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Archive-name: Changes/coed3.txt

Archive-author: Katherine Alicia Harrison

Archive-title: Co-Ed, The - Part 3

   When we finally got to the motel, Cindy went into the office to check in. I 

waited by the car and came to the realization all of a sudden that Cindy and 

I were going to be sleeping in the same room. I felt stupid, because we were 

going to be roommates at school, but it hadn't occurred to me the fact that 

rooming together meant sleeping together. (I'm a little airy sometimes). 

Cindy came back to the car and we unpacked what we needed and went into the 

room. The room was plain and clean and I guess thats all that mattered. It 

was hot because the air conditioning had not been turned on. Cindy 

immediately striped down to her bra and panties. What an incredible body she 

had. Her breasts were full and pert. The tiny bikini was barely covering her 

crotch. She was every 18 year old guys dream girl. She sat on her bed, (there 

were double beds) and told me to get comfortable. Even though she saw me buck 

naked before, I still felt self conscious undressing in front of her. Finally 

I too striped down to my bra and panties. Here we were too young girls on 

their way to college. It was almost 10:30 and it had been a long day. Cindy 

had promised both her and my folks that we would call when we got to school. 

Since we were supposed to be at school tonight, we had to call. I felt 

strange talking to my mother while wearing a bra, but soon got over it. 

Finally after I finished the call and Cindy talked to her parents, we got 

ready for the night. Cindy changed into a very sheer white teddy and told me 

to go into the bathroom to get ready while she put out my things for the 

night. Cindy had me wash up, take off my makeup and wear alot of moisturizer 

the night. She had me put on some perfumed dusting powder and when I had 

returned to the bedroom, she had a pink baby doll set laid out for me to 

wear. I didn't want to get into the habit of wearing such totally feminine 

things, she coerced me by becoming very amorous and started telling me that 

she would make me feel so good if I did what she said.  I couldn't help 

myself with such an offer and I put on the sexy nitie and laid down on the 

bed. Cindy sat beside me and started to tell me how glad she was that I 

wanted to go along with her and be her girlfriend. She lit up a joint and 

gave it to me. I had never indulged before and coughed a little at first then 

got into it.She stroked my hair and made me feel better than I had in a long 

time. She got up and pulled a small soft case out of her overnight bag and 

placed it down on the bed next to me. Then she reached over and dropped the 

spaghetti straps that held up the top to my nitie. She started to trace 

little circles around my hardening nipples and then reached over and started 

sucking on them. I was in heaven! While she played and sucked, she said that 

I was a pretty girl and pretty girls who allow themselves the pleasure of 

fulfilling themselves as women, feel this kind of pleasure all the time. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if I were to attempt to be all the woman I could be 

and feel these pleasures regularly. Feeling as I did right at that moment, it 

was hard to deny that I was enjoying this experience immensely. She said that 

normally she was not into "girls", but wanted to show me the pleasures of 

being a woman. I wanted to reciprocate, but she said that she was not a 

lesbian and that her sexual desires as well as mine would soon be fulfilled 

by the new men in our lives. I was totally opposed to the notion, but caught 

up in the moment, did not object. 

  Cindy reached down and pulled on the little ties that held up my bikini 

bottoms. She pulled down the g-string device that held my maleness in place 

and gently started stroking my little "Clit", as she called it. the 

sensations were fantastic. As felt my pulse quicken and I began to shake, she 

stopped momentarily and removed from her bag a small battery operated 

vibrating rubber cock. She continued stroking me while she touched the dildo 

to my cheek. She reached over and kissed me and said, "Jennifer show me what 

kind of woman you really are," and proceeded to feed me the 8" long phallus. 

