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Archive-name: Changes/coed4.txt

Archive-author: Katherine Alicia Harrison

Archive-title: Co-Ed, The - Part 4

  In our prior episodes, J.J., formerly Jonathan Jerome now Jennifer Joyce, is 

transformed into a new COED and travels to State University. J.J.'s friend 

and roommate, Cindy is a new cheerleader at State and is bound and determined 

to make J.J. into a sexy young woman. In our last episode, Cindy sets up J.J. 

to double date on Friday night with two of the guys on the hall with them, 

Don and Robbie. Classes start on Thursday and J.J. has a rough schedule ahead 

of her. And now the continuing story of The COED. 


  Over the next couple of days after Cindy and I arrived at State, we got 

settled in. Cindy didn't push me to hard over the first few days and seemed 

to let me become more acclimated to my new role. We got set up with Cafeteria 

passes, Student I.D.'s and all of that other type of stuff. Cindy even got a 

copy of a fake license correction form put through that changed the name and 

gender on the state records that enabled me to get a new Picture I.D. drivers 

license, although I got so nervous at the Motor Vehicles office that I ended 

up getting sick in the ladies room. The way that I looked was like the 

majority of girls on campus and Cindy was in the minority. I wore my "State" 

sweats, jeans and loose shirts, just like most of the girls in the dorm. 

Cindy was the one to wear the more sexy and feminine clothes and was always 

needling me to try some new make up or one of her new outfits. I was starting 

to feel more secure and willing to go along with this as I gained more 

confidence that I could fit in, as long as I didn't have to try too much too 

soon. Cindy seemed to recognize this and didn't push me too hard. Classes 

started on Thursday morning and my schedule was a killer. I had 8:00 classes 

every morning but Fridays. Several computer labs and one night course in 

information science on Wednesday nights. All told I was carrying 20 credits, 

more than almost anyone in the dorm. I slowly got to meet some of the other 

people in the dorms. Lori and Megan were in the room next to us. Lori was a 

nursing student and was a gorgeous brunette, she looked much older and 

sophisticated than the other freshman girls. Megan was a partier, a little 

chunky and had wild short, bleached blond hair. She wore really funky clothes 

and made me laugh alot. On the other side of our room was Andrea and 

Christine. Andrea was a business student and was not always the friendliest, 

she seemed kind of aloof. Christine was a Computer Sciences major, like me 

and was very quiet. Cindy said Christine could be pretty if she tried more, I 

thought that she was kind of pretty, Cindy said, "Jen your alot prettier than 

she is." I was both happy and embarrassed to hear that. "Andrea was just a 

bitch," and as Cindy would say, "Nobody would bother looking at her anyway." 

Although I thought she was very pretty, in a preppie sort of way. The other 

side of the hall were mostly guys. Don and Robbie lived on the one end of the 

hall, next to them Fred and Salmi. Fred was the text book nerd! As a matter 

of fact, as Cindy constantly reminds me, he was alot like what I was like. 

(Fred is a living incentive for me to become a full fledged woman) Salmi is 

your stereotype Indian, the type that you usually find in 7-11's. He doesn't 

even attempt to break the stereotype, even when everybody busts on him. 

  We've never seen the two guys next to them, Cindy thinks their dead. It must 

be from smoking too much grass, because the hall by their room reeks of it. 

Next to them were Al and James. Al is a basketball player, almost 6'6" and 

never is without a ball, I think it was part of him at birth. James is a 

drama major and James is where I have a little problem. On Tuesday night, 

Cindy and I stayed up late watching Casablanca. I was the only one in the 

world who had never seen it before, according to Cindy. After the movie was 

over it was after 2:00am and I was exhausted. I fell fast asleep and started 

dreaming. In my dream, I was kissing Rick goodbye at the airfield, when I 

looked into his eyes, IT WAS JAMES I WAS KISSING! I woke up with a start. 

First, it was the first time I had ever dreamt I was a girl. Second why 

James? He was a very good looking guy. Cindy said he was too short, although 

anyone under 6' was too short for Cindy, James was about 5'10". He looks alot 

like Kusak on L.A. Law. It scared me a little to find myself acting this way. 

I guess some of my actions are almost unreal these days, while others, even 

dreams, are awaking me to the reality that I am living a life of a girl. 

  Joan and Veronica are next to them and Joan is wierd. She is a delayed 

flower child or something, a real throwback to the sixties. She is never in 

the dorms anyway, she usually stays off campus with her Hippie boyfriend. 

Veronica is a cheerleader with Cindy, although I don't think they like each 

other, it's the competitive thing you know. Veronica's boyfriend stays over 

alot. Cindy and I laugh because they try to be so discrete sneaking into the 

room at night. Veronica is a screamer, in other words, when Jay, her 

boyfriend, is screwing her, she screams out loud. Cindy says she could wake 

the dead. Megan does a great Veronica impression that has us all in stitches. 

  The last room at the end of the hall is the Japanese guys, Yoshi and Hero. 

They are a story for another time. 

