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Archive-name: Changes/coed1.txt

Archive-author: Katherine Alicia Harrison

Archive-title: Co-Ed, The - Part 1

   For as long as I can remember, Cindy and I were friends. I can't

really say that the feeling was as mutual as all of that. She was

the kind of girl that guys wanted. I was the kind of guy that no

one wanted, that was except for Cindy. I guess she really liked me,

but I always felt that it was more because I did everything for her

than the fact that she really "liked" me. I did her homework, most

of her chores, I was practically at her beck and call. What ever

she wanted, I guess it was the only male-female relationship that

I was able to have. Most of the other girls thought I was just a

skinny little runt. i was only 5'3" and weighed about 135lbs. Cindy

was a good 4" taller than me and was stronger too, I found out when

I couldn't pick up her suitcase filled with her old books to put

them away in the attic. Cindy was tall and blonde and had a

fantastic figure. She dated alot of different boys, never just one.

I always wanted to ask her out, but could never get up the nerve,

just as well. She would never go out with a nerd like me, Jonathan

Jerome Watson. She would call me J.J., I thought that was cool, my

father always called me Jonathan, worse yet, my mother always

called me Jerome. Yeck! Anyway, all senior year of high school, I

was helping Cindy keep up her grades to get into college. She was

a horrible student and needed all of my help. I had been accepted

to State on an early acceptance to their computer sciences program,

as well as several other schools, all with high rankings. Cindy

finally got into state, probably on a wing and a prayer and a

helpful admissions assistant she befriended, no doubt using her

feminine wiles. She came over to the house to tell me and was

ectatic. I never saw her so happy, she came up to my room and

hugged me and kissed me, knocking my glasses right off my face. 

She said, "J.J. we are going to college together, this is great, 

wow, now I know I will make it!" I felt good that she was so happy,

but also knew it would be 4 more years of doing double duty. 

We graduated that spring, Cindy was doing her usual summer at the

beach, I was going up to State early to get a start on some

courses. I got up to school and found that college was not at all

what I expected. First I was thrown in with a bunch of jocks in the

freshman dorms. I got the crap beaten out of me three or four

times, the school was so big and so imposing, I felt homesick, I

didn't know what to do. Finally giving up, I left to come home. 

My mother and father were so disappointed, knowing that I was not

socially adjusted to be with other people, alone without a

protector or someone who would look after me. My father wanted to

force me to go back, my mother showed a little more compassion. 

The weekend came around and Cindy came home from the shore. She was

to go up to State for Freshman cheerleader tryouts in a week and

had to get ready. When I saw her she was more beautiful than ever.

She came over to see me. My mother, in all of her wisdom, told her

everything. When she first came up to my room, I saw her and

thought she would laugh at me, knowing full well that mom had

spilled the beans. She came over to me and sat down on the bed and

looked at me. I couldn't take it, I broke down and started to cry.

She held me for what must have been over an hour, stroking my hair,

(I had grown it longer this year, which was my feeble attempt at

coolness. By growing it long I thought I would be accepted by at

least the metalheads or someone.) Finally she looked at me and

after a long pause said, "J.J. you are never going to make it like

this. Even I can't help you, especially like you are, to get you

accepted. We tried building you up in high school with all of that

workout stuff and that didn't work. You don't fit in. I like you

because you've been more like a girlfriend to me than a boyfriend.

I've always been able to talk to you in a way that I can't talk to

other boys and your a good listener. You think like a girl,your

sensitive and have always liked the things that girls would like

not boys. Your not going to make it like this. Not the way you


   I just hung my head, I didn't know what to say. She was right. I

always liked things that girls liked as long as I could remember.

I never liked sports, at least not contact sports, not with all of

that pressure. I was never good at the things that most guys were

good at. Cindy got up and walked around and suddenly looked at me

as if a light bulb went off in her head. "J.J. what if you didn't

have the problems we were just talking about. What if it was

alright for you to think more like a girl, what if it was

acceptable for you to be like you are, well at least with some of

my help." I didn't know what she was thinking but I kept listening.

