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Archive-name: Changes/charles.txt

Archive-author: Mistress Kay

Archive-title: Letter to Charlotte, A


This  is  the  beginning  of a series of epidodes about poor

Charles who ultimately loses all his  male  attributes.   He

had  has  a  lifelong  interest  in feminine articles but is

insensitive to  his  wife's  needs  and  desire  for  family

stability.   Because  of  the stigma she feels may come from

his indiscretions, his wife  Paula  decides  to  remove  any

trace  of  Charles  and  to  create  Charlotte in his place.

Paula  does  this  with  my  help.   As   Charlotte's   real

development  takes  place  we  will  observe and enjoy "her"

dilema and complete forceful and humiliating  transformation

into  a  total piece of fluff with no other purposes in life

than to serve  the  furtherance  of  woman's  beauty  or  to

entertain  a  certain  kind of man. In each case "her" every

action is controlled by others and "her"  sole  role  is  to

serve for their pleasure. No vestige of Charles will be left

as it began nor will anything ever be the same again.

It all began with a letter Charles received on Friday  after

being  home  ill  for  a  week  with  an  undiagnosed  lower

abdominal disturbance.

NOTE:  I am indebted to Daisy Amberson for the initial theme

of episode # 1.


                       March 31, 1989

Dear Charles:

I  had  a nice chat with your wife Paula, the other day.  We

both agreed that you need a new direction in  your  life  to

help  you  stop  playing  this silly role-swapping game. She

tells me that she has once again caught  you  attempting  to

wear  some  of  her  clothes.  It is obvious that you cannot

make up your mind what you are and how  you  should  behave.

Because  of  your  insensitivity  to  Paula's position it is

obvious that something must be done to  prevent  your  doing

irreparable  damage  to  her reputation and security.  Since

you obviously are  unwilling  to  take  her  situation  into

consideration we must take charge of your life for you.

We've  developed  a  plan  to  resolve  every aspect of your

weakness once and for  all.   Your  business  partners  have

already  been  notified that you won't be into work anymore.

They  received  your  letter  of  resignation   from   their

association  and  have  accepted  it  with regret but as you

requested they will not attempt to meet or talk you  out  of

your decision. Your share of the partnership, which amounted

to over $100,000 has already be forwarded to  Paula  as  you

"requested".   She  has  deposited  it in her new account as

well as  all  funds  from  your  joint  account.   You  will

therefore  be totally dependent on her good will and support

in order to live.  She in  turn  believes  that  living  off

someone  else is inappropriate and that working for a living

is good for the soul.

Therefore, new employment more suited to  your  nature,  has

already  been  arranged  and  will  begin as soon as you are

appropriately prepared for it.  The manager of  the  Sapphos

Beauty  Salon  has agreed to take you on as an apprentice in

their pedicure room.  The Manager has been  kind  enough  to

send over the new uniform you'll be required to wear.

Charlotte  is  how you will forever henceforth be known both

legally and by everyone you meet. I  know  you're  going  to

just  adore  the  uniform.  The cute little dress is all red

satin with a strapless low-cut bodice  and  a  sassy  little

full  skirt.   You'll  have  to wear several short crinoline

petticoats to make it flare  out  properly.   A  lacy  white

apron  will  highlight  your  new  tiny  waistline  ever  so

dramatically.  Of course, we were at first concerned that it

would  be  too  small at the waist for your figure, but with

the proper corsetting, we know you'll look exquisite even if

you  are very uncomfortable and restricted in your movements

by the severity  of  the  corset.   The  loveliest  pair  of

stockings  was  sent  along with the outfit.  Honey, they're

black and very sheer with a seam running all the way up  the

back  to the prettiest lace tops.  These will of course show

under your flared little skirt.  She's also sent  some  cute

little lacy anklettes to wear over them.

You're going to be just too sexy for words.  You'll just die

when you see the shoes you're to wear.  They're  red  patent

leather  and  have the highest heels I have ever seen.  They

must be at least 6" with open toes  and  the  most  delicate

ankle  straps.   I  can  just see you in them now, forced to

mince about the salon so carefully  to  keep  from  falling.

That  will  be  quite  difficult and tiring for your legs at

first because the base of the heels is smaller than a pencil

eraser.   You'll  have to learn to keep every muscle in your

buttocks, calves and ankles firmly in control just  to  even

walk.   However the conditioning that will cause as a result

of your being in such heels  for  10-12  hours  a  day  will

develop a gorgeous fanny and beautiful feminine leg lines.

