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Archive-name: Changes/coed2.txt

Archive-author: Katherine Alicia Harrison

Archive-title: Co-Ed, The - Part 2

  I awoke the next morning not quite well rested. He tossed and turned all 

night thinking about what was to come. At about 9:00, Cindy called my mother 

and started to tell her that the tryouts were pushed up until tomorrow 

morning and we would have to leave this afternoon for the 6 hour ride to 

State in order for her to be well rested in the morning. Mom bought the whole 

thing hook, line and sinker. Cindy, because she coerced me into going back to 

school, could do no wrong. Mom came up to tell me that Cindy had called and 

the whole story. I had to be packed and ready to leave by 4:00. I packed up 

most of my things and separated out what I was actually bringing from what I 

was pretending to bring. Those cases were being put into storage in Cindy's 

basement. Finally 4:00 came around and Cindy showed up in her white VW 

cabriolet. My father never thought that we would get all of the luggage into 

the tiny car. Finally after a very tearful goodbye, we were off. The first 

stop was to Cindy's house. We had left so early so that we could drop off and 

hide my stored luggage at her house in the back of the basement. I had a 

steamer trunk with a lock on it for all of my clothes. Cindy put a note on it 

saying, "Cindy's Summer Stuff" and We carried it down into the back of her 

basement. She said that her parents would never think it was anything else. 

We went upstairs and got the three suitcases with my new clothes and put them 

in the car. We had less room now than we did before, but we could still get 

the top up if we had to and lock everything up when we stopped for the night. 

I was so nervous, I was shaking like a leaf. We weren't to meet Michelle for 

another hour, her salon was at the mall in the next town over. We parked the 

car at the mall and Cindy grabbed the small suit case she had packed for me. 

We walked around the mall and window shopped for a while. Cindy picked out a 

pair of gold stud earrings and said that she wanted Michelle to pierce my 

ears. I said no way, but she bought them anyway. We saw the last person leave 

the salon and watched as the owner told Michelle to lock up when she was 

finished. We waited until the coast was clear and headed over to the salon. 

Michelle was a very pretty redhead, very trendy dresser, wearing a leopard 

print blouse and stone washed jeans that fit her like a glove. She was 

wearing low heals and lots of jewelry. I timidly entered the salon and she 

brought us into the back while she closed up in front. Finally we sat down 

and Michelle started right in, "So J.J., I'm going to help you fit into your 

new role. Cindy said you would be a great candidate, how do you feel about 

it." I was about to have a breakdown, Cindy gave me a Valium, that she stole 

from her mother and told me to relax. I was honest with Michelle, that I was 

scared to death and I had no idea how I was going to pull it off. Cindy 

looked at me and said, "J.J., you don't give me enough credit. Do you want to 

forget the whole thing and have me take you back home to be a quitter!" She 

seemed almost angry, I didn't want to upset her and I didn't want to be a 

quitter and said, "No, this is what I want." I think the Valium was kicking 

in, because my knees stopped shaking. Michelle said fine, lets get started. 

She took me into the back and had me strip naked. I was very self conscious 

as she looked me over. She covered my torso with a smelly cream and had me 

wait about 20 minutes before taking a shower. The small amount of hair that 

was on my body was gone. I was told to lay down on a low table and she 

proceeded to wax my legs and "bikini line", boy was that ruff. Cindy gave me 

a pair of white cotton panties to wear and a kimono like robe. Michelle 

brought me into the main salon room and sat me at one of the stations. Next 

she waxed my eyebrows and used the electrolysis needle on my faint beard. She 

said I needed a few more treatments (I didn't know it was permanent) She then 

gave me a facial and removed the small callouses from my feet. I couldn't 

believe the process I was going through, but the pill had done its job and I 

could feel no pain. I was given a pedicure and saw that my toenails were now 

pink. Michelle brought me over to the shampoo sink and shampooed and 

conditioned my hair. She gave me a cut that framed my face and proceeded to 

give me a perm. I couldn't stand the smell of the perming solution, but 

couldn't do much about it. The perm was done and when she finished with the 

styling and some highlighting, I wasn't allowed to look. I think that Cindy 

thought that I would leave right then and there. I insisted on seeing myself, 

but Cindy convinced me that I wanted to wait until they were done. Michelle 

then took me over to the manicurists table and gave me tips and wraps and 

several layers of polish as well, I protested when she made the nails so 

long, so she filed them down to a more conservative length and gave them 

another coat of pink polish and a top coat. Finally I was brought over to the 

Cosmetician area, first, much against my protests, Michelle pierced my ears. 