"J.J., with a little work it could be done, I worked in the

guidance office and know where everything is and that guy from

admissions, I'm sure I could take care of him. You will be no

problem." I had no idea what she was talking about. "Cindy, what

are you saying?" She answered back with an idea I could not

believe, "J.J., I bet with a little work and planning, I could get

your records changed from Jonathan Jerome Watson to Jennifer Joyce

Watson and you could be my roommate! I would take care of you and

you would take care of me." I couldn't believe my ears, what was

she saying, she went on, "Remember when we were little and I used

to dress you up as my little sister and we would pretend. And

remember last year at school when I dressed you up as a girl for

Halloween, you looked better as a girl than you ever looked as a

guy, It took half the day before anyone found out who you really

were, and I knew some guys who would have hit on you until they

found out. You can do it. You don't have to be a glamour queen, you

can be a wallflower for all I care. I get a roommate that can keep

me in school, and you go to college and finnish things out, It

can't be any worse than things are now."

   I sat and thought alot, how can she be thinking that I would go

along with this. I looked at her and she said again, "Remember we

would be ROOMMATES and I would take care of you." 

   I couldn't believe it, but the words came out of my mouth, "YES!"

Cindy hugged me again and kissed me again and said, "J.J. you will

never regret it." I didn't know about that. "We've got to make

plans," Cindy said. "I'll go down and tell your parents that I

talked you into going back to school." and she ran down the stairs.

She talked for a long time and finally my dad called me down stairs

and said he was proud of my decision and said I was brave to make

the decision.

   I had no idea of what she told them, I hoped it was not anything

we talked about. I walked Cindy back to her car and she told me

what they discussed. She told them that she would look after me

back at school, but to insure that I adjusted, I needed to spend

the entire school year at college without coming home. No holidays,

nothing. I could call every once in a while, but I had to break all

of my ties, as to not have a relapse of homesickness. She would

take care of me and make sure I learned how to fit in. They agreed

and said that they would leave it all up to her. I couldn't believe

it, it sounded too bizarre to be true. Cindy kissed me goodbye and

told me to get a good nights sleep because we only had a couple of

days to get ready. She would stop by to pick me up at 8:00 am.

I went back into the house and talked to my parents. They thought

it was wonderful that Cindy was doing this, how lucky I was to have

her as a friend, if only they knew. I went up to bed and fell

asleep wondering what the next few days would bring.

   I woke up early the next day and got dressed. a quick bite to eat

and Cindy pulled up in the driveway, right on time. She seemed much

more excited about this than I could ever be. She had asked me to

bring my prescription for my glasses for some reason. Who knows.

Our first stop was school, Cindy went in to the guidance

department, with a little of undercover work and picked up a copy

of my transcripts as well as blanks. She made the proper

alterations and we were off. Next stop, Cindy's house. Cindy's mom

and dad both worked, so we were alone.

   We went upstairs to Cindy's room and the first thing she had me do

was to strip naked. I couldn't believe it! She gave me a pair of

her cotton panties to put on and a short silk robe. "J.J. you

better get used to it if we are going to pull this off." I couldn't

believe I was actually doing this. She started to measure me,

everywhere. She even got a little playful with me and I got an

erection, small as it were. Cindy turned to me and said, "Now J.J.,

we have no time for that now, we have alot of work to do. If your

a good GIRL, I will take care of you later." I found that Cindy was

really getting into this and I figured that if I was going to be

"taken care of" I should definitely play along. She finished up and

had me get dressed, except I left the panties on, she insisted that

I start getting into the part. We left and went to the mall. She

had asked me to bring the money I had earned from my computer

tutoring with me to take care of some essential items. When we got

to the mall, I found out what they were.