Now, because this salon has a very exclusive clientele, it's

most  important,  dear,  that  you  not  embarrass   us   by

misbehaving.   To  insure  this, we have worked out a strict

morning regimen to be followed the rest of your life.  After

your morning exercize and walk, you'll get to eat.  However,

from now on there will be no more he-man  breakfasts.   Just

some  toast  and grapefruit perhaps.  A little juice will be

permitted, if only to help you swallow the  special  Estanil

vitamins your wife has acquired for you.  Then it will be up

to the dressing room where I'm afraid your wrists will  have

to  lashed to the lacing bar.  This is of course to restrict

your movement while you're being prepared for work each day.

You'll  be  drawn  up  on your tippytoes so we might lace in

your corset a few more inches than what you've been used  to

up  till now. I know that you will love the ultimate 19 inch

waist which they require.  For the first  six  months  until

the  Estanil  really  takes  effect, that dirty little thing

between your legs will have a nylon cord loop attached to it

and  this  will  be  drawn  up  between your legs and hooked

tightly to the back of your corset.  That way you will never

be   able   to   get   an   erection  and  expose  yourself.

Unfortunately, since it will  now  be  pulled  between  your

thighs, your walking will probably keep the end so irritated

you'll never be able to stop  some  feelings  from  entering

your  mind, but you'll not have to worry as there will be no

way to respond to them.

Of course your own lovely toes will be polished  and  buffed

whenever  the polish needs redoing. Since you'll never again

be allowed to have unpolished toes,  this  may  have  to  be

redone  weekly.   Since  they  adore  red as a part of their

basic Salon theme at the salon, you will use  the  brightest

and sexiest red colors at all times for your hands, toes and

lips.  You have so admired my gorgeous long nails  that  you

will  have  porcelain  nail  covers,  good  for  six months,

applied in 1 1/2 inch lengths as the very first action Paula

and I take. That will however make it almost impossibble for

you to do much without our early help.  In time, unless  you

wish  to  be severly punished, you'll learn to do everything

necessary despite the terribly long nails.

While you're suspended it will be much  easier  to  draw  up

your beautiful new stockings as well. Whenever polish has to

changed or redone, it probably means you'll be there  for  a

while  each  morning which will tend, over time, to elongate

and  narrow  your  waistline  as   the   muscles   re-adjust

permanently.   Of  course the special medication, especially

the Estanil, will also change the distribution of  body  fat

particularly  in  your  hips and abdomen.  I'm sure you want

the stockings to go on correctly with the seams as  straight

as  possible.   Next, you'll be buckled into your lovely new

open toe pumps and the little gold padlocks,  which  are  so

cute,  will  be  fastened  to  keep  them on all day.  Then,

before we go further, your  makeup  will  be  applied  while

you're  hanging  so  helplessly.   We feel the extra time in

that position is very important to your figure  development.

Special  care  will  have  to  be  taken with your lipstick,

eyeshadow, blusher, and false eyelashes so as  not  to  give

away your secret to the ladies you'll be servicing.

However, they will be most alluringly done as we want you to

be the source of admiration  and  for  them  to  have  great

desire  for you and your lovely mouth.  Some of these ladies

have a special appreciation for a pretty thing such  as  you

will certainly become.  It will be very difficult for you to

maintain  your  dignity  and  behave  yourself  unless   you

remember  that  Paula  and  the  Manager strongly believe in

corporal punishment for misbehavior.

Of course your admiration  for  Paula's  earrings  was  well

known  to us.  As a part of your initial preparation we will

have your ears double pierced  and  little  gold  stud  sets

placed  in  each  hole  in  both  ears.  The lower stud sets

however, have a loop at the bottom so we  will  be  able  to

fasten  those  very large very heavy dangly earrings in them

for nightime. You have such trashy tastes in  earrings  that

it seems we should make you wear those that will really draw

attention to you. Perhaps you'll learn the reason nice girls

don't advertise so blatantly.

