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Archive-name: Changes/costume1.txt


Archive-title: Costume Party, The

     I knew my husband, Jim, liked dressing up in women's clothing, but

the idea never really appealed to me. I had always thought there was

something wrong in that. That is, until about a year ago.

     I was in charge of a costume party, and one of my girlfriends from

highschool suggested we get out our old square dance dresses and have

our husbands dress in them, and we'd go as their partners with boots,

jeans, and Western buckskin jackets. I knew Jim would like it, so I

agreed. I told him I'd take care of getting him an outfit and not to

ask what I had in mind.

     On the day of the party, I had him stand naked in the middle of

the bedroom. First came perfumed powder all over his body.  Then I

handed him a pair of lace covered petti-pants. He pulled them on and I

could see his hard cock outlined through the lace.  Next came a bra

into which I slid inserts I had found which looked and felt like real

breasts. His cock was incredibly hard as my hands kept "accidentally"

brushing against it. I told him I'd have to cover up his manhood before

I put his makeup on since girls don't have such things.

     I went and got the special petticoat I had ordered. It was a huge,

full red and white petticoat covered with lace trim and little satin

bows. I made him pull it on, and his reaction was amazing. He was

thrilled by all of this. Makeup came next. I gave him a complete job,

including false eyelashes, while making him sit at my vanity with the

petticoat fluffed up all around him.  Then came the wig with the pretty

hair bow in the back.

     I had him stand up and, as i did, I lifted up his petticoat and

looked. His cock was still rock hard. Then I got out his special dress.

It was red-and-white-checked with puffy sleeves and a lace stand-up

collar, and it had a white, ruffled pinafore to go over it.  I zipped

him up and tied the pinafore straps into a big bow in the back. Last

came white pumps and earrings. I told him to wait for me in the living

room while I dressed. Twice I sneaked a look and saw him admiring

himself in the mirror and turning from side to side.

     I made him drive to the dance. I knew that having that crisp

petticoat up all around him while trying to drive would excite him even

more. At the dance I made a point of always standing very close to him

so he could feel the petticoat pressing against his legs. I had never

seen my husband so happy.

     When we got home, Jim couldn't wait to make love to me. I made him

go down on me while he stayed fully dressed. After he made me come

twice, I decided it was his turn. I made him lie on his back an I slid

his ruffled petti-pants off. Then I put on my fullest square dance

petticoat and kneeled so my hot pussy was directly over his cock. His

hands were all over my breasts. And as I slowly let his cock slide into

me, I played with his "beasts".

     Jim came almost immediately, but I wasn't about to let him off so

easily. I slowly kept pumping and talking about how "cute" he looked in

his frilly dress. He got hard again, and when I could feel he was close

to cumming again, I told him maybe I had better make him wear

petticoats all the time. This was enough to send him over the edge.

     Since that night we've talked, and I know he's not gay or anything

like that. He simply loves wearing petticoats, and of course I've

bought him several. Anytime Jim has them on, I know there's a hard,

throbbing cock waiting for me underneath. Just wait until he finds out

about the special prom dress I've made for him for the Fifties costume

party we have coming up.




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