  Anyway on Thursday I went to my classes. I had a Freshman English class, 

English Lit. 101, with Professor Jordan. He was an older professor who read 

Shakespeare for the entire class period. A little hard to take first thing in 

the morning. After that I had a computer lab. This was way below my level, 

thank God the grad student, Alan, recognized that I should be doing more 

elevated work and talked Dr. Royce, Dean of the Computer Sciences school, to 

allow me to take the grad level lab next door. Alan is a little nerdy, but 

kinda nice. I was off in the early afternoon and had a Math lecture from 

4:00-5:30 then I was done for the day. Friday I had classes from 10:00 to 

4:00 straight through. It was tough to get around. The campus is so big and 

the buildings are not all in the same area, I have to take the campus shuttle 

and its not always on time. 

  Friday classes were finished and when I got back to the dorms, Cindy was in 

the room waiting for me. She was bound and determined to get me dressed up 

for my date that night. I convinced her to let me off the hook because it was 

my first time. She said, "At least let me make you look a little better." I 

said OK, and she started in. I took a long hot shower and washed my hair. I 

got out and put on my short silk robe. My perm had been loosening and began 

to look more naturally curly. Cindy combed my hair back away from my face and 

started in on my makeup. First I was given a dusting of scented powder all 

over  me. Then Cindy spent more time than usual with my foundation, getting 

the look she wanted. She then went to work on my eyes. She spent some time 

plucking out some additional eyebrow hairs, was that painful, until she got 

the arch thin and high. A copper shadow and deep dark brown eye liner and 

mascara in great quantities were put on my eyes. She then outlined my lips 

far beyond their usual outline in a red lip pencil and filled them in with 

RED! lipstick. She said, "Jen dear, don't pout tonight. Robbie will come in 

his pants thinking of what those sensational lips of yours could do to him." 

I blushed bright red with the thought and began to have another anxiety 

attack until Cindy calmed me down. She promised no more jokes. She filed and 

shaped my nails, which had grown during the week. I had found them to be a 

little difficult to use on the keyboard of the computer, but not too bad. 

Cindy put on a matching red nail polish on them and gave them two coats. My 

hands were looking quite feminine when she was done. She then did my hair and 

after a weeks supply of hair spray and almost singing my head with the blow 

dryer she was done. My hair was full, high upsweep in the front, curls 

framing my face and a cascade of curls down the back. I looked in the mirror 

and another person was staring back at me. A sexy voluptuous woman, ME! I 

couldn't get over it, I was enjoying this. Cindy laid out my underwear and I 

stopped dead in my tracks when I saw what she laid out. A black 

bustier/corset, a pair of black lacy bikini panties and black lace pantyhose. 

"No Way" was I going to wear them. Cindy convinced me that I needed the 

support of the bustier to hold me in. The panties would not leave a panty 

line and the pantyhose were to be worn because of the shoes she was having me 

wear. I reluctantly agreed and she helped me get dressed. First I put on the 

bustier. It was boned and took a little maneuvering to get me all into it. By 

the time she was done, my waist was nipped in and the cups of the bra were 

filled with my silicone inserts. Cindy said, "We've got to figure out a way 

to fill you out more naturally, I will have to see about that." I wasn't 

paying much attention, I was just trying to breathe from the corset. My 

device was put in place, hiding my male anatomy and I pulled the panties up 

my smooth legs. I then stepped into the pantyhose. They were a pretty lace 

pattern and made my legs look so sexy. She wanted badly to get me into a 

skirt, that was pushing it a little far, and settled on a pair of black 

pleated slacks and a red, sleeveless, angora sweater with a very wide 

neckline. I didn't realize until after I was dressed that the top was to be 

worn off the shoulders. Thats why she had me wear the bustier. I felt very 

exposed with my shoulders like that. Finally I stepped into a pair of black 

kidskin pumps. They had a 4" heel and bows at the back. The pants gathered 

above the ankle, my feet looked so sexy with the lace stockings in the high 

heals. Cindy gave me a wide black leather belt with a bow on the buckle and a 

matching purse. I'm still finding out about things she bought for me. I wore 

a little gold necklace with Cindy's ruby drop pendant and a gold bracelet. 

Cindy got me to take out my gold studs and wear large hoops that she had 

bought. They felt strange on my ears. But in the mirror, WOW!!! I was all 

woman. Cindy didn't let me wear my glasses, she said my eyes were too pretty 

to ruin them. She insisted that in the next week I be fitted for contacts. I 

stood there looking at myself for almost half an hour while Cindy finished 

getting dressed. She wore a black minidress that was worn off the shoulder 

just like me and the same black lace pantyhose and black pumps as I had on. 

She liked them so much, she bought two pairs. I looked much better than I 

could of ever imagined, but Cindy was a total knockout. She didn't wear a bra 

and it was quite obvious. I actually found myself becoming jealous of her, I 

wanted so badly at that moment to be able to look like her. I couldn't 

believe what I was thinking. 