I reluctantly sucked on it as she quickened the pace of stroking me. My 

saliva that coated the cock, lubricated it. Cindy took it out of my mouth and 

reached down and slowly began to touch the rosebud of my ass with it as she 

continued to stroke my "clit". She said that I should learn what it would be 

like to have a man inside of me. Too caught up in the heat of the moment to 

protest, she then slowly inserted the vibrating phallus into my virgin 

"pussy". As she maneuvered the dildo, she stroked me until I erupted into her 

hand. I collapsed, exhausted. To tired to object, she reached up and fed me 

my own cum, saying, "Be a good girl Jen and lick it all up, in time you will 

learn to love it, especially when it comes from the right guy." I was drained 

and tired and too waisted to be argumentative about my sexual preferences. I 

fell asleep in her arms and didn't awaken until the first light.  Cindy had 

already awaken and dressed when I got up. She was wearing a short white 

skirt, a cute red and white top with straps and white bows at the shoulders, 

and stockings with red flats. She laid out my clothes for the day, after last 

night I could hardly protest. She had set out a pair of pink and violet 

tropical pattern shorts that had a tie waist and a matching blouse with short 

cap sleeves. She also put out a matching pink bra and bikini panty set and a 

pair of pantyhose. I said to myself that there was no way she was getting me 

into them. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I got out, dried off, 

wrapped the towel around me and went back into the bedroom. Cindy sat me down 

at the desk and proceeded to do my makeup. She was a little more generous 

than Michelle and used alot of blush, a generous amount of mauve colored eye 

shadow and a violet eye liner and mascara. She outlined my lips with a dark 

pink lip pencil and filled in with a frosted pink lipstick and blended them 

with the lip brush. When she was done, I was more feminine than I could ever 

imagine. This was all happening too quickly. I got a little nervous, but 

Cindy calmed me down. I put on my "device" and slipped into the panties. The 

were seamed to hug my derriere and were very lacy. The bra was very lacy as 

well and very sheer. When she put the breast forms in the cups of the bra, 

the "nipples" of the forms pressed into the bra and were quite apparent. 

Cindy loved the way I looked. I protested greatly, but as everything seamed 

to have gone in the last few days, she talked me into wearing the pantyhose. 

They felt strange on my skin, but made my legs look most feminine. I put on 

the shorts, they were different than I first pictured them. They looked like 

a skirt and tied in place, Cindy called them "Diaper Shorts!". I wasn't too 

happy about this. Although they were a cute pattern and had all sorts of 

tropical flowers on them. I then put on the blouse and buttoned the front. I 

then realized why Cindy didn't have me wear the cincher. The blouse was a 

midriff. The front also tied into a knot which, in combination with my new 

found "breasts", made for a most feminine figure. The nipples in the breast 

forms were clearly visible through my blouse. This was more than I could 

handle, I was about to protest when Cindy said, "Jen dear, if your are going 

to be my roommate, you are going to have to keep up with me. In other words, 

I'm not living with a nerd! If you don't like it we can stop right now, but I 

will do nothing to help you and you can go back home and explain why you look 

the way you do. I want you to feel comfortable as a girl and to be able to be 

accepted by my new friends at school. You are going to have to loosen up. I 

wont force you all the time to wear sexy feminine things, but sometimes its 

for your own good. YOU HEAR ME?" I heard her loud and clear and thought it 

was wise not to show my displeasure. Which was particularly hard when she 

brought out the next items for me to wear. "Now Jennifer, put these on and 

get used to them." They were a pair of 4" purple pumps. I was never going to 

wear them, but the stern looks I was getting from Cindy changed my mind. They 

were difficult to walk in but after a few minutes of walking around. I got 

used to taking short minced steps and was able to keep my balance. I looked 

at myself in the full length mirror behind the door and saw a sexy young 

woman staring back at me. The top was very feminine and fitted. It had a wide 

collar and was buttoned low. My bra pushed what little flesh I had on my 

chest together to show a slight bit of cleavage. My waist was slim enough to 

get away with, although I new Cindy wanted me to loose weight. The shorts 

were very sexy, they tied at my waist and were high cut on the sides where 

the flaps tied in place. My legs encased in the stockings were quite shapely 

considering, even my knees weren't too knobby. My calves were stretched by 

the height of the heals and looked most sexy, especially from behind where, 

if I must say so myself, I had a really cute ass. Particularly elevated by 

the heals. Cindy had me sit down and she tied a cute pink ribbon around my 

hair and tied a bow at the top. She then fastened my necklace with the heart 

pendant around my neck and also put a matching bracelet with a little 

dangling gold heart around my ankle. I was becoming a provocative young 

woman! After everything was done, she sprayed me with a generous dose of 

L'air du Temps and we finished packing and were off. When we got into the 

car, Cindy handed me a pair of purple sunglasses that she had made up for me 

in my prescription. She used the last of the money I had given her to pay for 

them. She said I looked like a starlet! 