Cindy gave her the gold studs for me to wear. 

  She then started on my makeup. I asked her as calmly as I could not to go 

too wild. She promised. I ended up with a rather subdued look except for my 

eyes, where she used lots of mascara. Cindy brought out the overnight case 

that she had brought in and took out the clothes she picked for me to wear. 

She had two outfits chosen. The one which included the denim skirt, I refused 

to wear. The other was a pair of jeans with a blouse of white cotton with 

puffy sleeves, I said OK and she proceeded to get me dressed. She had me take 

off my panties and put on a flesh colored g-string like garment that was 

quite elastic. It pushed the last vestiges of my maleness up and underneath 

me. I was then given a pair of white lacy bikinis and a matching white bra. I 

had to wear an elastic waist cincher to give me a little shape. It was 

uncomfortable, but bearable. She gave me a pair of silicone filled inserts 

used for mastectomy patients that filled out my bra to a B-cup.  It felt 

strange to feel the additional weight on my chest, and they jiggled when I 

moved. The blouse, I found out, was a western style that buttoned on the bias 

and had a very tailored taper. Cindy gave me a pair of socks to wear, I 

thought to myself, "Thank God she didn't want me to wear stockings." I put 

the jeans on and they fit well. The had a wide waistband and fit to show off 

my rear. The jeans were baggy fit in the legs and tapered to the ankle. The 

ankles had zippers and little bows at the top of the zippers. Cindy gave me 

the boots she bought for me. They were short boots with a low heal and a 

little decoration at the top. She handed me my new glasses, fastened a gold 

chain with a little heart pendant around my neck and gave me gold cuff 

bracelet to wear. I turned around and looked in the mirror and almost passed 

out. I was a GIRL! With my glasses on I looked a little "book wormish", but I 

looked like the kind of girl that if I took off my glasses, I could show real 

promise. I couldn't believe it. I was actually excited, this could really 

work. I didn't want to appear too enthusiastic to Cindy, or she would 

probably make me wear the skirt and heels, but I began to feel that this 

wasn't going to be too bad after all. 

  My hair was not the BROWN it was before, but a cute brunette with reddish 

highlights. The perm was still kind of tight, but it framed my face nicely 

and cascaded in curls down the back just above my shoulders. I had cute bangs 

in the front. My eyes were deep with a golden eye shadow and long black 

lashes. My lips were a soft pink-coral color matching my nails. They were 

full, almost pouty. My look was that of a college coed. Cindy was very 

pleased with how I looked and said, "Lets go out and celebrate!" I didn't 

know about going out in public yet, but off we went. 

  We left the salon and Michele locked up. On the other side of the mall was a 

restaurant that also had a small niteclub. The drinking age was 18, and I was 

still 17 until next week. The last thing I needed was to get proofed. Cindy 

noticed my hesitancy and said, "Don't worry honey, we are only going to get 

something to eat." 

  We went inside and were seated at a table. I noticed how different women are 

treated in public places and I liked it. We ordered salads and I ordered a 

Perrier. Cindy ordered wine and was proofed, she was already 18 and I cringed 

when the waiter looked at me and thought about asking for my proof as well. 

One of the things I had not thought about in all of this was my voice. I had 

a high squeaky voice for a guy, but for a girl, I still didn't have the 

mannerisms down fully and thought I would be a dead giveaway if I attempted 

to talk. At first I whispered, almost feigning that I had lost my voice. As I 

became more comfortable I spoke a little clearer, but was still apprehensive. 

We finished dinner and as I should of thought, Cindy wanted to go into the 

niteclub. After pleading on my part, she relented. We said our goodbyes to 

Michelle and were off to the motel for the night. Cindy had picked a place 

about 50 miles up the interstate and we headed off. I found myself thinking 

about my new existence and what was happening to me as we drove along the 

highway, I had a lot of things to think about. Cindy was playing the stereo 

and a Carly Simon song came on. We found ourselves singing along and I began 

to fall more and more into the acceptance of my female role. I liked the 

feeling I was getting, the acceptance by Cindy and the fact that I was 

starting over as a girl. 

(To be continued) 



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