   First we went to her favorite lingerie shop, she bought several

pairs of panties, some bras, some foundation garments, camisoles

and tap pants sets, teddies, stockings and some nities. All told

the bill was over $200. I saw my money going fast. I was very

concerned that I was to be more "low key" looking than I thought

Cindy was going to make me out to be. I insisted that the balance

of the purchases reflect a more conservative look, she agreed. The

next place we went to was The Limited. She bought two pairs of

pants, a couple of blouses, sweaters, jeans and a denim skirt. (I

cringed when she bought that.) Another $200. After several more

stores, I had spent over $700 of my savings, but we were not done

yet. We went to the shoe store. Apparently Cindy had measured my

feet and found them to be the same size as hers. She bought me a

couple of pairs of tennies, a pair of ladies loafers, a pair of

stylish lace up shoes, a pair of Jazz shoes and a pair of black

boots with a low heal, finally she looked at me with a smile on her

face and purchased a pair of black 4" pumps with little bows at the

heal, I shook my head no several times and she still made the

purchase. Finally, feeling a little queazy, I sat down on a bench

in the middle of the mall, while she completed the errands. When

she came back, almost an hour later, she had several more bags from

various ladies stores and had spent another $600. Almost all of my

money. Last stop was the One hour eyeglass lab. She picked out a

very stylish pair of red frames and tried them on. She even had me

try them, I couldn't believe that she had me trying things on in

public. Satisfied, she had the stylist make up a pair, for "her",

with a violet to rose tint and handed the stylist my prescription.

It read J.J. Watson, She just posed as J.J. They said that they

would be ready in an hour and we took off for lunch. "J.J. when we

get back up to school, we will have you fitted for contact lenses,

they will be much more becoming when your dressed up." Oh Boy! What

was I getting into!

   I didn't feel much like eating, Cindy said that was all the better,

because I was going to have to get used to watching my figure. We

stopped back at the eyeglass place and Cindy picked up the


   We left the mall and when we got out to the car, she had me try on

the glasses. They were better fitting than the ones I presently

owned. Cindy thought I looked cute, I thought I looked like a boy

wearing girls glasses. We went back to her house and went up to her

room. We only had a few minutes until her Mom came home, so Cindy

proceeded to show me the other things she bought me: 

   First I had no intention in wearing most of the clothes and I

couldn't believe she bought them! First she showed me two dresses,

one was a black sweater dress that had a wide collar that she said

could be worn either off or on the shoulders. The other was a

floral pattern sun dress that buttoned up the front and was very

fitted. I don't know how she expected me to wear it. Then she

showed me a black leather skirt that was quite short and a drop

waisted, or at least thats what she called it, denim skirt that was

also short, but flared out at the hips. She bought me an assortment

of tops, all quite feminine and not what I had in mind and a few

more pairs of pants in various styles. Finally she showed me some

workout and what she called "Knock-about" clothes that were also

hard for me to imagine wearing. As she finished, her mother came

home. We had to quickly stow away the new items and come

downstairs. Cindy said goodbye to me and said she would call me

later. At about 10:00 I got a call from her and she said, "J.J.,

I spoke to Michelle, my friend who works at the salon I go to. I

got her to agree to take care of you before we go to school. I have

to make an excuse that we have to leave tomorrow afternoon to get

to school on time. Michelle will meet us at the salon at 7:00pm

after it closes for your appointment and take care of making you

beautiful. We can stay in a motel and leave for school Friday

morning as we had originally planned. So pack your stuff as if you

are going to go tomorrow, I'll call your Mom and tell her. I'll see

you tomorrow. Sleep tight girlfriend!" And she hung up. 

   I couldn't get a word in edgewise. I couldn't believe what she did.

She told someone else about this. A perfect stranger. How could

she.  What was she doing scheduling me for an "Appointment". I

didn't know if I was into this girlfriend stuff yet. I was going

to call her back and tell her the whole thing was off, but I wimped

out again. I was up all night thinking and when all was said and

done, I guess that State was going to end up with another 

Co-Ed this fall... ME! 

(To be continued)



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