  It took us about 5 hours to reach State. I relaxed as we rode down the 

highway and we talked, laughed and sang the whole way. By the time we reached 

school, I had become lots more comfortable with my appearance. I even didn't 

mine all of the stares I was receiving from the truckers as we drove along 

the highway. Cindy and I smoked a joint at a stop we made along the way and I 

was so relaxed that I actually found myself flirting when they passed us by. 

When we reached the college, Cindy drove over to the Administration building 

and met with the guy she met in admissions. After reluctantly promising to 

make a date with him for the homecoming weekend if he did her this favor, he 

got my papers changed and gave her a submission slip for Jennifer Joyce 

Watson. She thanked him and we were off to housing. At the housing office we 

were assigned to the coed dorms on the south side of campus. Cindy was hoping 

for the coed dorms, so was I because each room had its own bathroom, thank 

God, we were in luck. We went over to the dorms and found our room on the 

second floor. As we walked up the stairs, we met two guys that lived down the 

hall, Don and Rob. They were most glad to meet us, I could tell by the rise 

in their shorts, and helped us bring up our stuff. Don was a freshman 

football player and was huge, over 6'5" and had a perfect body. Cindy almost 

had an orgasm thinking about him on our hall. Rob was a lacrosse player, he 

was about 6' and wore glasses. He had longer blonde hair and was thin but 

muscular. Cindy looked at me and then looked at Rob, back and forth, I knew 

she was up to no good. After talking to the guys for a while, Cindy and Don 

doing most of the talking, Rob and I being more shy, Don asked Cindy to go 

out with him on Friday night, she accepted and then did the fateful act of 

saying, "Why don't we make it a double date and Robbie can take Jenny." My 

heart stopped! What was she doing. I was nervous just talking to these guys, 

here she was setting me up on a date. Rob was smiling and asked me out, I 

looked back at Cindy and she was giving me the evil eye as if to say, "You 

better say yes." I looked down and then at Rob and said yes. It was done. We 

said goodbye to the guys and settled into the room. I was very quite and just 

went about unpacking my things, pouting. Cindy came over to me, sat me down 

on the bed and said, "J.J. you will be fine, remember, you must relax and 

accept who and what you are. Look at you, you are a desireable girl. And you 

will be even better. By the time we finish this year, you will be wondering 

what it was like to be a boy, and never wanting to know again. You are going 

to love who you are, the thing that are going to happen to you. If we can get 

your body in shape and do a few other things, maybe you could even become a 

cheerleader like me! Wouldn't that be fun. I know everything will be alright. 

OK." As apprehensive as I was, I knew I was going to have to deal with this. 

I was in too deep right now and could not get out. I took a deep breath and 

said "Alright". Cindy smiled and kissed my forehead. And said, "Honey, lets 

go over to the field house, you can watch Cheerleader practice and then we 

can get a drink." She grabbed her workout stuff and we went over to the gym. 

I sat up in the stands in the gym and watched the girls practice. They were 

all so sexy and athletic. Instead of thinking about them as I would have only 

a few weeks ago, I was thinking differently. I wanted to be one of them. I 

wanted to have a body like theirs I wanted to look as good as they did, and 

thinking of the meeting back at the dorm with the guys, I wanted to attract 

men as they did. I really wanted to be a complete woman. I loved how I 

looked, even though I had protested so much, I was really getting into this. 

And I was actually looking forward to Friday night and my date with Robbie. 

(To be Continued) 



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