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Archive-name: Changes/coed5.txt

Archive-author: Katherine Alicia Harrison

Archive-title: Co-Ed, The - Part 5

  In our previous episodes, J.J., formerly Jonathan Jerome, now Jennifer 

Joyce, is attending State U. with her girlfriend Cindy. J.J. is learning 

about his/her new found femininity and the trials and tribulations as well as 

the wonderful things that come from being a pretty young woman. In our last 

episode J.J. and Cindy went on their first date since coming to campus. 

J.J.'s date, Robbie, was better than she could of imagined. J.J. is beginning 

to love her new life. 


  The next morning was Saturday and Cindy and I slept in. We got up around 

noon and already I was thinking about our dates for that evening. I couldn't 

believe that a guy was making me go so crazy. All I could think about was 

him, what I was going to wear, where we were going, what we were going to do, 

everything. I was a mess. Cindy recommended that we go over to the mall to 

buy a couple of new outfits for our date, I agreed and we got ready to go. I 

threw on my normal loose jeans and sweatshirt. Cindy just shook her head and 

said, "I thought you were into being a fox, not just some scabby looking 

nerdy girl." I didn't want to be thought of that way, and my mind was so 

confused about everything that was happening anyway, I got changed. I ended 

up wearing my tight stone washed jeans, my black boots and a red and black 

striped blouse. Cindy fixed my hair and helped me with my make up. When she 

was all done, I looked dam good! We grabbed our purses and headed over to the 

mall. The first place we stopped was The Limited, I'm beginning to love this 

store. They have great outfits. I was looking around and all of a sudden, 

Cindy grabbed my arm and brought me over to a rack where they were having a 

sale on several different items. One in particular was a black leather skirt 

that was half price and my size. I looked at her and at first said no way, 

before I knew it we were in the dressing room with the skirt and three other 

items. Cindy said to me, "You like Robbie, don't you?" I said yes. "And he 

likes you, right?" I said, "Yea, I think so." "So he will like you even more 

in this skirt!" I thought for a minute and said, "OK". Cindy said great and I 

tried it on. The skirt was straight with a 18" hem and a back slit. It was a 

good 4" above my knee when I looked down. I ended up getting the skirt, but I 

really didn't think I would wear it. The reality was, that I liked being a 

girl, but on my own terms, not Cindy's. I decided that I would not hold back 

from trying to look the best I could, but with the things that looked right 

for me. I wanted to be feminine and sexy, without looking flashy. Maybe 

someday I would go towards a wilder more provocative look, but for now my 

tastes seemed to be leaning towards eyelet and lace. We went into several 

other stores and I began to realize, more and more, that I really liked 

softer more feminine looks, different than the tastes that Cindy had. I 

actually bought a couple of longer fuller cotton skirts and some pretty 

blouses to go with them. I bought a beautiful lace blouse and skirt and a 

very cute outfit of a billowy light blue skirt in a pretty print and a 

matching blouse. It wasn't just a skirt, more like a jumper, with wide 

shoulder straps that came up from the waist. I ended up also buying another 

lacy blouse that went with the outfit. I even bought a couple of pairs of 

heals, a pair of flats and a pair of cream colored high healed ankle boots 

with lots of detailing. They were so pretty. We went back to the dorms after 

a full afternoon of shopping. It was almost 5:00pm and our dates were picking 

us up at 7:30. We were going to a Country Western party and hayride up in the 

mountains, Dan was a real cowboy at heart and said he wouldn't miss this 

annual event. 

  I took a quick shower and shaved my legs. I examined my body and no matter 

how hard I tried, there is no way that I could pull off fully being a girl 

with out some major physical changes. What would happen if Robbie really 

tried something, how could I explain if I was "read". I began to get nervous 

again.   Cindy calmed me down and helped me with my make up and hair. She 

said, "J.J. you look more like a girl than three quarters of the women on 

campus, so stop your fretting." I felt better with her encouragement and felt 

if I was going to continue to carry this off, I would have to be the best 

looking girl I could. I wanted a softer look, so I chose pinks and soft mauve 

eye shadow in my makeup. I wore my hair pinned back on the sides and brushed 

soft bangs in the front while I left a cascade of curls down the back. 

  I felt so pretty that way. I decided to wear my new all lace outfit. It was 

a beautiful cream colored lace with tiny pink ribbons woven into the pattern. 

The blouse was very fitted and had a Victorian waistline to it. I needed to 

get myself ready to wear it. I wore my cream colored satin and lace corset 

and had Cindy pull it very tight. I still was not used to the constricting 

feeling it gave me. I put the inserts into the bra cups of the foundation 

garment and adjusted the shoulder straps to fit properly. I adjusted the 

flesh colored g-string that I wore to conceal my maleness. 