  We met the guys outside of the dorm. Rob was wearing docksiders, chinos and 

a golf shirt, he looked so preppie. Don wore his usual button down shirt and 

jeans. We said hello and a rush of anxiety came over me. I was going out on a 

date with a guy! I was so nervous, my knees were knocking. I had never been 

on a date before, even as a guy. Who would have ever guessed that my first 

one would be in high heels. Cindy asked Don to drive her car and Rob and I 

got in the back seat. It was tight, Rob put his arm back and it ended up 

around me. I was having a hard time with this. We ended up going over to 

Chesters, a local campus hangout. They had a band tonight and they were going 

to start up after dinner. We grabbed a table and Rob was quite gallant with 

me, I began to relax a little and ordered a glass of white wine. We started 

talking and I got more and more relaxed. We ordered dinner and I was careful 

not to get off my diet, Cindy was being very strict with me. By the time 

dinner was over the band had set up and started on a set of dance music. 

Cindy and Don got up right away and Rob and I sat and made some small talk. 

He was quite nice, I liked him. It got too loud to talk and Rob wanted to 

dance, I tried to maneuver out of it, but I couldn't. 

  The first time you dance in high heals is an experience. I had a lot of 

difficulty, particularly since I never danced in ANY shoes before, much less 

4" pumps. Robbie was very nice and beared with me. I was glad when the set 

was over and we went back to the table. As soon as I got there, I downed 

another glass of wine. I was starting to feel no pain. We talked some more 

and I drank some more, I was having a good time. Robbie liked me and I liked 

him. He was kinda cute. The band started up again and he pulled me out onto 

the dance floor. They started with a slow set. I was relaxed, but not this 

relaxed. They started playing Always and Robbie pulled me close to him. At 

first I was a little standoffish, but as the song went on, I became a little 

more relaxed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rested my head on his 

shoulder. He held me closer and his hands wandered to my bottom. I felt him 

stiffen against me and it was a little unsettling at first. I was exciting 

him, he wanted me, AS A WOMAN! His hands caressed my rear and he kissed me on 

the cheek. 

  I looked up to him and stared right into his eyes, I was totally entranced 

by him. All of a sudden he pulled me close and kissed me deeply. At first I 

did nothing, then I resisted slightly and finally I found myself kissing him 

back. We stopped when the song was over, and just looked at each other. I was 

weak in the knees. I just kissed this guy and liked it. What was happening to 

me. The next songs were party tunes, one after another. We danced every one. 

By the time the band played Shout, I was a wild woman, dancing like crazy. We 

were both having such a great time I didn't want to stop. What a night! Cindy 

came over to me and said we should go powder our noses. I followed her to the 

ladies room and we were like two giggling high school girls. She wanted to 

know everything, all of the details. I told her everything and she went 

crazy. She couldn't believe that he kissed me the way he did and that he 

seemed to like me so much. I had to break up our conversation because I had 

to pee. I had too much wine in me. When I went into the stall and maneuvered 

myself into position, I thought to myself that pantyhose must of been 

invented by a man, because no woman would have invented something that would 

be so difficult to maneuver in on the john. Anyway, I came out and fixed my 

makeup, I need to replace a substantial amount of lipstick. I found myself, 

with Cindy's help, to be getting better and better at makeup. When we 

returned to the guys, they had ordered us more wine, I joked that we were 

being "plied with liquor", Cindy thought that the comment, coming from me in 

particular, was hysterical and laughed out loud. We danced until closing and 

drove back over to the dorms. Robbie put his arm around me and I sat close to 

him for the ride home. He was strong and made me feel so tiny under his arm. 

He played with my hair and traced circles on my bare shoulder. I was getting 

more and more excited and more and more nervous at the same time. He wanted 

me and I WANTED HIM!, but I know it could not happen. We got back to the 

parking lot near the dorms and parked in the back. Don and Cindy got right 

into it in the front seat, kissing and hugging. Robbie looked at me and 

touched my cheek. I couldn't hold back and reached up and kissed him. Soon he 

had pulled me on to his lap and we were sucking on each others tongues and 

caressing each other. Robbie reached down and put his hand on my right 

breast. I knew what he wanted and as much as I wanted to at that moment, he 

wasn't going to get it. I pushed of him and whispered in his ear, "I'm not 

going to give you all of the goods on our first date." He was not as 

disappointed as I thought he would be and asked if there was going to be 

another date. I said that there would be if he asked me. So we made a date 

for Saturday night. 

  I couldn't believe what I was doing, but I was enjoying myself doing it. We 

got Cindy and Don to break it up in the front seat and the guys brought us 

back to the dorms. I thought I was going to be without a roommate for the 

night, but Don and Robbie kissed Cindy and I goodnight and said that they 

would see us tomorrow. When we got back to the room, we both squealed out 

loud. Cindy seemed as turned on by the fact that I was making out with Robbie 

as she was by making out with Don. I was finding out what it was like to be a 

woman. I loved it. I had no idea how I was going to keep it up, but at that 

point I tried not to think about it. 

  I felt so great, I even wore a sexy black lace baby doll to bed instead of 

my usual nite shirt. Cindy and I sat up and talked for another hour. She told 

me that I should relax and let things happen. To my disbelief, she thought 

that Robbie would like me no matter what kind of girl I was. I never thought 

I would let him find out. I fell asleep thinking about Robbie and how much I 

wanted to feel him as a woman would. How I would make love to him. 

(To be continued)   




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