We've  also  acquired  some  special ointment to smooth into

your little breasts.  Most certainly you are under developed

at  this  time.   The label claims that in less than 30 days

they'll  swell  out  to  be  so  soft  and  plump.   Paula's

gynecologist assures us that in combination with the Estanil

the desired effect will be easily achieved, unfortunately at

the   cost  of  every  aspect  of  your  current  disgusting

masculinity which will end forever.

To absolutely ensure  the  best  results,  however,  and  to

preclude any immodesty on your part for the next six months,

we've made the purchase of a very unique device.   It  looks

something  like the milking machines you see on a dairyfarm,

and essentially, that's what  it  is.   It  only  has  three

suction  lines  however.  The main one's purpose is obvious.

The other  two  have  hemispherical  attachments  that  will

attach  to  your  budding bosom and will greatly enhance the

effect of the special  ointment.   Its  pulsating  pump  and

light  electrical  stimulators,  will  not only beautify and

enlarge your sweet little breasts but  the  main  line  will

relentlessly drain you every morning of your nasty ungirlish

fluids. With the Estanil however, your little  nipples  will

become   as  tender  as  can  be.   Unfortunately  you  will

therefore be incredibly stimulated whenever you are  on  the

machine  and  you  will  know  almost  unbearble discomfort.

There is a fourth part to this unit which will  be  inserted

in your new "pussy" to stimulate you during the process both

for conditioning and  to  ensure  that  all  your  ungirlish

fluids  become available for draining. In time there will be

no further generation of such fluids because  all  parts  of

your body which do so now, will become useless and impotent.

However for the time being, that which is drained  from  you

will be replaced, through your new "pussy' by using Premarin

ointment.  You will thus become very  used  to  a  burst  of

squishy  fluid  gushing  into  your  body  orfice every day.

Under this regimen you will naturally become more  and  more

docile.   Your  body  shape  will change completely and will

resemble Paula's.  How perfect- You're going  to  look  just

scrumptious   and  become  so  incredibly  desireable.   Our

program will insure that you are molded  in  both  mind  and

body to better suit your new situation.

I  hope  your  new  clients  appreciate our efforts.  As you

kneel at their feet to remove their panties  and  stockings,

not  only,  need they not fear any misbehavior, but I'm sure

the sight of such plump little breasts  spilling  over  your

bodice will endear you to your customers.  You'll have to be

quite careful because this salon's  special  customers  just

love  to  tease  a  visible  nipple  and  yours  will  be so

sensitive  and  easily  responsive   to   painful   pinches.

Unfortunately,  your  new work uniform does little to shield

even your current tiny bust from such  attention.   As  your

bust grows they will not change your uniform. They just love

a very very busty look and as such you'll have to suffer the

consequences more and more every day.

Who knows, after polishing and buffing a customer's toenails

as they sit  before  you;  after  replacing  their  gossamer

nylons  and  exquisitely  high-heeled  sandals,  you  may be

rewarded with something more than a few dollars  as  a  tip.

If one day you feel a beautifully nailed hand on the nape of

your lovely neck forcing you forward toward  her  womanhood;

if  as  you  lap  at  the nectar-filled fountain between her

nylon encased thighs, you think of us with  a  heart  filled

with happiness and gratitude, we will have done our job.

Best  of  all  you  will begin to want and need the feel and

taste of a male organ. Soon that desire will  become  almost

uncontrollable  because  your  original sexual emotions will

have been totally replaced.  So that you may  properly  earn

additional  money  to  support  your  new clothes habits and

personal needs, I have arranged for a  very  special  escort

service  to  offer  your  services to that selected group of

very dominant men who love to have an expensive and stunning

looking   but  orally  satisfying  she-male  complete  their

evenings entertainment. As such you will be busy all day and

then for many evenings you will be learning about fulfilling

all the many demands that men place on  women.   I  am  sure

that  you  will develop many talented capabilities centering

around your mouth and ultimately your new "pussy".   In  all

of  these  cases,  however,  you  will  be in great physical

danger if you do not do exactly as your  "companion"  wishes

no  matter  how repulsive and disgusting it may seem. I will

think of you often over the coming  months  and  I  will  be

pleased at how helpful I have been to you and Paula.

Your loving sister:



The  panic  set  in as Charles realized he was trapped. Fear

flooded his mind and he began to shake. As he put  down  the

letter he began to feel nausious again and passed out little

realizing  that  his  wife  had  been  feeding  him  special

medicine all week..

                         TO BE CONTINUED



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