  For the first time, I wore soft ivory colored lace stockings that I had 

bought and fastened them to the garters of the corset. The feeling of the 

stockings felt wonderful caressing my legs. I pulled a beautiful pair of 

cream colored Vanity Fair panties up and smoothed them into place. They were 

satiny with lace trim and looked wonderful on me. I turned and Cindy snapped 

a picture of me with her Polaroid. She said that I looked like a Victorian 

lady at the boudoir. We both giggled. I put on the blouse. It had a 

sweetheart neckline with lots of ruffles and lace. The bodice was all lace. 

It had huge puffy sleeves with three button cuffs with ruffles and pearl 

buttons down the back, Cindy had to button me into it. I bought a single 

petti-slip to wear with the skirt, it gave the skirt a little more fullness. 

I put on the skirt and found that the drop waist and lace detailing made me 

look oh so feminine. The skirt came down way below my knees, but above my 

ankles. The slip gave it a little fullness but not as much as a petticoat 

would have, I love the feeling and may have to buy a petticoat to go with it. 

I sat down on the bed and stepped into my new boots, they were high healed 

with a tie top in the front and came about half way to my knees. I stood and 

they were a little difficult to maneuver in at first, but I soon got used to 

them. The outfit had two matching ribbons of eyelet and lace with it. One had 

a snap and a tab on it. Cindy took it and fastened it around my neck and 

snapped the tab to the back of my blouse. This gave me a high collared look 

with an open bodice, I couldn't believe how femininely sensual it looked. The 

boning of the corset and the inserts that I was wearing pressed the flesh of 

my chest together to give me a most womanly form, openly displayed by the 

provocative blouse. The other ribbon Cindy tied into a bow in my hair and let 

the streamers trail down the back. I put in a pair of pretty lace and pearl 

bow earrings and a spray of my favorite perfume, L'air du Temps, finished my 

look, I felt like a princess. Cindy got dressed in more of her own style. She 

wore a denim mini skirt and a western style blouse with lots of rhinestones 

and tassels and a denim jacket with a studded western pattern on the back. 

Her western styled boots completed the outfit, and although, as always, she 

was a knockout, I felt that I was a little more alluring, for the first time, 

than even she was this night. I did some last minute touch-ups on my makeup 

and we went down to meet the guys. Don kissed Cindy hello, I got the feeling 

that he had big plans for the evening with her. Robbie saw me and stopped 

dead in his tracks. He couldn't get his eyes off of me. I blushed when he 

said I was beautiful. He said to me, "Jenn, let me get a good look at you." I 

pirouetted around for him and my skirt swirled as I moved. He pulled me to 

him and gave me a big kiss. I was startled at first and then felt myself melt 

in his arms. It was obvious he was glad to see me as I could feel his hard 

cock against my feminized crotch. This was going to be difficult. I loved how 

feminine I felt and I wanted to be with Robbie, I just don't know if he would 

want to be with me if he knew what kind of girl I was. We hopped into the car 

and headed up to the mountains to go to the party. When we got there, there 

were alot of people, all singing and dancing and having a great old time. 

They were cooking steaks on an open fire, Don and Robbie grabbed some big 

ones and got some for Cindy and me. My corset was so tight, I couldn't eat a 

thing. I drank some beer, but quickly switched to wine, beer doesn't agree 

with me. Robbie and I danced for what felt like hours. At midnight, we had an 

old fashioned hayride. Robbie and I lay back in the hay and sang along with 

the group and I cuddled close to him. We kissed and hugged and I felt more in 

love than I had ever had before. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. 

When the hayride was over, Robbie helped me down and helped me brush any of 

the errant hay off my dress. There was a big bonfire to finish the evening 

and I sat on Robbie's lap with my head on his shoulder as we sang into the 


  Don lived not too far from here and what was to happen next I couldn't have 

imagined in my wildest dreams. By the time the bonfire was over, we had all 

had alot to drink. Especially Cindy, who was almost out on her feet. Don and 

Robbie carried Cindy and I over to the car and started to drive home. Robbie 

and I were cuddled up in the back seat and I didn't notice that we were not 

heading home. We stopped at a place that looked to be a campground. It had 

several small cabins on the property and was deserted. Don got out of the car 

and carried Cindy, semi-conscious, into one of the cabins. Robbie picked me 

up out of the car and started to take me into one of the other cabins. All of 

a sudden, I realized what was happening to me. A shot of adrenalin moved 

through me as I had never felt before. I pushed myself out of Robbie's arms 

just after we entered the cabin and fell to the floor.  Robbie closed the 

door behind us and knelt down beside me. I was shivering with fear about what 

was going to happen. Robbie, always the gentleman, helped me up and let me 

sit on the edge of the bed. I sat staring at the floor motionless, thinking 

about what was going to happen to me. Robbie went over to the fireplace and 

started a fire. It was cold in the early morning air and the fire took the 

chill out of the room. He came over to me and knelt down beside me on the 

floor by the bed and said, "J.J., don't be afraid, I know all about you." 

Another shot went through my body, "What had he said? " I thought to myself 

as I looked into his face. "J.J., I know who you are and what you are and its 

OK. I want you more than anything." This couldn't be happening, I can't 

believe what he was saying. "Jennifer, I figured out after our first date. 

