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Archive-name: Changes/caught.txt


Archive-title: Caught

It was Thursday evening, the evening I always have to "work late".  That's

the story I tell my wife anyway.  At lunch time, I had gone shopping and the

new clothes I bought were neatly hung in the closet of my private office. I

took a tour of the general office area, using the water cooler as a reason for

my walk thru, although I was really checking out if everyone else was gone. The

office area was deserted. I took a deep breath as my heart started to beat a

bit faster with the anticipation of what was to come.  I went back to my office,

which is really a private suite complete with its own bathroom.  I closed the

outer door and began the transformation from Chuck to Tracy.   The first thing

to be done, of course, was to shed Chuck's clothes.  Next came a bubble bath

and complete body shave.  The water felt wonderful, and after shaving my legs

they felt so utterly smooth and touchable! I lingered in the tub for awhile,

enjoying the femininity of the bath oils and the scent I enjoy, Musk.  After

my bath, I began my makeup.  I start with Lidia's CoverMark, which provides

a magnificently smooth base to work with.  As I continued with false eyelashes,

eyeshadow lipstick, etc., Chuck slowly disappeared and Tracy came into being.

My beautiful real hair wig completed the transition.  I now began to dress

myself, starting with a custom one-piece foundation that adds curves where

needed and cinches my waist into a fabulous hour-glass figure.  Over this I

now put on some of the new things I bought today, a new camisole & tap pants

set and a lacey garter belt.  I was just sliding on my second stocking, when

I suddenly realized that I was not alone!  Standing in the doorway was one

of our data entry clerks, a voluptous young lady named Julie that I had

fantasized about for some time now.  She stood there smiling at me and I could

feel the blush developing in my cheeks.  I thought that my goose was really

cooked, as they say, but that was not the case at all.  She stepped into the

room and said "I don't think we've met.  My name is Julie, what's yours?" Of

course she knew perfectly well whose office this was and who I really was, but

I replied "My name is Tracy."  Julie then told me that she was truly pleased

to meet someone like me.  I was just the kind of 'woman' she fantasizes about!

I sat there not quite knowing what to do and she suggested that I continue to

get dressed.  She then asked if it was okay with me if she watched me.  I

answered yes, knowing only too well that I really had no choice.  I finished

with my stockings and then went to the closet to select a dress.  Julie came

to the closet and asked if she could pick out a dress for me.  I immediately

said yes, enjoying the excitement of having someone share my intimate secret.

She selected one of my favorite dresses and offered to help me put it on.  By

now I had a raging hard-on and she said to me: "We really should do something

about that first, don't you think?  It would ruin the feminine lines of this

lovely dress."  And before I could say anything, she knelt down and began to

caress my balls and suck my cock!  God, that was the sweetest blowjob I ever

had!  After she finished, Julie cleaned my cock and helped me into my dress.

She sat me down in front of the mirror and fixed my hair.  She selected 

jewelry for me to wear and then I was "complete".  She then said, "Okay, lets

go."  I said "Go where?"  Julie replied, "Why to dinner!  Didn't I tell you?

I decided to take to dinner as my guest."  Well, I was really scared now,

because Tracy had never been outside the companies walls.  But Julie insisted,

saying that I really would have no problem passing as a woman.  She said I

really learned all the mannerisms of a woman well, even the way I walk.  What

could I say?  I was flattered!  "But what about my voice?" I asked.  I had no

need until now to try to change my voice to be more feminine.  "No problem",

said Julie, "Since you're my guest anyway, I'll do the talking.  I tell anyone

who asks that you have laryngitis."  Well, I didn't have too much of a choice,

so I told myself this is your big chance to fulfill a lifetime fantasy, so go!

And I did.  We went to a restuarant where Julie was apparently a regular and

knew many of the patrons.  She kept introducing me as her dear friend Tracy,

who was new in town and unfortunately, was suffering from laryngitis.  I was

in ecstacy!  Everyone really thought of me as Tracy!  Well, the dinner was

just great and 'Tracy' enjoyed every minute of it.  After we finished, and

Julie had paid the bill, as we were getting ready to leave, she said "Lets stop

at the ladies' room before we leave to freshen up."  I was dumbfounded!  I did

not know what to do, so she just took my by the arm and in we went!  I thought

sure that this would be it, but again, I was just one of the ladies there!  I

used one of the stalls and sat down to urinate.  Afterwards, I touched up my

makeup and then we left!  What joy!  Julie suggested that we stop at her place

for an after dinner drink and I said sure.  Well, we had after dinner drinks

and sex!  She really got off on making it with a transformed transvestite!  It

was unbelievably great sex!  Afterwards she drove me back to the office so that

'Chuck' could get home at a decent hour.  At my office door she kissed me good-

night and said "I really had a great time, tracy.  I'd like you to think about

moving out of this office and into my apartment."  I was dumbfounded again!

As she left she said: "Remember, I don't take NO for an answer!"  

Look for more about TRACY and her new found friend. 



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