  that

we should have our ears pierced.  Tony and I tried to protest but

again  we were threatened with having our real gender revealed so

we  had to let them do it.   Jill told us we would  love  wearing

earrings after we got used to them, as the saleslady came over to

do first mine,  and then Tony's ears.   We each got a pretty pair

of  starter earrings and also a pair of regular ones for when the

piercing studs came out.   While we were there,  our moms ordered

name  necklaces  for us,  "Toni" for Tony and  "Joanie"  for  me.

This, they said, was so we could remember who we were and what we

were supposed to be!



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