You didn't have all of the equipment in the right place, so to say. But I'm 

different than most of the guys. Don would kill me if he heard me talking 

this way, but you really turn me on. I thought I was gay... well not really 

gay, but bi. This summer I met a female impersonator at the beach. He.. I 

mean she worked in a club near the boardwalk. I was incredibly turned on by 

her. I couldn't get her out of my mind. Then I met you. You are even better. 

I can't believe how feminine you are. If I hadn't felt your body next to 

mine, I never would of suspected. Cindy caught me looking at you on our last 

date. When I turned my head to look at her, she smiled and winked at me with 

a knowing look. She knew I knew about you!" This is incredible. No wonder 

Cindy didn't try to stop my relationship with Robbie and said that he would 

like me no matter what kind of girl I was. I put my arms around Robbie and 

hugged him to me. We kissed passionately our bodies locked in a lustful 

embrace. The light of the fire bathing our bodies in a warm glow. I stepped 

back from him and stepped out of my petti-slip. The glow of the fire 

illuminating the sheer lace dress I was wearing making my feminine form quite 

apparent through the gossamer fabric. Robbie unbuttoned my blouse and I 

unbuttoned my skirt and I threw them over the chair. I stood there in front 

of him, with one lace ribbon in my hair and another around my dainty neck. 

Here I was wearing a heavily boned and laced, very sexy, satin and lace 

corset, matching French cut panties. The garters from the corset were holding 

ivory colored lace, seamed stockings and I was wearing high healed, cream 

colored ankle boots around my lace covered legs. I stood in front of him, a 

seductive young virgin waiting and wanting to be taken by her man. He pulled 

me to him in front of the fire and we stood on a fur throw by the hearth. He 

kissed me deeply, holding me close to him. I knew what to do, what I wanted 

to do. I fell to my knees and loosened his belt and his pants. I pulled down 

his shorts and his rigid cock sprung to attention. It looked huge in front of 

my face like that. I thought to myself about when I was a young boy and that 

I never, throughout my life, was completely sure of myself. I always thought 

that I was miscast and I was never going to be the kind of person I wanted to 

become. At this moment, that was no longer true. I was a woman and wanted 

more than anything to please my man right at this moment. I reached up and 

kissed the end of his cock, then slowly licked the long shaft to the base of 

his balls. It felt wonderful on my tongue. I licked it all over and finally 

took the cock into my mouth. I slowly started sucking the massive member. I 

could feel Robbie start to pulse to my rhythm. As he started to move, I 

reached up and held the muscular cheeks of his ass while he continued to pump 

his hardness deep into my mouth. I had difficulty breathing until my throat 

relaxed and then I felt him go deeper and deeper until he felt totally buried 

inside of me. He grabbed my head and pulled me to him, his cock half way down 

my throat. I could barely help from choking as I felt the turgid rod begin to 

pulse and then erupt with warm creamy fluid. What once I thought would 

totally repulse me was now one of my most cherished acts. I could not swallow 

all of the overflow and some came out of my mouth. Robbie wiped my chin and 

fed me the balance of the nectar which I licked lustfully from his fingers. I 

wanted him now more than ever. He reached down and removed my panties and the 

g-string holding in my maleness. Robbie seemed captivated to be making love 

to a beautiful woman with a cock. He turned me over on my knees and elbows, 

giving me a pillow from the chair to hold onto. He got behind me and started 

rubbing and licking the tight little rosebud of my derriere that was to 

become my "pussy". His cock still had some of his cum on it as he slowly 

started to enter me. The pain, at first, was almost unbearable. He slowly 

entered me until the head of his cock was immersed in my backside. As the 

pain subsided, he inched the stiff rod into my bottom until he had more 

freedom of motion. I began to go from pain to pleasure as he started pumping 

his manhood deep inside of me. I was being taken as a woman. I could feel his 

balls slapping on my ass as he drove into my new "pussy". I responded to his 

pulsations and could feel him stiffen as he came again, filling me with a 

warmth I couldn't have imagined. I came as well and we collapsed into each 

others arms. In the morning I awoke with Robbie holding me. He had pulled a 

blanket over us to keep out the night chill. I heard some rustling outside 

and got up to see Don out by the car. I quickly got up and went into the 

bathroom to get fixed up. Thank God the water was turned on so that I could 

wash and fix myself before we left. I heard Don bang on the door and Robbie 

must of awakened with a start, not wanting his buddy to see him with me in 

all of my glory, if you know what I mean. I came out, all patched up from our 

nighttime activities and kissed Robbie on the cheek. He picked up his stuff 

and went out to the car. Both Cindy and I were hysterical laughing when we 

saw each other, because we both were having, quite apparently, a hard time 

walking. The guys got their macho kick out of their conquests and laughed 

along with us, not that we were complaining. I lay next to Robbie all the way 

back to campus. 

  He kissed my forehead, played with my hair and held me close the whole way. 

I am now his girl and I can't wait for him to make love to me again. 

(To be continued)   



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